I Lived Like A GLAMOROUS 1950's HOUSEWIFE For 24 Hours

  • Published on Aug 2, 2017
  • I spent 24 hours like a glamorous 1950's housewife! I woke up early in the morning, got my self all dolled up and went off to the kitchen to cook my husband breakfast. Once he was off to work I had quite a large cleaning list to get through. 1950's housewives took pride in their homes and made sure they were spotless everyday. After that I went shopping and begin cooking! After everyone was fed dinner I had to do MORE cleaning before I could finally relax. This experiment was so fun to try out, I was not able to use my phone or social media for 24 hours! Would you try it out?!
    Shoes Worn- bit.ly/2sEVHgI
    Sunglasses Worn- bit.ly/2ukIidK
    Videos Mentioned/helpful videos-
    Original 1950's housewife video- ru-clip.com/video/uhQgbJZTglc/video.html
    Vintage Hair/ Makeup- ru-clip.com/video/V6ZT6AeOyhA/video.html
    Vintage beauty collection- ru-clip.com/video/anae1BX9sc8/video.html
    Record Collection- ru-clip.com/video/LO_48aErL2E/video.html
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  • C Garcia
    C Garcia 9 days ago

    Well thank God you are not A housewife in the 50s. Because I'm this time some people gossip and give their opinion but you have the choice to ignore them which is what we mostly do these days. But in those days housewife's didn't have that option. They had to wear the heels all day and as you mentioned had much more work. Also they had to deal with the hair long or short and the curlers because they had to look pretty no matter what. Also they had to wear the earrings even if they did hurt and the hat even if it was hard to keep on. So although I think that was very cute yes way too much work

  • Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval

    I hate eggplant but that dish looks delicious

  • Makai Genovese
    Makai Genovese Month ago

    Cute video. Loved it :)

  • Peggy Platter Hill
    Peggy Platter Hill Month ago

    You should get a regular Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole record. Their music is very calming. Also your dad is so sweet.

  • Jordymory3 Jordymory3
    Jordymory3 Jordymory3 2 months ago

    On the bottom of the phone there is a volume switch

  • Annie Love
    Annie Love 2 months ago

    For the egg plant dinner how long on preheat oven and how long for?

  • Mimi Shella
    Mimi Shella 3 months ago

    Most of the time, women would wear slippers during the day.

  • Alexisasheep
    Alexisasheep 4 months ago

    Did they really wear those high heels back then while at home? I feel like it would just 1) dent the floor loads and 2) hurt their feet so bad. I can't wear very high heels so I prefer those lower ones. They're cute too. Also I'm considering if I want to be a housewife in the future just because I have severe depression and anxiety and it get's way worse anytime I get a job.

  • Owen Swain
    Owen Swain 5 months ago

    I'm starting to think people like Wilber more than you I mean its no competition but its a compatision.😊

  • graham mckay
    graham mckay 6 months ago


  • Madison Maria
    Madison Maria 7 months ago

    isnt he military? thats why right?

  • Miras Videoer
    Miras Videoer 7 months ago

    What is The music you use called?

  • Sparkly Moon
    Sparkly Moon 7 months ago

    I loved this video

  • Sergio Brunati
    Sergio Brunati 8 months ago

    You make so adorable videos! Thanks!👍 I love 1950s, I wish I could go back for at least a day!😁

  • julie Garcia
    julie Garcia 8 months ago

    I'm in love with tea sets and antique stuff

  • julie Garcia
    julie Garcia 8 months ago

    Do you get your tea sets on line

  • Jessica Madalynn Vallejo

    The cat was just looking at you up and down when you were cleaning 😂like what are those things you have on your feet

  • Jeanna Theis
    Jeanna Theis 9 months ago

    I will be 30 in January. All of my life I have been obsessed with the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. I work full time. I Have two children and a husband but I still do a lot of the things a 50’s housewife would’ve done. I just stumbled across your videos a day ago but have been very much enjoying them. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  • Michael Anthony Lee
    Michael Anthony Lee 10 months ago

    cool shoes

  • Kristen Lewis
    Kristen Lewis 10 months ago

    For rollers, you can try doing one half way up, then leave the maybe- 6/7 inches of your hair hanging and then go ahead and set another roller on top of it! Idk how it works on hair th a t long buT I’ve done it in manikins and it seems to sit pretty tight

  • Nerfysnerf
    Nerfysnerf 10 months ago

    Where did you get those cute pajamas?!???

  • Nerfysnerf
    Nerfysnerf 10 months ago

    I love these videos!!!! Your channel rocks

  • Starr 64
    Starr 64 11 months ago

    You are so adorable, I loved your exercise routine. Great video. Best of Luck

  • Martin Mee
    Martin Mee Year ago +1

    u look so good in high heels u did well wearing them all day why dont more women wear them at home

  • Lauren Is awesome and wholesome

    Did you put a slip under your shirt

  • Hannah Truesdale
    Hannah Truesdale Year ago

    Thats exactly how I make my eggplant parm!😍

  • Alessandra Hayes
    Alessandra Hayes Year ago

    Your other 50s housewife video actually motivated me to clean my apartment :p I don't know how they managed to do so much cleaning every day!

  • Cassandra Marks
    Cassandra Marks Year ago

    tip for the bandana, put your hair into a french twist, pin it, then allow the extra hair to be tucked into the bandana!

  • Fairytale Fay
    Fairytale Fay Year ago

    I absolutely LOVE that vintage store 😍😍😍 I haven't seen anything like that in Norway so far 😭😭😭

  • Emma Richardson
    Emma Richardson Year ago

    I love your videos!!!

  • Little Kitty Meo
    Little Kitty Meo Year ago

    I wish you could see my vintage roller skates. You would love them

  • Evelyn Santiago
    Evelyn Santiago Year ago

    Is that a hamper being used as a nighstand? I used my Mom's hamper from the 50's/60's (it looked nearly identical to what you have except it was white and had a stenciled floral design on the front) as a nightstand when I was a teenager. You just made me very nostalgic. :-)

  • Dana Fidler
    Dana Fidler Year ago

    For your hair, you need to pin it up first really tightly and then put the bandana on!

  • Celestial Fox
    Celestial Fox Year ago +1

    I'm a stay at home mom and the only times I get to sit down and relax is when I'm eating with my children. So thank you for recognizing how hard it is to be a stay at home.

  • Isabelle Zimmerman

    what shops do you go to?

  • B Firehart
    B Firehart Year ago

    just found your channel and I love these vintage​ vids. I work in an Antique store too so this is incredible to watch

  • Madelynn Marie
    Madelynn Marie Year ago

    I am a teen and a teenage routine with younger, more meant for teens in the 50s outfits would be an amazing video!! You could also put your hair in a high ponytail because I think that was a hairstyle considered appropriate for teen girls back then :-) My hair is long and thick too so 50s hairstyles often don't work for me and I have found that a classic ponytail is the perfect fit

  • Erica Farley
    Erica Farley Year ago

    It would be interesting if you did what a day in the life of a single woman was in the 1940s.

  • Erica Farley
    Erica Farley Year ago

    I love your house!

  • Sunflower Lover
    Sunflower Lover Year ago

    They didn't wear heels all day, silly! They wore slippers in the house. Lol. I stayed with my grandmother alot, she was a 50's house wife she wore slippers in the house and only put shoes on when she left the house. She did however alot of the same things you do in your videos. She was amazing!

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown Year ago +1

    Your dad is so sweet!!!

  • Ariana Banana
    Ariana Banana Year ago

    I wish i could meet u and go vintage shopping with u 💕

  • Victoria Hill
    Victoria Hill Year ago

    I just found your channel! And OMG! We're so much alike, I looooooove vintage stuff and I used to have a cat named Tigger too! 💓💓💓 I wish we could go vintage shopping together, that would be amazing!! 💓💓💓

  • Monika lynn
    Monika lynn Year ago

    Omg I found somone else who likes the things I like , people call me insane for this

  • Jaycee Hunter
    Jaycee Hunter Year ago

    I would love to make what you made for dinner! I'm just not sure of the heat settings or how long to put it on for but it looked amazing!

  • mindy comerford
    mindy comerford Year ago

    My mom has a thing that u have for coffee bc on top of the cabinets she has a lil but of vintage things

  • Nafisa Usha
    Nafisa Usha Year ago

    U actually look like a vintage doll ❤

  • Erika Fietze
    Erika Fietze Year ago

    I have the two face kit

  • aestheticallyaura

    you look a lot like me but I have darker hair I have the same face except my eye brows and my nose which is my least favorite part about my body but personally I like my eyebrows OH and I forgot my eyelashes are longer I had to edit this so many times lol. :) Love your channel!!

  • Bailey B
    Bailey B Year ago

    Gosh you are my inspiration ♥️♥️♥️

  • Kay de Force
    Kay de Force Year ago

    I'm a new subscriber and I feel I have to comment. The reason why the 1950s housewives don't exist anymore is not just for finances (most cities are too expensive to live with just one salary), but because divorce rates are 50-60%. If a wife gives up her job and stays at home, she will pretty much be un-employable after a divorce. It is just a great risk for the wife. If you sign a pre-nup and it guarantees you a life-long income, then I say go for it. I totally see the appeal and I love your videos. I just wanted to leave this here for the young people who say they want to do this. In the 1950s, divorce was not as much an option as it is today. If you want to be real, you could do a video of a DIVORCED 1950s woman. Their life was not so glamorous I am pretty sure.

  • Kato Vanackere
    Kato Vanackere Year ago +1

    Noooo your dad is the most amazing man in the world :')

  • Person Yelling
    Person Yelling Year ago +1

    is he in the FBI?????

  • Sophia Tamsett
    Sophia Tamsett Year ago

    Willy is the cutest dog I have ever seen

  • Dhruvi Patel
    Dhruvi Patel Year ago +1

    Aww that's so cute to see your dad treating exactly the way mine treats me :D

  • Heather Davis
    Heather Davis Year ago

    I'm a housewife now with two stay-at-home children there is nothing easy about it my husband works 12 hours a day I live the 1950s housewife life get up cook breakfast don't have time for lunch cook dinner clean the house all day as my children destroy it behind me

  • Princess Sheldon
    Princess Sheldon Year ago +2

    Omg I love your house it's amazing

  • Matty Green
    Matty Green Year ago

    i dont understand how someone can not eat lunch i have to eat like every 3 hours

  • super S
    super S Year ago

    Since you love vintage things I think you will love along came Betty it's not really vintage but it looks vintage it's a bath set and it's amazing xx

  • Kate
    Kate Year ago

    where did he get the vintage books?? I have been trying to buy authentic books from the 1800's!