PE Teacher Requires Girls to Wear Bras

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Real fam, do you think the mom of a 9-year-old daughter had a right to be mad at a PE teacher for making her daughter wear a sports bra?
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  • Cory Fields
    Cory Fields 8 hours ago

    Man or woman P.E. teacher?

  • Sebastian Dickson
    Sebastian Dickson 22 hours ago

    Excuse me no not all boys should be forced to where a jockstrap Because they are Hella uncomfortable

  • Jen Smithson
    Jen Smithson Day ago

    Uh shouldn’t all girls be wearing bras at a public school function?? Duh...Hello!!!

  • Prophet Gaming
    Prophet Gaming 4 days ago

    Hellen from drake and josh

  • Prophet Gaming
    Prophet Gaming 4 days ago

    Hellen from drake and josh

  • Brailey Martin
    Brailey Martin 9 days ago

    first of all why would the teacher be looking there huuuuuh

  • Jennifer Fuller
    Jennifer Fuller 12 days ago +1

    Sometimes speaking to the child gets the message across faster than the parent!! Two 👍👍 up for the p.e teacher!

  • Malm alf
    Malm alf 15 days ago

    is the mom stupid 😑

  • Narquise Lawrence
    Narquise Lawrence 15 days ago

    Comparing jockstraps to bras . Foolish

  • Karla Gonzalez
    Karla Gonzalez 21 day ago

    We making kids so sensitive about their bodies.. the teacher telling the student allows the student to understand what’s going on and why and that it’s totally normal and natural not something taboo and embarrassing.

  • bigjoeofthe707
    bigjoeofthe707 Month ago

    2:37 you mean your panda eye? Lol

  • Hilda Gibson
    Hilda Gibson Month ago +1

    I think people find a reason to be sensitive over anything these days. How about if that mom was doing her job as a mother, she would of known her child should be wearing something under her clothes. Periodt.

  • Jaquelin Hernandez
    Jaquelin Hernandez Month ago

    Job thereal

  • Monique Marquez
    Monique Marquez Month ago

    Yes lady put a bra on your girl. Education I think it's called. The teacher is teaching.

  • Natalie Joseph
    Natalie Joseph Month ago

    The teacher was very reasonable in this request tho . I agree with the teacher

  • TheCubanMafia97
    TheCubanMafia97 Month ago

    Was that annoying popping sound Loni? Girl...

  • Asma'u Mahmoud
    Asma'u Mahmoud Month ago

    PE teacher told me to tuck in my shirt during hand stands

  • Michelle Moulton
    Michelle Moulton Month ago

    My first period was 14...didnt want it anyway....happened in my imagine my horror when i went to shower and drop my draws...i didnt tell my mom til the next day..i went to pee and pretended i didnt kno...then jus yelled out for her one morning....and...well the rest is history

  • tenshiprincess
    tenshiprincess Month ago

    I grew breast early and my mom told me as soon as I had bumps. Also it was a rule for girls to wear undershirt and a sports bra even if they didn't need it.

  • Sara Lee Ali
    Sara Lee Ali Month ago +2

    Why in the world did the PE teacher notice this before the parent tho? 🤦 That mom bedda check herself!

  • Carmesha Carrington

    Don't PE teacher teach health as well? Which includes about how the bodies develop. I think the PE teacher absolutely should say something.

  • infinite hawkins
    infinite hawkins Month ago

    I don’t like jockstraps why the ass cheeks need to be out, I will never wear a jockstrap Period

  • Basic Forever
    Basic Forever 2 months ago

    When I was 10 I was wearing a plain white T-Shirt on the recess field. I was a bit of a tomboy and like to run and climb and jump and play hard. About half way through recess my class teacher called me over and told me I couldn’t play anymore for the rest of the day or the next day until I had on a bra because and I quote “my boobies jiggled too much and boys would stare”. Again I was 10... also didn’t even have enough “boobies” to fill a training bra. I went home and told my mom who responded by saying “you don’t need a bra.” And I told her my teacher wouldn’t let me play if I didn’t wear one. My mom was PISSED and stormed right up to the school and complained only to have my teacher and principle tell her that I was “getting old enough to start wearing bras like the rest of the girls in my class”. My mom was pretty stubborn and to prove a point DIDNT buy me a bra for months later when I BEGGED her. I didn’t even develop actual breasts until around 7th grade and when they came boy didn’t they come with a vengeance lol. Relieved I have all boys now because I don’t know how I’d be able to handle that situation given the fact it gave me such a negative body image at such a young age. As I got older I also had the pre-misconception that my body was for boys to look at and for their pleasure and I had to “dress like a lady” so as to not tempt them. I think people need to think about how this little girl was probably humiliated and made to feel ostracized amongst her peers because she was developing like all women do.

  • Jazmin Ortega
    Jazmin Ortega 2 months ago

    I disagree. No rules should be put in place to require little girls to wear bras. That’s a major step backwards.

  • Solesha  Joseph
    Solesha Joseph 3 months ago

    P.E Stands For Physical Education.

  • Cecilia Rodriguez
    Cecilia Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Loni and Jeannie right

  • Samantha Withee
    Samantha Withee 3 months ago

    wtf, the average girl needs a bra by 7 dang girls in my area has b cups by 11

  • Charlotte Misimake
    Charlotte Misimake 3 months ago

    Isn't that part of the parents role to notice your child's development ?? If you see your child developing breasts.. buy her a damn crop top.. I wanna see what the child looks like now ...

  • Precious Canillo
    Precious Canillo 3 months ago

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  • Nondumiso Hlazo
    Nondumiso Hlazo 3 months ago

    I'm not a parent either but I say that it depends on the PE teacher's gender. If the PE Teacher is a man, he has no right to be telling girls how to dress, regardless of the situation, that's a female adult's job. But if it's a woman, I'm okay with it, cause I know she is looking out for my girl as a fellow woman.

  • Viral Tv 24/7
    Viral Tv 24/7 3 months ago


  • ErinVlogs
    ErinVlogs 3 months ago


  • Derv
    Derv 3 months ago

    In my country we had female teachers for girls
    Male teachers for guys
    So when we were split all that needed to be said was said abt health fitness etc
    U kno what u need to cover up and it was unacceptable to be doing the contrary

  • YolieRose
    YolieRose 3 months ago

    The PE teacher didn’t call her child out, the requirement was for ALL GIRLS!!!! The teacher must have sent home letter. We’d get letter from teachers to our parents and read them before our parents. The mom is overreacting.

  • Kennedy’s World
    Kennedy’s World 3 months ago

    Tuck in your shirt

  • Britney Blaska
    Britney Blaska 3 months ago

    You're developing at that age. Your body is changing. You need to cover up.

  • Fancy Frances
    Fancy Frances 3 months ago +1

    Realize teachers don't always see parents and hopefully, are interested in helping instead of targeting... Teachers don't have time to be targeting a student when they have a full classroom!!

  • wankyse jocelyn
    wankyse jocelyn 4 months ago +1

    my PE teacher and My school secretary told me to put a bra or a shirt under my clothes and I was fine with it.

  • christina moody
    christina moody 4 months ago

    Also why is it someone else choice to say what or how parents raise their child. We also don’t know if the child has a condition so really. I mean as long as this child is not being abused or neglected why is it up to society to say what should and should not be done. Society sucks and I absolutely hate people. Think outside the box people and stop being so dumb. Look back through all the years and what women have been subjected to wear or how to look. Be freakin original and be yourself. Stop reading into and looking into well oh this is society and I should have to do this, it’s just garbage. Also let’s go back to burning of the bra days and screw it all.

  • christina moody
    christina moody 4 months ago

    Girls are always single out. Also a school district L’Anse Creuse school district in Michigan which went viral about the marching band girls wearing bars. This being ashamed of our body needs to stop. Also you don’t see men wearing bras and some of them need to. Honestly this should not be an issue. No no no, no one should be targeting anything to do with a women body parts that is not a parent. Also again the need for a bra should not be an issue. Also it’s not about what a child needs. It’s what society puts on girls and how this is a must.

  • Ruby
    Ruby 4 months ago

    I’m on the path to become a teacher, I have subbed and student taught. I would have pulled the girl aside and tell her to be careful with her shirt and then later tell the mother about the situation and advise the parent to buy a bra and discuss about the change and how boys are, etc.

  • Lori Wolfcat
    Lori Wolfcat 4 months ago

    I mean, it’s not confirmed if the girl Was developing. For all we know, it could’ve been just cuz she was female. If it Was cuz she was developing, then the teacher made the right call, but if it Was just cuz she’s female, then the mom would be right.

  • Dionna Ballard
    Dionna Ballard 4 months ago

    My fifth grade teacher called my mom and let her know that I should wear a bra because my breasts were forming and she noticed. When I got out of school that day, my mom took me bra shopping!!

  • Yes Martines
    Yes Martines 4 months ago

    I think at the moment yea it's ok for the teacher to say something to the child .After the fact ,the teacher should maybe sent letters home to the parents letting them know the situation obviously not singling them out this way the parents go ahead and have that talk with their girls.

  • Jera Flores
    Jera Flores 4 months ago

    thing is we want adults to not see boobs in a sexual way and go as far as to get offended when a mother's are breast feeding but this needs to start at a young age telling boys it's normal because telling a girl to cover up while women want to free their nipples is a huge contradiction. I think it should've been the boys and girls who needed a pep talk on how it's normal and no bullying is allowed. because this will only give that girl a sense of her being wrong

  • Ava Nicole
    Ava Nicole 4 months ago +1

    Well said A!

  • M M1989
    M M1989 4 months ago

    Yes. Girls should learn to wear bras. Especially if they're doing activities where they'll be exposed. I wouldn't have gotten angry. I get it. Mom sounds like an over sensitive twat. Probaly gets angry being told to vaccinate too.

  • J K
    J K 4 months ago

    Parents need to take responsibility. Instead of whining, the mother should be aware of the fact that her daughter is developing early and get her a training bra ! Stop expecting teachers to parent your kids for you.

  • Nikki Miller
    Nikki Miller 4 months ago +1

    When I started to develop in 6/7th grades my per teacher in middle school told me about getting a sports bra, which I did and myself nor my parents had a problem. My mom was thankful and then semi excited I was growing up. Now at 34 she’s sad I grew up so fast, lol.

  • Dre-ah Erina
    Dre-ah Erina 4 months ago +1

    Everybody is too over sensitive, like damn. It's not like the PE teacher was being overtly sexual. Chill! Talk about taking it up the bum.

  • Just Ty
    Just Ty 4 months ago

    The Parent should've been aware that her kid's body is changing. I mean come on, kids need the appropriate undergarments & if you're unable to provide, ask for help!

  • jar the star
    jar the star 4 months ago

    I'm their 6th sister 6

  • jar the star
    jar the star 4 months ago

    Thank God for the nunuhas and our food love.

  • Queen Pisces
    Queen Pisces 4 months ago

    No lie this happened to me in 4th grade... but I was just in class with a “fitted shirt” and my teacher told me that I was so weirded out

  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn 4 months ago

    I started puberty early and I wish a teacher had said something because I just got picked on by other kids

  • Trinity ShantelB
    Trinity ShantelB 4 months ago +1

    In PE bras were required in the uniform

  • Daé J
    Daé J 4 months ago

    Is this really an issue? When I was in PE it was a general rule to wear sports bras or tuck our shirts in, especially doing rigorous sports. No surprise some of us (myself included) develop breast’s early, it happens so it’s normal to cover ourselves up. I could see if the teacher was being really rude or inappropriate towards this child, but if she’s coming to her in a calm manner and pulling her to the side, I’m not understanding the mothers anger.

  • rko32491
    rko32491 4 months ago +1

    The parent is an idiot point blank period. I dont get both sides of the story, just the teachers. The teacher is showing concern and you sit here and complain. Girl hush. You better be lucky someone cares for your child the way that teacher does. Guess what, you may not want to hear it but there are sexual predators EVERYWHERE including in schools and they come in all shapes in forms. They arent always male and they arent always adult. That teacher was looking out for that child. Worst case scenario aside, look at the bullying. When your child comes home crying because she was made fun of you'll be ready to fight then. Dont get mad because you lacked educating your child about her body and her needs and things. Even if you decided not to go the bra route (28 and never wore one) they are other options. I wear tanks with the cups (built in bra) in them. Its 2019, no reason for this foolery. Just another idiot trying to jump on the bandwagon wanting to be mad at something not there

  • Nick-kaye Brown
    Nick-kaye Brown 4 months ago

    Its the right thing to do as a teacher

  • Nick-kaye Brown
    Nick-kaye Brown 4 months ago

    Kmt that mother is stupid

    ASHLEY COREA 4 months ago +1

    Yessssss.. my daughter is 7 and she has little training bras cuz I saw her last year she was wearing a thin shirt and I could see her nippies I was like ohh noooo.. that same day I got it for her.. parents should be looking at how things look from another view

  • Its.deee
    Its.deee 4 months ago

    I remember being in this exact situation in 4th grade and my teacher pulled me aside and talked to me about wearing a bra and how my body was changing and I told my parents and we had a talk also so I don’t think anything is wrong with what the teacher did

  • K. Shanee
    K. Shanee 4 months ago


  • Valentines Hernandez
    Valentines Hernandez 4 months ago +1

    Little girls need bras these days! People take the teachers advice!

  • Gordon Ramsay is queen
    Gordon Ramsay is queen 4 months ago +1


  • Chantelle Tucker
    Chantelle Tucker 4 months ago +2

    Just love when she talks talking Spanish true to her culture

  • Pregi Kumary
    Pregi Kumary 4 months ago

    Why can't they just tuck the shirt into their shorts which is what we had to do

  • williss11
    williss11 4 months ago +1

    Only here because the woman from drake & josh.she hasn’t aged a bit!

  • Jenny Oyster
    Jenny Oyster 4 months ago

    Why again is the parent upset!? The teacher is looking out for your child. Yes, she should’ve spoke to the parent but I’m glad they did say something!

  • Mary Faustus
    Mary Faustus 4 months ago

    The teacher is RIGHT. Like, come on. He wants to keep girls safe, like come on.

  • CD M
    CD M 4 months ago +1

    It's a health issue. Wear a bra in PE

  • C ROD
    C ROD 4 months ago +1

    How the hell is the teacher targeting girls over boys? How is this a bad thing? The teacher did right. All she could have done better was also inform the parent. I don’t think it’s bad

  • Nessrin
    Nessrin 4 months ago +1

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  • Millennial village
    Millennial village 4 months ago

    Shoot I see locas who made fun cuz I had tatas before they had some just jealous for real lol girls believe :)

  • Ashley Ward
    Ashley Ward 4 months ago

    When I was in school I remember learning about your body in P.E. all the girl were put in one class for the day from 3rd - 5th grade and they went over periods, your body changing etc. In my opinion your child spends over 40 hours a week at school with teachers that love and care about them. Why are you upset that the teacher told her that her body is changing and she needs the proper garments.

  • Daniela Achury
    Daniela Achury 4 months ago

    if the PE teacher is a female yeah plese tell me, dont wait until u see my mom to let her know. The same thing goes for kids ( boys and girls) that are starting to develop underarm order.Don't wait to tell the parents, kindly pull the kid aside and tell them.

  • Alizeh Mehdi
    Alizeh Mehdi 4 months ago

    Where is tamera?

  • Charnelle Ford
    Charnelle Ford 4 months ago

    a sports bra or t - shirt was a part of our P.E. uniform. We had to wear white t-shirts and black shorts.

  • Dee J
    Dee J 4 months ago

    Uhm why TF isnt your daughter wearing a sports bra by that age

  • Peppermint Patty
    Peppermint Patty 4 months ago

    So the mom felt it was invasive and inappropriate she told the child and her response was to go and tell the entire social media!??
    Literally makes zero sense

  • Rach H
    Rach H 4 months ago +1

    I really hope people won’t stop trying to help kids because of these types of whiny moms

  • Rach H
    Rach H 4 months ago +214

    Why did the mom run to social media and make it a public issue? I would be so embarrassed to be her daughter.

    • Rach H
      Rach H 4 months ago +6

      christina moody if you’re a kid who just flashed the whole class, expect to get teased. Kids are brutal. It’s beyond the system, this is a teacher wanting to help the well-being of a student. What the mom did was take an already humiliating situation and made it more embarrassing. She didn’t help her daughter in any way.

    • christina moody
      christina moody 4 months ago

      Rach H because schools can do what ever they want. Also they have what I like to call there own government and run things so stupidly. Also how does anyone know if this child has a condition before or why do we have to look at what society wants to put on a women

  • ceecee876
    ceecee876 4 months ago

    Why are ppl so darn sensitive! I would be happy that the teacher is looking out for my child.

  • fried chicken
    fried chicken 4 months ago

    A teacher can tell anybody's child that. That's fine!

  • Kae H
    Kae H 4 months ago

    Do you not know how to tuck in your shirt

  • Sentia Louis
    Sentia Louis 4 months ago

    Where is Tamera?

  • Kyra Jordan
    Kyra Jordan 4 months ago

    That kinda happened to me in intermediate school because I was like in 3rd or 4th grade, but not in gym. I was asked to start wearing a bra and I didn’t know I had boobs😬

  • Petty Princess
    Petty Princess 4 months ago +1

    Nice to hear a teacher looking out for a young girl instead of the usual we hear about teachers

  • Beaira
    Beaira 4 months ago

    There is nothing wrong with a teacher Male or Female stepping up. Of you child is exposed you would want them to be cover. How uncomfortable would it he for him looks at your child breast not saying he sexualizing them but in the climate they need to protect not only the students but themself.

  • Jujubee
    Jujubee 4 months ago

    What is the mom mad about?! Just looking to start something. That teacher is trying to help your child!😒

  • Rachel Deborah
    Rachel Deborah 4 months ago

    Good lord, everyone stop being so sensitive. If the girls tatas are showing and they told her to put a bra on to prevent it from happening again then who cares. My 4th or 5th grade teacher told me, tell your Mom you need a bra, you are distracting the boys. My boobies exploded almost overnight so it wasn't a big deal when I went and told my Mom, she just looked at me and went well I guess she's right, where'd they come from lol.

  • QueenSally
    QueenSally 4 months ago

    Wheres tamera ?

  • Jazmine Jewels
    Jazmine Jewels 4 months ago

    Isnt it dress code for girls to wear supportive bras during PE. If your child is an early developer, the parents should take them training bra shopping so they can wear them during the school day and in gym class.

    • Ariadne Bene
      Ariadne Bene 4 months ago

      For anyone in middle and high school, I have a feeling it might be even if the girls already wear them because they don't want their breasts going everywhere. But in this case, the girl sounds like she's somewhere between the ages of 9 and 11. And that's why the teacher said something, because most 9 to 11 years don't wear bras due to not really having anything (depending on their bodies) and she had started to grow breasts. Otherwise I don't think she would have said anything.

  • Sydney
    Sydney 4 months ago

    Where's Tamara:(

  • LilMissPiggyBaby Me
    LilMissPiggyBaby Me 4 months ago

    My baby 8 and she have little bitty so yes i think that mom was just doing to much

  • jenjen0597
    jenjen0597 4 months ago

    You guys need stop thinking boobs but NIPPLES.Your nipples are what develops first.But yeah i think talk to the parent first

  • Hayden Kyle West
    Hayden Kyle West 4 months ago

    How about free the nipple in pe guys can be expose shirtless so

  • Natalie hochoy
    Natalie hochoy 4 months ago

    I think, she should have made it general rule and also should have sent a letter home to the mom to discuss with the mom and daughter and have a meeting with all girls in and the parents.

  • igoofy92201
    igoofy92201 4 months ago


  • Hannah Truesdale
    Hannah Truesdale 4 months ago

    I don't think the PE teacher was telling the girl to wear a bra to be rude or like step on the toes of the mom. I think she was being a female role model and looking out for the young girl's safety. At 9, my parents at least made sure I was wearing an undershirt (the little white tank tops that come in a pack) under my shirt daily.