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SONIC.EXE IS BACK... AND IM SCARED!! | Friday Night Funkin [ vs Sonic.Exe Update 2]

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
  • Gameplay of Friday Night Funkin Vs. Sonic.Exe (UPDATE 2 OUT)

    Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He's an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music...
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    💕Play Vs. Sonic.Exe (UPDATE 2 OUT) here💕

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  • -+-Bushimu Amuo-+-
    -+-Bushimu Amuo-+- Month ago +2007

    Divide is actually one of the artists working on this mod. Unfortunately a few weeks ago he passed away. The other content creators than knew him got this information from his mother... I'm not rly deep inside the whole story. What I know (And not actually sure) is that Divide was rly young, had a whole life ahead, and that's actually sad.

    Rest in peace, Divide...

    • MamaT
      MamaT 27 minutes ago

      Rip my freind divide

    • Sebastian Grunewald
      Sebastian Grunewald 6 hours ago

      all i gotta say.. r.i.p. divide. he’s prob making a 3.0 update in heaven..

    • Craftee
      Craftee 2 days ago


    • Craftee
      Craftee 2 days ago

      F in chat for our hero of sonic.exe mod

    • Craftee
      Craftee 2 days ago

      He never got to see his friends accomplishments

  • Klint Lim
    Klint Lim Month ago +16

    Divide is actually one of the artists working on this mod. Unfortunately a few weeks ago he passed away. The other content creators than knew him got this information from his mother... I'm not rly deep inside the whole story. What I know (And not actually sure) is that Divide was rly young, had a whole life ahead, and that's actually sad.

    Rest in peace, Divide...

  • Nerdiboy
    Nerdiboy Month ago +41

    Whenever I hear the "Why you little.." part from the end of the 16 bit segue, I can't help but hear Homer's voice as he's prepared to throttle Bart. Also, rest in peace Divide; your memory will live on in the things you created, the art you made, and the music we listened to.

    • JV Pro
      JV Pro 8 days ago

      @CaptainCraftIt heh.

    • CaptainCraftIt
      CaptainCraftIt Month ago +4

      "Is this... Golden Age Simpsons... 'cause I'm about to choke a child!" - Happy Mask Salesman

  • Zahir Jimenez
    Zahir Jimenez Month ago +46

    Let’s just appreciate that she does these things for us and makes us happy

  • BombasticNitro101
    BombasticNitro101 Month ago +8

    Fun fact: Majin Sonic/Endless Sonic was actually from a secret message in the game Sonic CD and wasn't an oc made for this mod

  • MeckLords ÒwÓ
    MeckLords ÒwÓ Month ago +825

    Ok, but can we appreciate how good Nenaa became at FNF? She started from nothing to really good! Of course, she can make some mistakes as anyone else, but it's really surprising how far she's come

    • Tuty
      Tuty 2 days ago

      @Carmelita Padilla I watch nenaa all the time but I'm just better than her lol, I started with robeats.

    • Carmelita Padilla
      Carmelita Padilla 2 days ago

      @Tuty i bet your a hater

    • let's play games with cornell
      let's play games with cornell 6 days ago

      @Forever Nenaa to be fair i was worse i could not hit a note but like 2 months later i did not miss a note

    • Nocturne
      Nocturne 8 days ago

      im still stuck on week 2 lol

    • Yeon Jun
      Yeon Jun 10 days ago

      @Forever Nenaa in the mod of sunday night Suicide mrs.nenaa you forget one song left : corruption song (fate worse than death)

  • Faris Ismail
    Faris Ismail Month ago +4

    Tbh the thing that I like about Neena is her reaction 😁and of course her improvement on the gameplay 👍🏻btw keep up the good work we will always support you 😊

  • Jth0102gaming
    Jth0102gaming Month ago +8

    I like how she goes tryhard mode on "you can’t run" cuz she already knows it’s gonna be harder than "too slow"

  • FireMage Gamer
    FireMage Gamer Month ago +60

    Fun fact: The rings actually prevent you from losing health when you miss

  • MamaT
    MamaT 31 minute ago

    To slow 1:38
    You cant run 5:24
    triple trouble 8:50
    Cycles 17:43
    endless 20:11
    sushine 23:07
    Chaos 26:28
    faker 29:50
    black sun 32:10
    Milk 36:36
    Too fest 40:00

  • Karma
    Karma Month ago +614

    The rings stop your bar from moving down when missing notes because of how long the song was. If you feel confident you won't miss alot of notes than the rings are unnecessary, also sonic takes away all your rings.

    • cat gamer and sonic gamer
      cat gamer and sonic gamer 5 days ago +1

      He's right

    • KevanEvans
      KevanEvans 8 days ago

      @Giselle Neves Xenophane give one ring when Xenophane give knuckles a turn

    • Dowux
      Dowux Month ago

      @Forever Nenaa just a mechanics for the original sonic games where you died and they took your ring first for last chance

    • Schizo-Troll
      Schizo-Troll Month ago

      When you miss an note you lose an ring so basically and 1 ring gets lost when you miss an note. you don’t miss an ring when you have rings but you use them.

    • Giselle Neves
      Giselle Neves Month ago

      @Wayne Burton What? I can't explain stuff to people anymore??

  • bob lol
    bob lol Month ago +1

    i love it when Nenaa says “ayyyy!”

  • Doug
    Doug 19 days ago +1

    yo mad props for actually first trying 'black sun' Depending on where you are in the song; you're only allowed to miss some notes, Like at the beginning you can maybe miss 10 notes in total before the song can end you.

    and you managed to do it in the first try with 2 misses near the end! mad respect gamer o7

  • ꧁Sugarcane_Candycane꧂

    Fun fact: when tails doll sing the part of 24:31 it goes like
    “Can you feel the sunshine?
    Does it brighten up your day?
    Don't you feel that sometimes
    You just need to run away?”

  • Mr. paptap
    Mr. paptap Month ago

    This starts feeling less like a mod and more of a actual creepy hard game.

  • General Kaboom
    General Kaboom Month ago +602

    Ninjamuffin basically just gave away his entire game to the Fnf community.

    • JTSF
      JTSF 10 days ago

      @Hunter_Braylon Yeah, I don't know about healthy...

    • Opposite Komi
      Opposite Komi 10 days ago

      Fun fact: Ninjamuffin99 just told me he is going to make 48 more FNF weeks.

    • Georgie the pig
      Georgie the pig 14 days ago

      @JayuNu You mean łámø

    • Ruth Hernandez
      Ruth Hernandez 14 days ago

      True lol

    • JayuNu
      JayuNu 14 days ago


  • Gerardo Villalobos
    Gerardo Villalobos 24 days ago

    Hey! I was just gonna tell you, the rings you collect in triple trouble count as hit points. Instead of taking away health for each note missed, it takes a ring away for every note missed instead of hp

  • john carlo caronongan
    john carlo caronongan 13 days ago

    we cant deny it. that one part in endless made the mod so good.

  • Ali_Brite
    Ali_Brite Month ago +4


  • Spleenz
    Spleenz 29 days ago +1

    15:01 why is nobody talking about how good that part sounds

  • Olivia Hughes
    Olivia Hughes Month ago +458

    Fun fact. The Tails Doll is actually a canon villain in the Archie Comics because of how popular his creepypasta was

    • Fireboy Gacha Storys
      Fireboy Gacha Storys Day ago +2

      @JELLYCAT another fun fact is if you get touch by sonic.exe you become his servant

    • Izuku Midoriya
      Izuku Midoriya 4 days ago

      Damn that’s amazing, I didn’t know!

    • Jessica
      Jessica 6 days ago


    • Penguine God12
      Penguine God12 8 days ago

      @JV Pro bruh

    • JV Pro
      JV Pro 8 days ago

      He is a Canon villain in my life because I hate him and he's slow

  • Store To door
    Store To door Month ago

    I love how she doesn't know he is flipping him out 26:41

  • ivanio bife
    ivanio bife 20 hours ago

    eu gosto desse mod :)

  • kingmccl_
    kingmccl_ Month ago +1

    Majin sonic (the cool one 😎) was actually part of a secret hidden in the sound test in a real sonic game, he wasn’t meant to be scary, but basically once you put in the code it was just his face with the text fun is infinite - majin (maybe you knew. Thanks and happy holidays)

  • Red
    Red 29 days ago

    Fun Fact: Eggman.exe is actually resisting Sonic.exe in "Triple Trouble". You can see several glitch screen appearing as to prepare to show Sonic.exe. But it's just failing to show sonic.exe until the last one.

  • melodyl0vell
    melodyl0vell Month ago +395

    From what I’m aware of, Divide was an artist working on the mod who passed away before it was completed. According to tweet, he was the one who worked on Faker. It’s unknown how he passed.

    May you rest in peace, Divide. You may be gone, but you won’t be forgotten for the amazing work you did.

    • ZeeonGX
      ZeeonGX Day ago

      @GD Runny Divide worked on half of the faker song Faker added the transformation and black sun pretty sure

    • ZeeonGX
      ZeeonGX Day ago

      Man I know revie is sad…

      Aka the guy who designed faker sonic and giant faker

    • Ainteazy
      Ainteazy 10 days ago

      @Nodeos 3000 k

    • Nodeos 3000
      Nodeos 3000 10 days ago

      @Ainteazy nope

    • Tricky the Clown
      Tricky the Clown 28 days ago +1


  • Ian Castaneda
    Ian Castaneda Month ago

    But yeah I know I love your videos they're so much fun and I love Friday night fun game music and watch you play cuz it gives me the feeling that I can cheer up in my computer

  • Baby Green
    Baby Green Month ago

    Nenaa: usually when they act innocent it gets creepy
    Me: it gets creepy alright

  • Shadow-Strike56
    Shadow-Strike56 Month ago

    *Glad you enjoyed the mod…hope to see you in round 3…Hehehe..*

  • Hipocritical
    Hipocritical Month ago

    Ever since I watched your videos ur channel was growing very fast.

  • Krazi Shadowbear
    Krazi Shadowbear Month ago +369

    "Triple Trouble" is just the Sonic.exe creepypasta sprites of the characters Sonic.exe killed (Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman).
    "Cycles" is basically a remastered version of Execution.
    "Endless" (as hopefully everyone has already seen) is a reference to "Majin Sonic" a name given to the disturbing Sonic CD easter egg of "Fun is Infinite With Sega Enterprises. Signed Majin." (Which means devil) with the creepy US version boss theme playing in the background. The JP version is more used as a joke because of the that version's boss theme.
    "Sunshine" is a reference to the "Tails Doll" creepypasta from Sonic R along with song "Can You Feel the Sunshine" which you heard during the "dark part".
    "Chaos" is a reference to Fleetway Super Sonic from the UK comics (Also called the Fleetway comics) where Sonic's super form literally turns him into a demon with the power of the "Chaos Emeralds" corrupting his brain.
    "Faker" is a reference to another version of Sonic.exe by Revie. I think this one LOOKS like Sonic, but transforms in a whole new horrific way by the end (Just like you see later on in "Black Sun").
    "Milk" is a reference to Sunky.mpeg, a parody of Sonic.exe
    "Too Fest" is a reference to a parody of Sonic.exe named "Sanic", but here he's designed to parody Sonic.exe as "Sanic.exe". He's VERY meme-y, that's why he holds weed and MLG guns. An "earrape" version of Green Hill Zone edited to sound "creepy" (By making it stutter all weird) is playing in the background.

  • Ultimate_Gaming - LOKI

    10:36 this is the song of the sonic.exe chase theme (same as the drowning theme from the real sonic games)

  • NorbYyY GG
    NorbYyY GG 23 days ago +1

    the rings in triple trouble just forgive you 1 miss, so that when you miss a note, the ring will recompansate the missed note, collect as many rings as you can! :D (getting the rings does nothing except that, they're optional)

    ITP BONNY 28 days ago

    I love your videos keep up the good work

  • dustan lee sean soriano

    Fun Fact: For the part where Sonic falls into the abyss with the Emeralds, that is actually Fleetway Super Sonic, the VERY FIRST Super Sonic. He's also from the Fleetway/British comics.
    Edit; BTW, the one Sonic EXE you fought was Sanic.EXE, which was a combination of Sonic EXE and Sanic, Sanic was created in 2010, 12 years ago, and has made it thru the SEGA company too. As a shirt in Sonic Forces and in the Sonic 1 Movie.

  • Spetsnaz Infantry
    Spetsnaz Infantry Month ago +310

    Fun fact: You should have focused more on the notes than the rings on triple trouble, because you lose a ring every time you miss a note, so basically its not worth sacrificing notes for rings because you will just instantly lose the rings after you collect them. Also when you miss while having rings, your bar doesn’t go down.

    • jax
      jax 5 hours ago

      @Shinji The Sailor Cat what does accuracy do?

    • jax
      jax 5 hours ago

      @Steven Schuitemaker its a bar/line

    • jax
      jax 5 hours ago

      @Dorothy Barfoot Its a bar/line.

    • Gaming unit
      Gaming unit 5 days ago

      @Dorothy Barfoot yeah its a health bar

    • RafaZU
      RafaZU 7 days ago


  • Santosh Kumar.d3
    Santosh Kumar.d3 Month ago +1

    8:44 the triple trouble
    10:38 the beast sonic.exe
    11:02 knucels.exe

  • Снежана Гуљаш

    Nena is very good at fnf now can we appreciate it?

  • Devon playz 2007
    Devon playz 2007 9 days ago

    Imagine someone that's new to the fnf community yet they know the creepypasta, I imagine them saying "Sonic.exe is from Friday Night funkin" Also those ring protect you from taking damage when you miss a note

  • Jaiden Smith
    Jaiden Smith 21 day ago

    I love how Nenaa didn’t notice that fleetway super sonic was giving her the middle finger XD

  • Levente Fehér
    Levente Fehér Month ago +696

    Fun fact: Majin sonic who you call "Cool Sonic" is not, and was NEVER meant to be evil/scary, for info search up Billy Styler, he will clear some things for ya

  • SupI’mSam
    SupI’mSam 26 days ago +1

    Nenaa I love how u didn’t react that Fleetway Sonic was sticking the naughty finger she just went chill with the song 😎😎😁

  • Lil Robdob
    Lil Robdob Month ago +2

    I need a 1 hour loop of just the green hill zone part😭

  • Jaiden Smith
    Jaiden Smith Month ago

    I love sonic! I just got a figure of him for my birthday!

  • • Sayetaroh •
    • Sayetaroh • 7 days ago

    I’ve never seen a game with mods that overshadow the game itself…until now…

  • Toxic Kreyons
    Toxic Kreyons Month ago +241

    18:39 Sign: *says "We're not Knuckles"*
    Dawko who thought it was Eggman: I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

  • ben🌟
    ben🌟 6 days ago

    1:16 too slow
    5:26 you can't run
    8:50 triple trouble-talis.exe-beast sonic-knuckles.exe-eggman.exe
    17:43 Cycles-lord x
    20:10 Endless-majin sonic
    23:04 Sunshine-Tails doll
    26:34 Chaos-Fleetway sonic
    29:48 faker-faker sonic
    32:04 Blacksun-Faker Sonic.exe
    36:36 milk-Sunky
    40:00 too fest-Sanic.exe

  • what the dog doin?
    what the dog doin? 17 days ago

    35:42 I swear to god this made me laugh too hard when I first saw it

    LEVEL*UP*GAMER Month ago

    hi neena i watch yopr fnf videos alot and you inspired me to play fnf mods and i beat most of them.....anyways the super sonic with the weird red eyes in the song chaos...... is called fleetway super sonic.....basically he is the crazy super sonic form( opposite from the original super sonic) he share all of super sonic ability's except he can shoot laser from his eyes as you see in the mod.......fleetway sonic was free from sonic when ever sonic comes under alot of stress. ( in the comic he came in, sonic could not control his super form (FULLY) so because of these reasons fleetway super sonic was born.)

  • bob and Mr mecaleb
    bob and Mr mecaleb Month ago

    Man, rest in peace, divide. You will surely be missed.

  • Lilly Carr
    Lilly Carr Month ago +245

    Nena: “This is nice and chill!”
    The fake sonic: *becomes the embodiment of satan*

    • Mike Justiniano
      Mike Justiniano Month ago

      @Hell it was a sonic adventure 2 reference

    • Fast HeadCrab
      Fast HeadCrab Month ago

      Faker isn't his canon name, it's just exe or revie exe

    • Danny Ruiz
      Danny Ruiz Month ago

      i did not expect faker sonic to turn into THAT MONSTER THING

    • Hell
      Hell Month ago

      @Wayne Burton It’s just EXE.

    • Mike Justiniano
      Mike Justiniano Month ago +1

      I found you faker

  • Robloxgamer
    Robloxgamer Month ago

    I like how she’s like I have to go against all 3 of them even tho the song is called triple trouble lol

  • Boyfriend and gang
    Boyfriend and gang Month ago +1

    Has anyone realized that that the glitch arrows at where sonic exe speeds up in to slow the glitch arrows are not there but are in the other parts

  • Alexa Kyobe
    Alexa Kyobe 7 days ago

    It’s funny how you said “Here I am over here acting all new” that was funny

  • Stephanie Hodges
    Stephanie Hodges Month ago +1

    I love this video and I’m subscribed

  • Zander .C
    Zander .C Month ago +165

    Its sad she got the mute glitch on the first song, without the voice it just makes him look like he's awkwardly stretching his jaw for the rest of the song 🤣

  • MamaT
    MamaT 31 minute ago


  • Shinji The Sailor Cat
    Shinji The Sailor Cat Month ago +1

    The death countdown in Endless was always there, but they just updated Bf at the end

  • Allen Sanders
    Allen Sanders Month ago +1

    31:38 “nothing really happened” she says 31:42 something happens

  • Mahmoud Elnakib
    Mahmoud Elnakib Month ago +1

    BTW one-day I will make my own fnf mod 😀

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin Month ago +105

    BF: *Goes Super*
    Fleetway: "WHAT?!"

    One of the best moments right here.

  • Josh Arnett
    Josh Arnett 3 days ago

    Love it

  • JohanaPlayz
    JohanaPlayz 28 days ago

    I Love Sonic.EXE I Played the mod passed it and it was really FUN

  • Fredycraft23
    Fredycraft23 26 days ago

    once you hear endless, it alwais stays in your head for so long, this song is hard to forget

  • Zegamer95
    Zegamer95 6 days ago

    I love how she never noticed that fleetway sonic stuck up the middle finger

  • rexar ttv
    rexar ttv Month ago +142

    her some info on majin "majin" simply refers to an alternate reading of Sega designer Masato Nishimura's own name (he voiced Sonic himself in the game). "Majin" was apparently Nishimura's childhood nickname, and as such has sneakily found its way into a few games on which Nishimura himself worked, such as Shenmue. also He is the fastest and alert animated character in the series. ... He is a character in Japanese video game series who fights against evil.

  • ToSauce
    ToSauce 26 days ago +1

    Btw nenna did you know that the endless sonic is called majin? And that majin means demon?

  • knight.K.O.
    knight.K.O. Month ago

    Muito bom

  • artemis houdelis
    artemis houdelis Month ago

    The fact that a part while she's fighting knuckles she's just like a literal statue

  • NorbYyY GG
    NorbYyY GG 26 days ago +1

    Im so glad that she played the "too fest" and "chaos" songs

  • Sammy Bermudez
    Sammy Bermudez Month ago +123

    Divide is one of the artists, and it's a shame that he died while making this mod, stay safe everyone, and please take care of yourself.

    • xand
      xand Month ago

      treat yourself

    • Sammy Bermudez
      Sammy Bermudez Month ago

      @GD Runny it's not that he isn't taking care of himself, it's just that he was really sick, throwing up so much has caused him severe dehydration

    • GD Runny
      GD Runny Month ago

      Still crazy how no one really has a guess on how he died, but the dehydration does seem likely, but at the same time surely he would've taken better care of himself?

    • TwitterTale!Sans
      TwitterTale!Sans Month ago

      @Sammy Bermudez oh,well hope he R.I.PS.he was a good man

    • Sammy Bermudez
      Sammy Bermudez Month ago

      @TwitterTale!Sans I'm not sure if it was cancer or not all we know is that he died

  • Mohammed Almiki
    Mohammed Almiki 23 days ago

    Goodmorning everyone never gets old LOL

  • Max the trillest Hernandez

    Me when playing triple trouble seeing knuckles look so torn up makes me kinda sad because he was always my favorite sonic character

  • ForestHunter
    ForestHunter Month ago +1

    Those dark notes were the literal antithesis to me who reacts to the note movements rather than color

  • Little Milk
    Little Milk Month ago

    6:19 its funny because nenaa right now is scared, but when it becomes 8-bit
    shes like: AYYYY

  • Cross..
    Cross.. Month ago +122

    For those who have trouble beating the main story to unlock Sound Test, here's a quick tip!

    Just beat Sunky.

    • mariner
      mariner Month ago

      Me who took over 20 tries to beat triple trouble: 🙃

    • Peter Evans
      Peter Evans Month ago +3

      @Windy sunky
      And yes sunky isn’t a mod he’s just a secret that you can unlock on the main screen

    • Kirbo_Zx
      Kirbo_Zx Month ago +1

      No that sends me to the main Manu just die to sunky

    • Windy
      Windy Month ago +1

      for a second i thought sunny was’nt a mod

    • DiamondAnimates
      DiamondAnimates Month ago +5

      So true.

  • Bruno Gamer
    Bruno Gamer Month ago

    Eu sou do Brasil eu gostei do seu canal

  • Mr. Egg
    Mr. Egg Month ago

    The rings are basically like…when you collect and miss you don’t loose health only the rings

  • Imnot
    Imnot Month ago

    I like your videos and voice!

  • KURAMA Mastah
    KURAMA Mastah Month ago

    Endless Sonic could be perfect to scare pirates, but to me the Supa Baddy Sonic is quite the best sonic just for how excited he gets when BF uses his back to reach SSJ xD

  • Shin&Nor
    Shin&Nor Month ago +35

    Your audio stopped at 3:36 because you missed a note, which usually cancels fnf audio. Since Sonic has his own seperate voice lines for Too Slow New, the audio glitches out and it's just Sonic doing a pre-mouth stretch to get back in shape.

  • Matthew Golson
    Matthew Golson 21 day ago +1

    Fun fact if you beat sonic.EXEin its first act you might see this screen called to slow want to try again That’s because you Have to do it on hard mode

  • EnergyCloud7927
    EnergyCloud7927 Month ago

    Sanic is a meme version of Sonic, from 2011-2016 also known as the MLG era, Sanic was made as a Gmod Nextbot to attack players.

  • Phobos
    Phobos Month ago

    Also the Bob & Bosip mod developers (Amor and his team) said that they would release the EX update for 4th/5th or December! This update contains the Background and Bob Takeover weeks EX version, and I would like you to take look to one of the APP in the computer desk (Mod computer desk), there will be a easter egg, the "Split X Sans", that's is basically Split but modified and instead of Bf is Sans lmao

  • matthew clark
    matthew clark 21 day ago

    Divide was a person/artist making the mod and he sadly passed in the middle of development of the mod. He will be missed and he did a good job on faker.

  • Disgusting
    Disgusting Month ago +130

    Divide is first person who created sprites for sonic.exe (or ver 1),That's why in the moment "I'm gonna getcha" You can clearly see it's not like sprites. But sadly , Divide died by unknown reasons or that information is private . Anyways Rest in peace Divide.

    • TwitterTale!Sans
      TwitterTale!Sans Month ago

      @dead -_-

    • dead
      dead Month ago

      @TwitterTale!Sans ok bruv i dont see the difference

    • TwitterTale!Sans
      TwitterTale!Sans Month ago

      @dead we're talking about Xd

    • dead
      dead Month ago

      @TwitterTale!Sans XD is an expression used in text messages or e-mails signaling happiness or laughter. XD is an emoticon. X represents closed eyes while D stands for an open mouth

    • dead
      dead Month ago

      Typical undertale Au fan :/
      Who in their right mind would think "Xd" expresses the emotion of sadness.

  • Melody
    Melody Month ago

    19:25 we all know we like this part 😏

    • Melody
      Melody Month ago

      Am i right 😳

  • Eddie-boi
    Eddie-boi 4 days ago

    Who else realized that when you’ve listened to triple trouble a few times it feels shorter?

  • Circle_Dude Gaming Roblox

    I just love how Faker sonic and BF are just vibing together until it’s time he transform with the black sun song

  • Gabriel Galdo
    Gabriel Galdo Month ago

    I love the mod

  • Teriyaki Zombie
    Teriyaki Zombie Month ago +67

    If you wanna play another spooky FNF mod, I recommend Monday Dusk Monolith. It isn't as gamechanging as this mod, but it's a spoopy reskin and remix of the original songs with a few new songs added in week 2. It's got a beginning cutscene and some dialogue too. It doesn't have all weeks done yet though, only the first 4 (tutorial included).

    Also, make sure to die a few times at week 2's last song, the Lemon Demon might have exactly 10 things to say!

  • ☕︎SorbetSharkCookie🌊


  • Koolcidcar :P
    Koolcidcar :P Day ago

    Another fun fact: tails doll is actually a real character in this one particular game it’s called sonic team racing and it’s a original game so that means it’s not a sonic creepypasta game but tails doll is but since tails doll is actually a original character it doesn’t mean he is an exe character he is just canon and in cycles lord x which sonic exe isn’t a reference to anything so like again that’s all I know but I’ll still keep you notified

  • UnRanked
    UnRanked Month ago +1

    There is difference in animation for the first one, tails tail wasn’t there, knuckles hand wasn’t there and now you can see more of robotnik

  • IDoStupidThings
    IDoStupidThings 14 days ago

    20:43 You know he's actually killed like 10,000 people right

  • Block Fish
    Block Fish Month ago +231

    "I like the endless guy" Oh, neena you should, he actually was supposed to be a Sonic with someone's face (dont remember who) but he turned out so creepy, i feel bad for him.

    • kid_wimpy
      kid_wimpy Month ago +1

      @Kevin Novis no in Japanese it means devil

    • kid_wimpy
      kid_wimpy Month ago +1

      @farlord_theking he appeared in all the versions

    • kid_wimpy
      kid_wimpy Month ago +1

      @Zaido (Idk) Majin isn’t the name it was close to that so whenever he did something he would like to sign it by putting majin

    • kid_wimpy
      kid_wimpy Month ago +1

      He first appeared in sonic cd if you put in a special input at the start

    • kid_wimpy
      kid_wimpy Month ago +2

      He was supposed to be the creator of majin sonic

  • Agastya Wasan
    Agastya Wasan Month ago

    U have become so good man how did u get so good at this game u couldn't even beat week 2

    How? It's very nice to see u better at this Game

  • Mary Bowman
    Mary Bowman 3 days ago

    I love all your videos😍

  • Gina Raja
    Gina Raja Month ago

    Fun fact: in that part Sonic. Exe said "₩ⱧɎ ɎØɄ ⱠŁ₮₮ⱠɆ

  • Avi schwartz vazquez

    Rating round 1 songs.Too slow 10/10 Its very accurate to the theme when you are using egg man in the sonic.exe game

    Endless 1,000/10

    Execution 3/10 i dont really like this song

    Round 2 songs. You cant run 9/10 pretty fast and difficult i like it

    Triple trouble 25/10 amazing song, and the feature of all of them singing is very cool

    Cycles 8/10 better then execution i liked it

    Sunshine (tails doll song) 10/10 very epic song

    Chaos (super sonic) 100/10 thats gotta be one of the best songs ive ever heard

    Faker 9.5/10 pretty good song

    Black sun 7/10 for the begining (it also sounded a little like monochrome at the start) 9/10 for the rest it was fast and i liked it

    To fest 500/10 very fest and cool

    This is just my opinion on them please dont hate.