Another Trump Win: China Bans All Types Of Fentanyl - Cutting Deadly Supply To The US!

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
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    • JJ McWeaver
      JJ McWeaver Month ago

      +Tracy Barnes someone in another thread said 2007 opiate overdose deaths saw some drastic rise. That sounds about right for when they started cracking down on dr.s and the dr.s began looking for reasons to kick off patients leaving them sick, and in pain having to turn to street drugs. Yep I was about 18 or 19.

    • JJ McWeaver
      JJ McWeaver Month ago

      +Tracy Barnes thank you finally someone in the comments that knows their stuff. Read my other comments I just left on this thread if you would plz. I hope he gets them and does some research. Thx.

    • JJ McWeaver
      JJ McWeaver Month ago

      +Terry Owens the problem is heroin cut w/ fen. Hardly no one does fen. On it's own it has no legs and its waaaaay to easy to overdose. Every .1 gram of heroin is equal to something like 50 micrograms of many junkies do you know that have a scale that sensitive. The only way I ever got fentanyl on it's own was as a patch and the gel inside could be smoked if you were super careful. The rush when cut into heroin is way more intense and that's the fentanyl they're talking about the stuff sold by Chinese manufacturers to the Mexicans to cut into our heroin not fentanyl the dr gives a dying cancer patient as a patch or a woman Giving birth that shit ain't going anywhere.

    • JJ McWeaver
      JJ McWeaver Month ago

      Hey just thought I'd lyk. The feds did a huge crackdown on Dr.s overprescribing opioid meds this was quite a few years ago. many lost their licenses some went to prison so dr.s have changed the criteria for pain treatment and duration they also kicked a ton of people off their pain meds causing mass amounts of addicted pain patients to seek street drugs....a.k.a. heroin cut w/fentanyl, or to seek out maintenance programs like methadone which is an opioid so it's really 6 to one, half dozen to the other. Yeah I watched it all go down as an addict myself I was seeing many people you'd never expect to be smoking heroin getting high because their dr.'s just cut em off cold Turkey and that is absolutely cruel. The large OPIATE epidemic we face today is not a bunch of pain patients loaded on oxy...its those people now doing heroin, high schoolers getting into heroin like never before which is historically rare, adding all the good old fashion heroin junkies like myself a couple years ago. I think people in msm talk about prescription meds being this huge problem is to obfuscate the real issue which is our border policies, the only pain med issue is a bunch of Dr.'s that didnt wanna take responsibility for getting their patients addicted for fear of losing their license for overprescribing. Thx man love your news. And tha jams!

    • mikoyan2006
      mikoyan2006 Month ago

      Abortions killed more black people than anything else

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong Month ago

    Watch what you import into USA..... dangerous items.... killing with toxic products. It's war.

    MAURIICE KIING Month ago


  • Taylor Mackinnon
    Taylor Mackinnon Month ago

    Lol China apparently banning fentanyl does nothing. The stuff coming into the US and Canada isn't pharmaceutical fentanyl... hundreds if nnot more independent chemical companies produce it to basically anyone with the cash. It's a synthetic opioid China could ban it if it came from a regulated pharmacy

  • V O
    V O Month ago

    Fentynal is actually a very good drug in medicine. Some idiots abuse it, sorry for everyone that lost someone they love. At the end of the day nobody put the needle in their hand. Fentanyl is 100 time more potent than morphine however doesn’t cause hypotension as bad, and has a short half life.

  • Teena Pittman
    Teena Pittman Month ago

    If China handles this like they handled bath salts, they will change the formula and market it under another name. Or the same name. They usually just change the banned ingredients that are in a drug and replace it with something similar and keep selling it.

  • my3stooges
    my3stooges Month ago

    Hillary or any of the Democrats would have NEVER cared to do something about this dangerous drug. President Trump shows he CARES about this country and its people.

  • Chaille Smith
    Chaille Smith Month ago

    Morphine, oxycodone, and like it and are all given in mg. Fentanyl is given in mcg. It is 1000× strong than other opioid.

  • Roguewarrior T
    Roguewarrior T Month ago

    You should do a collab song with Adam Calhoun and demun jones. It could be legendary with you guys together.

  • Atomarane
    Atomarane Month ago

    I believe in writing your own history too. Too often too many are slandered with other's point of view. Keep up the good work. Your kind heart shows through when you share facts that may hurt another's feelings. That's what's important.

  • Edwin Holcombe
    Edwin Holcombe Month ago

    It is believed fentanyl killed Michael Jackson. Philippine President Duterte also admits to using fentanyl intially for pain but also for making him feel he's on cloud 9, but yet his war on drugs is to kill thousands suspected of drug involvement in the streets without court trial.

  • fleetwoodray
    fleetwoodray Month ago

    We as individuals are to blame. Also, over the past 30 yrs, we have become an immoral society. And what breeds in a immoral society, immoral behavior. Immoral behavior breeds addictions to all kinds of things from alcohol, tobacco, sex, drugs, sniffing glue, gasoline, paint, lighter fluid, nitros oxide, etc. Even addictions to risks like skydiving, racing, sports, etc. We are living the Marxist dream of the destruction of the Western World. We will lose our individual freedoms to government enslavement called Marxism. It's here.

  • James DeGray
    James DeGray Month ago

    Thank you China that is actually helpful, thank you.

  • Jon Z
    Jon Z Month ago

    Winning feels good

  • bright days are here

    These are just words..until the people quit dying its just words written on paper to decieve people like you to keep belief in government..left n right the pendulum swings..cocaine is outlawed here right? How hard is that to get?

  • Q P
    Q P Month ago

    Awhile back Scott Adams proposed US military assassinations of tainted fentanyl manufacturers. Roughly 30,000 US citizens die per year from tainted fentanyl so his suggestion of justified assassinations is solid.

  • Alaskan PowerLine Adventures Anchorage Alaska

    Well said brother. Common sense is not that common..apparently. These drug cartels and big pharma are killing our kids. If 70000 people died from terrorism in America every year like they do from drug overdoses... we would be setting the world on fire over it. But somehow the terrorism that is drugs is becoming like the abortion debate..personal choice is outweighed by the fact that human children are dieing.

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Fentanyl is illegally shipped here made by cartel, this is stupid.

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis Month ago

    Cool! Now let’s stop the invasion like his voters were promised nearly 3 years ago

  • Bill Perez
    Bill Perez Month ago

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  • Michael LeBert
    Michael LeBert Month ago +1

    I won't believe China until action is taken

  • Mario Andreano
    Mario Andreano Month ago +1

    Fentanyl is being used on the black market by the CIA. All of a sudden most of the heroin is cut with Fentanyl. This is counterproductive to Dealers They will have mostly 1 time customers because chances are they will die. That makes no sense. Some high level people in government are responsible for this. Think of how much Heroin is produced now that Afghanistan is putting out 80% of the worlds dope. What they don't mention is the production is in the 1000s of tons per year . So why would the dealers cut their Heroin with something that will kill you. They wont have any customers left. This is a part of the thinning of the heard by TPTB . Easy to understand if you look at all the information on this.

  • Zigedi Zach
    Zigedi Zach Month ago +1

    All this means is that chinese fentanyl will now be be sent to mexico and sent up to the U.S from there.

  • Equalized
    Equalized Month ago

    HAHAHAHAH!!! You gotta be living in a fantasy world.. Trump is an idiot/ shill of the highest order.
    We still have Obamacare, Still expanding government/deficit spending and the over all size of government. Huge Arms deals with the Saudi's. Annexing Syrian land for Israel.
    man,, your just a tool if you think Trump is great. Its seriously like Obama never left office.. LOL!!!

  • Julia Metcalf
    Julia Metcalf Month ago

    Trump sat in church with the preacher who wrote The Power of Positive Thinking....he knows being honest will get you further...hoping to see the corrupt 70 somethings go down in flames.....

  • Crude content for Crude times

    Other black people.

  • kelib 22
    kelib 22 Month ago +1

    i got spiked with this shit an almost died. good news!

  • Lil Lizie
    Lil Lizie Month ago

    Is no one going to talk about the 5g that israel made? It's being put in so many cities right now in America. Israel isnt even going to use 5g in their country except for military purpose. Please god, people need to talk about this. They're trying to wipe us out.

  • Anon Mess Age Sage
    Anon Mess Age Sage Month ago

    FUCK YOU An0maly.
    I Am The Future.
    If You Motherfuckers Want A REAL Future Leader Of Your Figure World, It'd Be Wise To Follow Me.
    All Opposition Will Be Mercilessly Crushed.

  • Long live the King
    Long live the King Month ago +2

    Like you don't think our government isn't making it's own fentanyl?

  • ReenyNY
    ReenyNY Month ago +1

    Query what are "we" doing to our children that renders.them so reliant on self-medicating with opioids to escape themselves as adults? Anything changing with each generation?

    • T. C?
      T. C? Month ago

      Tucker Carlson had a good segment about this. I think 85% of adults now take medications for depression & 70% of teens are on medication for depression. It's really easy to go to a shrink & get some type of drug for a mental health. Adderal (sp) is being used by teens & young children especially boys giving meds like Riddilin (sp). The doctors that really need to be looked at are psychologists. A study was done, it's been awhile so I can't remember who did it. They went to 100 shrinks (I think it was done in Ca) , they told them their child couldn't focus at school. 60 didn't even talked with the child, just handed out a prescription. 40 interviewed the children, unfortunately out of the 40, 30 still gave a prescription, only 10 said that the child was normal & didn't need medications. With the recent college scam, we also heard how easy it is to get notes & medications for mental illness. Unfortunately these Drs. seem to just push drugs instead of actually helping people. Look how many people today that are being diagnosed with mental health illnesses. It's sad bc people do have mental health illnesses, however it also seems to be an easy way to avoid responsibility for their actions. We have become a society that wants quick fixes & no personal responsibility. Best wishes

  • Southern Slushie Chan

    It doesn't take away any of my likes on newer videos but I have to like and like and like and like Gawd Damn I like Trump over and over so it ain't a technical glitch it's passive aggressive Jews

    • Brooke
      Brooke Month ago

      Yet it happens to me when I hit like on Jewish videos. Scheisty christians must be messing with those videos then?

  • LaVina Cordelia
    LaVina Cordelia Month ago +1

    Great news! Now we MUST seal the border!

  • Shinobi HOG
    Shinobi HOG Month ago

    I don't have proof but I think China's spy agency is secretly supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan in exchange for their poppies harvest. This produces drugs for legitimate big pharma companies but they also work with Mexican cartels to funnel black market drugs across the boarder, thus the hysteria around boarder control....

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith Month ago +1

    They're going to ship it still.

  • Dave Kitching
    Dave Kitching Month ago

    This had nothing to do with that fool Trump

    • Brooke
      Brooke Month ago +1

      Explain. Trump spoke to them about this 2 or 3 weeks ago and announced China was looking into stopping the export. We had this problem for a decade and Obama never even spoke to China about it.

  • Corbel Reddonbocker
    Corbel Reddonbocker Month ago +2

    This makes me happy to see. My sister Nicole died of a lethal fentanyl dose last year. Im a very average unimportant guy from a humble flyover state, if it can happen to my family it can happen to anyone.

    • T. C?
      T. C? Month ago

      My condolences. People don't realize this is all over, it's not just the cities or certain states, it's all over. Best wishes

    • Brooke
      Brooke Month ago

      I'm sorry for your loss. Take comfort. When our Creator doles out justice it will be better than anything we could ever come up with. 💙

  • Charles Riston
    Charles Riston Month ago +2

    MSM is saying "Trump may not want to be re-elected"
    I've never seen a $hit show like they do for this man. And, all he's doing is helping America!!!!!!!

    • JJ McWeaver
      JJ McWeaver Month ago

      Sorry man, tucker had some great points, did you hear why he said that, he hasn't been a perfect president. It's not to see tucker isnt concerned with ducking his dick like hannity. You gotta call "balls and strikes"

  • americancraftsman 411

    What a win! He is winning so much! Im getting tired of the leftist libtard antisemitism. Hope in 2020 we can destroy the antisemitism. Genesis 12:13

  • Critical Weiner
    Critical Weiner Month ago

    Stick to black tar.

    • JJ McWeaver
      JJ McWeaver Month ago

      But a lot of it is cut w/ fen. Now. Shit is to strong for opiate naive greenhorns.

  • KingDavidMark 80
    KingDavidMark 80 Month ago

    Very well said.

  • Richard Benitez
    Richard Benitez Month ago +2

    Will you be showing us fans your award from RU-clip on gaining 100,000 subscribers?

  • Boromonkey
    Boromonkey Month ago +1

    Not to nit-pick...But it is NYL not NOL. Seems like everyone miss-pronounces it.

  • christo pappageorge

    No more rap please.

  • Lupa 444
    Lupa 444 Month ago +2

    This shit is what killed my little brother. Thank God for Trump.

  • Charlie Rober
    Charlie Rober Month ago

    Remember when Trump signed off on gun control and more funding for planned parenthood?? Winning sooo hard

  • Enter 1
    Enter 1 Month ago +2

    This is another huge win for America... Trump yeah
    Would any of this happen if Hillary won?

  • Drake Bigley
    Drake Bigley Month ago

    Trump gets shit done...except when it comes to the border

  • staywoke
    staywoke Month ago +1

    Biggest killer of black people is Planned Parenthood

  • Sam Worseldine
    Sam Worseldine Month ago

    Hey man, great video. I heard you on Fade To Black recently and that's how I discovered you. Keep up the good work!

  • Tonya Castle
    Tonya Castle Month ago +11

    I'm so thankful! I lost my daughter from Fentynal.

    • T. C?
      T. C? Month ago +1

      My condolences. Best wishes & prayers to you.

    • Kristine Chapdelaine
      Kristine Chapdelaine Month ago +2

      Sorry for yr loss

    • p jay
      p jay Month ago +3

      Sorry to hear that. I wish you well

    • Tina Bailey
      Tina Bailey Month ago +4

      So sorry for your loss 😢🙏💔

  • Clementine Libre
    Clementine Libre Month ago +1

    Wow, super insightful about why Trump brags!! Nice! That makes a lot of sense!! :)

  • The Michael Anderson Show

    Guns are cool

  • jacksprrow
    jacksprrow Month ago

    china is not going to stop fentanyl production gimme a break. the chicoms are evil evil people.. they lie, cheat and steal. They are lieing.

  • Marimilitarybrat
    Marimilitarybrat Month ago +7

    Fentanyl is really good for pain control with people who have terminal cancer, Particularly bone cancer. The problem is keeping the family members from stealing grannie's narcotics.

  • Nictorious NZ
    Nictorious NZ Month ago +2

    Such an amazing president! Hope you get to meet him one day!

  • Chris Giller
    Chris Giller Month ago +1

    Trump loves America. Unlike are last 4 presidents before hem. He will do what is right for Americans.

  • Jacob Somers
    Jacob Somers Month ago +1

    Dude, a quarterback has nothing to do with Fentanyl.
    Also, Trump has always been humble and never cocky? Are you on Fentanyl?

    • Jacob Somers
      Jacob Somers Month ago

      +Flint McFreely no argument against that, but it's laughable to say that Trump was always this humble guy until he was maligned by the left. Either Anomaly is misinformed or he is gaslighting us. Trump has a long history of being a cocky braggart and less than humble.

    • Flint McFreely
      Flint McFreely Month ago +1

      Trump has every right to be cocky.

  • Kim Byington
    Kim Byington Month ago +4

    Big pharma is America's biggest problem

    • Kim Byington
      Kim Byington Month ago +1

      +T. C? thank you same to you 😎

    • T. C?
      T. C? Month ago +1

      +Kim Byington unfortunately that's very true. Best wishes

    • Kim Byington
      Kim Byington Month ago +2

      +T. C? we are in need of comprehensive reform in every aspect of humanity.

    • T. C?
      T. C? Month ago +1

      +Kim Byington it would be nice. We don't have that where I am. I don't want to get "high". I wish they would stop lumping in addicts with people who truly need these medications. Also I am tired of having to pay for all the crap , when addicts get it for free!! I don't mind getting drug tested, but I don't like being charged $250.00 for the test! Here we also have to get that medication if you OD. I can't remember the name. They hand it out for free to addicts. They wanted me to pay $ 300. I did find a place where I didn't have to pay, but other people do, depending on the insurance. It's crazy bc if you don't get it, they won't give you the medication. Best wishes

    • Kim Byington
      Kim Byington Month ago +2

      +T. C? proof we need to end the prohibition of medicine that works (marijuana) you can get pain relief without the high OR with the high that's up to you & should be legal everywhere not just select states!

  • joe budi
    joe budi Month ago +1

    It will just move to Vietnam. Too much money. Chines manufacturing has already moved to Vietnam. Watch.

    PR DEACON Month ago +1

    Next on the chopping block “ big pharm”

  • Caca Bear
    Caca Bear Month ago +1

    Thank God! I just found out, in the middle of the night a close family friend lost their 2nd oldest son to this which come 11 months after they lost their oldest son to the same. This is destroying lives!

  • Matthew Forslund
    Matthew Forslund Month ago +1

    Mexico labs are actually making the fentanyl......
    China has it too, but this "ban" wont do shit but put more money into cartels.... Which is fine, it will rott in buildings cuz they cant spend it......
    Unless they change up now that there is a power shift now that El Chapo is gone........
    Sure...i guess it will technically 'help'...... But will it really?


    You're only disappointed in Colin because you believe he is "REAL"... HE'S NOT! AGAIN, 4th Level bro. Don't slip. Colin never cared about shit, only his bank account. He's a subverter like the people who taught him.

  • paul lynch
    paul lynch Month ago +1

    The chosen people won't be happy!

  • don nado riggins
    don nado riggins Month ago

    Everyone hates on trump becuase he gets shit done 😁👌👏👏 lol

  • Joe Bot
    Joe Bot Month ago +5

    SOmeone else will make it, but this will help for a bit - maybe help a wave of people stay off and get off opiates. Its about Coke and Opiates - build a wall!!!

  • Vince Kemp
    Vince Kemp Month ago

    Fentanyl is a chemical weapon. Terrorists sell this. It should be treated like anthrax in USA. This does mean that dope prices world wide will go up. Maybe legalization is the only way. Raw opium has actual medicinal properties.

  • mikoyan2006
    mikoyan2006 Month ago +13

    Abortions killed more black people than anything else.

    • BIG G
      BIG G Month ago

      Thank god for abortions then keeping our neighborhoods safe from evil baby's being born

    • Jeremiah Huffstickler
      Jeremiah Huffstickler Month ago +1

      Black women used abortion to kill more black people than anything else.

  • PBR bear
    PBR bear Month ago;
    6 or 7 junkies got some Fentanyl. Nappy time.

  • DimWit Productions
    DimWit Productions Month ago +1

    Where are people getting all this Fentanyl from? In my experience, it’s like an act of Congress to get any kind of opioid for pain relief when I’ve had kidney stones or pancreatitis flare ups. How much of this is actually legal?

    • DimWit Productions
      DimWit Productions Month ago

      It seems doctors feel they’re in this police state and their answer is to under treat pain, which may actually add to this problem. The real answer should be to become more involved with their patients and not operate in this one size fits all mode.

    • T. C?
      T. C? Month ago +1

      It's the truth. Getting anything for pain is almost impossible. I have fibromygia. I have had it for 20yrs. I have to sign & agree to all of these rules, plus have drug testing. I don't mind getting drug tested, however having to pay $250.00 for it doesn't seem fair. I have seen people kicked out of pain management for silly things, unfortunately these people need this pain medication. My dad who is 75 fell, hurt his shoulder real bad. My dad normally doesn't ask for pain medication, you can easily look at his medical history & see that. He asked for pain medication, the Dr. told him to take advil or motrin. He told her he was already doing that. She refused, saying that he didn't want to risk addiction? ? Crazy! He had an appt. with a specialist the next day. Turned out he had a bruised bone. That Dr. gave him pain medication & said unfortunately with all the crack downs that Drs aren't giving it, even though it's needed in some cases. It's sad bc some people really need it, but are being lumped in with others. Best wishes

    • JJ McWeaver
      JJ McWeaver Month ago

      That's a lie they spread and people who dont know any better believe dr.s had the government come down on them hard at least 10 years ago now. All illegal heroin w fen. Rather 85%

  • lilbit `
    lilbit ` Month ago +4

    I actually heard Trump say today in a speech that China is sending fentanyl to Mexico so it can be sent to the USA. If this is true China needs to be held accountable..

    • Brooke
      Brooke Month ago

      And he will shut the border dpwn.

    • JJ McWeaver
      JJ McWeaver Month ago

      That's the real issue heroin cut w/fen.
      This shit matters because demonizing dr.s and their patients only exacerbates the illegal drug problem by forcing people off of pain meds they've been taking in an honest way for years and forcing them onto street pharma. Those "Dr.s" dont take the hippocratic oath.

  • Whattt Tf
    Whattt Tf Month ago +7

    Keep keeping it real, An0maly. #roseanne

  • eftichios katsanevakis

    People have been on opes for many years and have never overdosed.. for some people it’s an only way to live

  • eftichios katsanevakis

    People are not overdosing from pharmaceuticals alone!!!! They are not dying from opes alone!!! It’s the FenFen!!! Don’t blame the wrong things!

    • Dukes
      Dukes Month ago

      +eftichios katsanevakis
      Nah man you're good. If anybody's comment was uncalled for it was mine. My bad I was probably in a weird mood.

    • eftichios katsanevakis
      eftichios katsanevakis Month ago

      I’m sorry for coming off condescending man, I apologize: I just reread the comments and its no bueno.

    • Dukes
      Dukes Month ago

      +eftichios katsanevakis
      Yeah i get it. We call them take Roxy Canadians around here

    • eftichios katsanevakis
      eftichios katsanevakis Month ago

      Most isn’t coming from our own pharmacies and hospitals and clinics. Do some research and you’ll find 90% is coming illegally and it’s usually imbedded in oxy 30s and heroin and ecstasy now . It’s in everything now because of how cheap it is

    • eftichios katsanevakis
      eftichios katsanevakis Month ago

      Umm... common sense and logic my friend. Most come illegally through the ports through china and Mexico sooooo... there you go

  • Dirshaun
    Dirshaun Month ago +10

    I love how people comment about how he's not addressing this or that problem. It's as if he didn't have the Democrats obstructing him and trying to impeach him. The socialist trying to alter our way of government and many countries creating huge problems for him already. Well shame on him for not addressing every little grievance you have. I doubt the complainers are doing little if anything to make the world a better place. They sure got time to come and offer unconstructive criticism. I can't say I do much myself but I volunteer my time, donate, and my kids are drug free and don't depend on me at all. I couldn't do what he's doing, so all respect to this man. He makes me proud to say I'm an American.

  • eftichios katsanevakis

    Thank god! Stop cutting shit with fenfen!

  • BeLIEve Me
    BeLIEve Me Month ago

    Why not ban all art/music/movies with gun violence first.

  • shelly shay
    shelly shay Month ago +11

    You're right about the old video's of Trump he's been talking about the same issues that were problematic for our country back then and now have gotten so much worse today. Trump didn't need to run for President, he'd been better off if he hadn't with the mess that last administrations left for him to straighten out not to mention all the grief and resistance he and his family had to endure. It's disgraceful what they've tried to do to him.

  • jspotj
    jspotj Month ago


  • RJ Drakon
    RJ Drakon Month ago +1

    It's how big pharma pay medical professionals way too much to prescribe way too many opiods

  • R. Káva
    R. Káva Month ago +21

    It's a huge problem in Ohio. This is good news!!

    • T. C?
      T. C? Month ago +1

      It's a huge problem every where! I don't know of any place untouched. Tucker Carlson had a good segment about the rise of drug abuse being linked to less social interaction between people. Best wishes

    • Southern Slushie Chan
      Southern Slushie Chan Month ago +2

      Huge problem in the South as well. Pills heroin and meth it's everywhere

  • Germanikolaas Absolute

    This is the biggest scam of it all all they got you worried about Muslims and white supremacists these miniscule things mean while you have statistics proving that tens of thousands of people are dying per year by the consequences of these globalist policies

  • Rob Wigglezz
    Rob Wigglezz Month ago +7

    People overdose on it because people make fake pills with it.

  • DB Stupid
    DB Stupid Month ago +6

    china catches illegal Fentanyl exporters and just executes them and sells the equipment that was being used to make the stuff to a different company. they don't care. lets see if this actually stops the flow the Fentanyl. china is already doing the death penalty on fentanyl smugglers.

    • T. C?
      T. C? Month ago

      I don't think China cares unless it's being sold & abused in China. They have always shipped drugs to other countries, they just don't want it to effect the workers in their country. Hopefully this will help. Best wishes

    • Karen Hodges
      Karen Hodges Month ago +1

      Wondered about that. Hope this makes some difference

  • Ryan Busby
    Ryan Busby Month ago +22

    My youngest brother died almost three years ago due to fentanyl....
    This is good news

    • Fabiola M
      Fabiola M Month ago

      Ryan, I am very sorry for your loss. As a mom, my heart and prayers go to you and your family.

    • Ryan Busby
      Ryan Busby Month ago +1

      +CE HAK thank you

    • Ryan Busby
      Ryan Busby Month ago +1

      +Kim Byington thank you

    • CE HAK
      CE HAK Month ago +3

      Very sorry for your loss.

    • Kim Byington
      Kim Byington Month ago +4

      I'm sorry for your loss 😪

  • Dylan P.
    Dylan P. Month ago +31

    He said I would be tired of winning ... THAT DAY IS NOT TODAY! MAGA BABY WOOO

  • J.J. W.
    J.J. W. Month ago +19

    Good job in your reporting! Keep making America greater...

    • JJ McWeaver
      JJ McWeaver Month ago

      I'm J.J.W.
      Or J.J.M.W. if being precise.

  • GoyBoy81
    GoyBoy81 Month ago +26

    Fentanyl almost killed a friend of mine so it's a pretty big deal.

    • Tron Nort
      Tron Nort Month ago

      I've lost 2 friends. A.friends brother. And had another friend OD but revived.
      Toronto Canada. One of my oldest friends was found dead on the GO train. Fent.

    • CE HAK
      CE HAK Month ago +1

      In my hometown we had 5 fetanyal ovetdoses just last week & 3 of them died.

    • Fist YourBrother
      Fist YourBrother Month ago +1

      lost a homie last week he was 25 rip

  • KQ Proud American Woman

    One of the best RU-clip Americans ! You are so talented, humble, honest, Tall, Brave. Honest! You’re so Cool! Keep doing you! Just make sure you pick a wonderful soul mate and have lots of babies! That’s your best legacy sweetheart. Just a Young GMom who sees greatness and my nature to nurture. 🙏🏼🤗

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago +4

    Glad to hear this news...

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere Month ago

    It makes you wonder if they are trying to kill people.
    This shit has gotten out of hand.

  • Fight Tyranny
    Fight Tyranny Month ago +1

    Why do you think we're still in Afghanistan? Trump's dropping more bombs there than ever. Trump sucks

  • Jessica S-D
    Jessica S-D Month ago +38

    Good job, President Trump! Now go get Mexico for aiding and abetting the human caravans from Central America. ...

  • rentme2011
    rentme2011 Month ago +4

    I’m pretty sure the elites who dislike trump know that he’s doing TOO much. They obviously don’t like it

    • Germanikolaas Absolute
      Germanikolaas Absolute Month ago

      +AlabasterSmudge There literally is no answer I can give you that would satisfy your skepticism of my statement. I have as much proof that Trump is controlled opposition as I do that Communism is controlled opposition.

    • AlabasterSmudge
      AlabasterSmudge Month ago

      +Germanikolaas Absolute Where is your proof of that?

    • Star17venus
      Star17venus Month ago +1

      +Germanikolaas Absolute, the cult of personality indoctrination is strong with that one. If they don't recognize what's up by now, they likely never will.

    • Germanikolaas Absolute
      Germanikolaas Absolute Month ago +1

      Trump is controlled opposition. Dont get your hope's up.

  • Nissan 360
    Nissan 360 Month ago

    I don't get why acting in a movie makes a celebrity a hypocrite for something the actor believes being contradictory. That's like a pornstar telling everyone to have safe sex and calling them a hypocrite for not having safe sex in their films. Although I do agree that celebrities are hypocrites sometimes, the idea that the roles they play in movies reflect their views irl is a tad flawed

    • Carrie Peach
      Carrie Peach Month ago +2

      It's about calling them out :
      preaching to the rest of us about how immoral we are for not buying their propaganda re: climate change, (Private jets, mansions with rooms they'll never use, etc) Border walls, (gated communities, illegals don't take over their neighborhoods, or jobs ) etc etc..
      These people are famous because we watch them, buy their "brands" . We made them millionaires.
      They have huge platforms because they're public figures.
      Economic protest. That's the power We The People have.
      Expose the Hypocrisy.
      Turn THEM OFF. Don't buy their products.
      See how that works?
      FREE speech, FREE market.

    • dont kill me bro
      dont kill me bro Month ago +3

      why should they get to be exscused for their actions just because they are actors? in any other job,, your held directly accountable not only for your actions,,but the consequences of them,, why should ppl in showbiz be any different,,if you make a movie,,or act in one, that incites,,violence,,or evil behavior,,why shouldn't that be on you,, its a sketchy line,,from telling a story,,to attempng to brain wash the viewer thru your story,,,as a viewer your very vunerable and open to suggestion as you've opened your mind to the movie reguardless of what comes next,,its very probable that we are being heavily influenced thru the media and movies and tv,, maybe its time for them to be held accountable ,, can you imagine a world that has a war on lying,,where to lie is major crime,, and everyone just tells the truth al time?

  • James Meaux
    James Meaux Month ago +2


  • Pamela Evans
    Pamela Evans Month ago +11

    It’s a good start !so many people up here in BC CANADA have died too . It’s personal for me . And I have had enough !

  • Nancy Rodriguez
    Nancy Rodriguez Month ago +6

    This is awesome!

  • Dalton Nelson
    Dalton Nelson Month ago +26

    From 2007 to 2017, drug overdoses doubled in America. It is still increasing.
    Our culture needs to change

    • Jacob Somers
      Jacob Somers Month ago

      +Southern Slushie Chan nope. It helped nothing but banksters, oil traders and weapon sales. These were Republican lead wars, so I don't get why Anomaly has so much faith in Republicans. Neither side is serving US

    • Jacob Somers
      Jacob Somers Month ago +1

      Big increase in alcohol deaths, suicide, and homelessness, too. Time to right the ship.

    • Southern Slushie Chan
      Southern Slushie Chan Month ago +1

      Iraq war didn't help with the drug "war"

    • Germanikolaas Absolute
      Germanikolaas Absolute Month ago +5

      They don't care it's only effecting white man all they care about is transgender pronouns, changing bathrooms for them and accommodating Muslim Isis brides and integrating them into the West. The West is fucking doomed, George Carlin said it best just grab a bag of popcorn cuz you got front stage Center to the Freakshow.