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  • Published on Aug 31, 2011
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  • Marlene Dawn
    Marlene Dawn 20 days ago

    Fly, fly little wing
    Fly beyond imagining
    The softest cloud, the whitest dove
    Upon the wind of heaven's love
    Past the planets and the stars
    Leave this lonely world of ours
    Escape the sorrow and the pain
    And fly again
    Fly, fly precious one
    Your endless journey has begun
    Take your gentle happiness
    Far too beautiful for this
    Cross over to the other shore
    There is peace forevermore
    But hold this mem'ry bittersweet
    Until we meet
    Fly, fly do not fear
    Don't waste a breath, don't shed a tear
    Your heart is pure, your soul is free
    Be on your way, don't wait for me
    Above the universe you'll climb
    On beyond the hands of time
    The moon will rise, the sun will set
    But I won't forget
    Fly, fly little wing
    Fly where only angels sing
    Fly away, the time is right
    Go now, find the light

  • Alyssa Boyett
    Alyssa Boyett 25 days ago

    Celine Dion wrote this English song about her niece Karine, who passed away in 1993. And she misses her so much.

  • Ruuds Easy Self Defense 4 Everyone

    Escape the sorrow and the pain

  • Ruby Sein
    Ruby Sein Month ago

    Feeling So sad, and unable to sleep since my 2nd older brother was gone on 5/28/2019... I won't forget my precious Parents and my 3rd older brothers who were gone like a wind, and I don't know why my unlucky lifestyle is so bad & far away from the family.......Pls, forgive me, Brother Ko Lay...I hope you will hear my voice and apology as well...



  • Nini Rêve
    Nini Rêve Month ago

    Vole mon petit ange 😇...



  • Krystle Bulluss
    Krystle Bulluss 2 months ago

    For my Beautiful Lilly Rose.. Taken to soon ... I miss you my baby

  • Nadia Thompson
    Nadia Thompson 2 months ago

    For my daughter born still x

  • Tania Gil
    Tania Gil 2 months ago

    Just heard this song for the first time, it’s a beautiful song. to my late husband who will forever be in my heart ❤️🕊

  • line poulin
    line poulin 2 months ago

    Cette chanson je l'ai dédié à une jeune fille de 7 ans qui demeurait à Granby , (Qc.) qui est décédé par de la maltraitance . Que son esprit VOLE jusqu'à la Lumière .

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie 3 months ago

    To my Angel Babies, i love you, i never got to hold you in my arms, but il hold you in my heart forever!

  • Ken David
    Ken David 3 months ago +1

    Fantastic song.on my 1996 cd.to all those loved ones I've lost in my lifetime

  • Namsami
    Namsami 3 months ago +1

    In memory of my dad, mum and my best friend...

  • Sheltie Cat
    Sheltie Cat 4 months ago

    To my beloved friend, Lee Cannel, of Surrey BC Canada, who passed away suddenly in early March of 2019.. She was only in her early 50's.. We are all children at heart.. So fly, little one, fly.. Heaven has another Angel now. Love you always and forever.. Your friend, Cathy

  • Vivien Cowley
    Vivien Cowley 4 months ago

    In memory of my beloved Mum and Dad, wait for me and one day I'll fly to you both - can't wait xxxxxxx

  • i love att ack on titan

    I'm singing this to honour 4 children ages 3, 4, 6 and 8 who died in the morning of the 5th of February In a terrible house fire fly high little angles one of the kids and both parents survived the kid was 2

  • Stacey Parkes
    Stacey Parkes 5 months ago


  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson 6 months ago

    Love, and dont hate. We dont live long enough to hate each other. But we live long enough to love another. Regrets are born from unfinished pain.

  • TrainingPuppyDog
    TrainingPuppyDog 6 months ago +1

    I would like this played for Mikko Salazar Demafeliz who passed in the tragic fire in the NCCC Mall in Davao 23 December 2017 RIP Mikko Also remember the other 37 souls who perished that tragic day

  • lily burns
    lily burns 6 months ago +2

    To my babies, I never met but won't forget 22/12/18 ❤❤ Ellie-may 22/06/11 😭😭☹☹

  • mike young
    mike young 6 months ago

    Very emotional song sung with feeling by Celine, superb but heart wrenching throughout. If you have lost someone precious this song will bring them to your mind and to you. For Mum, Dad and Pat my late sister, RIP together.

  • Maria Andrade
    Maria Andrade 7 months ago

    Happy Birthday to my only brother you are not here with me you are always in my heart and mind Bruno rest in peace my angel

  • William Altmeyer
    William Altmeyer 7 months ago +1

    To my heroic sister Maria Rose Kellems, who fought long and hard her battle of cancer and flew home tonight to be forever whole. I love you and miss you already.

  • Camille Bou
    Camille Bou 7 months ago

    This song tears me apart

  • Lorraine Connell
    Lorraine Connell 7 months ago

    To my late mother miss u every day since u left 2 years ago xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hadi Adalat
    Hadi Adalat 8 months ago

    For my sweet momm who past away 13 years ago.😢😟😞🙁😭

  • Maria Andrade
    Maria Andrade 8 months ago

    This song is a great song it put a smile on my face this song every time a listen to it calm me down

  • budha tony bodhisatva
    budha tony bodhisatva 8 months ago


  • bi mohn
    bi mohn 9 months ago

    Rest in peace Lily, you were my bestest friend and my family. I ju

  • Phil smith
    Phil smith 9 months ago

    Louby, 29th February 2012 you left us and started your new journey at the tender age of 18. There is never a day goes by when I don't think of those precious eighteen years of joy you gave your mum and me. Till we meet again, Love you always Dad xxx

  • Atyourdoorable
    Atyourdoorable 10 months ago

    Love this song, reminds me of my 5 babies in heaven

  • Irene Cvietkovich
    Irene Cvietkovich 10 months ago

    For my friend Rene Morales I'm glad they finally found the man who killed you God answered my prayers love you buddy always your friend Irene Cvietkovich

  • Ray Riches
    Ray Riches 10 months ago +1

    To my wonderful daughter Sam, I will never forget you. Loving you forever, Dad x

  • tianna .heart. xo
    tianna .heart. xo 11 months ago

    for my cousin mary , i never got to see you but i know ur so beautiful i will always love u and ur family we will all miss u and see u again in heaven xoxox

  • TruncateSnow 764
    TruncateSnow 764 11 months ago

    To my grandma I will always love u

  • Rochelle Mcdougall

    My mum has asked me to play this at her funeral I no the story behind this powerful song the first time I listened the tears fell so much but I no when the time comes hard for me but am sure it with help x

  • Caroline Marchant

    To my son Christopher with all my best love. See you soon son xxxxxxx

  • Emma LPS
    Emma LPS Year ago

    Edward Thomas Link (My dad)
    1/4/1958 - 1/5/2015
    He commuted suicide

    I miss him so much 💔

  • Bug lover Spider lover

    Just lost my male Texas brown tarantula to DKS a few days ago. He couldn't even walk anymore without flailing all over. Put him down the next day.

  • shania Louise berry

    This song was played at my brothers funeral he was a miscarage and i was only three im so upset that he could of had a great life 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  • Nadia Davis
    Nadia Davis Year ago

    For my son Daniel I will always love you.

  • Charity Miles
    Charity Miles Year ago +1

    Tribute to my late family members and friends who passed away until we meet again in heaven

  • Lisa Maloney
    Lisa Maloney Year ago +1

    For my son Dane who died in August of 2017
    Wishing you still here would only be in vain
    But in my heart you will always remain
    Love you forever Dane
    Untill we meet again xx
    Love from your broken hearted mom xxx

  • karen Robins
    karen Robins Year ago

    Granny miss you loads till we meet again 💕💕💕

  • Maureen Smith
    Maureen Smith Year ago

    Thank you Celine Dion for singing this song. My Facebook friend put a beautiful memorial tribute of my beloved son, Michael who left us suddenly 12 years ago today, April 20th, 2006 in a SUV accident. Michael was only 22 years old. His passing left us all breathless and we thank God that we know that we will see him again in Heaven and that we have this glorious hope and that Michael is so happy in Heaven but we still love and miss him intensely. My heart beats for you Michael and you are in my every thought. Michael has gone now and he has found the light!!! (that heavenly light)

  • Nyron Robinson
    Nyron Robinson Year ago

    Rip uncle back u have been taking from us 14 years now I can't stop thinking about you love always

  • Shelly Cline
    Shelly Cline Year ago

    Mom I love you so very much. The day you left my world changed forever. I pray that you are flying high so high. No more pain and discomfort, suffering. December 15,2017 marked my life with pain that I can never describe. I will always love you mother.

  • Lesley Earls
    Lesley Earls Year ago

    for my mum and dad , miss you both so very much . you are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart xxxx

  • India Mae Green
    India Mae Green Year ago

    Celine Dion is one of the most brilliant singers the world has she sang this song so beautifully. This song means so much to me because this being my sisters funeral song 😭

  • Officieel Zinloos
    Officieel Zinloos Year ago +1

    for my friend Rowan your are always in my heart🙏

  • Ruby Sein
    Ruby Sein Year ago

    I miss my precious Parents. My Mum passed away in Feb .19th 1994 24 years now. I regret myself until my last day..I still remembered that you asked me to come and see you before you die but my unlucky life didn't give me chance to go and see you on time ..How can I forget about our conversation with you ..So sad and depressing for me Mum.I believed that you forgave me but, how can I forgive or forget myself? ..

    • Ruby Sein
      Ruby Sein Year ago

      Hello, Thanks Ms. Eileen I appreciated.BTW I'm so glad to hear that you lived with your parents and of course you are taking care them and that's great and you are lucky, lucky, keep doing a good job and enjoy talking with them ok ... xoxo love you. (Village is good because it's quiet and breathing the fresh air as well ....

    • hair yer wheesht
      hair yer wheesht Year ago

      Ruby Sein if you ever come to Scotland! I would hope you would contact me ,As for my family we are doing fine, I'm lucky I have my mum&dad you made me realize I'm lucky to have them, I live in a little village just outside Edinburgh, in a little prefab and I love it, most prefabs can only be seen in museum's, but here in Scotland they are still inhabited lol, ruby sending you love from Scotland hope your doing ok x

    • Ruby Sein
      Ruby Sein Year ago

      Thanks so much, Ms. Eileen Crow, BTW how are you and your family? I wish you all are well and enjoying...Next time when I come to London I will call you and say Hello Okkkk .. I have a plan going to visit Scotland.Last time my daughter & her cousin in London they went and visit Scotland ...My warm wishes and love sending form USA...

    • hair yer wheesht
      hair yer wheesht Year ago

      Ruby Sein time to forgive yourself sending love from Scotland ,, now she can see you always ❤

  • m c De Jager
    m c De Jager Year ago

    Moei liedje

  • Charles Saine
    Charles Saine Year ago +2

    We are all children! In the eyes of GOD,

  • Eileen Pritchard
    Eileen Pritchard Year ago

    So beautiful, Just like my daughter I lost 3 years ago ,Love and miss you so much Amanda my heart breaks every day xxxx

  • Lose 2earn
    Lose 2earn Year ago +3

    To my beautiful brother I love you forever. Quinton Monroe, I am my brother's keeper in life and death.

  • Michelle Lorje
    Michelle Lorje Year ago

    I love you Katherine! My friend.

  • Michelle Lorje
    Michelle Lorje Year ago

    This is for Fiunnegan

  • josh Martin ac
    josh Martin ac Year ago +1

    Rip Graz miss u so much hope u always stay by my side

  • PJ32053
    PJ32053 Year ago

    for my sister. gone way too soon. love you.

  • Tonia Gilmore
    Tonia Gilmore Year ago

    It's hard to hold back the tears I miss my little girl so much 😖

  • Tonia Gilmore
    Tonia Gilmore Year ago

    Reminds me of my little girl 😟

  • lucy agg
    lucy agg Year ago

    R.I.P my gorgeous cousin talaina ❣️ can't listen to this without crying, 😓❤️

  • Dani Bre
    Dani Bre Year ago +1

    we played this at my aunts funeral

  • Michael Khatcharian

    To Julian Cadman, the 7 years old Australian boy who was killed in the Barcelona terror attack

  • heather law
    heather law Year ago

    RIP Ella Popely xx

  • kateleen burkin
    kateleen burkin 2 years ago

    I love and miss you dad love Tina xx

  • Monica Ocampo
    Monica Ocampo 2 years ago

    This song will forever touch my heart! We will always keep u in our hearts! Happy 36th Bday PIGGY!! Until we meet again!

  • Helen Watson
    Helen Watson 2 years ago

    So heart broken. Miss my boy xx

  • The life of Gigi
    The life of Gigi 2 years ago

    rest in peace Grayson Laim-Josiah mommy will always love you
    April 28th,2017-April 29th,2017

    • Joanje Lewis
      Joanje Lewis 3 months ago

      Rip grandaughter kaylynn. Love you angel

    • hair yer wheesht
      hair yer wheesht Year ago

      The life of Gigi ❤ sending love from Scotland

  • Sue Clapton
    Sue Clapton 2 years ago

    Dedicated to my beautiful sister Trudy........she took to the stars and we never knew why............19th February 2016

  • ASMRchanny Strewn
    ASMRchanny Strewn 2 years ago +1

    To my grandad you died yesterday 😻😢❤️😕I love you 💜I will look after Nan for you ❤☺️

  • saskia limbourg
    saskia limbourg 2 years ago

    mijn papa , nu dat ik je enorm hard nodig heb mis je enorm 😢😢😢

  • Gracie Angulo Sotelo
    Gracie Angulo Sotelo 2 years ago

  • Muka Muzungu
    Muka Muzungu 2 years ago

    to my baby who went so soon :'(

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson 2 years ago +21

    there will never be anybody better than celine most talented person in the industry in my opinion, this song has so many emotional feels to it ❤

  • Ember Rayne
    Ember Rayne 2 years ago +6

    Rip Jerry (Father figure, best friend) 5/14/1975 - 11/29/16

    • Ember Rayne
      Ember Rayne 2 years ago +1

      Olive dog Brat terrier thank you much appriciated and trust me i didnt comment for attention just seen this song fit enough for jerry im singing this at his funeral this month on my ex boyfriends birthday

    • Olive Dog
      Olive Dog 2 years ago +2

      Ember Rayne I'm sorry for your loss, I hope u feel comfort.

  • Fanisha Maxwell
    Fanisha Maxwell 2 years ago

    When I hear this song makes me think of my baby that I lost in 2013 :( breaks my heart that I never got to hold him :(

  • Catherine Rowe
    Catherine Rowe 2 years ago +1

    For LOU know how much we love you and my Darling son Jamie,, ya reckon you could be his Mama for a while until I get there

  • Malakai London
    Malakai London 2 years ago

    2:00 I feel in love with Celine 4 life

  • manuel lopez
    manuel lopez 2 years ago +23

    to my late husband I will always love you

  • David Pope
    David Pope 2 years ago

    Where is Angelo Aldo?

  • Claudine King
    Claudine King 2 years ago +4

    In loving memory of my grandma 😢 xxx

  • Safari Queen
    Safari Queen 2 years ago +10

    In loving memory of my husband, my best friend and my lifetime lover, Robert. He was taken from me on the 8th August 2016. Rest In Peace my dearest, I miss you so much, it's killing me. ♥♥ xx ♥♥ I won't forget!

    • dmode80s
      dmode80s 2 years ago +1

      Safari Queen I'm sorry for your lost I lost my husband on August 2, 2016 of liver cirrossis it's hard but we must hang on because one day we will be together we were married 27 yrs. so many year's are hard to forget GOD BLESS YOU

    • Safari Queen
      Safari Queen 2 years ago +2

      Thank you, Caca Murtagh, for your kind words.So sorry to hear about your little boy. I know that one day, I will be with him again, and that there is so much for me out there now in life that I need to explore. It is what Robert would want for me, he wouldn't like the idea of me being depressed and moping around the house.I am each day getting a little better. It is difficult, but I will get there.God bless.

    • Caca Murtagh
      Caca Murtagh 2 years ago +2

      Ah i am so sorry.. I came here because this was my baby son's funeral song and it is now 13 yrs and my heart is still broke and then i read your comment and was so sad to hear that... It is so soon so i know how sad and angry you must still feel ..... I hope you feel better soon and i know when your time comes you will be with him again and then time will stand still and you get to live your forever life your real life with him... Honest i am not a religious freak but i know that is true, i really think this life we think is our only life is not this is a test to see how we get to live out our real life our forever life in heaven...

    • Caca Murtagh
      Caca Murtagh 2 years ago

      Ah i am so sorry.. I came here because this was my baby son's funeral song and it is now 13 yrs and my heart is still broke and then i read your comment and was so sad to hear that... It is so soon so i know how sad and angry you must still feel ..... I hope you feel better soon and i know when your time comes you will be with him again and then time will stand still and you get to live your forever life your real life with him... Honest i am not a religious freak but i know that is true, i really think this life we think is our only life is not this is a test to see how we get to live out our real life our forever life in heaven...

  • c f
    c f 2 years ago +13

    this was playing at my step sons funeral also thinking of my babygirl angel passed away at 11mths cot death would give my all for one moment with them both 💔💔💔

    • Jon Brain
      Jon Brain 2 years ago +3

      stay strong for all the sad things that happen in life remember and cherish every good memories for this will always be with you

  • Cheryl Turner
    Cheryl Turner 3 years ago +1

    great song celine
    ur a blessing

  • Jayde Lillin
    Jayde Lillin 3 years ago +3

    I miss you Aleah

  • Jayde Lillin
    Jayde Lillin 3 years ago

    I lost my neice and my mom made this song for you Aleah thanks Celion sion for making this song I just miss my neice RIP Aleah😭 plz pray for Aleah I'm only a little girl

  • Sophie farrell
    Sophie farrell 3 years ago

    For my amazing older brother! I never met you, you were took from us far to early! Only 3 month old, it's amazing how you can love someone so much but you have never met them! I know you would be the older bother I have always wanted! You are a amazing little boy and mean so much to every you met down here on earth, and to everyone else we love you so much David R.I.P my big brother 💚💙

    • hair yer wheesht
      hair yer wheesht Year ago

      Sophie farrell sending prayers from Scotland beautiful words x

  • Mario Ruiz
    Mario Ruiz 3 years ago +6

    Rest our beautiful daughter. Your missed everyday and loved eternally. Jocelyn entered heaven on Feb 4, 2016 at 6 years young.

    • Ashley B. Ashley
      Ashley B. Ashley 5 months ago

      Mario Ruiz your comment made me burst into tears. My 6 year old daughter is sleeping right next to me and I can’t even imagine losing her and what you’ve gone through.

    • hair yer wheesht
      hair yer wheesht Year ago

      Sending love from Scotland ❤ never forget x

    • Linda Combs
      Linda Combs Year ago

      May God always keep you in his precious arms of lovd

  • Janine Brown
    Janine Brown 3 years ago +1

    rip Bob your a very special man I will never forget you xxxxxxxx

  • moonlitenmagic
    moonlitenmagic 3 years ago +9

    My sweet baby boy, Phoenyx Anthony Jaxon Lilly became an Angel of 1/1/2016. Mommy loves and misses you so much. Please watch over me.

  • Marco Quoss
    Marco Quoss 3 years ago +6

    Just sorrow and tears.....where this world heading?

  • Tammy Gratto
    Tammy Gratto 3 years ago

    Beautiful song Fly

  • france lecompte
    france lecompte 3 years ago

    RIP little angel thaley plz keep me safe i miss u beside me everyday day n every moment of my life xxx

  • france lecompte
    france lecompte 3 years ago

    RIP little angel thaley plz keep me safe i miss u beside me everyday day n every moment of my life xxx

  • TheBotchy
    TheBotchy 3 years ago

    beautiful lost mum 10 months ago listening to this brought tears to my eyes perfect song for funerals x

  • Michael Beecham
    Michael Beecham 3 years ago +8

    I definitely feel that the images they put with these precious lyrics are inappropriate, especially as it was being considered for a child's funeral service. The image of a cross being held by a naked woman is imagery that doesn't belong together.

    • Anne Purcell
      Anne Purcell Month ago

      Michael Beecham - I completely agree with you...

    • Cath Baker
      Cath Baker 2 years ago +1

      Michael Beecham it's the words people hear not see a video at a funeral it's the words and their meanings that mean alot

  • lora graham
    lora graham 4 years ago

    My sweet olivia dawn

    • lora graham
      lora graham 2 months ago

      Every mothers day I think of you ❤️😘

  • Zardoz Van Dax
    Zardoz Van Dax 4 years ago +5

    anyone you have lost............this is the tune.