10 Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About North Korea

  • Published on Jun 1, 2017
  • Top 10 Strangest Things about North Korea! SUBSCRIBE bit.ly/2aScxnD There are many fascinating countries around the world, although one of the most bizarre has to be North Korea, simply because we hardly know anything about it.
    In this video we’ll check out 10 of the craziest things probably didn’t know about the all so ‘secretive’ North Korea.
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    • Aubergine Man
      Aubergine Man Year ago

      TheWacky holdup. Noord Korea has human rights???? Wow. I was thinking they hat none. But they do??? How many? Like 1 human right? Maby 2 or 3?

    • doctor t Reygate
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      TheWacky I bet those north Korean guns are plastic props they look reidecoulse

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      I punched it and it went to tell its mom

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      Wacky Wednesday Why reuploading old videos?

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      Wacky Wednesday reupload?

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    3:17 Ping-Yong-Yang XD

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    WOW . . . . this seems like the place I want to live . . . . NOT!

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    what channel is his again???!

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    let me hit that weeeeeed

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    hate thid country luck and proud to b Indian

  • Metal Gear Godzillanthropus

    I see this video as more pointless than their "Disney princesses in other cultures" but more people see that one as more pointless because Belle was shown as Muslim and no one was white
    Fucking silly republicans

  • Absolute Madness cat

    I fucking hate Chinese North Korea Asia Japan South Korea

    • Elluv
      Elluv Year ago

      Absolute Madness cat
      uh, why? This is only North Korea. China, South Korea, and the rest of Asia, are nothing like this. It's like the Asian version of the Berlin Wall. When the Wall separated East and West Germany, people suffered in the east, while they had freedom in the west. So you also hate Germans?

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    Now Democrats, Feminists, and Oppressed Idiots - Do you still feel like you have it bad in America?


    Thought it was riley reid in thumbnail

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    who's watching this in 2018?

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    Unsubscribe people.

  • Tommy Kuritzkes
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    September 6 2016 upload buddy. Don't upload old content just because u can't think of any new content.

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    Hey guys! I'm from the future year of 2017. How's 2016 treating you?

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    Hmmmm, i feel like i've watched this video before. Maybe a reupload from 2016?

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    it's not 2016.....

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    Pretty fucking sure you posted this video before considering how many replies my comment received on that video...

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    I like the haircut thing. Now invent the same with clothing and you almost nullify sexual harassment.

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    I loved this

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    You stole the thumbnail from someone else

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    I have a question. do you live in New Zealand?

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    I knew all of these...

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    that's terrible

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    This is the very definition of Communist

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      Betta Fish
      More like dictatorship

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    I paused and went to the comments as soon as they said 2016

  • Diabetic Dickhead

    World governments need to join together and all send in teams of their own special forces Ione coordinated strike to take out Kimmy all high ranking government supporters and allow the people of North Korea to choose a democratic leader. Cause lets face it kimmy would not be missed by the majority

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    I just want to show shit like this to everyone that bitches about inequality here.

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    This is a reupload. Why?

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    Is this a repost? Since it says 2016.

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    waddac2 Year ago

    Very interesting regarding shing dong fu... and lingwang-whooo tong chi. I could not believe that after hearing it.. The biggest shocker for me was shlong-short, shi.. hair,poo-head. Not sure if I pronounced that correct as still learning. The whytits-lingtwat-minge would be good. Thanks for sharing and do the woman shave a hinge or not?

  • Please Refer To Other Acount

    Didn't this channel post this about a month ago?

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      Please Refer To Other Acount they posted it in 2016 Also

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    Boi hitting us with "Kim the Second Sung"

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    "Kim the second sung's death"
    Learn history there bud is Kim il sung

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    Lol you stole the thumbnail from the richest this is the problem with being subbed to to many top 10

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      Danne Palle yh therichest i commented the same thing

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    Was this removed and reposted? Because of the 2016 thing?

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    The year 2016... I don't know about that.

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    who's the left chick on the thumbnail?

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    I loved this

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    I am tired of your fake thumbnails. Reported and unscubscribed.

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    Lol shows how I don't pay attention, didn't even realize he used 2016

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    fuck off you've already made this video

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    "We're in the year 2016"
    You guys really did a good job fact checking

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    Bruh if you're gonna post videos on Thursday change your fucking name

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    Don't you dare get a hair cut that's not "approved" but yes, go smoke as much weed as you want 🤔

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    When you only care about making ad revenue so you don't do any research to find out how to pronounce Pyongyang or Juche. Not even one video. And your drug research was so lazy you didn't even see one of the reports of state operated meth labs and state sanctioned meth exports. That's a fucking meme now yet you still specifically mentioned the death penalty for hard drugs "such as meth".
    Like you kidding me? This is embarrassing how lazy this was.

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    You stole that thumbnail from the richest

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    Bruh the girl in the thumbnail bad👌

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      i don't know, but she doesn't even look like she may be Korean, she looks more Chinese. perhaps she is a Chinese idol or actor.

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      Zombielord that is defiantly not Hyuna :,)

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      I'm pretty sure it's CL

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      +EX 0 Then what's her name ?

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    Thumbnail stolen from TheRichest.

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    It's 2017

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