Democrats Have No Brains

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
  • But we already knew that.

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  • Fstblack 12
    Fstblack 12 Year ago

    The millionaires and billionaires tax scam that added trillion and half dollars of unfunded tax cuts to the rich, while giving a 1.47 cent a week tax cuts to the middle class. What a bunch of republicans bums in Congress.

  • Elizabeth Booth
    Elizabeth Booth Year ago

    lmao... the title alone is glorious. a bit larger a blanket than i like to throw .... but after the non stop nonsense for over two years, (closer truth 20+, 50+?) it's time to call the ducks ducks.

  • TheDesertwalker
    TheDesertwalker Year ago

    I will give $1000 to Bernie for a better hair piece, but since he is an entrepreneur, he can afford better without "Socialism".Funny how billionaires want to talk about elitism in others.

    • MrHighYeller
      MrHighYeller Year ago +2

      Bernard Marcus was born to Russian Jewish immigrant parents in Newark, New Jersey. He grew up in a tenement and graduated from South Side High School in 1947. Marcus wanted to become a doctor but could not afford the tuition, so he worked for his father as a cabinet maker through Rutgers University to earn a pharmacy degree.
      Know who you're talking about asshole. You couldn't carry a pubic hair from his jockstrap.

  • El Grande
    El Grande Year ago +2

    Imagine scraping by on $15 an hour and your employer throws a $1000 bonus at you. Are you going to act like Nancy Pelosi and call it "crumbs"?

  • Metal Head 420
    Metal Head 420 Year ago

    The Democratic Party is over.....
    Pelosi and Schumer are multimillionaires!!!!... fuck liberals fuck the Democratic Party it’s all over!!!...