Cheap Vs. Expensive Jeans - What's the Difference? | Teen Vogue

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
  • Denim expert Benjamin Talley Smith and Teen Vogue's Rajni Jacques attempt to guess the prices of different pairs of jeans. Benjamin breaks down everything that goes into making each pair of jeans and uses his knowledge of denim to guess which pair is more expensive. Using Ben's teachings, Rajni attempts to guess how much the pair she's wearing are worth. Which jeans cost $1,300 dollars?

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    Cheap Vs. Expensive Jeans - What's the Difference? | Teen Vogue
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Comments • 779

  • straightheat corner
    straightheat corner 36 minutes ago

    the most expensive pair i have is a 200$ Calvin Klein blue washed jeans but i only paid 70$ cause i know the ways

  • Angel Dev
    Angel Dev 2 days ago

    High end= 50$ when u are on a budget

  • Rhia Oliver
    Rhia Oliver 3 days ago

    anyone noticed tat the zip is full in the expensive and good quality but in low quality its literally half... example at 1:52, 4:30 if u get what i mean

  • La Martuca
    La Martuca 14 days ago

    Mi more expensive jeans are like... 20$ wtf

  • babyhols666
    babyhols666 15 days ago

    $80 is not affordable wtffff

  • sselung
    sselung 15 days ago

    why wear clothes too expensive than cheap affordable comfortable ones , clothes r clothes . I rather spent it on food

  • B U E R
    B U E R 16 days ago

    12:22 a what?.. there is a city in india, called coimbatore. you can get a pair of jean for 5 dollars, for 80 dollar you can get a levis, thats the expensive one

  • Maryam Hussain
    Maryam Hussain 17 days ago


  • Danny O’Flanagan
    Danny O’Flanagan 17 days ago

    Over £1500 for a jeans is crazy

    SIMS BENTLEY 19 days ago

    the last jeans can definitely be found at forever 21 for $30. $79 is way too much for those tacky things

  • loe
    loe 19 days ago

    the expensive ones are extremely ugly ㅋㅋ

  • Kalyan Gondrala
    Kalyan Gondrala 21 day ago

    will be using these tips in my next shopping!

  • Cassie Foo
    Cassie Foo 21 day ago +1

    this made me go through my closet and inspect all of my jeans

  • alanOHALAN
    alanOHALAN 22 days ago

    meanwhile lets raise all minimum wage to 15.00 dollars an hour. #BernieSanders

  • Reza Neysi
    Reza Neysi 26 days ago


  • Julie Kang
    Julie Kang 28 days ago

    weird cuz... i don't like rigid, heavy jeans with no elasticity :/

  • Ange Long
    Ange Long Month ago

    you're clowning if you think im gonna pay $250 for a pair of jeans

  • juju monster
    juju monster Month ago

    If u buying jeans that cost above 50$ you’re crazy

  • Michelle Erazo
    Michelle Erazo Month ago +3

    Im not believing any thing that man says. Look at those teeth 🤮

  • Petr Stepanov
    Petr Stepanov Month ago

    Dang nothing can beat HM’s $25 jeans. Period.

  • Anne
    Anne Month ago

    Brought to you by, Levi's. 😏

  • Zeera P
    Zeera P Month ago

    And here I was saying I was going to be fancy and get myself some Levi’s

  • K M
    K M Month ago

    are his teeth rotten???

  • TheCodFather
    TheCodFather Month ago +1

    Bake your denim at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes instead of washing them if you want them to last longer. -washing jeans wears them out.

  • Red Martyr
    Red Martyr Month ago

    i wouldnt consider myself a connoisseur but ive had those cheap stretchy wranglers that last 2 years and the levis that lasted for 20 and thats the difference, you pay $250 for a pair of jeans that can last half a lifetime, plus they never really go out of style

  • TheOneWhoTripped
    TheOneWhoTripped Month ago

    i own 9 dollar jeans

  • Daniel MGF
    Daniel MGF Month ago +1

    They're yellowish, irregular and don't have a perfect fit, they also look incredibly dirty and neglected. The guy's teeth are definitely not premium!

  • Сергей Чусовитин

    Love the first straight fit high rise pair.

  • Isa :3
    Isa :3 Month ago

    His under eye make-up is a tad orange, maybe something to look out for next time? :)

  • Ranch Rabbit
    Ranch Rabbit Month ago +1

    On the mixed jeans, I would much rather prefer the cheaper one, it looks nicer

  • Ranch Rabbit
    Ranch Rabbit Month ago +1

    Most of the prices that I get jeans for are $20. And my expensive jeans are hand me downs. This is nuts.

  • guisocriollo
    guisocriollo Month ago


  • Kat Berlin
    Kat Berlin Month ago

    i paid 135 usd years ago for an levis jeans and it is still good.
    my 40 usd jeans are trash after like a year.
    i once had a white bag wearing it over my shoulder and was wearing cheap blue jeans ...
    guess what, white bag now blue on one side.

  • El LaPoint
    El LaPoint Month ago

    What brands though?

  • Kiara Magsino
    Kiara Magsino Month ago

    “I didn’t feel like it was a true boyfriend even though it was supposed to be a boyfriend. It just didn’t have those elements.”
    Same gurl same 😂

  • Luka Verheul
    Luka Verheul Month ago +1

    I see you ben in that helmut lang

  • William Costes
    William Costes Month ago +1

    Rigid jeans would be perfect if you have a very slender legs. However, jeans with stretch materials would be better for curvier bodies. I dont care if they're expensive or cheap. As long as they make me feel good and i can move freely, that would be more important. I have this cheap jeans for 5 years i purchased for $8.00 and still serves me up to this day. I believe it's up to you on how you take good care of your jeans. I wash them inside out and never dry them directly into the sun.

  • Jordi Gutierrez
    Jordi Gutierrez Month ago

    Who else doesn't like his foundation.

  • Angela
    Angela Month ago

    The low end jeans looked nicer every time. And I like the stretch in cheaper jeans; they're more comfortable. Not missing anything by spending $20-40 on jeans.

  • AF_1892
    AF_1892 Month ago

    Jean snob here! I have broke a closet rod or 2 with my collection. Any elastic stretch in them bye. I wear larger sizes just for dancing. They are usually sweaty n filthy after a fun night. Maybe 3 nights out before a wash. Freezer dont cut it. Putting jeans in a dryer? Thats abuse! My personal break in for fit is shot, color and wiskering fade.
    P.s. there is a pair of JNCO's on the right haha.

  • FARID1870
    FARID1870 Month ago

    Love his jacket colour

  • yazmin gutierrez
    yazmin gutierrez Month ago

    Who tf pays 13 hundred for a pair of jeans

  • JustAnother Account

    Lol they said $80 is the cheap.... All my jeans cost around $10-$15....

  • Vaxsoar
    Vaxsoar Month ago

    Now I’m going to over think every time I put my jeans in the wash.

  • KittySnicker
    KittySnicker Month ago

    And then there’s me with student loan payments

  • ObesePuppies
    ObesePuppies Month ago

    Imagine his denim jacket is fake lol

  • I am You are
    I am You are 2 months ago

    What is denim expert?

  • me ow
    me ow 2 months ago

    Designer clothing: the only “designer” is the slave who made it.

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 2 months ago

    $40 is max

  • MrMethadrine
    MrMethadrine 2 months ago

    I just buy jeans that fit good on me.I dont care about price.

  • Louis XIV ???
    Louis XIV ??? 2 months ago

    $80?! my most expensive pair of jeans cost $21

    • El LaPoint
      El LaPoint Month ago

      Louis XIV ??? Aeo/af is like $100

  • Michele Wu
    Michele Wu 2 months ago

    my most expensive pair of jeans is $10

  • Alicia Phillips
    Alicia Phillips 2 months ago

    I don’t understand why she wore a knee length top to show off jeans....

  • Rosalie DeGregory
    Rosalie DeGregory 2 months ago

    The stitching on the $350 pair she's wearing looks trashy at the wasteband. It's uneven, sticks up higher on her left, shows some yellowish at the top and whitish at the bottom, neither of which should show.

  • jayanta biswas
    jayanta biswas 2 months ago

    Expensive jeans has longer pocket for ur phone

  • arafin eric
    arafin eric 2 months ago

    $1340 for a jeans!!! :v :V :v

  • Zeta JEB
    Zeta JEB 2 months ago

    Helmut Lang denim jacket? Hmm

  • melisa x
    melisa x 2 months ago

    Woooow $1.340 for a jean... They are 53,400 argentinian pesos (i need 2 months to buy that jean, and only buy it, i can't buy Food or pay anything else!)

  • Amanda Gates
    Amanda Gates 2 months ago +1

    That's why I shop Second Hand.

  • Coco
    Coco 2 months ago

    what a load of crap

  • Nalu_ all day
    Nalu_ all day 2 months ago

    Denim expert????🤨🤨🧐

  • Linda Rosenthal
    Linda Rosenthal 2 months ago

    Great info. Thanks!

  • Lawrence L.
    Lawrence L. 2 months ago +1

    All those jeans featured in this documentary are silly and the standard, the legend, Levis 501. The Key to looking Great in jeans, and all clothing, is being in shape and having a proper, healthy your muscles and bone structure and skin complexion and hair all looks good and perky and vibrant.

  • I am Blanco
    I am Blanco 2 months ago +1

    Lmfaooo yeah 80$ is cheap 🙄

  • sharan kumar
    sharan kumar 2 months ago

    How could a 80$ jeans would be budget one 🙄🙄

  • Jeff Bezos
    Jeff Bezos 2 months ago

    Tha fuq is a denim expert jshehe

    SANDY MILLER 2 months ago

    I wear Walmart jeans for $7 to $15. I've had a pair of Walmart and F21 jeans both cost less than $15 for at seven years

    • Lawrence L.
      Lawrence L. 2 months ago +1

      I once tried Walmart jeans...and they fitted, and looked, like Walmart Levis, they're the bests. I wear Levis 501, in light blue,...i wear all my shirts tucked in with a belt...and really squeeze the hips and torso and butt well high....I like to think of it as 90's style fashion.

  • MrDmitry4ever
    MrDmitry4ever 2 months ago


  • Marci LK
    Marci LK 2 months ago

    Then there’s my mom, who EVERY time I buy a new pairs of jeans, declares “well, I’ve never spent more than $20 for a pair of jeans.”

  • allyiah simon
    allyiah simon 2 months ago

    2:26 before watching it I thought the cheaper ones were high end.

  • Victor Wei
    Victor Wei 2 months ago

    Mine r $20 😐

  • Grace Rooney
    Grace Rooney 2 months ago

    all my favorite jeans are thrifted. no need to spend more than $10

  • Arick
    Arick 2 months ago +1

    Why would someone spend 340$ for a jeans which is 1stly 2nd hand and then which is stitched together?

    • Arick
      Arick Month ago

      +Debbie Potter agreed

    • Debbie Potter
      Debbie Potter Month ago +1

      Because then they can tell their friends they spent that on jeans. It’s all to impress others. Fast fashion is disgusting and so are the people that fall for it. They could care less about what it is doing to the planet. That burning need to keep up with others trumps all. And then they cry about the cost of living. People have seriously gone nuts

  • mel saint
    mel saint 2 months ago

    They all look the same.
    Do you actually look at the stitches of another person's jeans?

  • Kolvencia
    Kolvencia 2 months ago

    $1,340 for a sewing machine mishap.

  • Emma Sheppard
    Emma Sheppard 2 months ago


  • Gerpha Gerlin
    Gerpha Gerlin 2 months ago +1

    Ben was definitely helpful.

  • Jade Coy
    Jade Coy 2 months ago

    So it's fake denim...

  • Edson Cruz
    Edson Cruz 2 months ago

    They are rich!

  • Ellen
    Ellen 2 months ago

    what makes ben a denim expert tho lol

  • Maureen Peterson
    Maureen Peterson 2 months ago

    Can anyone pronounce but tons not butens!

  • Yohann Jardiniano
    Yohann Jardiniano 2 months ago +3

    The way I justify jeans is cost per wear. I bought 198$ black jeans. I wore them every day for 10 months and barely any change. I can make those jeans last so much longer. I bought H&M jeans and they lasted maybe 3ish months with minimal wearing. So if I have to buy new jeans every 3-4 months at 40$ as compared to spending 198$ that’ll last over 2 ish years I spend less overall on the high end

  • iiam. joselyn
    iiam. joselyn 2 months ago

    I buy my jeans for like 15-25 $ and they say 80 is affordable 😂

  • matemahe
    matemahe 2 months ago


  • Loris/M
    Loris/M 2 months ago

    Yooo that so-called "denim expert" calling the Vetements jeans "the Original" but has clearly never ever heard of Martin Margiela hahah

  • László Babits
    László Babits 2 months ago +1

    Lordy, I just buy Levi’s and call it a day😅

  • Alex Lost
    Alex Lost 2 months ago

    both those jeans are UGLY

  • Armando Sturzenegger
    Armando Sturzenegger 2 months ago

    ''The whiskers'' says the ''denim expert'' d*mn it he definitely knows his sh*t.

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson 2 months ago

    I saw those Vetement jeans at a thrift store in Tokyo for around $1000

  • forest jeans
    forest jeans 2 months ago

    Vv nice

  • Loxi
    Loxi 2 months ago +1

    Jeans that are stiff and heavy are just hard to wear :V

    • matemahe
      matemahe 2 months ago

      But those are real 👖jeans. There is no different between cheap and expensive jeans they last just as long if worn just as often. If you look good in denim jeggings wear em. Them most expensive Jean can look cheap if you don't look good.

    LALAT_IDJO 3 months ago

    Levis jeans its my favorite

  • Rachel Bass
    Rachel Bass 3 months ago

    i get my jeans for an actual affordable price of 2 dolla,,, goodwill gang 😤😤

  • pusheen buttercup
    pusheen buttercup 3 months ago

    why is "real denim" that has no give a good thing? :) wouldn't it be less flattering than a stretchy jean?

    • matemahe
      matemahe 2 months ago

      Because jeans are denim not Lycra OR spandex. Ultimately please stick to what you think you look good.

  • Chyanne Still
    Chyanne Still 3 months ago

    80 is not affordable😂 you can tell your self that but I feel like 20 is affordable. I could never spend $80 on a pair of pants😭😂

  • Leyla Rustamova
    Leyla Rustamova 3 months ago

    the guy is a great expert, but please take care of your teeth firsts and then your jeans. I am not hating, or bullying or saying that he should stick to what is liked in the society, but he should take care of his teeth. Healthy teeth are not supposed to be snow-white, but they shouldn't be a sickly yellow either.

  • Paul Caldwell
    Paul Caldwell 3 months ago

    Just buy Levi's.

  • jbumx •
    jbumx • 3 months ago

    i still don't see the difference ..oh wait! i do, the freaking price!

  • jaimie deziel
    jaimie deziel 3 months ago

    This is so awesome for people who thrift, thank youuuu