What happens if you put BRAKE FLUID in your gas tank? (You'll be surprised!)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • Time for another experiment.. We put two bottles of brake fluid in the gas tank of my beater.. the results are pretty shocking..
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Comments • 6 846

  • AutoVlog
    AutoVlog  3 months ago +15

    What Happens If You Put CHOCOLATE MILK In The ENGINE Of A Car Instead Of OIL?

    • elizabeth taylor
      elizabeth taylor 22 days ago

      Joseph Shively If your in the UK or Europe and have an add blue diesel then that what add blue basically is, pig urine , so if you ran out of add blue miles room anywhere you would Ok to piss in the add blue tank, I’m not calling you a pig by the way .

    • Mike Louis
      Mike Louis Month ago

      If you're on the western side of Pa, try adding some Iron City beer to the gas. That crap's gotta be good for something. Right?

    • Mike Louis
      Mike Louis Month ago

      Try putting mothballs in.

    • Joseph Shively
      Joseph Shively 2 months ago +1

      What happens if you piss in the tank?

    • Zoilo Pesina
      Zoilo Pesina 2 months ago +1


  • morgan russman
    morgan russman Day ago

    Sees this video suggested to me, clicks on it. Did I ask to see this video? No. Was I Interested in seeing the results? Yes. Did I enjoy the video? Yes, mostly.

  • Mike Usa
    Mike Usa Day ago

    Back in my racing HS years I use to add a quart of Tranny fluid in with an oil change...supposidly acts as a cleaner and I also use to dump water straight into a hot engines carb to remove any carbon build up. Rev the engine up and start dumping to the point it wants to die. As your doing that a thick white cloud comes out the tailpipe and goodbye carbon!!!

  • Jeromy Sandusky
    Jeromy Sandusky 2 days ago

    Check the mpg with the brake fluid. Does it get any better

  • True Traveler
    True Traveler 2 days ago

    Impressive. You are "experiment crazy" but incredibly results..
    while I was in Ecuador, my taxi driver pulled into a gas station, put a gallon of gas and a gallon of water and the car kept running normally. I was a little bit scare, but he said he had done this on a daily basis on his rented taxi, that still made me feel nervous, but I the same time surprised that the car kept going. Another taxi had disconnected the gas lines, and instead he had attached a propane tank in the trunk. That was horrified and i made my destination shorter and stepped out of that time bomb. But I enjoyed your experiment. You might want to experiment the 50/50 water/gasoline and see it for yourself. Pleaee don't try the propane tank. Keep it going, but b safe. Thanks.

  • Daniel Corona
    Daniel Corona 2 days ago

    Matt damon??

  • Bernie T
    Bernie T 3 days ago

    It would have been interesting to see and test the exhaust smoke as well as do an engine compression test before and after, the smell may have been the excess carbon and oild build up just burning off. Something you don't try at home, just in case.

  • Gulve Tannehill
    Gulve Tannehill 3 days ago

    Add 2 quarts of bleach.

  • espritsupply
    espritsupply 3 days ago

    loved your experiment. i am wondering if in the newer cars if that would damage the catalytic converter and the o2 sensors. in the old car as the one that your are experimenting, it's probably time to replace those anyway. so, it does not matter.

  • neoplasmax
    neoplasmax 3 days ago

    Brake fluid does expand seals.. I wouldn't add it to jacks and such purely but do know you can put a drop or two to help seal the gaskets a lot better cause they expand.. I don't know if you say that by end cause I'm still in middle of video.. It may help seal some things in your car and make it work better.. but don't take this as advice over a mechanic or anything.. Not saying it will fix leak problems it but some cases it could..

  • John R Borges
    John R Borges 4 days ago

    Careful with that! Just like people get leukemia from breathing gasoline or dangerous fumes, the same may happen with that stuff, maybe worse. Be careful. I'm not a doctor but I've heard of this before.

  • s73y73
    s73y73 4 days ago +3

    can I buy your junk car for $100 Bucks?

  • John Privitera
    John Privitera 4 days ago

    Did it improve the mileage?

  • Darrell Knox
    Darrell Knox 4 days ago +2

    Great on hair, too. Also great for thinning goatee hair and turning it Grey. GitUsome!!

  • Rigoberto Rodriguez
    Rigoberto Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Yes. You are confused

    RANDY SCHNEIDER 5 days ago +2

    Any components of injector cleaner related to brake fluid?

  • Koito rob
    Koito rob 5 days ago

    I have squeeky brakes on my new car. Obviously putting oil on the discs would be stupid. Someone suggested washing up liquid. Could you see if that helps? I'd try it myself but my car is still under warranty and i don't want to do anything that might void it.

  • Greg Bouchard
    Greg Bouchard 5 days ago

    How are u dong mate hove a good day mate are u hove a good mate am a big fan of u hove a good day mate am a big fan of u on here mate hove a good day mate are u ok mate hove a good day mate are u ok mate hove a good day mate are u hove a good day mate are u ok mate hove a good day mate see a good car mate are u ok mate hove a good mate form Greg

  • ED Phone
    ED Phone 5 days ago

    Why don't you use some real brake fluid ( dot 3 ) non synthetic bet you will get a different outcome..

  • J Speck
    J Speck 5 days ago

    Hydrogen peroxide

  • Miss Wrenchinitup
    Miss Wrenchinitup 5 days ago

    Fuel lines are not designed for brake fluid. It would cause the rubber to swell and become weak. If you didnt burn it all.off right away, left some sitting in the hoses for a while you would have early failure of the hoses.

  • Randy Winebrenner
    Randy Winebrenner 5 days ago

    try paint thinner in the gas tank

  • Dario G
    Dario G 5 days ago +1

    What happens when you put urine in the brake reservoir

  • Pete Batfish
    Pete Batfish 6 days ago +2

    Could the fluid be laying on the bottom of the tank not mixing with the gas whle the float takes the gas off the top?

  • EdWilsonPhoto
    EdWilsonPhoto 6 days ago


  • Walid Jeid
    Walid Jeid 6 days ago

    Good video

  • mike waterman
    mike waterman 6 days ago +2

    😎 try aviation fuel in the car lol

    • mike waterman
      mike waterman 6 days ago

      lol wow really did it work fo long time? ..lol how about jet fuel I had a Ford Probe had the motor bored 80 over with racing dual cam .. I had to use racing fuel .. would never run right with any other gas lol

    • Steve Silvas
      Steve Silvas 6 days ago

      Mike water...back in high school 1975...I had a 70 Chevelle Big Block 454 V8 with a 1/4 cam ..solid lifters ..headers..etc. I would go to my aviation mechanic down the road and I would have him put 3/4 tank aviation fuel.(15 gallons) to the rest Premium Leaded Gasoline(10 gallons)...talk about a HEAVY CHEVY hauling ASS down the boulevard

  • daniel palmer
    daniel palmer 6 days ago

    How are your lungs doing afterwards?

  • Walid Jeid
    Walid Jeid 7 days ago

    Grum video

  • pass iton
    pass iton 7 days ago

    So, now we know.lol

  • Wolvesgaze
    Wolvesgaze 8 days ago

    Is this an idiot how to? "Ok idiots, follow along" What happens if accidentally put brake fluid in your gas tank? Answer if you're so stupid you accidentally put brake fluid in your car? Get a tutor and learn to read a label. Then the Car Manual, "BRAKE FLUID ONLY" (btw brake fluid is a petroleum-based product so of course, it mixes).

  • T Faber
    T Faber 8 days ago +5

    You can also add Gasoline in your brake fluid to stop faster. The higher the octane, the more horsepower it gives your brakes, and the faster you can stop.

  • Noe D. Martinez
    Noe D. Martinez 8 days ago

    We have put transmission fluid in the gas tank to clean carb.

  • Metro Customer
    Metro Customer 8 days ago +2

    What about power steering fluid in the brake reservoir

  • Rooinek
    Rooinek 9 days ago +1

    Brake fluid is a great paint stripper that will ruin your car's finish.

  • Paul ofTarsus
    Paul ofTarsus 9 days ago

    Dont do this.

  • Dirt Nerds
    Dirt Nerds 9 days ago +1

    put vegtable or olive maybe peanut oil in place of engine oil

  • Jan Bosch
    Jan Bosch 10 days ago


  • Silence is not Golden
    Silence is not Golden 10 days ago +1

    what happens if you drinking Braking Fluid 🥃

  • Vera Cooney
    Vera Cooney 10 days ago

    I'm no chemist, but I think there is alcohol in it to prevent water. I would like to see you put gas into your car's brake system. Let your relatives tell me know how you did please.

  • J Oyler
    J Oyler 10 days ago

    Try ever clear in the gas tank

  • ORian Poole
    ORian Poole 11 days ago

    I thought that's where you always put the brake fluid. That's where I was taught it goes. BTW that car is a trooper. great video.

  • janis vogel
    janis vogel 12 days ago

    you are a fucking idiot

  • Jeff Okriya
    Jeff Okriya 12 days ago +1

    leaving the fluid spill on the car paint was just disgusting . . I know you don´t love the car but still . . it´s a no-no

  • leonardo ruiz
    leonardo ruiz 12 days ago

    Next time put beer

  • Rohan Boswell
    Rohan Boswell 12 days ago

    And the reason is because I normally put brake fluid in a spray bottle and spray it through the intake while the engine is running at 1500 rpm to 2500 rpm. The reason is to decarbonize the cylinder valve seats. Then i would spray the same amount of water to wash it away. Guess im used to the smell.

  • Rohan Boswell
    Rohan Boswell 12 days ago

    Dude i can smell it

    PHILIP FRANKART 13 days ago +1

    try the reverse put gas in your brakes .

  • Yama Satru
    Yama Satru 13 days ago +6

    With 200K miles on it, litres of brake fluid in the tank and "not missing a beat", I fail to see how you can call that a "piece of junk" and not an example of superb Japanese engineering.

  • cody kamminga
    cody kamminga 13 days ago

    No, 2 liters of brake fluid in 10-15 liters of gas Will not do damage

    • cody kamminga
      cody kamminga 10 days ago

      M Yes i wouldn’t do it with very old brake fluid, because it may have water in it

    • M Yes
      M Yes 11 days ago

      I always wonder what to do w very old brake fluid

  • Verderris Cursey
    Verderris Cursey 13 days ago

    You should save that car for your daughter

  • Gary Kentner
    Gary Kentner 14 days ago

    I can't figure out if you dumb or just stupid... Just sayin

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas 14 days ago +5

    Next video...What happens when you WASH your vehicle with brake fluid?.. ..
    THE PAINT COMES OFF!!...Great Paint Stripper!..

  • Mary Severe
    Mary Severe 14 days ago +1

    Blew a head gasket and was told to run trans fluid in the motor to clean out the oil/water mix

  • Mr Haroon Ayub
    Mr Haroon Ayub 15 days ago +1

    After watching this I decided to put brake fluid in my Toyota landcruiser 3 weeks later fuel filter light came on and I drained the excess crap out and the light went out but the car has been running much better than before more power so I suppose the brake fluid has cleaned the crap out of the fuel system

  • Joe Scheller
    Joe Scheller 16 days ago +1

    so what is the point....why for what reason.....what did you expect to accomplish besides seeing if the car will run on it

    • LnL` Classic
      LnL` Classic 12 days ago

      pry about the 16 grand he made off the 6 million views haha

  • 55viralata
    55viralata 16 days ago

    You are sloppy....

  • Jeyapaul Samathanam
    Jeyapaul Samathanam 17 days ago

    Great experiment. Loved it.

  • chadkincham
    chadkincham 18 days ago

    Injectors aren't a maintenance replacement item, BTW.

  • chadkincham
    chadkincham 18 days ago

    Don't test to see what happens if you fill up a diesel car with gasoline, you wouldn't like the results.

  • Alan S
    Alan S 21 day ago +3

    Try nitro glycerin in the gas tank. Should be a great performance enhancer.

    • David Green
      David Green 14 days ago +1

      Try moth balls in gasoline turns gas into high octane fuel. Old race car drivers trick, moth balls is nitro methane.

  • Christopher Dempsey
    Christopher Dempsey 21 day ago

    Pee in the gas tank

  • Sam Labo
    Sam Labo 21 day ago

    Put some mothballs in your next junk

  • Ark Vadik
    Ark Vadik 21 day ago

    We American got too many money to make stupid seperinments and try to ruin a pirfuctly good car that a pool family can use, too many moneys

  • The lion
    The lion 22 days ago

    U might need to put sum gas in it

  • Just passing through
    Just passing through 22 days ago +1

    This is what happens when a stupid person puts his stupid mind to do stupid things that make stupid people to be even more stupid....and then they go out on election day and vote stupid democrats into office!

  • Stephen Gedye
    Stephen Gedye 22 days ago

    Put some antifreeze in with the oil and see what happens.

  • ADRENALINE Feel The Beat
    ADRENALINE Feel The Beat 23 days ago +1

    Try putting some syrup instead of engine oil.....it will probably cook the syrup and the syrup will be gone

  • ADRENALINE Feel The Beat

    Is going to run till the gas is out and the break fluid starts kicking in

  • Simple blogger mow
    Simple blogger mow 23 days ago

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