Egg Washing Part 5 - You cannot ‘fix’ an unsettable egg

  • Published on Apr 7, 2017
  • Part 5 - Often farmers wash an un-settable egg - (more than a quarter-sized amount of dirt) thinking that it’ll be no different than the clean, settable and dirty eggs. Unsettable eggs have higher eggshell microbial loads than the other categories. Although we can wash off the exterior bacteria, we can’t see all of the contamination. Un-settable eggs will generally have greater bacterial contamination in their pores since there is more dirt on the egg. We counted the number of bacteria JUST in the pores of unsettable and clean eggs. We found that un-settable eggs had 44x the amount of pore contamination compared to clean eggs. We recommend that these eggs not be shipped to the hatchery. You will be protecting your eggs as well as those of your fellow hatching egg producers. Also, it is important to reduce floor eggs by frequently walking the barns - especially when your pullets have made the switch to the laying barn. Proper training can significantly reduce the number of floor eggs - thus reducing the number of un-settable eggs.

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