TAP Portugal (TAP Express) Full Flight Trip Report: Lisbon to Manchester (Embraer E195) - with map

  • Published on Feb 16, 2018
  • A full length, full flight video/trip report with TAP Portugal onboard Embraer 195 CS-TTY, operating flight TP322 from Lisbon to Manchester on January 21 2018.
    **Every moment of the flight included from terminal to terminal**
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    Airline: TAP Portugal
    Flight: TP322
    Aircraft: Embraer 195 CS-TTY
    From: Lisbon (LIS)
    To: Manchester (MAN)
    Departure: 15:16
    Arrival: 17:37
    Flight Time: 2:21
    Seat: 25A
    Flight Path:
    Our flight today begins outside Lisbon International Airport. We enter the terminal and proceed to the TAP check in area to check our bag. We then head through to departures, stopping for lunch at our favourite eatery. Then it's down to the gate where we board a bus to today's aircraft, Embraer E195AR CS-TTY. We board the aircraft and have a minor delay while we wait for the captain to arrive from his previous flight!
    Before long we taxi and takeoff from Lisbon, getting a great view until we hit the clouds. We cruise north over Portugal and Spain, and cross the Bay of Biscay. We pass overhead Brittany, France, as the sun starts to set, and commence our descent as we fly overhead Wales, UK. Manchester is very dark and wintery when we finally pass below the clouds, and we touchdown on runway 23R at Manchester just a few minutes behind schedule. We disembark the aircraft and head through passport control and baggage claim, emerging on a cold night in the Northwest of England.
    0:00:06 Outside the terminal in Lisbon, entering the terminal
    0:03:19 Walking to security
    0:03:57 After security, walking to departures
    0:08:32 Walking to gate
    0:15:18 Boarding the bus to the aircraft
    0:16:45 Bus ride to our aircraft
    0:20:04 Boarding the aircraft, taking our seat
    0:26:45 First officer's welcome announcement - letting us know about late arrival of captain
    0:34:09 Safety briefing
    0:39:08 Engine start
    0:41:35 Commence taxi
    0:48:36 Line up runway 03
    0:49:15 Takeoff runway 03
    0:54:40 Cabin view
    0:55:07 Seat overview
    0:55:49 Flight map commences
    1:27:36 Cabin view
    1:28:12 Seat overview
    1:34:58 TAP's 'Portugal Stopover'
    1:53:33 Meal service
    2:05:45 Snack service
    2:10:21 Cabin view
    2:35:13 Cabin view
    2:46:05 Commencing approach into Manchester
    2:53:43 Cabin view during descent
    3:01:38 Cabin view
    3:08:50 Final approach to runway 23R at Manchester
    3:10:20 Landing on runway 23R
    3:17:06 Disembarking aircraft, walking through terminal
    3:25:25 Baggage claim
    3:25:46 After baggage claim, walking to kerb
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  • Jonathan J
    Jonathan J 11 months ago

    Those Embraer jets are fast! Flew from Calgary to Toronto on one before. Sorry you had to listen to that coughing for two + hrs!

  • MH 1996
    MH 1996 Year ago

    Lol that poor guy

  • Atlas King
    Atlas King Year ago

    You have to haul ass all the way through the terminal and then still take a shuttle to the plane? Make European Airports Great Again!

  • Pedro Ferraz
    Pedro Ferraz Year ago +1

    I would like to see the following flights
    Lisbon to Madeira
    Lisbon to São Miguel
    Lisbon to Terceira
    Lisbon to New York
    Lisbon to Rome
    The way and the came back, I love your Chanel, please do it :)
    Best Regards

  • Johannes Hüter
    Johannes Hüter Year ago

    Klasse ! Danke für die Mühe, du hast dir einen Daumen nach oben verdient

  • alexsander palheta

    Anda muito pra pegar a bagagem

  • alexsander palheta

    Em qual pais fica essa cidade ?

  • pickledom5 6
    pickledom5 6 Year ago

    Rice crispies

  • zechts
    zechts Year ago

    Man European airports suck. Walk forever through terminal just to get on a bus/go outside to go on the airplane.

  • frankfurtspotters
    frankfurtspotters Year ago +2

    Very helpful report, thumbs up :)

    LE FUTUR PRESI Year ago


  • Cláudio Lopes
    Cláudio Lopes Year ago

    Its very satisfying the fact that you didnt cut anything beucause it gives the feeling that you are really there, especially when i already made the same trip 2 years ago! That nostalgia... Thank you man

  • Jaime Gomes
    Jaime Gomes Year ago

    Sorry but I didn't like your video.....too long....too much time showing the wing and the clouds....you didn't show the free snack TAP serves neither the on board magazine UP nor the safety instructions,.....all the things that make the diference between TAP and low costs

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Sorry you didn't enjoy it, but as per the description the bits you mention are here:
      0:34:09 Safety briefing
      1:34:58 TAP's 'Portugal Stopover'
      1:53:33 Meal service
      2:05:45 Snack service

      My other TAP flight includes the magazine, safety card and other parts. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching :)

  • Marcus Fey
    Marcus Fey Year ago +1

    Awesome trip report! Especially the links in the description is great considering the overall time!

  • Meggan Lanahan
    Meggan Lanahan Year ago

    I use your videos as background when I'm editing or reading. They make me so happy! Thank you!!

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +1

      Thanks Meggan, glad you like the videos :)

  • Meggan Lanahan
    Meggan Lanahan Year ago

    Was the machine taking your picture at 10:15 ?

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Yes, a lot of airports do that. It does iris recognition to ensure that the same person carries the boarding pass the entire way through :)

  • Oz Spotter HD
    Oz Spotter HD Year ago +7

    23:52 😂

  • piwo737
    piwo737 Year ago

    Nice vid👍 interesting channel, greets🛬🛫 I subscribe..

  • Diego Carvalho
    Diego Carvalho Year ago +1

    I have a question what type of mount do you use to record while in the terminal and how don´t people notice that you are filming with a gopro. Is a chest mount, please if you could tell.

    • Jacob Way-White
      Jacob Way-White 6 months ago

      Noel Philips: inflight Video Uh oh!You forgot one. The one where the flight attendant said not to get anybody in the shot on one of your flights if I am right

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +3

      Not usually. But then I am usually pretty discrete. I have had a security officer at Heathrow get very angry with me once but I wasn't filming - she just saw the camera and assumed I was filming, which caused me a lot of problems that day and shook me up (it was on my BA 777 LHR-MAD flight last April). She said they'd be going through the CCTV and monitoring me as I walked through the airport - not sure if she was bluffing but it really shook me up. Other than that, either they don't notice or don't say anything :)

    • Diego Carvalho
      Diego Carvalho Year ago +2

      inflight Video Ah ok thanks I will buy. One question do people notice you are filming and get mad or not (security,flight crew etc...)

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +2

      Hi Diego, I use a Feiyutech WGS Gimbal which I hold in my hand.

  • Antog_101 Gamer
    Antog_101 Gamer Year ago

    Nice vid bro keep it up! Are you gonna be coming to Ireland anytime soon.There a blizzard going on over here❄️🌨

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Thanks :) Erm not sure at the moment, I may be there again later this year. Weather is atrocious here too - we have 2ft snow drifts and are snowed in :(

  • Olga
    Olga Year ago +1

    Yes! I use these videos as a background when I'm doing homework! Keep up the great videos!

  • Thomas Gillis
    Thomas Gillis Year ago

    Awesome report!! Massive like and sub;)

  • Alexander
    Alexander Year ago

    Amazing video! The plane looks heavy as takeoff roll was long and climb rate was lower than usual.

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Thank you :) Yep we were a very full flight.

  • Dark Savage
    Dark Savage Year ago

    What happened to the bell? That's probably why I didn't watch the last couples of vids. I will watch them now.

    • Dark Savage
      Dark Savage Year ago

      I know man. I feel you bro

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Ahh that's annoying! They've made a lot of changes to RU-clip lately, and a lot don't work properly (my comment reply section is broken and video management is missing a lot of features :(

  • thenovylen
    thenovylen Year ago

    The INFLIGHT VIDEO VIP LOUNGE it's very outdate, usually i can find here more content

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm just about to release a few more to VIP that will drip feed across to RU-clip, and this year I'm going to be releasing more trip reports on the RU-clip channel and more full flights for the VIP subscribers. Thanks for watching!

  • Jake Hughes
    Jake Hughes Year ago

    Epic video!!! Next time, can you put the map and altitude on the screen during takeoff and keep it on the whole flight? That would make it even better.

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +1

      Thanks Jake! I would do normally but sadly the Flightradar coverage for this flight only began after takeoff. I'll be putting ground tracking where it's available though :)

  • Theknight adham
    Theknight adham Year ago

    You ar the best RU-clipr in the world

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Thanks so much Zane, glad you like the videos!

  • Sasha Rogers
    Sasha Rogers Year ago

    hey Noel, Awesome flight! What is the next upcoming videos?

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Thanks Sasha! Next is Antonov An-24 Kiev to Lviv, then we're lining up for the inaugural Qantas non stop flight from London to Perth, Australia!

  • Ricouk74
    Ricouk74 Year ago

    So nice to chill out relax to this, loving the videos good job inflight.

  • Abhay Rana
    Abhay Rana Year ago

    the inflight crew don't get suspicious of you filming? Oh, it's because you're white, that's how you can get away with it

    • Paulo Morais
      Paulo Morais 4 months ago

      Just to inform, that ,filming inside an aircraft is ilegal, if the crew didn’t told anything , with was because they didn’t notice. If they did, you had to stop filming .

    • t s
      t s Year ago

      whats the colour of his skin got to do with anything , lots of different races film like this and get varying degrees of attention from airport staff.

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Haha yep I think that must be the case! I have admittedly had issues before with abusive staff (usually at airports) and as much as they were horrible experiences they gave me an insight into how it must feel to travel being a person of color, especially the time where I was told they would be watching me on CCTV as I walked through the airport :( . I have never felt so outcast and so singled out, I can't even imagine what it must be to feel like that every single time :(

  • Trone Hunter
    Trone Hunter Year ago

    Good Work again , Fantastic editing :) But Miss ATC :/ :'(

    • Trone Hunter
      Trone Hunter Year ago

      Thanks learn new things today ;) :D

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +1

      No worries - well Portugal are very strict on scanner usage. I tend not to take it to certain parts of Europe as your can get in a lot of trouble for having it. I only use it when I’m travelling to places like Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany etc.

    • Trone Hunter
      Trone Hunter Year ago

      Ohh understand. But airband? Thank you so much answer !

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +1

      Thank you :) . Yep sadly no ATC on flights from Lisbon as they don't have LiveATC coverage for ground/tower :(

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed Year ago +3

    That annoying lady's petty laugh...felt 2 hours of teeth grinding cringe if you ask me.

    • FlyGuy Lonnie
      FlyGuy Lonnie Year ago +1

      Ali Ahmed hey man I agree with you she was coughing like she was infected with something then that laugh she had was just irritating and I don’t think what the guy was saying was even that funny. Just a silly broad. Otherwise the video was very 👍🏼.

  • Cyrus Bahador
    Cyrus Bahador Year ago

    Nice video as always thank you

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett Year ago

    Inflight hello I know you will schedule for flight from Manchester uk your seat 51L or 48A window to wing.
    Your record s ALL 14 Hours Boeing 747-200.to Atlanta GA change to seat 25F or 23F window to wing Boeing 727-200 2 hours from Atlanta to New Orleans Louisiana. I will next on April 1, 2018 for 6 days stay your hotel. Can you try want to go to ticketmaster, to WrestleMania WWE Raw and Smackdown to your family's FUN with GoPro Hero video to WrestleMania in New Orleans Louisiana thank you Done.

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett Year ago

    Inflight hi I know you will better was good enjoy to WrestleMania with Raw and Smackdown WWE on March 1-6, and 6 days stay in New Orleans Louisiana. Can you try want to flight from Manchester uk to Atlanta ga 747-400 your seat 48A or 51 L window to wings for change to Boeing 727-200 from Atlanta Ga to New Orleans Louisiana. Your Video GoPro Hero ALL Records ok. And new hours 15 Hours and 2 hours with 727 -200 your seat 25F or 23F window to wing.

  • Bret Hammett
    Bret Hammett Year ago

    When will go to flight fly in Mexico?

  • Britt Unculus
    Britt Unculus Year ago

    I would enjoy having the map in the plane even on the ground.

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Thanks Britt, this flight was only tracked by MLAT so coverage is only available above around 2,000ft.

  • Britt Unculus
    Britt Unculus Year ago

    Fly iV Airlines and get the map! Makes a huge difference; thanks.

  • CAlborghete
    CAlborghete Year ago

    Hello, first I want to say that your videos are amazing, I have a question about Gopro, when you record the video, the camera generates a single file of 10 hours of recording? or does it separate files by size or time?
    Example: Two files of 5 Hours and so on?
    Thank you buddy
    Portuguese version
    Olá, primeiro quero dizer que seus vídeos são incriveis, eu tenho uma pergunta sobre a Gopro, quando você grava os vídeo, à câmera gera um arquivo único de 10 horas de gravação ? ou ela separa os arquivos por tamanha ou tempo?
    Exemplo: Dois arquivos de 5 Horas e por ai vai ?
    Obrigado amigo =)

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      You're welcome!

    • CAlborghete
      CAlborghete Year ago

      Thanks for the information, buddy =)

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Hey there, thanks for your comment! The GoPro splits the videos into files 17 minutes long. So a 2-3 hour video has 10-11 files, a 12 hour will habe around 40 files.

  • Sergey Ryltsov
    Sergey Ryltsov Year ago

    Good! Thanks!

  • cpt berto
    cpt berto Year ago

    Pretty cool video. I'm going to look up from california USA to the UK how long is the flight from here in LA california

    • cpt berto
      cpt berto Year ago

      I guess 10 hours isn't so bad the longest I've ever traveled was from LAX to Baltimore Maryland and Dulles Washington DC those flights are only 5 hours and 30 minutes :)

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Thanks :) It's about 10 hours from LA to London Heathrow :)

  • Ronak Joshi
    Ronak Joshi Year ago

    "Is it the runway"? - "I hope so". (:

  • KingRiz
    KingRiz Year ago

    Excellent video!

    LORRRD KEESH Year ago

    Hey inflight video next week I'm going to start to learn how to fly a plane(small) I am going from passenger to future pilot

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Hey, that's awesome - congrats! I used to have my PPL (many years ago), flying C172/PA28 :)

  • Francisco Casegas

    Great video as always! How was your experience in my hometown airport (Lisbon Airport)? Did you enjoy it?

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Hey Francisco! Thanks for watching! Lisbon is awesome, beautiful city, great airport to fly through!

  • MrGriser
    MrGriser Year ago

    16:41 I'm sure there were seats at the back of that bus you didn't even film the whole journey to the aircraft and also why are you only uploading every 2 weeks instead of once a week?

  • PotentialApix
    PotentialApix Year ago +9

    That guy that hit his head on the overhead bin was so funny Lol.

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Haha it was pretty funny :) That guy is a colleague and fortunately a really good sport :)

  • DeLiverpool
    DeLiverpool Year ago

    Sit back, 'n enjoy the ride...

  • Yerp
    Yerp Year ago

    Me when I saw you uploaded
    Me: YEAH YESSSSSSS!!!!! Wooooooohooooooo

    • Yerp
      Yerp Year ago +1

      inflight Video yep

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Hope you enjoyed the flight!

  • Miles Merkle
    Miles Merkle Year ago

    Nice video!!!

  • Abradox Noir
    Abradox Noir Year ago

    Your new wife?)

  • Andrey Tv
    Andrey Tv Year ago +4

    Fantastic views ! Thanks for video

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +1

      Thanks Andrey, hope you enjoyed the video :)

  • Admin LawRance
    Admin LawRance Year ago +2

    ah ah ah that's right hand,
    continues to put Portuguese videos.

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Obrigado! Yep just this one for now - hopefully I will be back very soon :)

  • Alex Aviation
    Alex Aviation Year ago +8

    3 hrs 28mins pretty good I like the content of your and your amazing at flight reports so well done :)

    • Alex Aviation
      Alex Aviation Year ago

      inflight Video your welcome

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Thanks so much Alex! Really appreciate awesome comments like this :)

  • CptEpidemic
    CptEpidemic Year ago +1

    What's the next video?
    And have fun on your Wizz Air, Motor Switch, especially the LOT flights! I will be tracking you LIVE and following your Facebook + Twitter page.

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +1

      Next video will be (hopefully) the Antonov flight in Ukraine, in two weeks time. Then the LOT, that's if I'm able to film them depending on security!

  • CptEpidemic
    CptEpidemic Year ago +1

    Hi inflight Video! Amazing video!
    1. Have you ever been in a cockpit before?
    2. What was your longest trip you had?
    3. Can you fly to New York-LGA? By the way, I saw the new British Airways flights coming soon. 🗽
    4. Did you hear about the Saratov Airlines crash at Moscow? I believe that the flight had a lot of ice on its wings and caused it to go down. Flightradar24 said on Twitter that it was going down 22,000 feet per minute. What do you think?

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +1

      I have not. I've been to Moscow, a long time ago. I've also travelled to Minsk, Belarus, and through Ukraine and Georgia. It's a beautil part of the world!

    • Andrey Tv
      Andrey Tv Year ago

      inflight Video Have you been in Saint Petersburg,Russia? Very beautiful town)

    • Andrey Tv
      Andrey Tv Year ago +1

      inflight Video the antonov is good plane , in Saratov airline was the mistake of pilot and airports people. So don't worry , all will be good)

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago +1

      Hey! No problem:
      1, Yes, I used to fly light aircraft but commercially I've been on the flight deck in flight of B767-300 (x3), B767-200, B737-200, Citation CJ4 and on the ground on DC10, E145, A320.
      2. Longest so far was to New Zealand. Longest single sector so far 13 hours - Manchester to Singapore - but next month I am taking the world's two longest flights back to back - 16 hours and 17 hours.
      3. I'd have loved to have gone through LGA this year. Sadly it didn't work out and I'm doing JFK and EWR. Hopefully soon though!
      4. Yes, incredibly sad accident. I will be flying on an Antonov this weekend. Hope all will be well :)

  • Ediz Şahinkaya
    Ediz Şahinkaya Year ago