• Published on Jul 25, 2017
  • I tried on vintage wedding dresses! I think you all know I am slightly obsessed with weddings haha! I always thought it would be so cool to try on vintage wedding gowns. I got to try on some beautiful wedding dresses from the 30's-70's. We went to the stanfordville antique shop to test out these dresses!
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  • SweetEmelyne's
    SweetEmelyne's  Year ago +9

    If you liked this video watch my new video! We tried on our MOM"S WEDDING DRESSES!! it was so funny!

    • T Timmons
      T Timmons Year ago

      SweetEmelyne's I found a dress in a house I was cleaning. I really wanna know if it's a gown or a dress. Any suggestions

  • ♡Princess♡
    ♡Princess♡ 5 months ago

    The first dress is everything

  • Carine L.
    Carine L. 8 months ago

    1 Looks really classy and timeless

  • Cam Sullivan
    Cam Sullivan 11 months ago


  • Tick-Tack girl
    Tick-Tack girl 11 months ago

    would love to know the prices

  • octavia ghiura
    octavia ghiura 11 months ago

    Oh guys. She wore it the wrong way. Pretty sure it should of been the other way around. The last dress. The v shape that was sown down there and the flower down the middle those were meant to frame her butt. Plus did you not think it was weird having straps out front but none in the back.

  • octavia ghiura
    octavia ghiura 11 months ago

    I think you put that last one on the wrong way around 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Henny van Veldhuizen

    Sure,just drag these beautiful dresses all over the toiletfloor!

  • jim crone
    jim crone Year ago

    #2 i love. like a nightgown

  • SkyLove Nightcore

    Loved the one with the polka dot sleeves. Beautiful. I would 100% wear to my wedding. 💖

  • Ayla Cristina
    Ayla Cristina Year ago

    The best is the first dress.
    The last dress is beautiful but I would take off the enormous flower.

  • Balandak
    Balandak Year ago +3

    I'm obsessed with the first dress... even though it's 'plain' by today's standards, theres something so beautiful about it. I wish I could find this dress haha I just love love love it

  • Jen D
    Jen D Year ago +1

    The first one you tried on is very similar to mine which was my Grandma's in 1941.

  • Claudia Leopold
    Claudia Leopold Year ago +1

    I wish they mentioned the age of the dress

  • Lily Saint James
    Lily Saint James Year ago

    The term is *true vintage

  • 4everMrsB
    4everMrsB Year ago

    Wow the first dress Em!!! ❤❤❤

  • Kitty Love
    Kitty Love Year ago

    I wonder what decade the third one (the long-sleeved lacy one) was from...

  • K Foster
    K Foster Year ago

    You girls looked so great...I wanted to send you my wedding dress from 1979....

  • ana'cee
    ana'cee Year ago +2

    The first one looked sooo beautiful on you!

  • Sam Wa
    Sam Wa Year ago

    much nicer than anything modern. PS. I'm sure the proprietor doesn't mind the publicity.

  • Kate
    Kate Year ago


  • lou m
    lou m Year ago +1

    I think the weird stomachache thing on the last dress was more than likely a design choice to help hide an early pregnancy. I might be wrong.

  • BonbonsAndBooks ❤︎

    The dresses are so pretty! It would be fun to try on vintage dresses 😊💕

  • Lim D
    Lim D Year ago +2

    New subscriber here,,!loved your video!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Kristina Lushnikova

    1970s is vintage...?

  • Ivy Ruonakoski
    Ivy Ruonakoski Year ago

    The "flower thing" on the back of the second dress would have a loop that goes on your finger so you could dance with that train.

  • Gwen Berlin
    Gwen Berlin Year ago

    But you're small,so you can wear them. I have vintage dresses that are your size.

  • Malo Mama
    Malo Mama Year ago

    background music too loud.

  • MrsLadyPerez
    MrsLadyPerez Year ago

    Bri's first dress reminds me of Jenny's from Forest Gump

  • Chelsea Jane
    Chelsea Jane Year ago

    I feel like the last dress had the flower discreetly placed to hide the original wearers little bump maybe. It's just a really oddly placed detail otherwise.

  • Jocelyn Anell
    Jocelyn Anell Year ago


  • Alexia Cordeiro Branco

    Can I be your friend??? OMG I AM CRAZY FOR VINTAGE CLOTHING!!!

  • loef27
    loef27 Year ago

    my grandmother said the dress at 535 was made with that thing on the front to cover up expectant brides that were hiding there buns in the oven.

  • candice german
    candice german Year ago +1

    The 70's is vintage ?? Hmm, I guess I'm old...

  • Sue Harvey
    Sue Harvey Year ago

    Take the horrible flounce off the dress at 5.01 and you have a rather slinky nice silk fact most of these dresses would look fine with a little judicious 'pruning'.

  • Elle Elle
    Elle Elle Year ago +2

    The last one was amazing ❤

  • Duchesse de Berne

    The first dress is a dream

  • Janine Perkins
    Janine Perkins Year ago +34

    I wore my mother's wedding dress. She was married in 1947. It was eggshell satin, long pointed sleeves and all those little buttons down the back. She worked so hard to afford it. We definitely got our money's worth. The newspaper even did a huge article on my 1947 motif. I've been married for 44 years to my high school boyfriend...yes, kids and grandkids. Life goes on but I will never forget wearing my mother's beautiful gown. ◇♡♡◇

  • Misty Morales
    Misty Morales 2 years ago +2

    The bundle on the long dress that you really like is for you to hold onto while you dance at the reception

  • Matilda Xo
    Matilda Xo 2 years ago +2

    I want a 1950’s style wedding dress. But I will have to wait a while considering that I’m only 13.

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 2 years ago

    1 thru 3. Loved the first the most for some reason, even tho it was the most plain

  • Maggie Sue
    Maggie Sue 2 years ago +5

    The '70s lookiing one' is just like one I wore to the Junior/Senior ball at my high school in 1966. Only mine was dark green.

  • Kai K
    Kai K 2 years ago +3

    hey, so older vid I know... but the last one is cut the same way as the 1930s "Siren Gown" of bias-cut satin... the flower across the stomach was most likely created to conceal a small baby bump, and the dress itself may well be from a later decade for a bride who simply enjoyed the Monroe vibe. The neck detail with the extra ribbon straps, isn't something I've seen before in that decade, which is why I'm thinking "30s inspired" and not "1930s vintage." Certain fashions in the late 70s and early 80s harkened back to the 20s and 30s, so it might be newer than you'd think. :)

  • Savannah Hoskins
    Savannah Hoskins 2 years ago

    How much did these dresses cost on average? I wanna make a collection of vintage dresses

  • Cambridge Vintage Bridal
    Cambridge Vintage Bridal 2 years ago +5

    You can come and try on any of my vintage wedding dresses whenever you are in the UK :)

  • Paighton Nelson
    Paighton Nelson 2 years ago +2

    i cant wait until you get engaged and show us all your wedding plans

  • Poison Evy
    Poison Evy 2 years ago

    Simplesmente maravilindo

  • David Hutchison
    David Hutchison 2 years ago

    The first dress was so you. Absolute classic style.

  • Tiaonia Williams
    Tiaonia Williams 2 years ago

    thanks for this idea ill be getting married in June I'm so excited to check out several thrift stores !!! my sister found her wedding gown at a thrift store it was beautiful the exact same dress was at our bridal shop for like 5 grand!!! all she had to do was get it dry cleaned and it sparkled beautifully!!!!! i had so much fun watching you ladies have fun trying on the dresses !!!!

  • MilanaSalon
    MilanaSalon 2 years ago

    GREAT VIDEO ! We love dresses ! Hope u enjoy our videos too ! Our channel is to see the authentic dresses very close and detailed )) hope u will like it !

  • Kathleen watkins
    Kathleen watkins 2 years ago +2

    Lol you have the 30s dress on backwards

  • Berenice Stoecklin
    Berenice Stoecklin 2 years ago

    Brianna gives me Diana Spencer vibes

  • Laycee None of your beeswax

    the first one that Em tried on was my favorite

  • Krystal Dispatch Bettty Mcginty Carter

    4th dress was 20's and my favorite. As a vintage collector and restorer, I will say, Brianna should not have zipped that dress up if it didn't fit her. When I had my shop, I had many dresses destroyed by girls playing dress up and trying to cram themselves into dresses that didn't fit. Fabric and stitching deteriorates over time. Repairing a torn vintage gown is no easy task.

  • Krystal Dispatch Bettty Mcginty Carter

    First dress was late 50'd, early 60. Second was 40's. 3rd wad early 30's.

  • Nichole Sands
    Nichole Sands 2 years ago

    The first dress is beautiful on you

  • Aranza MJ
    Aranza MJ 2 years ago

    The third dress OMG!!!!

  • sewforlife 57
    sewforlife 57 2 years ago

    the last one u tried on was a 1930s dress cut on bias. very typical for the 1930s. i am a tailor and fashion is my game for the last 25yrs. also that was not 1970s dress with the blue ribbon. that was late 60s empire waist. im so sick of strapless wedding dresses of today. we need to let it go and move on. i have made 6 in the last 5yrs. i vowed if somebody ask me to make another stupid strapless dress im saying NO!! lol i have a huge collection of vintage patterns starting from the 1920s and made a wedding dress and bridemaid dresses from 1950s patterns in raw silk. they turn out fab! very nice fresh change from strapless dresses!!!!

    • khawla
      khawla 2 years ago

      Teresa Palmer I’m asian we typically wear sari or lengha for weddings. If I had to have a western dress I’d go for something with arms I think it looks beautiful stunning elegant. It seems as though everyone wants to be sexy for the entire congregation. On a well known reality show that’s all I hear I want to look sexy 🤨. I know I’d rather look beautiful and my husband would see me as sexually appealing anyway. I actually hate armless wedding dresses especially the typical ones where the bust is cut like a bra top. Apparently designers do armless simply because it’s easier for them is that true?

  • Sarai Cortez
    Sarai Cortez 2 years ago

    Here where I live in California there are lots of vintage wedding dresses at the veteran thrift stores. And other thrift stores too. Most are silk. Rarely you can find one in its box with crown included.

  • sochuiwon priscilla
    sochuiwon priscilla 2 years ago

    I'm totally wearing a vintage inspired full sleeve and lace gown To my wedding!! Whenever the hell that is..the 400$ dress was to die for

    • khawla
      khawla 2 years ago

      sochuiwon khapai vintage is gorgeous I can imagine it with some jewellery would look stunning 👍🏼