Pixar Did You Know? | Facts About Ratatouille

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
  • Get a scoop of these rich facts from Ratatouille!
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  • Filbert Begay
    Filbert Begay Month ago

    I think the rat has the same voice as Jesse on Minecraft Story Mode

  • Arnold Cheng Ki Lim
    Arnold Cheng Ki Lim 2 months ago

    All of Pixar movies mentioned European countries. UK(Cars 2, Brave), France(Ratatouille, Cars 2), Italy(Cars), Spain(Toy Story 3). Hope Pixar can make some movies mention or about Germany, Greece, Portugal, Russia.

  • Beau Swan
    Beau Swan 2 months ago

    This movie was a masterpiece

  • Artistic Abby
    Artistic Abby 3 months ago

    Since I have rats as pets I find Ratatouille to be one of my favorite movies ever!

  • anthonyrocks8000
    anthonyrocks8000 6 months ago

    I was born the same year this movie came out!

  • Pixar Lover
    Pixar Lover 10 months ago

    This movie is so underrated. I love every film from Pixar even cars 2 and brave and i don’t care what anyone says I will always love all of them.

  • Green Mouse
    Green Mouse 11 months ago +1

    0:44 I've already know that Easter egg

  • Nicholas Fruin
    Nicholas Fruin Year ago

    I don't understand why everybody loves this movie. For me personally this is one of Pixar's stupidest movies ever. I just cannot buy into the concept at all.

    • Pixar Lover
      Pixar Lover 10 months ago

      Nicholas Fruin it’s a really great film and I suggest that one day you rewatch it and if you don’t like it, oh well. It’s one of my top five favorite Pixar movies.

  • Chomper goes to Disneyland

    Cool! They went to Paris before the film, plus art is in monsters university

  • The Milli Catcher

    We want ratatouille 2

  • inkling gamer 619
    inkling gamer 619 Year ago +2

    0:32 is it weird that since i've seen calahan it makes me think that professor calahan from big hero 6 was a teen in this movie that created moterbikes?

  • Whio
    Whio Year ago +1

    Remy's original name was art
    Mmmm. I think it inspired a monster from oozma kappa monster, Art

  • AllwaysGamer
    AllwaysGamer Year ago


  • Carlos Monrouzeau


  • Luke Snowden
    Luke Snowden Year ago +1


  • Amara J.
    Amara J. Year ago

    That actually looks really good

  • Caio Brandão
    Caio Brandão Year ago

    Esse dia foi o meu aniversário de 9 anos

  • Lionel 509
    Lionel 509 Year ago

    Mouster inc 2 now now now now now hahah mouster inc 2 now now pixar plase plase

  • Bowser's Sprixie
    Bowser's Sprixie Year ago

    If you are Pixar like THE Pixar then why did you cancelled Newt?

  • Abbimation
    Abbimation Year ago

    I wished Remy's real name is Art or Chef. At least we have Art in Monsters University. But best way to name the rat.

  • Barbie's Fashion Desinger


  • SuperAmazing3443
    SuperAmazing3443 Year ago

    I would watch this movie a lot when I was little

  • Mr. Duck
    Mr. Duck Year ago

    Ahh. My favorite Pixar Movie.

    • Pixar Lover
      Pixar Lover 10 months ago

      Mr. Duck I saw you on a Toy Story 3 video.

  • sniffer squad
    sniffer squad Year ago

    Make a sequel it was such a great movie


    İ watched Coco :))!İt was awesome.İts sad,funny and a masterpiece!All of your movies are great!Now we are waiting İncredibles 2!

  • Boston Blement
    Boston Blement Year ago +1

    The rattitoule game for the wii is pretty great

  • Tamim Al-suwaidi
    Tamim Al-suwaidi Year ago +3

    I want to try ratatouille dish now!!

    BRUCE RIDLE Year ago


  • ☆Super stars2014♡

    Loving This Movie 😋👌☺️

  • Billy The Kid
    Billy The Kid Year ago

    love this movie.. so detail and beautifully created. personal top 5 disney pixar movie.

  • Rajeev Domble
    Rajeev Domble Year ago

    Hey Disney! I loved the movie. Are you gonna make a sequel to this? Or atleast to wall-e? PLS REPLY!

  • Triii
    Triii Year ago

    MY FAV ❤❤❤❤

  • Kids Show Learning

    i lopve this so much coool

  • Chill Shark
    Chill Shark Year ago

    My dad worked at the french laundry

  • PixarYesDoraNo Productions 2

    Do Wall-e Next!

  • Taylor Duerr
    Taylor Duerr Year ago +1

    My favorite Pixar movie yes

  • XxMelodyRosexX
    XxMelodyRosexX Year ago +1

    wow it takes so much research and dedication to create a masterpiece, I should re-watch this film soon!

  • MinionFan1024
    MinionFan1024 Year ago

    I have seen Ratatouille

  • Velvet
    Velvet Year ago +3

    My favorite Pixar Movie ever!!!!

  • Xyneium_R
    Xyneium_R Year ago

    One of the best Pixar films I’ve seen.

  • C.Funk99
    C.Funk99 Year ago

    My favorite character in any Pixar movie is Remy.

    • Trevor Perry
      Trevor Perry Year ago

      C.Funk99 mine is Miguel from Coco or its Dash from the incredibles!!!!

  • Mamich
    Mamich Year ago +2

    Ohh Pixar you have just awaken my old memories. Thank you...

  • Caleb Dearing
    Caleb Dearing Year ago

    Great, now I'm hungry!

  • Diegumin2003
    Diegumin2003 Year ago +7

    I hope you can make Ratatouille 2 some day 😢

  • brick diego durango 095 gamer

    Can you do facts about Cars ?

    • Trevor Perry
      Trevor Perry Year ago

      brick diego durango your right they didn't do that yet I think

  • Flickspoo
    Flickspoo Year ago

    Effort and dedication!

  • john drawings and movies

    i love pixar

  • Miguel Ángel Peréz Narváez


  • Mela Hernandez
    Mela Hernandez Year ago

    gracias saludos desde san Luis Potosí, México, los felicito por sus vídeos 👍👍👍👍 muy bien reproducidos 👏👏😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 hasta luego

    • Trevor Perry
      Trevor Perry Year ago

      Mela Hernandez Denatas 🇺🇸🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

    WALL-E FAN Year ago +6


    • Rajeev Domble
      Rajeev Domble Year ago


    • Yishai Thau
      Yishai Thau Year ago

      I always wished they made a short about after they came back to earth.

  • Emmett Callanan
    Emmett Callanan Year ago

    0:31 my last name is Callanan

  • Milhouse
    Milhouse Year ago +30

    This film started my fascination with Paris and French food. It turned me into a francophile. 🇫🇷

    • Duzacs P137
      Duzacs P137 Year ago

      Milhouse Yes, this movie inspired me and now I'm learning French to visit France some day. It's one of my dreams.

  • 525Lines
    525Lines Year ago

    Just rip off Frederator, why don't you.

    • Jack Birchall
      Jack Birchall Year ago

      525Lines Just have a sook, why don't you.

  • ilker yoldas
    ilker yoldas Year ago

    We want sequel!

  • فاطمه
    فاطمه Year ago

    مافي جزء تاني؟

  • Adam Parish
    Adam Parish Year ago

    Love this movie. I need to watch it with my youngest of four that probably hasn't seen it.

  • AKS
    AKS Year ago

    we want part 2 !!!!!!

  • Gurpal Singh
    Gurpal Singh Year ago

    O man childhood memorise love pixar..... thx steve jobs for starting pixar

  • MiRaje8086
    MiRaje8086 Year ago +45

    Without a doubt, one of Pixar's greatest films.

  • Movies 4u
    Movies 4u Year ago +2

    This was my favorites movie all time

  • Trevor Perry
    Trevor Perry Year ago +3

    I use to eat rattitouie and it was one of the best things I tasted and with one of the best movies I watched. Like am I wrong or not!! This is my favorite Pixar movie (aside from Coco of course!!!! What's your favorite Pixar movie???

    • Beau Swan
      Beau Swan 2 months ago

      Trevor Perry inside out! But I love ratatouille and coco too!

  • Spino's Gaming Channel

    This movie is still one of the best Pixar movies, 10 years later!

  • Aljoscha Perkert
    Aljoscha Perkert Year ago

    My favourite Pixar movie!

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson Year ago +21

    Make a sequel.

  • pixarian
    pixarian Year ago +10

    Such a terrific film! A personal Pixar top 5!

  • SupaTheChest
    SupaTheChest Year ago +4

    whos here before ten thousand views

  • The CROWN
    The CROWN Year ago +15

    This is Pixar's love to audience served as ratatouille❤

  • Bacon Cartoonist
    Bacon Cartoonist Year ago +2

    My fav is inside out

    • Trevor Perry
      Trevor Perry Year ago +1

      Orepigz Bacon Cartoonist mine is Coco

  • pricila
    pricila Year ago +7

    Love ratatouille

  • Maria Pereira
    Maria Pereira Year ago


  • Aonix
    Aonix Year ago +55

    Make Ratatouille 2!

    • Crimitchell
      Crimitchell Month ago

      +MiRaje8086 Pixar is making Toy Story 4, but all fans are pretty sure that would never ruin all the Toy Story movies. So with a good story, it can be an amazing sequal.

    • TheChatReaper
      TheChatReaper Month ago +1

      There’s not really a need to, the movie had a satisfying ending tying all the knots up

    • Isaac
      Isaac Year ago +1

      Lil Lord Akira 97 the incredables is more popular than Ratatouille yet it's getting a sequel

    • MiRaje8086
      MiRaje8086 Year ago +10

      Pls no, that would ruin this perfection of a film

    • Lil Lord Akira 97
      Lil Lord Akira 97 Year ago +2

      Ratatouille is too popular for an sequel

  • Jackstratts Afcb
    Jackstratts Afcb Year ago +87

    This is one of my favourite films of all time

  • Alice In Numberland
    Alice In Numberland Year ago +4


  • Itz_Daniel _103
    Itz_Daniel _103 Year ago

    Itz About Time They Did a Video on Ratatouille What took so Long Itz Been 11 Years Since the Movie was Out

    • Mr. Duck
      Mr. Duck Year ago

      Itz_Daniel _103 technically 10 years because the film was released in June.

  • The '64
    The '64 Year ago +4

    That's one spicy meat a ball

    • Trevor Perry
      Trevor Perry Year ago +1

      The Offical Orlandogamer04 Channel one rattitouie dish please!!

  • Zxcvnmvc Zxcvnmvc

    ت نةةتمتت

  • Jerry Achtermann
    Jerry Achtermann Year ago +2

    2 views 5 likes? . . . Logic

  • funnyskitz
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    • Dark Emperor
      Dark Emperor Year ago +1

      Stikbot world ok sorry

    • funnyskitz
      funnyskitz Year ago +1

      It didn't show any comments at the time it was probably a glitch

    • Dark Emperor
      Dark Emperor Year ago

      You are not first

  • Ginika Duck
    Ginika Duck Year ago +11

    First comment. Plus Iove ur movies.