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  • VS Network
    VS Network Year ago +8

    Which was your favorite Pokémon in this battle?!

  • Android17
    Android17 10 months ago +1

    Gardevoir should have mega evolved.

  • Shubhra Sinha
    Shubhra Sinha 10 months ago

    Keep going

  • xkid gamerx
    xkid gamerx 11 months ago

    No vale y la mega evolucion de gyarados y de gardevoir >:v

  • Puja Singh
    Puja Singh Year ago


  • Vijay Yenpure
    Vijay Yenpure Year ago

    Blastoise and Gardeavour

  • Konradas Kaklauskas

    Yay Blue and Giovanni won

  • Konradas Kaklauskas

    Wow I want Giovanni and Blue to win

  • Rakhi Nair
    Rakhi Nair Year ago

    Cynthia and Cyrus

  • Αλέρτιος Αυτισμηνός

    You could make a battle between Ash's best team and your favourite pokemon from each region.

  • Mokshak Lakhani
    Mokshak Lakhani Year ago


  • Indian scientist Gamers


  • TheMole2005
    TheMole2005 Year ago

    Blue and Giovanni
    Match made in heaven

  • Akshat Rai
    Akshat Rai Year ago

    Amazing battle

  • Hui Paul
    Hui Paul Year ago

    A Pokemon Trainer and a gangster vs Angel and devil

  • Agente G
    Agente G Year ago

    Y las megas? :)

  • Hatsukk
    Hatsukk Year ago


  • anime what ifs
    anime what ifs Year ago

    Where's the mega evolution???

  • ImCristobal
    ImCristobal Year ago

    This was an awesome idea !! Cool battle VS and I love your channel because I love Pokemon battles :D

  • Pokeplush
    Pokeplush Year ago

    Ok, here's how the winners will work. If a team besides Kanto or Sinnoh wins, they will both go to the ultimate winners tournament, but if either of the two teams win Blue or Cyrus will go in the tournament and we'll do one more after that. ;)

    TM SHARD Year ago

    Yes! Blue win!!! Blue - my fav pokemon treiner!))

  • rini ghosh
    rini ghosh Year ago

    Why was hyper voice not very effective on blastoise??

    • Volting Master
      Volting Master Year ago

      You do know about Aurorus’ ability Refrigerate right?

  • Miquel Canosa Santeularia

    team blue and team cynthia

  • NahuelFire39
    NahuelFire39 Year ago

    The battle was laged a bit

  • Alessandro Lapicca

    This battle was really slow maybe because of the music...
    Btw was still good
    Also is funny how both Team Leaders got beated before the champs like in the games

    Btw I still don't get why did Lysander had only 1 Pokémon wich belongs to the 6th gen
    Ok Ghyarados is understandable because of mega evolution but it was so had to pick other 2 Kalos Pokémon? Like I don't know Pangoro and aegislash

  • Vera Dias
    Vera Dias Year ago

    Steven + maxie 😭

  • houssein bermaki
    houssein bermaki Year ago +1

    My favorite pokemon was pyroar

  • Volting Master
    Volting Master Year ago

    This is a Really cool idea, pairing up the villain with the champion.

  • Ali Efe Tube
    Ali Efe Tube Year ago +1

    You defeated Gary Oak Versus Can you do versus vs Blue

  • Prashant Kumar
    Prashant Kumar Year ago

    Great battle of tag team tournament. Please Can you do tag team tournament of Ash rival,Ash companion. In my opinion the tag team could be
    1 Ash and Gary
    2 Misty and Brock
    3 Dawn and May
    4 Paul and Tobias or Paul and Trip
    5 Iris and Serena
    6 Cilian and Clemont
    7 Alain and Swayer
    8 Kiawe and Gladion
    To make it fair battle please do not use mega evolution and do not z move .

  • Pratik Kumar
    Pratik Kumar Year ago +6

    Amazing battle of tag team .Can you make a tournament on different regions of ash. I know there are 7 generation but you can also include orange island as eight. It could have pikachu,snorlax, lapras and other three Pokémon you choose that ash caught in different regions. In alola till now there are four pokemon which are known by us but you can choose rotom,poipole as I think ash fifth,sixth pokemon will not be reveal soon by sun and moon anime.

  • LibraWarrior 2004
    LibraWarrior 2004 Year ago +2

    Awesome. Giovanni and Blue won this first Quarter final match.

  • Hercules_ Kara
    Hercules_ Kara Year ago

    Gardevoir should be mega

  • Marlen Alcocer
    Marlen Alcocer Year ago +1


  • Midnight Flare
    Midnight Flare Year ago +1

    Arcanine took one for the team, same goes for Darwin that used Flare blitz at the Nuzlocke.

  • B1GB0Y1235
    B1GB0Y1235 Year ago +1

    YAY they did win!

  • Robert the Dude
    Robert the Dude Year ago +3

    Like they said, can't beat the original 🤣, nice premiere

  • Zhuangzhi Qiu
    Zhuangzhi Qiu Year ago

    It so laggy

  • B1GB0Y1235
    B1GB0Y1235 Year ago +2

    I hope Giovanni and Blue win

  • Natural Harmonia Gropius

    Let's get it started!!

  • Gaia Nodelius
    Gaia Nodelius Year ago +9

    Im for Diantha and Lysander!

  • Lorenzo Mataloni
    Lorenzo Mataloni Year ago +2

    Are you best tower friend beds

  • Jorzurum Rocha
    Jorzurum Rocha Year ago +2

    2nd! Woohoo xD and Go Diantha and Lysandre!