• Published on Nov 12, 2016
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    Enjoy our top list of World's Greatest Magic Tricks Revealed. Please subscribe for more amazing videos coming soon.
    Our Magical list include these things:
    1. Seated levitation
    Some magicians managed to create a sensation with their levitation tricks. They often show levitation a few feet above the ground. Well, there's a metal frame across the shoulders and down the arm of the jacket to help hold him up.
    2. Walking on Water
    Do they really walk on water or do they trick us into thinking that they are walking on water? The answer is that the magicians just create an illusion. Like many well-known tricks, the secret is simple...to have the right equipment. In order to perform this trick, magicians are using plexiglass pillars. Plexiglass has a refraction index very similar to that of water.
    3. Bullet Catch
    The bullet catch is a conjuring illusion in which a magician appears to catch a bullet fired directly at them...often in their mouth or sometimes in their hand. The simplest form of the bullet catch is when the gun fires blanks. The target through which the 'bullet' passes is set to destruct using a squib. All the performer must do is keep the bullet in his mouth until ready to produce it.
    4. Sawed or Cut in half
    The 'woman sawed in half illusion is an old classic. There are, however, two variations on this trick. One using fake legs and the other using two women.
    5. Floating Woman
    The trick begins with an assistant laying on a table in front of the magician. Then the crowd is amazed when the magician suddenly removes the table and she is still levitating. The woman involved in the trick usually wears a long flowing dress that covers up the real magic in this trick...a mechanical levitation device hooked onto the magician.
    6. Michael Jackson dance move
    Remember that unreal lean Michael Jackson did in the music video for “Smooth Criminal? In this trick there is a special catch in the heel of the shoe, which attaches to a lift. This allows the performer to lean over their center of gravity and then effortlessly stand back up straight.
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    JOHNICA FISHER 5 months ago

    Well the thumbnail told me everything bye!

  • Mimi Isreal
    Mimi Isreal 6 months ago

    Well #2 really how would yall know ever did it forreal

  • Queen Of Ship Names

    I searched "Smooth Criminal lean" for an animation I'm making. This came up. I don't know why I clicked on it especially since I already know how it works...

  • Alvier _Vk
    Alvier _Vk Year ago

    It's not true he didn't use that

  • Random Abrar
    Random Abrar Year ago +1

    MJ's dance move isn't a magic trick

  • nt _ 185
    nt _ 185 Year ago +1

    Bruh u exposed the king of pop lean shows some respect that's talent right there don't even talk shit bout him

  • Mateo TV
    Mateo TV Year ago

    The lean is not a magic trick.

    • Twin vloggers
      Twin vloggers Year ago

      Yea I know right he is good but I dont know why “he wasnt that good" he is good what does that guy mean

    • nt _ 185
      nt _ 185 Year ago

      Mateo TV so we all know there's something hook up his shoes while in official video it's magic but no that's talent so shows some respect to the king of pop

  • Gustavo Woltmann
    Gustavo Woltmann 2 years ago

    I could walk on water, thanks to rocks just underneath.
    Gustavo Woltmann

  • Jan Trend
    Jan Trend 2 years ago +6

    Let me tell you a magic trick:
    Hold your breath for 5 minutes and die.
    Cool huh.

    • Cyber
      Cyber 2 years ago


    • MadeInCCCP
      MadeInCCCP 2 years ago

      Jan Trend nope it doesn't work

  • Sam Patrick
    Sam Patrick 2 years ago +5

    I can make minute rice in 57 seconds 😂👍

    • Cezza999
      Cezza999 2 years ago

      Sam Patrick Charlie Chaplin

    • Cyber
      Cyber 2 years ago

      Sam Patrick


  • MadeInCCCP
    MadeInCCCP 2 years ago

    The very best illusion is Hillary Clinton! God save America! :-)

    VLIP FB 2 years ago +1


    • Cyber
      Cyber 2 years ago