Corruption In The American Presidency Is Not New

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • The speaker is Prof. Richard Hamilton who I interviewed in 1989. He is a expert in race, class, and gender-specializing in sociology. He has written 10 books. Between 1966 in 1970, he was a professor at the Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin. That is what he is reflecting on when looking back at the 1960s. #1960sradicals #1960s #politicalleft
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  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill 2 months ago

    In a way, I believe this endless cycle of corruption is a pressure that forces human spirit into focusing on disciplining itself. If evil weren’t lurking, few would remind themselves to be genuinely loving.
    Not saying we are somehow dependent on corruption for internal progress, just a silver lining.

  • San D
    San D 2 months ago +4

    Just because we find it throughout the entirety of history... sure doesn't make it right. Even with all the information that is now available, people in general, simply don't care. Or the old "what can I do about it?" question comes up and well.... that is the real question isn't it. I don't know the answer but I doubt I'll find it in the comment section of RU-clip so please people, don't even start with me. I'll just delete my comment which is about as center as center can get.

    • pecosRoy
      pecosRoy 29 days ago +1

      fairly honest comment there, San D. corruption in media threads throughout it's entire history as well. in the words of the bard - the fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves...and i'll add, EVERY single one of in a sense, there is no answer, other than accepting the facts of life.

  • B. Levin
    B. Levin 2 months ago

    “Harding!” The HBO special

  • Gordon Music
    Gordon Music 2 months ago +1

    Nixon Bush Clinton carter obummer ...

    • abdikadir hashi
      abdikadir hashi 2 months ago +4

      Why'd you leave out trump reagan and the other Bush?
      Do you seriously think they are honest?

  • Al
    Al 2 months ago +7

    Presidents don't mean a thing. They're just puppets. Anyone who thinks different is an idiot. Jesuits run the government.

    • Al
      Al 2 months ago

      +cyanghost109 But that's the point. It has to be convincing. Controlled opposition like Alex Jones or David Icke. They want to keep you in a left-right paradigm, when they control both sides.

    • cyanghost109
      cyanghost109 2 months ago +1

      +Al Sanders has a consistent track record of fighting against bad policies, something that many of the other Democratic nominees for 2020 don't have. While he's not perfect, he's probably the best we have for now. But I'm sure Tom Perez and the DNC will rig the election against him like they did last time.

    • Al
      Al 2 months ago +2

      cyanghost109 Sanders is just a tool to give people false hope. They all work for the same people no matter how they are presented to the public

    • UltraAar
      UltraAar 2 months ago

      +cyanghost109 Who do you think runs all those messed up mechanical institutions behind closed doors? Ever look into bohemian grove?
      Give me a break, Bernie just wants the US to become the USSR.

    • cyanghost109
      cyanghost109 2 months ago +2

      Wrong. The military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, big pharma, big oil, big telecom and much more all run our government. Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard are the only ones who seem up for trying to put the government back in the hands of the people, not the oligarchs or "owners" as George Carlin called them.

  • Larry Hagemann
    Larry Hagemann 2 months ago +5

    It's sad that media truth today is hard to separate from creative untruths.

    CHANGED 2 months ago +14

    Thank God we have Trump.

    • Real One
      Real One 2 months ago

      +Tony G we need a new political movement, this system we have now is corrupt

    • Tony G
      Tony G 2 months ago

      +Real One If you're from Sweden be carefull. The New world war start in Sweden , Spain , germany and Austria. The fake right wing vs the dirty left.

      CHANGED 2 months ago

      cyanghost109 🤣😂

    • cyanghost109
      cyanghost109 2 months ago +1

      +A piece of fucking sliced white bread! You cuckservatives are really something special. Like I told the last guy, please post a link from a credible source PROVING that your claim is correct. As far as I know, you're just making baseless claims without any facts or evidence to back it up. That's easy, any chowderhead with a keyboard can do that.

    • Real One
      Real One 2 months ago

      +UltraAar yes, he's a social democrat. Trust me i live in Sweden and that did not turn out good. *Delegative democracy is the real answer!*
      Read more about it.

  • Cooliotopnotch
    Cooliotopnotch 2 months ago +17

    "expert in race, class and gender-specializing in sociology"
    I.e. another useless Marxist

    • Cooliotopnotch
      Cooliotopnotch 2 months ago

      +acchaladka Don't worry - with the flagrant logical errors in your first comment, I figured you wouldn't be able to properly respond. Again, I don't want to be a jerk, so take this as a learning moment, but classical liberalism, from an economic perspective, is the fundamental foundation of economic liberterianism (you can flip open any economic textbook to figure that out. I'd recommend the textbook Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham, or Capitalism and Freedom by Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman). Due to the very subtle differences in definition, if you want to play games and exaggerate that well known claim to egregious lengths, i.e. "but liberteriansim is essentially anarchy" then you are playing semantics as a tactic to avoid the contention at play. Best of luck.

    • acchaladka
      acchaladka 2 months ago +1

      +Cooliotopnotch Liberalism = libertarianism? You've just reinforced my point for me.
      Good luck learning to think better. I see nothing in your screed which merits a real response.

    • Cooliotopnotch
      Cooliotopnotch 2 months ago +2

      There are way, WAAAAAAY too many incorrect assertions made in your comment for me to counter on a Saturday night, so I'll solely address the opening assertion:
      A. You say the "educated members of society" - I believe that's to insinuate that since "left" professors occupy positions of power within universities that it makes them "more intelligent"? You really need to be more specific, since as of 2014, individuals with "right-leaning" beliefs are ~5 points ahead as far as average IQ is concerned. Again, your assertion is beyond broad and needs to be much more specific. "In philosophy..." is 100% incorrect, as you can point to elite minds in philosophy, literature, and so forth across the entire spectrum of political thought. The important point here is that because there is more of a particular mindset doesn't make it correct (ex the same obstacles that Einstein needed to face with relativity, and Darwin with evolution, and Mendel with genetics). An aside: sociology is a joke science for idiots who couldn't do hard STEM, and was actively promoted by Marxists of the Frankfurt School to subvert society into communism. That doesn't mean that it has no value, but as someone who actively reads peer-reviewed research papers daily in medical school, you'd have to be a moron to take 90%+ of their conclusions without laughing. On the whole, the majority of sociology/inter-sectionalism actively avoids using quantitative protocol or data, and yet derives the most 'decisive' conclusions from anecdotal evidence and observations (which is not only frowned up on actual science, but can get you to boot from tenure/positions/renown/etc for jumping too quick to conclusions).
      Again, that's just me quickly going over the logic of your opening paragraph, which is laughable to say the least. Additionally, even if we take that opening assertion to be true, it only further proves that those who gravitate toward easier, less logic intensive subject matter (i.e. they avoid engineering, physics, economics etc like the plague, and gravitate toward the humanities, psychology, sociology, etc), demonstrates the lack of leftist intuitive understanding of objective facts.
      The biggest laugh in your comment, and the one that made me question your education level is
      "why nothing lasting seems to ever have been built by libertarians"
      I could go on ad nauseum but the initial fact that comes to mind is
      - every major city in the West was built on libertarian philosophy (i.e. classical liberalism).
      The inherent price incentivisation, and understanding of systemic causation led to the efficiencies that built NYC, Chicago, Boston, etc, etc, etc, not to mention what propelled the United States to THE global superpower of the 20th century. The controls on the system have led to their demise, for ex:
      -Rent controls causing the housing crisis in SF, NYC, etc
      -Overwhelming taxes causing the vast removal of wealth
      -Healthcare - I'm not writing another essay since I've written far too much already.
      It's all too similar to the collapse of the USSR, and the fundamental misunderstandings of price control that their economists tried to institute on their system. In other words, you don't notice the vast efficiency of free markets/libertarianism until they are gone.
      I'm going stop there, because again, it's a Saturday night, and I'm paid by my current research lab to use this much logical deduction. Thanks for the laughs.

    • acchaladka
      acchaladka 2 months ago +7

      Have you ever asked yourself WHY the most educated members of society, the ones who spend their entire professional lives studying most non-math & science topics, tend to have hard left, soft left or centre-left views and politics? In philosophy, sociology, literature, and on and on?
      It would be an interesting question as well to ask why math and science was so popular but advanced under the totalitarian USSR and totalitarian Nazi Germany.
      Or why nothing lasting seems to ever have been built by libertarians. Or am I wrong?
      As for useless Marxists, I don’t think of them as Marxists but let’s remember David’s video showing the American freak-out when the Soviets reached satellite orbit with Sputnik years before we did. Not to mention the Tupolev Concorde we never equaled.
      I’m not a Marxist and I’m not offended, and neither do I think that someone who spends their life on a subject, knows less than me about a subject. To do so, would make me pretty dumb.

  • mrogs12
    mrogs12 2 months ago +24

    The important difference is that this president’s corruption is fostered to support a foreign adversary, whose mission is to undermine American democracy.

    • schmohawk
      schmohawk 2 months ago

      mrogs12 I think you mean Obama. That doofus let Russia annex Ukraine and, along with Iran, run rampant in Syria. Oh, and that embarrassing “red line” debacle singlehandedly obliterated any foreign policy cred that Obama had left.
      On Trump’s watch, hundreds of Russian and Syrian fighters were engaged and killed in Syria and Ukrainians have been armed. More than anything the previous administration ever did.

    • mrogs12
      mrogs12 2 months ago +2

      +David Hoffman Thank you Mr. Hoffman for posting such enlightening interviews and for your dedication throughout the years in seeking truth!

    • StealieSteve
      StealieSteve 2 months ago +1

      Sigh, trump won because the DNC rigged the Primary in Hillary's favor and the MSM was complicit in covering her over Bernie. Of course our MSM refuses to admit this but rather push Russia meddled in our elections propaganda daily and trump is Putin's buddy bullshit daily. The Russia propaganda is all a distraction to make us forget how horrible the democratic leadership truly is.

    • K- MDN
      K- MDN 2 months ago +5

      The Russian collusion propaganda has got to be the most idiotic narrative in at least half a century.

    • clockguy2
      clockguy2 2 months ago +7

      +J O-T Based from what? Jim Acosta? You must be a Russian Bot!
      Trump is an unlikely patriot, but he is doing a hell of a good job. Lowest unemployment ever. Business is booming. People crashing the border trying to get to the USA.
      I'm getting tired of winning even with all of social media and TV networks against him.
      MAGA 2020!