Film Theory: Finding Nemo Doesn't Have A Happy Ending...

  • Published on Aug 7, 2018
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Comments • 283

  • WhatCulture
    WhatCulture  Year ago +13

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  • Avah's Life
    Avah's Life Day ago

    This is not true Because everone else sees and heres memo so this video is a scam

  • Charlie the crayon
    Charlie the crayon 6 days ago

    I thought this was interesting untill I fell asleep 10 seconds later

  • 00 Taiga
    00 Taiga 18 days ago

    Now here is a theory of mine. nemo his dad dory everyone in the movie doesnt exist. It is an imaginary story thought up by andrew stanton.

  • souhaib Koja
    souhaib Koja 23 days ago

    So sad I all most cried!

  • The Galaxy bunny
    The Galaxy bunny 24 days ago +1

    I’m watching finding Nemo and I told my friends they didn’t believe me!

  • Marley3000
    Marley3000 Month ago +1

    This is scary i can’t believe it

  • Carlos Perdomo
    Carlos Perdomo Month ago

    this si very sad😭😭😭😭

  • a w i e ‘
    a w i e ‘ Month ago +1

    so um.. snow white is on drugs and the 7 dwarfs are the side effects.

  • Snow White
    Snow White Month ago

    I think *YOUR'RE* ignorant.

  • JKGamingLive ll
    JKGamingLive ll Month ago

    Its a Disney movie jeez

  • Raiden MK
    Raiden MK 2 months ago


  • Rampaging Dakotaraptor
    Rampaging Dakotaraptor 3 months ago +1

    "Marlin finally comes to terms with the losses of his life..." *ThEn FiNdInG DoRy CoMeS oUt.* *NeMo IsN't StIlL gOne, He GoEs WiTh MaRliN* 😂 Ah, yes. I love when people do a huge theory and an unexpected movie sequel comes out and ruins it. (┳Д┳)
    Dory means "Gift of God"... Its like she was sent to help Marlin accept his family's death...

  • peb pebble
    peb pebble 3 months ago

    nemo means no one in latin
    finding no one
    dad finds dead/not real kid-

  • T H2o
    T H2o 4 months ago

    This is ruined for me
    Now 😞

  • Monica Greene
    Monica Greene 4 months ago

    I like how we are making Find Nemo into a Shutter Island psychological film in the stages of grief. Not to mention this theory only makes sense because Dory is crazy and two mental fish attract each other nonetheless. How doesn’t Nemo exist if Nemo is in Finding we assume that Dory is playing along? 🤔

  • Omar Lynh
    Omar Lynh 4 months ago

    that's why dearra is finna get married

  • Dipper Pines
    Dipper Pines 4 months ago

    Wait. What if marlin thought nemo was dead and named him like that because he thougth him as an imaginary friend

  • Dash
    Dash 5 months ago

    Except the fact that Coral came up with this name, which disproves the whole theory. Also I watched the movie again and tried to view the whole story as his hallucination while watching, and despite it I really didn’t get that impression, although I must admit that watching it with such assumption gave me a little bit darker experience from the movie. But no matter what argument anybody can come up with, Finding Dory disproves this completely.

  • Jay Smokem_
    Jay Smokem_ 5 months ago

    Wait cmon nemo is used as a name not a word im not letting u ruin my childhood

  • Mateo Cisneros
    Mateo Cisneros 5 months ago

    But if he’s imaginary why can everyone else see him too

  • Mathias Pedersen Explained

    Bad video

  • Lexweirdpotato Studio
    Lexweirdpotato Studio 6 months ago

    But then if nemo isnt real then
    *how can the fish from the dentist see him?....when he wasnt with his dad...*

  • Sage the sandwing
    Sage the sandwing 6 months ago

    I got an ad for toy story 4 before this video

  • naturally märä
    naturally märä 6 months ago

    Can someone explain it to me in the getto way

  • Shifter
    Shifter 6 months ago

    Here it is explained more clearly.
    Nemo means 'no one' in Latin.
    Most likely, the dad us delusional and schizophrenic after the lost of his kids and family. He then creates this persona of his own son because he still hasn't let go of the situation.

  • Clyde Torres
    Clyde Torres 7 months ago +1

    Nemo is real... But his parents are just too stupid to think of a goodname.

  • Armoni Hill
    Armoni Hill 7 months ago +1

    My theory is that Nemo is nobody but Marlin is probably stilled in a deep sleep after the attack dreaming about what it would be like having one of his deceased family member making it realistic and sad while Marlin faces the 5 stages of greif

  • QAFT Merks
    QAFT Merks 7 months ago

    No one likes you

  • Justice Finnie
    Justice Finnie 7 months ago +24

    To make this theory make more sense:
    Nemo means nobody, “Finding Nobody”
    Baracuda attack kills his entire family, Marlin makes up the delusion that his son is still alive, he meets friends that help him move on. (So everybody else in the movie are real just not Nemo.) Dory helps Marlin by showing him to live in the moment (hence her short term memory loss as a metaphor). In the whale scene, Dory tells Marlin to ‘let go’ and that ‘everything will be alright’. Once he does, he is almost a completely changed person and becomes ecstatic and cheerful. The sharks help Marlin by making him realize that not everything is a threat. The turtles help Marlin with his anxiety. When Marlin finds Nemo, the second time he sends off Nemo to school, he has no hesitation about it. This is actually Marlin finally coming to terms and moving on.

  • custerjessica
    custerjessica 11 months ago

    Literally all of Pixar's films have at least one very dark secret.

  • Cl0akky `
    Cl0akky ` Year ago +3

    Nemo: Dad... I don't feel so good..

  • firetopman
    firetopman Year ago

    Just as suspected, total bullshit.
    1st and obvious argument: But other characters interact with Nemo.
    The rebuttal: "It was either a fever dream or the other characters were playing along"
    Rebuttal rebuttal: So the school, the kids, Dory, the scuba diver and everyone at the dentists office was just playing along with Marlon?
    "Or it was a fever dream"
    Ah, the "it was all a dream" theory. The very first theory you think of for a twist in a story. Well then, by that outlook, every movie ever made could be someone's dream and therefore renders the entire process of storytelling pointless.
    And I love how you tell us to look at this movie through the lense of the theory's narrow perspective, rather than critically, because it'll fall apart if we do. Your words, not mine. Then the rest of the video is going over how Marlon goes through the stages of grief, a totally different subject from losing your mind and hallucinating a whole movie that never happened.

  • LAmal Bush
    LAmal Bush Year ago

    I'm just here for all the Ash comments.

  • Elliot Dennison
    Elliot Dennison Year ago

    Ash is too fit it’s distracting

  • Fabian De Alva
    Fabian De Alva Year ago +5

    I don't know why people say "this will ruin ur childhood" like not it's a Theory that means it may or may not be true

  • Alice Laybourne
    Alice Laybourne Year ago +1

    Nope, sorry, doesn't work even as a lens. The most powerful part is Nemo is No One, however it lacks punch because Coral gave him them name before she died ("I like Nemo") That is the reason for the name, not to be a larger purpose. Yeah, and the whole parallel story line undermines it, and the whole 5th stage (Acceptance) never happens, so Nope, doesn't work. Back to the drawing board.

  • Roffa 5311
    Roffa 5311 Year ago

    Marlin should actually change into a female when Nemo's mom died. The female is the biggest and strongest if she dies the biggest and strongest male then change into a female soooo Marlin is actually a female 😂

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez Year ago

    Ash and i would make the most beautiful British mexican baby 😍

  • Nerdy While Black - NWB

    I would agree with this if it werent for the fact that we, as an audience, watch things occur from Nemo's perspective. Did we imagine Nemo too? Not to mention the list of other characters in the movie who interact with nemo. I would agree if the entire movie was from the father's perspective.

  • Jason Goodwin
    Jason Goodwin Year ago

    Thank you for recycling a theory that has been floating around the internet for years and years and has had a number previous videos, but you got my view #filmtheoriesforwankers

  • Brian Fletcher
    Brian Fletcher Year ago +1

    Love your accent Ash! You are so gorgeous!

  • Cellophane Man
    Cellophane Man Year ago

    Sometimes, a red door is just a red door.

  • Crazy Foe
    Crazy Foe Year ago

    Wow... I have depression now 😢

  • Alegost1
    Alegost1 Year ago

    too bad there are other fish interacting with nemo even without his father anywhere near.... since you claimed they only seem to interact with nemo to not aggravate is father or make him seem crazy.... this whole theory falls apart faster than it takes to speak sentence..

  • Nic Merrill
    Nic Merrill Year ago

    This is a really weak idea. Nemo has a progressive story line, and character progression, and personal relationships with most of the other characters.

  • nerdgeek7
    nerdgeek7 Year ago

    This theory just isn’t true is it

  • Ali Akhtar
    Ali Akhtar Year ago

    its pure B. S, NEMO was real his dad was not 🤣

    IGRETRO Year ago

    This theory is very thin and unlikely , even though it's kinda cool

  • sickmaven33
    sickmaven33 Year ago

    I like it. I guess some other mental giants forgot your whole "lens" caveat...

  • Sad Ken
    Sad Ken Year ago

    This is far fetched, but I could watch you all day

  • renice gonzales
    renice gonzales Year ago

    WhatCulture, I can tell that you put some time and effort in this, but WHY? This is beyond stupid, there is nothing about your theory that makes sense! Every single thing you said is ridiculous and has nothing to back it up. From the first thing you said to the end of the video, all I'm thinking is what about Finding Dory!!!!! I'm sorry you wasted your time making this.

  • Hannah19
    Hannah19 Year ago

    crap that's depressing.

  • batmanfanforever08

    It's bullocks.

  • Ham Spammington
    Ham Spammington Year ago

    Play this at 0.5x speed I am in stitches ahahahahaha

  • Thomas Flynn
    Thomas Flynn Year ago

    If this movie was scientifically accurate marlin would have changed genders after his wife died and mated with Nemo

  • Kyle Pask
    Kyle Pask Year ago

    This is a pretty weak theory...

  • Anthony Grassa
    Anthony Grassa Year ago

    Sorry Ash, You're awesome but this theory doesn't make sense to me

  • Jason Fountain
    Jason Fountain Year ago

    I have no idea what Ash just said but she is smoking hot fine.

  • Red Ruby
    Red Ruby Year ago

    Or it just a children film....