Convincing Strangers at Airport to Fly Somewhere Else with us...

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
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    Now for this episode... A few weeks ago we received a comment from somebody challenging us to convince a stranger at an airport to travel somewhere different with us... I told Ammar and for the fastest and craziest turnaround to date... We decided to go for it right away. But we never expected that it would be this hard to achieve...
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  5 months ago +5928

    The Yes Theory family has been growing! Thank you all for being so freaking awesome. Couldn't be more stoked to be building this community all together. Hope you all have an amazing day

    • Young Negotiator
      Young Negotiator 21 day ago

      Bro this channel is so genuine, you guys rock man. If I ever saw you in person it would keep a smile on my damn face lmaooo!!!!!

    • Sun God Ra '
      Sun God Ra ' 2 months ago

      @Bear17 K The Walking Dead is on in 5 minutes.

    • Bear17 K
      Bear17 K 2 months ago

      I challenge you to come to Canada for 2 weeks and do Canadian things!

    • Maddie Antolik
      Maddie Antolik 2 months ago

      Yes Theory I love this channel and what this channel does I think that it is super cool.

    • Sun God Ra '
      Sun God Ra ' 3 months ago

      Yes Theory Would have been funny if they chose Browntown Alaska.

  • diowk
    diowk 2 minutes ago

    why would you bring an elderly couple to a hike like that? what were you thinking? just let them go do their own thing

  • Lexi Quesada
    Lexi Quesada 10 minutes ago

    Anyone else notice that one guy in the Nike sweatshirt is in after I’m shook

  • Brent Eggen
    Brent Eggen 26 minutes ago +1

    My friend/roommate: buys tickets for complete strangers for Hawaii.
    Me: wow that sounds fun who doesn’t love Hawaii let’s do it!
    My friend: nah you gotta dog sit.
    Sounds legit.

  • Skyfire
    Skyfire Hour ago

    This family is so sweet they definitely deserved it.

  • spartanloverspqr
    spartanloverspqr 2 hours ago

    @2:42 his shirt sais OUI! ..... he shoulda said yes

  • Elyas Adnan
    Elyas Adnan 11 hours ago

    This is the best channel ever.

    • Elyas Adnan
      Elyas Adnan 11 hours ago

      Editing is really really good, music choice 💯💯💯, amazing genuinely good vibes, i love it

  • Emma Young
    Emma Young 12 hours ago

    I bet that dog had a fun time

  • Koi Tea
    Koi Tea 22 hours ago

    I’m I the only one who thinks the son is cute

  • Peyton Petty
    Peyton Petty 2 days ago

    what if the people that they invited did not realy want to go to the places that they were going to

  • kalyana
    kalyana 3 days ago

    That family is chill af. #familygoals

  • Billie Jean Is Back
    Billie Jean Is Back 3 days ago

    Y’all my step moms little speech at my grandpas funeral was called to dash and it was literally the same thing but as a poem

  • Naomi Dijkstra
    Naomi Dijkstra 3 days ago

    This is amazing!

  • Kendra Jump
    Kendra Jump 3 days ago +1

    love watching you play yes chicken, trying to figure out how serious you are about "lets go now" lol

  • Autumn.k.16
    Autumn.k.16 3 days ago +1

    Is this the Toronto airport?

  • Koda Rayne
    Koda Rayne 3 days ago

    Hey man .. if we're handing out free shit .. I'll say yes too anything at this point !!bring it on lmao

  • Kairu Kid
    Kairu Kid 3 days ago

    5 years ago i was at that very same hotel for my brothers wedding XD

  • Raashid kachhi
    Raashid kachhi 3 days ago

    I wish i could leave my life behind n come with u guys @yes theroy

  • Gabi Brandt
    Gabi Brandt 4 days ago

    I feel like the son is dead inside

  • Jonathan Poisson
    Jonathan Poisson 4 days ago

    Why not fly somewhere in the world except the U.S. ?

  • Noel Alkuino
    Noel Alkuino 5 days ago


  • bella
    bella 5 days ago

    Aw their son is so gorgeous

  • Mr Fucker
    Mr Fucker 5 days ago

    All of your videos are scripted😂

  • Just The Highlights
    Just The Highlights 6 days ago

    Easter long weekend is probably the best time to do this challenge.

  • The Regret Man
    The Regret Man 6 days ago

    I got the silliest smile throughout this video.

  • it’s annabelle
    it’s annabelle 6 days ago +1


  • Ask Me A Question About This Video

    Watch the dog kill the editor.

    MOVIE DREAM 6 days ago +1

    HOLLY SH1t! I almost fell out my chair when Hero appeared. I was like ' Am I hallucinating?' lol I didnt expect this at all.

  • Hannah Müller
    Hannah Müller 6 days ago +1

    4:06 I was like damn I know that boy

  • Lemon Leaf
    Lemon Leaf 6 days ago

    The dad: 14:30
    JapaneseMan: 2014

    I hope you get the joke

  • eri139
    eri139 6 days ago +2

    "Live the dash" (11:01) honestly should be put on a t-shirt. I vote that all Yes Theory merch is sold w/ "seek discomfort" and "live the dash"!!

  • Anna Rece
    Anna Rece 7 days ago +1


  • Jake Baber
    Jake Baber 7 days ago +1

    If you haven’t already, make a “live the dash” t shirt

  • Jace berg
    Jace berg 7 days ago

    Convince people to do a zero g flight I’ve done this was the most amazing thing ever

    JOSER 8 days ago

    omg their son is so gorgeous.

  • Nico Le Jeune
    Nico Le Jeune 8 days ago

    What a great family!

  • Abbey Watts
    Abbey Watts 8 days ago

    Um do they know they asked HERO !!!! Like wtf

  • Billy Bob Joe
    Billy Bob Joe 8 days ago

    i wish i could be there when they were looking for people

  • xx xx
    xx xx 8 days ago


  • Notorious V.I.C.
    Notorious V.I.C. 8 days ago

    What's up with all the people saying to do something for homeless?
    While I agree that homeless people would probably love a home for thanksgiving, that is not breaking anyone out of their comfort zone... You would have a hard time finding a homeless person to say not...
    This channel is about breaking out of your comfort zone and saying yes, when yes seems hard to say.

  • MoZaK
    MoZaK 8 days ago

    this is life in a pure form :) love what you do guys. you should expand to other countries with this idea! make more people facing there fears. if you would ask me for skyjump i would piss myself first and than agree ^^

  • Alexander Lewis Reed

    new ideas y not get a homless person thay are in a deep deppretion get them out of it that would be sick

  • Darth MadV
    Darth MadV 8 days ago

    Man, DR Phil was such a good sport.

  • Ashley Parker
    Ashley Parker 8 days ago


  • Youknownachocheese
    Youknownachocheese 8 days ago

    they got a trip and free family documentation.... NUTS

  • JoshTube
    JoshTube 8 days ago

    This is amazing. They were genuinely happy. :)

  • Eric Horner
    Eric Horner 9 days ago


  • UsTuP1dM0NKey
    UsTuP1dM0NKey 9 days ago

    what they did with the dog was amazing

  • Marimar Meza
    Marimar Meza 9 days ago

    Hero 🖤

  • Shúntel
    Shúntel 10 days ago

    Just found this channel and I love it already. Definitely subscribing

  • Dreams Grande'
    Dreams Grande' 10 days ago +1

    Hero Fiennes 4:06

  • wendy bee
    wendy bee 10 days ago

    the fact that them boys just talk to FKG HERO FIENNES TIFFIN by pure hasard is making me craaaszy, they don't even seem to know who he is😂😂😂

  • Katerina KK
    Katerina KK 10 days ago

    Wait , whatttt???
    Did you see that ? 4:08
    There was HEROO FT!!!!!
    (Harden from After)
    Isn't he? Or my eyes play tricks on me

  • reckless recluse
    reckless recluse 10 days ago

    That kid is probably so embarrassed of his wild Parents lol

  • reckless recluse
    reckless recluse 10 days ago

    I'd be a bit paranoid after watching Taken . I'd feel like im getting kidnapped or something lol

  • Can't Beat The BAY!
    Can't Beat The BAY! 10 days ago

    I'm gonna start going to the airport everyday just incase y'all do this again!

  • anna v
    anna v 10 days ago


  • Abigail Franco
    Abigail Franco 10 days ago

    Did anybody notice at 4:07 it was the famous acter hero fiennestiffin from Harry Potter and the new movie After

  • Lujan Amaya
    Lujan Amaya 11 days ago

    This family made my day

  • SaltyBrains
    SaltyBrains 11 days ago

    @ 8:31 - hahaha that dog care montage was brilliant lol

  • SaltyBrains
    SaltyBrains 11 days ago

    @ 2:58 "I would love to but I -work 9 to 5 in an office- don't want to get raped."

  • SaltyBrains
    SaltyBrains 11 days ago

    Original Title: *_Human trafficking HowTo - by the numbers_*

  • R V
    R V 11 days ago

    WOW !!
    Floored this family took the Offer with strangers.
    Smiling ear to ear for them. Thank you for taking care of them.
    Wish you could of added a picture of family and pet dog getting reunited at the end.
    Leaves me wondering about his life time adventure and outcome.
    Thank you guys for bringing smiles to us people who only dream of these life changing adventures.
    Subscribed !
    My wish to see is taking a homeless family at a shelter and give them a Yes Theory.

  • Daisy Jimenez
    Daisy Jimenez 11 days ago +1

    is that harden from after??

  • Mariah Rogers
    Mariah Rogers 11 days ago +1


  • Vianney Aguilar
    Vianney Aguilar 11 days ago

    the guy @ 4:11 is hardin from the movie after yooo I'm fucking I can't

  • BCS
    BCS 11 days ago

    My dream is to one day go to the airport with my family with just a backpack and pick the next flight available...

  • Madisyn Jacko
    Madisyn Jacko 11 days ago

    WTFFFF 4:09

  • Maria Van Damme
    Maria Van Damme 11 days ago

    Hero fiennes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4:02

  • Hi there, I love you
    Hi there, I love you 11 days ago

    You know what would be the best pitch for most of Yes Theory's vids?
    " You want to make millions of people jealous? "

  • Atommind Project
    Atommind Project 11 days ago

    They look like a family from a TV show. They should do one. ;)

  • Lil E
    Lil E 11 days ago

    This was amazing!! had a smile on my face the whole time

  • JustinCaseDK
    JustinCaseDK 11 days ago

    Again, loved the video! :D Amazing stuff

  • Jamie Renee
    Jamie Renee 11 days ago

    do they actually realize that they asked a fricken fracken actor from the movie AFTER. omfg

  • Anjali Bhatt
    Anjali Bhatt 11 days ago

    4.09 is he hero the Hardin Scott???

  • Vanessa Urbina
    Vanessa Urbina 11 days ago

    Okay but why is their son so cute !

  • Desmond Villanueva
    Desmond Villanueva 12 days ago

    I have the same red and blue sweater smh I stopped wearing it bc some kid had the same one at my school

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive 12 days ago

    Not exactly a US "State" but I would wanna go to Puerto Rico.
    Get closer to my own roots (my mom is full Puerto Rican) and hopefully improve upon my Spanish

  • NezzyGuda
    NezzyGuda 12 days ago

    these videos are awesome!

  • D Mell
    D Mell 12 days ago

    adventure dad ahahahahahaha

  • Pri Gonzalez M
    Pri Gonzalez M 12 days ago

    4:06 HARDIN from After "Im here for business" (filming the movie)

  • Adamcflurry
    Adamcflurry 12 days ago +1

    "Live the dash"

  • Denzel y Jesus alou
    Denzel y Jesus alou 12 days ago

    They were lying because the time that I went to Hawaii a man brought hes dog with him

  • jjangYoo
    jjangYoo 12 days ago

    The dog 😂😂😂

  • Toby
    Toby 12 days ago

    My family probably thinks I'm crazy. I burst out laughing when matt & pinky came on screen. It's currently 2:59 AM. 😂😂

  • Dorothy Mulo
    Dorothy Mulo 13 days ago


  • Diogo Quintas
    Diogo Quintas 13 days ago

    FUCK. I would not think twice. Fuck the job, fuck university. We only live once! The craziest moments and the most unexpected ones are the ones we will remember. Not waking up on a freaking monday to go to work.

  • Leonora Poston
    Leonora Poston 13 days ago

    4.07 ... tye guy in after????!

  • QueenBee2604
    QueenBee2604 13 days ago +1

    " Undeclared fruits, vegetables, plants, and ANIMALS can cause damage to Hawaii's fragile environment please place Such items into the amnesty bin".
    Man: yeah uh sir you cant bring animals on this flight I'm gonna have to politely ask you to throw it the fuck away.

  • Eric Binney
    Eric Binney 13 days ago

    We live the dash

  • WassupBro
    WassupBro 14 days ago

    i loves how excited they all where omg😭😭😂❤️❤️❤️

  • vceofanangl
    vceofanangl 14 days ago

    I think the kid was awesome to go on the hike as he was obviously afraid of heights and even mom tried to help him dodge the bullet, but he went. Good for him. This was magnificent! I wish ya'll would have flown straight to Alaska and fufilled the bucket list!

  • Taylor Styers
    Taylor Styers 14 days ago

    he said he had a pop quiz
    well I really don’t think it’s a pop quiz or he’s just lying

  • Paula Haney
    Paula Haney 14 days ago

    I want go to Hawaii

  • Thuy Tien Truong
    Thuy Tien Truong 14 days ago

    4:09 is Fiennes-Tiffin a actuer

  • Marlies Bamming
    Marlies Bamming 14 days ago

    Isn’t the girl at 3:20 the Hollister model?

  • BoZo
    BoZo 15 days ago

    10:55 Damn that’s a nice view in life

  • TheWaterMelon Player
    TheWaterMelon Player 15 days ago

    Greatest Family Ever

  • Gator
    Gator 15 days ago

    The guy at 2:42 had a shirt that says oui, the French way to say yes

  • Brian
    Brian 15 days ago

    I went to Hawaii(1 week Honolulu and 1 week Maui) and even that felt short so lol feels bad only being there for 24 hours