EVERGLOW (에버글로우) - Adios MV Reaction

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
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Comments • 569

  • chailattae
    chailattae 3 days ago

    when he started chugging the smart water 😂

  • Kristi33
    Kristi33 8 days ago

    This reminds me of Black Pink's song Kill this Love with the brass and drum beats coming in

  • bangtan boiz
    bangtan boiz 12 days ago

    3:10-3:11 was an annoying pause....like it was just gonna drop😦😐

    MDLKP PROPHECY 18 days ago

    I think I'm in the wrong song , can you guys please tell me the home address of kill this love ?

  • YQ J
    YQ J 19 days ago


  • chim jimin
    chim jimin 26 days ago +1

    Forevers, lets make the mv hit 100m views!!!

  • Tal Riley
    Tal Riley 26 days ago

    Everglow killed but Sihyeon is my bias 🐰

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 26 days ago

    Ok I WHEEZED watching this

  • Xlxyxnx
    Xlxyxnx 27 days ago

    Guys..i always looked at his pc's wallpaper😂😂 it was Adios part in mv😆

  • niakarahara
    niakarahara 28 days ago +1

    In Kpop you don't chose a bias

    A bias choses you

    SUPAW 28 days ago

    What are the fking background noises?

  • Lidyawati Sidauruk
    Lidyawati Sidauruk 29 days ago

    4:00 5:52 Thiss... What makes me thinking of Jre when watching Adios MV. 😆

  • Sorayda Saddalani
    Sorayda Saddalani Month ago

    React to Dreamcatcher Deja Vu pleaseeeeeeee 💖

  • monbooboo the fool
    monbooboo the fool Month ago +1

    Aisha and Mia just kinda captivated me... I’m as hooked as I got with G-IDLE.
    Like I resisted debuts, but then halfway to the next comeback, I snapped.

  • IDLEStudio ShuJinMi

    you better react Adios Dance practice!☝🏻❤

  • micha cabral
    micha cabral Month ago +1

    I love your reaction on this one omg.. Made me laugh..

  • Βικυ Σουλη
    Βικυ Σουλη Month ago +1

    Mia is my bias

  • chim shooky
    chim shooky Month ago

    I don't know if y'all see this but just wanna request to please react to SB19 Go Up music video or dance practice. They are Filipino boy group who trained under the korean company. They're not considered kpop but ppop because they trained in the Philippines and their song is in Filipino language. Thank you if you'll gonna see this.

  • RobotoMon
    RobotoMon Month ago

    Mia knocked me out so cold, that I had to restart the song over again, but I still couldn't finish it because MIA ALWAYS STARTS THE DAMN SONG!!!

  • Gabriel Dela Peña
    Gabriel Dela Peña Month ago

    React to sb19 Go up plss,,pinoy pride

  • tng
    tng Month ago

    You looks with muscles..🤔

  • taiyona tiare
    taiyona tiare Month ago +1

    Everglow is by far my gg Rookie of the Year 😍

  • help jimin to find his jams

    Onda is soo underrated

  • Christian Chen
    Christian Chen Month ago

    The part when the lion eyes turned to red blue i said OKAY at the exact same time when JRE said it 😂

  • LiLaC Min
    LiLaC Min Month ago

    Heyyy you didnt check gidle uhoh?? :((

    • JREKML
      JREKML  Month ago

      I did and it’s one of my favorite comebacks

  • nerd
    nerd Month ago

    hi jre! can you please react to SB19? they're filipino group with kpop vibes. please please please react to them : ( i'll cut my hair if you did

  • Карина Канатова

    Jre! React to CIX “Movie star” , please♥️

  • Saijax Rynx
    Saijax Rynx Month ago

    Please react to idle's uh-oh

  • Cece Cee
    Cece Cee Month ago

    I like everglow, they might be my ROTY! But itzy Icy is so good too.

  • Miguel Bernaldez
    Miguel Bernaldez Month ago

    I miss you so much! 😋💙

  • Megan Ussery
    Megan Ussery Month ago

    Subscribing because you mentioned Basshunter my dude 💜🥺 kpop meets my childhood

  • TheSpacedOutGuardie
    TheSpacedOutGuardie Month ago +1

    Basshunter was the jam, now I can't unhear his influence in this song lol

  • Abby
    Abby Month ago

    Jre u need to watch Ravi's "Still Nirvana" I'm telling you it's a masterpiece

  • Kick Y.S
    Kick Y.S Month ago

    Talk about the mortal kombat movie bet y’all don’t even remember that 😂😭

  • Mayelle Cristina
    Mayelle Cristina Month ago


  • Shyaz
    Shyaz Month ago

    Am I the only one wondering about his desktop photo?

  • Kerra
    Kerra Month ago +6

    I fill like Mia would be the perfect EVERGLOW Bias for him

    Also my bias wrecker Aisha is my bias❤️💜

    • taiyona tiare
      taiyona tiare Month ago +1

      My bias is Mia Aisha Onda 😂 i cant pick

  • Fidahjie
    Fidahjie Month ago

    *JRE!!!!* i am not sure if you gonna read this anyway but do you mind to react to CIX - MOVIE STAR? i am definitely gonna said that your 3 minutes gonna be worth watching it! the whole album is a bop! and the producers of the album is basically all bop ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ to make it simple, CIX have Bae Jinyoung and also Seunghun and Byounggon that comes from YG before. lots of people have been saying that it’s *BEST DEBUT SONG OF THE YEAR* AND i hope you read this! Thank you and always love you!

  • JessieLee
    JessieLee Month ago

    Of course this donut stops it as soon as the good stuff starts 😒

  • Ashley Rositas
    Ashley Rositas Month ago

    Aisha is my bitch!!!!! 🥵😍😍😍

  • key_ universefactory

    reaction to Fanxy Child "Y"

  • Francesco-Valerio Rossi



  • Sebastian Castianos


  • Kay T
    Kay T Month ago


  • Iremi Rei
    Iremi Rei Month ago +1

    Please react to Jinu's Call anytime

  • Fae Nixx
    Fae Nixx Month ago

    Was waiting for reaction to this. ♡ ya. Happy birthday :)

  • L K
    L K Month ago

    jre: she called me a rattata?
    *surprised pikachu face*

  • Phu Quy
    Phu Quy Month ago


  • Pianista uwu
    Pianista uwu Month ago

    1:34 my exact reaction on Mia and why she became my bias 😌

  • Mr Piggy
    Mr Piggy Month ago +1

    they saying "goobye" in three languages.
    *Goodbye, Au Revoir, Adios*

  • widya trie
    widya trie Month ago


  • Nick Lim
    Nick Lim Month ago +1

    Happy birthday JRE
    My bias is Mia 💜

  • Jonathan Ng
    Jonathan Ng Month ago

    Bruh you looking swole homie. Hittin dat gym

  • Kasih Maharani
    Kasih Maharani Month ago

    he was literally LIKE ME

  • J Forkink
    J Forkink Month ago +1

    Aisha is my bias!

  • mimma931109
    mimma931109 Month ago

    i am not the only one who was reminded of bass hunter yasss

  • SugaKookiJinMinVhopeMon

    Dude, we have the same birthday SKSKSKKS

  • Ivory Kimora
    Ivory Kimora Month ago

    I was actually waiting for him to react to this since it came out😂😂

  • MzErikaBoopz
    MzErikaBoopz Month ago +4

    They came in HARD...but I love it...My biases are MIA and E:U...they always catch my eye...MIA seems like a badass and E:U sooo cute! ♥♥♥

  • TheTYZ
    TheTYZ Month ago

    Mia is my bias❤️🥰😍