Top 10 Awful Facts About McDonalds

  • Published on Jul 9, 2015
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    You know that McDonald’s is kind of evil, because there are more column inches and pseudo-scientific documentaries dedicated to that fact than there are as to whether or not jet fuel can burn hot enough to melt steel. But we felt that there was just a little more life left in this idea thanks to some lesser known facts about America’s “favorite” burger company.
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    10. They Ran the Original Owners Out of Business Just to Spite Them
    9. Their Food Doesn’t Rot, Spoil or Go Bad
    8. Their Fries Contain 14 Ingredients
    7. McDonald’s Salad is Worse for You Than a Big Mac
    6. They Fought One of the Longest Legal Cases in History
    5. Avoiding Billions in Tax
    4. Paying Rappers to Hype the Big Mac
    3. They Haven’t Tracked Sold Burgers Since the ’90s
    2. The Fillet-O-Fish was Almost Replaced by an Awful Burger
    1. Ronald McDonald Actors Weren’t Allowed to Tell Kids Where the Food Came From
    Source/Further reading:'s%20brothers%20out%20of%20business%20%22Big%20M%22&f=false{"display":["1"],"dmdocnumber":["801399"]}

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  • Stoned Philosopher
    Stoned Philosopher 46 minutes ago

    Story time. Around 1982 my family moved to Ashland, Oregon. I was only 3. There was a house, that if I remember correctly was in or around Jacksonville. My parents were interested in buying it. Then they changed their minds when they heard that a neighboring ranch's cattle all had cancer. The USDA wouldn't even grade the beef. Fortunately for the rancher, Micky D's bought it all up anyway. Or, so the story goes. Needless to say, my parents usually took me to Burger King after that. So go ahead. Enjoy that tumor burger. ...and on his farm he had some pigs, oink oink oink oink oink...

  • Harvey Tinseltin
    Harvey Tinseltin 4 hours ago

    All Male and Female Employee's, Must Have Clown Nipples. When The First started to Franchise, Before Ronald McDonald became There Product Mascot, A Owner Was Into Clown Play, And Furbys, That's How, Ronald The Clown, And Even Early bird came to be.

  • Mark Daniel
    Mark Daniel 6 hours ago

    I learned that I ate the food incorrectly.
    I tried to eat it as soon as I got it and it was inedible. Now I know to let it sit for a decade before trying to eat.

  • Frank James
    Frank James 7 hours ago

    Eating a Whopper while watching. "I WIN!"

  • Robert Cronin
    Robert Cronin 9 hours ago

    It's not the fat, sugar and salt that keeps the food from ever spoiling, it's the *TBHQ*

  • Dan Clark
    Dan Clark 9 hours ago

    All these laws against opioid prescriptions, while McDs allowed to continue to poison customers. 🤔👎💩🤡😠

  • orver1
    orver1 Day ago

    McDonald’s is great. Love it!

  • Tralfaz
    Tralfaz Day ago +1

    "...more chemicals than the opening credits of Breaking Bad" got you a spit take, here.

  • W Little
    W Little Day ago

    McDonald's is the worst restaurant I've ever went to and I didn't need this video to say this but it did confirm what I've always thought of it.

  • marzamu
    marzamu 2 days ago

    Where the original brothers went wrong was they didn’t use an amendment excuse to “defend” themselves with there last restaurant and dispose of the investor

  • marzamu
    marzamu 2 days ago

    Where the original brothers went wrong was they didn’t use an amendment excuse to “defend” themselves with there last restaurant and dispose of the investor

  • jack freeman
    jack freeman 2 days ago

    I would have liked more detail as to how exactly they avoid tax.

  • Insatiable Techfetish

    Bacteria will swarm and digest a TURD faster than they will "food" from McCheezbag's.

  • Srikanth K
    Srikanth K 3 days ago

    @10:25: Chinese guy scraped off the floor... RACIST

  • WormholeJim
    WormholeJim 4 days ago

    A Hula-burger. Maybe they could get a rapper to rap about that. Pizza Hawaii (it has pinapples on it, very hawaiian, see) has become something of a cult-thing here in the part of the world I live in.

  • prince everlove
    prince everlove 4 days ago

    MCDONALD'S RULES...BITE ME🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Kevin AKA Pyrin
    Kevin AKA Pyrin 4 days ago

    McDonald's is evil, I dont eat at McDonald's anymore, mostly because they're money grubbing self aggrandizing back stabbing tax dodging pricks. Rich people like the ones running McDonalds are THE problem with the world today.

  • Pendulous Testicularis

    Sponsored by KFC.

  • Aasiyah Ferrier
    Aasiyah Ferrier 5 days ago

    idc i stil wan mcdonad fy n cok

  • Nikki Best
    Nikki Best 5 days ago

    Fill-it O Fish? Haha!

  • John Hood Hood
    John Hood Hood 5 days ago

    BURGER KING FOOT LETTUCE! (just Google it)

    INKLVRTAT2DUDE ! 5 days ago

    Your pronunciation of "Fillet-O-Fish" has got me triggered! 😤

    VIRGO 6 days ago

    Nooooo, I agree!!! I dont even get the fries and if they offered a Beyond meat burger, they'd probably inject it with animal fact, thats probly why they're the only ones who haven't offered it yet, they need to figure out how to preserve it for a million years!😳😒 Even when my son was young, we never had that! The ONLY time is whennhe was with someone else...

  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson 6 days ago

    ... and yet McDonalds is “ healthier” than most of the street food in pubs and snack shops in the U.K...
    Whistler loves to narrate ANY thing that bashes Americans ...

  • Jim W
    Jim W 7 days ago

    Like lousy McDonald's, you seem to have a following too.

  • Keith W
    Keith W 7 days ago the end,even Ronnie grew a pair...lmao

  • bruce watson
    bruce watson 7 days ago

    I don't eat fast food because the employees pick at there faces and then handle my food.

  • Zymondo
    Zymondo 7 days ago

    I worked at McDonalds in 1969 for about 5 months... they fired me because I ate too much at the break... even though when I started they 'said' I could. Now, I still eat a fish burger once or twice a year when I get the craving... but NOT the sauce. I don't like ketchup, mustard, mayo or ANY condiments on my food... so... fish, cheese and bun... how bad can that be?

  • richard wilmot Ph.D
    richard wilmot Ph.D 8 days ago +1

    McDonald's used powdered milk shakes for profits to buy property, rented to franchisers.

  • Eugene Cam
    Eugene Cam 8 days ago

    Great another hit piece

  • There'ssomething Onthewing

    Kiss any possibility of a macdonalds sponsorship goodbye, congratulations

  • Mark De Mers
    Mark De Mers 8 days ago

    Zero science was used in the making of this video. I expect better of you, Mr. Whistler. I bet you can't even whistle.

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis 8 days ago

    Fi-lay o fish is how it's said

  • Madd Hatter
    Madd Hatter 9 days ago

    4 adds 10 min sub.smh

  • Daniel Ferlazzo
    Daniel Ferlazzo 10 days ago

    Wow I wasted 11 mins of my life while eating a McChicken - they were not awful my any means.

  • TheUndiscoveredArtist
    TheUndiscoveredArtist 11 days ago

    I haven't eaten at a McDonald's in at least 5 years because of how disgusting and unsanitary they are. Chikfila is where the goods really are. Their always very clean and organized, not to mention, the food is so much better and even though it's still fast food, it's somewhat healthy. Not to mention they're a very strong Chritian company.

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 12 days ago +2

    #2 what you show is NOT a Filet-O-Fish

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 12 days ago +1

    #3 completely false - they know exactly how much of each product was sold

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 12 days ago +1

    #4 completely false

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 12 days ago +1

    #7 their salads change all the time... never heard of one with fried chicken

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 12 days ago +1

    #9 absolutely not true

  • Buzzman
    Buzzman 12 days ago

    Ok, but a better hangover food was never invented

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 12 days ago

    Big Mac and a side of 10 chicken nuggets dipped in no less than 5 hot mustard sauce cups what I'm eating while this dude bitches!

  • Pyrid0xineOxide
    Pyrid0xineOxide 13 days ago

    it use to be MacDonald's but the serpants reptile changed the title when they went back in time to own the conglomerate power... for the future. And you wondered why they serve children!!

  • jmic789
    jmic789 14 days ago

    Still though, the cheapest gas in town is Taco Bell. LMAO

  • Pablo Escargo
    Pablo Escargo 14 days ago +2

    About to order a Big Mac

  • Charles Weimer
    Charles Weimer 14 days ago

    Not very healthy indeed

  • Darren Bauer
    Darren Bauer 14 days ago

    That's where the expression "Crocking" someone came from!

  • Inthe Cards75
    Inthe Cards75 14 days ago +1

    I have boycott McDonald's after I got arrested in there parking lot. Plus the food sucks.

  • chili cheesemf
    chili cheesemf 14 days ago

    Fact, Ronald Mcdonald, was the inspiration for the movie 'Killer Clowns from Outerspace

  • chili cheesemf
    chili cheesemf 14 days ago

    It's pronounced Fillay O Fist, not Fillet.

  • Meister Kaos
    Meister Kaos 15 days ago

    I feel like fact #10 kinda overshadows the other 9 facts. That one fact alone is the only real reason I don't go to McDonalds.

  • Paul Bjorn
    Paul Bjorn 15 days ago

    I am curious why in 6. the pair couldn't get Legal Aid. is there a disqualifying reason. Thought it was just available to anyone. Is it cuz a Law Suit?

  • KutWrite
    KutWrite 16 days ago

    1. They won a lawsuit against libelers whose co-conspirators admitted their error? And hapless taxpayers were forced by government to pay them because the government's own rules looked bad? Awful!
    2. Oh no! They avoid paying taxes? How evil!
    Who doesn't fill out his tax forms using government rules to minimiz(s)e - i.e. avoid - giving more tax money to greedy governments?
    2. Oh no! They stopped counting the numbers served? How awful! Because they once started counting, don't they owe us a continued count?
    3. The hired actors playing clowns weren't allowed to speculate on the source of the food? Terrible! And a failed actor quit his job... over moral principles? Yeah. Sure. That's credible.
    If you don't like McDonalds? Don't buy their frickin' food! I don't!
    What a waste of time. Thumb down.

  • WWZenaDo
    WWZenaDo 16 days ago

    Oh, mah gawd, who eats at McDonalds anymore?
    I think I've had maybe one MyukDonalds in my entire life.

    • WWZenaDo
      WWZenaDo 15 days ago

      @KutWrite - I eat the Subway's Veggie Delight, most of the time. If I'm craving meat, then I go for the Sonic's Hatch green chile cheeseburger.

    • KutWrite
      KutWrite 16 days ago +1

      Yeah. Five Guys or In 'n' Out, at least, for me.

  • kung Few
    kung Few 16 days ago +4

    How could you not mention the pink slime in this video???

  • frink32
    frink32 16 days ago +1

    Lots of conjecture and hearsay in this video.

  • David Enriquez
    David Enriquez 16 days ago

    They are not the only fast food chain spewing out garbage, so I blame every lazy parent who hooks their child on their food. Children who eventually grow up and continue to eat there, as far as knowing better or being educated on their products I have to admit that we are a lazy people and would rather slowly kill ourselves that take the time to shop and make a homemade meal.

  • boo boo
    boo boo 16 days ago +1

    And yet nobody's ever died of it. Such propaganda. 14 ingredients in french fries: potatoes, oil, salt, sugar, and 10 spices.

  • largol33t1
    largol33t1 16 days ago

    Their food isn't great anyway. I eat there only two or three times a year. If you really want to know how bad the industry is, read the book Fast food nation. You'll never look at a burger the same way again. DON'T watch the dumb movie. It says absolutely nothing about the really surprising stuff in the book.

  • Stephen Vasko
    Stephen Vasko 16 days ago

    has anyone tested the process of digestion on McDonald's food? Since it won't spoil or go bad, is it digestible or is it just one of those things that comes out when you get a colon cleanse? edible is not always digestible.

  • John Williams
    John Williams 16 days ago

    The T is silent...

  • 21baaron
    21baaron 16 days ago +1

    Talk about a windfall for countries without proper storage. Food that doesn't go bad. That would have saved untold lives over the centuries. Granted here in the US women inject their lips with botulism so most Americans aren't aware of how deadly it is in spoiled food. The world needs a McDonalds on every street corner and we can end world hunger.

  • MarcellusTheGreen
    MarcellusTheGreen 17 days ago

    Opening a business right next to a competitor, especially when one has more money, is very common in my area. An RV dealership who'd been in business for decades is now competing with another RV dealership, a branch of a very successful one in a large city, who decided to open a dealership almost next door to the original one, between them and the main interstate. Prior to that, a family-run lumber, hardware, and home supply store was run out of business by a big company that opened a facility almost next door. When the original went out of business, the big company pulled out to another location and left the area without a nearby lumber and hardware store. Finally, in a nearby city, a Vietnamese businessman opened a restaurant right across the street from an established noodle house, trying the same thing. It's the American way to grab business, but spending your money to run someone else out of business is un-American. Piss on McDonald's, anyway, they are racist.

  • camper tv
    camper tv 17 days ago


  • Roy Ruther
    Roy Ruther 17 days ago +1

    at least you don't have to worry about botulism aka food poisoning. Even if it is, kind of, it's own poison

  • Si Devon
    Si Devon 17 days ago

    Anyone fancy a Big Mac?

  • Strange Fruit
    Strange Fruit 17 days ago +4

    Just LOOK at the people who eat McDonald - enough said !

  • Strange Fruit
    Strange Fruit 17 days ago

    . . . . . . . Never eaten any of their immoral, poor-nutritional, nasty McShit for over 25yrs

  • Alpha Aquisitions
    Alpha Aquisitions 17 days ago +3

    Shared it !!! This should be shown at every school until they understand what awful impact this crap has on more than one level! Never ate disgusting fast food - Never will ! Great video 👍

  • majermike
    majermike 17 days ago

    2:19 fat, sugar, and salt "drive out moisture"? might wanna check your facts guys, are you thinking of salts tendency to retain water in the human body or something?

  • Pedro Paque
    Pedro Paque 17 days ago +1

    So my life has been a lie

  • Matt Fischer
    Matt Fischer 17 days ago

    Looks like Starbucks grossness

  • Jerry Salamon
    Jerry Salamon 17 days ago +2

    Last week I passed by a Micky D's, all that came in and out of the place was crack ho's and the homeless! The food must be improving?

    • Andrew Hildred
      Andrew Hildred 14 days ago

      Basically your Mum and Dad. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Danno B.
    Danno B. 18 days ago +5

    Man, watching this video now has me wanting a Big Mac, large Coke, and large fries!. I'm out!

  • Robert Berthaut
    Robert Berthaut 18 days ago

    Thirty years ago, patronized a number of McDonalds in New York City where the service ranged from lackadaisical to offensive. After Fleeing New York for Florida, I found the service at McDonalds somewhat better. The food, however, not so much. Quickly dropped them for Burger King, and (after a time) dropped Burger King for Wendys. Yes, I'm still alive... just barely.

    RONRIFFLE 18 days ago

    What is a fillet o fish?

  • Chuck-U Farly
    Chuck-U Farly 19 days ago

    Not even flies will touch a McDonald's burger and yet trump loves eating them. Let that sink in.

  • Stephen Leslie France
    Stephen Leslie France 19 days ago

    This voice sounds like the same one for the book Write Publish Repeat

  • PompierCanadien
    PompierCanadien 20 days ago

    Ray Kroc was an evil, greedy, worthless cocksucker!

  • Rex Sexson
    Rex Sexson 20 days ago

    McDonald's food is made from children's tears i.e. creepy clown Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald

  • Rex Sexson
    Rex Sexson 20 days ago +6

    Fill it uh fish?
    The correct pronunciation is
    Fill lay oh fish

    • Edwin Harvey
      Edwin Harvey 17 days ago +1

      Yes, I noticed that,too! The guy narrating this video is probably from England.

  • Rex Sexson
    Rex Sexson 20 days ago

    1986 I was 9
    But who the hell cares?

  • Rex Sexson
    Rex Sexson 20 days ago

    And the devil himself Raymond Krock.

  • Jason Learakos
    Jason Learakos 20 days ago

    I don't even like their food.

  • Bill
    Bill 20 days ago

    It's 4 not 14 beyond the potato in fries:
    Dextrose is a natural form of sugar that helps give the fries their perfect golden color.

    Sodium acid pyrophosphate is added to keep the potatoes from turning gray after freezing and before they are cooked at the restaurant.

    Citric acid is added to preserve the freshness of the oil.

    Dimethylpolysiloxane is also added to reduce foaming and oil splattering.
    TBHQ is an antioxidant that acts as a preservative, allowing the oil to remain fresh from the supplier all the way to the restaurant.

  • ScotSpeed
    ScotSpeed 20 days ago

    What about Run-DMC? They said "Big Mac" like every other song. Rob Base also said it. Except he said to f*ck it.

  • Gary Christensen
    Gary Christensen 20 days ago +2

    I don't eat any fast food.... Why I have a veg garden now

  • Pug NIN
    Pug NIN 20 days ago

    I also feel like American McDonald’s puts something in the food that makes it addictive. That’s why people/kids are always thinking about and wanting mcdonalds

    • mr luigi
      mr luigi 20 days ago

      You are absolutely right ,the secret ingredient is FORMALDEHYDE.

  • Walker Riley
    Walker Riley 20 days ago

    Jeebus...#9 has a simple explanation that does not apply only to fast food.

    No moisture. Lots of oil, grease, etc, but no moisture. You eat mcdonalds in your car? ever drop a fry and forget to nab it? A few months later you're vacuuming and look....the same fry and it looks exactly the same! but its not. its dehydrated and rock solid. Same with the burgers.

    There are plenty of other horrible things about McDonalds, pick them. Stop throwing this blatant misrepresentation of how food spoils around.

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 21 day ago

    I worked at a McDonald's one time a bunch of hamburger patty's fell on the floor in the freezer I threw them out my manager told me i should have kept them and served them. There is no way i could serve floor food to people let alone children

    MICHAEL FRIEL 21 day ago +8

    This video makes me hungry for a Big Mac. Or a fillet o fish. Is everything American under attack these days?

    • Bill
      Bill 18 days ago

      Yes! Sadly everything in America is in fact under attack! Except for murdering the unborn babies or the newly born babies, i.e. NY. Also, illegal immigrants (undocumented dimocraps) they're hailed as heros. OH taxes and uncontrolled govt waste of taxes that's still going strong and no fear of it ever abating. But freedom and patriots are absolutely under attack. We rush ever faster onward to destruction!

  • Joel Graham
    Joel Graham 21 day ago

    A McDonald's Big Mac wasn't too bad back in the day when they were $0.60 and one and a half times as big as they are now! However nowadays only a fool would eat at McDonald's much less take their children there. I did enjoy the Ray Kroc movie I thought it was freaking hilarious! Whataburger's the only way to fly.

  • Laen
    Laen 21 day ago +7

    I'm not gonna lie, I kinda want some Mickey D's now.

  • teddy pendergrass
    teddy pendergrass 21 day ago

    when I was in college, I was broke and would hit mcDs' on their "1 dollar deals". one day I almost broke my tooth on what I could only imagine was a cow hoof or some other bone that made it through the grinder. never had another burger from them in 25 years. really freaked me out

  • Ian Whiteley
    Ian Whiteley 21 day ago

    Boost the bulk yanks will be 1000lb as a norm

  • HockeyTown Luv
    HockeyTown Luv 21 day ago

    They exist in England Simon!!!!!

  • Kathy Main
    Kathy Main 21 day ago +1

    I dropped a chicken strip in my car and didnt pick it up. 5 days later it looked the same as when fresh. My dog ate it.

  • Eamon Collier
    Eamon Collier 21 day ago

    Fillit-eh-fish. That's one way to make a English accent actually make the person sound dumb.

  • Randy
    Randy 22 days ago

    How many people have McDicks killed because their "food" clogs your arteries and kills your soul. Their sign should say Killed over 1 billion customers worldwide.