I used this for a MONTH ☹ - Blackberry Key2

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
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    The Key2 is the sequel to the KeyOne. Eagerly awaited by literally dozens of people, this last-generation typing experience is sure to please even business executives who refuse to learn or experience anything new.
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Comments • 3 635

  • Chris Meyer
    Chris Meyer 12 hours ago

    "I needed a week to figure it out..." Manuals?Videos? Not good enough? Help Programm on the Phone? Search function? You don't even know what you are talking about! that is the best, and I don't even own a BB.

  • Shubhkarman Singh

    But do they watch tedd talk ! its like saying you should watch it all in cinemas lol

  • vidyaWolf
    vidyaWolf Day ago

    the OG blackberry keyboard was dope

  • Raul R3flex
    Raul R3flex 2 days ago

    Is now MSI GE758SF the best 2000$ because I want to buy this .

  • star james
    star james 3 days ago

    who wants this ugly phone! its so ugly, it makes paying 1000 plus to buy a iphone worthy FYI android phones are better

  • Gee Ache
    Gee Ache 5 days ago

    Using it for over 6 months and still happy about it. Robust, smooth fast, good (enough) photos, and of course the keyboard !

    • Gee Ache
      Gee Ache 5 days ago

      Only the tcl general conditions coming with the update are horrible, blackberry unworthy, selling your soul, not updated, biggest reason not to buy !

  • meowmeow
    meowmeow 5 days ago

    I never had a blackberry....my first and only smart phone has been apple made,....but to this day, I hate software keyboards. The error rate is fucking ridiculous. They need to allow a person to adjust the size of the keys on the board, and not just make them for small peoples fingers.

  • Martin Sean
    Martin Sean 5 days ago

    I agree. I own one for six month then I sold it

  • Ngọc Nguyễn
    Ngọc Nguyễn 6 days ago

    Best price here: shorten.asia/KeJaXYzp

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson 6 days ago

    They included a keyboard without a fucking period key? How dumb can you be? Any businessman who would buy something email oriented like this is guaranteed to also be a stickler for punctuation. They just threw out half their damn market with that one key. I'd rather have a dedicated period key than a dedicated z key, so why the fuck not just replace z, the least used letter, with something that you need for EVERY SINGLE COMPLETE SENTENCE.

    • Manthe
      Manthe 6 days ago

      The period is actually on the M key, you just need to press alt with your left hand simultaneously to type a period.

  • James Cardenas
    James Cardenas 7 days ago

    Hey why isn't anyone talking about Motorola smart phones anymore?

  • Heidi Geiman
    Heidi Geiman 8 days ago

    I like that movie

  • Faisal Islam
    Faisal Islam 8 days ago

    Stupid BB. Just die already.

  • Tankado
    Tankado 11 days ago

    The Blackberry Key2 is bad, don't buy it

  • Antonio Anguiano
    Antonio Anguiano 11 days ago

    I switched to the Blackberry Key2 from the Samsung Galaxy A8. I've used it for 4 months now, and can can say that I love it. My typing is faster and more accurate than on a software keyboard. Also watching videos on it isn't really that bad. I'm actually watching this video on my Key2 as I'm typing this. But hey I can also say this phone isn't for everybody.

  • TheShadowTitan
    TheShadowTitan 13 days ago

    *phone with cherry mx brown keyboard*

  • ronny limena
    ronny limena 13 days ago

    Still love on my BB passport

  • wellington white
    wellington white 16 days ago +1

    I bought the key 2 and love it. I bought it for the security features

  • C.M. P.
    C.M. P. 17 days ago

    I want the Q10 with the latest hardware and Android. I still think BB OS10 was the best, but where are the apps !!? Anyway, I diverge. Please TCL make a new super version of the Q10. Same size please, but update the hardware and make it super fast. 855 Snapdragon and all that.

  • Navjot Singh
    Navjot Singh 23 days ago

    It’s a phone for people who really want have goals and run the world... not for dumbbed down kids on instagram. It’s a business phone

  • Post Meridiem
    Post Meridiem 26 days ago

    I'd say that BlackBerry can easily come out of its troubles by simply re-build the BlackBerry Priv, like there're already so many slide-full-screen phones out there and BlackBerry can certainly take advantages of that

  • Connor Hudson
    Connor Hudson Month ago

    It's a shame about the problems with this phone because mechanic phone keyboards are far superior to touchscreen ones in my opinion and modern expensive phones are going backwards in usefulness with removing headphone jacks, removable batteries, upgradeable storage and whatnot.

  • DeRyThe D
    DeRyThe D Month ago +1

    Blackberry physical keyboard idea isnt bad but the design should be improve which mean it had to adapt to the idea they had today.
    First of all , the design of the body size and the shape of the phone doesnt give the best in-terms of Grip handle unlike the old design.
    2nd, pop up key with a phone that size can easily missed click ,i would rather have a flat keyboard like those flip phone had, that was the best and somehow think about it, maybe blackberry can create a " pop-up gesture detect motion sensor flat keyboard " , that would solve the display problem but hey…something gonna go away but… i would like to watch them try, Nothing gonna top that cool Design.

  • Biz N
    Biz N Month ago

    dude why are you suffering so much in this video take it easy it is just about a f...ing phone take it easy .

  • ballersac32
    ballersac32 Month ago +2

    Linus with the Lew thumbnail!

  • Marcos Delacruz
    Marcos Delacruz Month ago

    I wonder when a real CEO or someone the needs a phone like this will review it. PS it feels better on m hands than a S10 or x

  • Benjamin Ronns
    Benjamin Ronns Month ago +1

    Blackberry should just abandon the physical keyboard

  • Phantastik
    Phantastik Month ago +1

    Bro. You was using the phone for the wrong reasons. That phone was built for communicating mostly. If you wanted to take pictures, watch movies, and make videos. Use you're iPhone.

  • shahab jalili
    shahab jalili Month ago

    Absolute bully :) BlackBerry is always the best , just needs fair compare

  • Gary Gregorio
    Gary Gregorio Month ago

    Blackberry had its time. It’s now the era of onscreen keyboard. Blackberry just needs to embrace what 90% of smartphone users want and use.

  • Derek Cope
    Derek Cope Month ago

    Linus only likes spec beast phones.

  • Florin Valeanu
    Florin Valeanu Month ago

    Earrings on white boys are out bro.and the neighbor's kid wouldn't know what a Blackberry is.
    You probably work at the Apple store trying to rip people off.

  • Hoover E Londono
    Hoover E Londono Month ago

    Blackberry 😌😌😌😌😌😌

  • Carmen
    Carmen Month ago

    I use the previous version, blackberry key one and I like it. I've been using it for almost a year. I recomend it

  • Chino Black
    Chino Black Month ago

    People dont no blackberry is a classic

  • frenchvirgin
    frenchvirgin Month ago

    He is like a stupid movie reviewer

  • Sask Rider
    Sask Rider Month ago

    I don't get why people struggle with the keys. I just find that correcting so much less with them. I'm probably faster with a on screen keyboard but I make so many mistakes that a physical keyboard prevents.

  • Junayd A.A
    Junayd A.A Month ago

    10 mins of a guy nitpicking

  • Ragna B
    Ragna B Month ago

    Android and Blackberry are not intended to be in the same sentence together.

  • Kung Fu Dan
    Kung Fu Dan Month ago

    I think it's a good phone

  • _Marluxia
    _Marluxia Month ago

    Yeah I think this phone was meant for the people who focus on work the whole day and then when they come home for you know, watching videos and stuff like that, they would do it on a laptop or on their computer at home. This seems superb for executives and high production people

  • C.M. P.
    C.M. P. Month ago

    Ok, I would love the old Q10 with the latest hardware and Android OS. I'd give up on my OnePlus 6 in a heartbeat if I could get my hands on the Q10 with a Snapdragon 855, 12 gigs of RAM, 128 to 256 GB storage, waterproof, and the fingerprint in the spacebar. But need the Q10 size and weight. I don't care for the huge size and weight of the new Blackberry.

  • B R
    B R Month ago

    You know it is funny video but it is so much easier to type on physical keyboard. This is not phone for watching movies. How is reading articles any different than on iPhone. The width is the same you just need to scroll more often.

  • Melissa Jean Guerrero

    This reviewer missed the entire point of this phone. It's a niche phone that caters to a specific category of people.. Go watch Mr. Mobile's or Joshua Vergara's review instead.

  • Dilliam 127
    Dilliam 127 Month ago

    This phone looks like a RIP off note 9 with a physical keyboard

  • N00BST3RS
    N00BST3RS Month ago

    .com takes 5 clicks!!!! XD . C O M 🤣

  • blinkingred
    blinkingred Month ago

    who was that nerd holding that iphone 4

  • luis esparza
    luis esparza Month ago


  • Hewlett Packard
    Hewlett Packard Month ago

    Your opinion it´s a big bull shit!

  • Karel Carbonneau Montpellier

    Why is it that Linus never ages?

    • Oblivion Lord
      Oblivion Lord Month ago

      He doesn't drink, smoke or do anything, I also think he uses moisturizer lol

  • Decipher #193
    Decipher #193 Month ago

    Watching this on the blackberry

  • MrBratkenSolov
    MrBratkenSolov Month ago

    Never go full retarded.
    I have priv and i crave for K2 or fxtec

  • Bima Sudiarto
    Bima Sudiarto Month ago

    Fuck you, Linus. It's a good phone!

  • DF AMO
    DF AMO Month ago

    Lmfao that email signature

  • DarthMetool
    DarthMetool Month ago

    Would you recommend the Key2 for someone who used a Blackberry Torch for 8 years and is heartbroken at having to give it up at the end of the year? I love the physical keyboard, use the phone for calling, texting and web searching/surfing and that is it. NO frilly apps.

  • Hi Aa
    Hi Aa 2 months ago

    Dude the blackberry is for the business world not social media junkies or someone that have downloaded every other game on Google play

  • fist_with_a_beard
    fist_with_a_beard 2 months ago

    Linus catching up on the disappointment facepalm gig

  • Caleb Standley
    Caleb Standley 2 months ago

    I really like black berry but I wish they revised the priv

  • Farhan Zulkufli
    Farhan Zulkufli 2 months ago

    key2 is a tool, not a entertainment phone.. zzz

  • Mohammed Zakaria
    Mohammed Zakaria 2 months ago

    An all-display phone lover when comes to talk about a physical keyboard enabled phone, then I sound stupid for watching the whole video 🙄

  • Tom
    Tom 2 months ago

    What a retarded review.

  • Jonathan Inglis
    Jonathan Inglis 2 months ago

    I stopped at no period key...how could you not include it. Theres two empty spaces on the bottom row

  • Bughatii
    Bughatii 2 months ago

    People talk about Nokia but what happened to blackberry

  • vivalaliberty
    vivalaliberty 2 months ago

    05:31 well that makes it clear that I shall not dish my Samsung Galaxy S8 for this BlackBerry phone. I guess I shall stick with Samsung phone for now on.

  • Nelathi
    Nelathi 2 months ago +1

    i use 4 different blackberrys.. might be because i administrate a blackberry server for the corporation i work for.
    My main is the BB-passport, and i rock a 9900 Bold when i'm out doing drinking.

  • apore d
    apore d 2 months ago


  • taur611
    taur611 2 months ago

    I'm glad I watched this. I was actually considering one of these but I'm heavy on "Content Consumption" these days though I'm still looking for a decent secure smartphone. Guess I"ll go with a Samsung???

  • Neetu Khaklary
    Neetu Khaklary 2 months ago

    Get lost

  • Sylkis89
    Sylkis89 2 months ago

    I wish horizontal slider qwerty keyboards could make a comeback. And I guess you could stick selfie cameras and shit over there as well, allowing for eliminating the notch and stuff.

  • Mac cat
    Mac cat 2 months ago

    its sooooo hard to text and drive with an on screen keyboard. ( And even harder to browse porn and drive ;D )

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 2 months ago

    Oh my goodness

  • SOR23
    SOR23 2 months ago

    nor for everyone. Even to the pro tech you tuber

  • el komodos-drago
    el komodos-drago 2 months ago +1

    How have we got to a point where playing Netflix videos is a more important use of a phone than actually phoning people?

  • Adriano
    Adriano 2 months ago +1

    ...so, the conclusion is: The only smartphone on the market (next to the LE) with a physical keyboard shouldn't half one because you could use the additional space for TED talks or for air. Like any other smartphone. And who cares about privacy anyway, neighborkid shure doesn't.

  • Aariz Ashraf
    Aariz Ashraf 2 months ago


  • Gasvaer
    Gasvaer 2 months ago +1

    my biggest gripe about modern phones is the on screen keybaord. i cant stand them

    but from your review i might get one i loved having a blackberry passort and blackberry Q10

  • Ricky Bryan
    Ricky Bryan 2 months ago

    I have to side with team BlackBerry and for starters I'm disappointed in Linus. For that guy to be as smart as he is along with calling himself a tech enthusiast, Linus of all people should know that different tech have different functions. I just watched him beg viewers to sit through a video that basically was nothing more than the self absorbed ego maniac judging a fish on its ability to climb a tree. IT'S FOR BUSINESS, nothing was ever mentioned about the built in VPN. ooooooor the specs?

    Here is how to do your job Linus so you can put down the phone. and go play with intels flagship pacifiers.

    Qualcomm® SDM 660, Kryo 260 Octa-Core 2.2 GHz x 4 + 1.8GHz x 4, 64-bit

    Expandable memory
    Expandable memory via hot swappable microSD
    memory card (Up to 256GB)

    6GB RAM + 64GB Flash
    compatible with 6GB RAM + 128 Flash
    USB Type-C, USB 3.0, USB OTG

    This thing is for on the go server check best in communication as well as acting as a mini computer without the need for snap chat or apps alike, btw its not BB's fault that iJustine wont snap chat you back or your inability to keep your hands still while taking a photo. speaking of which its boasting a pair of 12-megapixel sensors.
    All with consistent battery power. this is not even new for RIM the new CEO Stated " I'm not wanting to compete with android or apple this is a LUXURY item for the business savy" speaking of which Porsche is partnered with BB and I'm sorry Linus even your precious Intel is looking to partner with BB. but unlike Intel, BB wont make you apologize. this is because they simply have better things to do than baby sit you.

  • DowN Jones
    DowN Jones 2 months ago

    OK man you got the 10 mins now what??

  • Sinisa Zivkovic
    Sinisa Zivkovic 3 months ago

    Worst blackberry which I ever had
    Never again blackberry

  • whufcgank
    whufcgank 3 months ago +12

    Not a great review. Full stops can be typed by double-tapping space. To read a text article double tap the paragraph to adjust the aspect to include just the article.

  • Evan Jahomes
    Evan Jahomes 3 months ago +2

    I just bought a blackberry Priv about 1 1/2 months ago as a first time blackberry user and i have to say i'm gonna hold on to it as long i still feel its up to the job of modern apps. honestly the slider mechanism feels really solid, i love the physical / capacitive keyboard, and it's the fastest phone ive ever owned. and DTEK is really great at helping me keep my phone free and secure

  • Sam Time
    Sam Time 3 months ago

    What do you like, actually you don’t seem to like much of anything you review.

  • Nurhan Yildirim
    Nurhan Yildirim 3 months ago

    only drug dealers use blackberry nowdays

  • Astrem Records
    Astrem Records 3 months ago

    Can you send it to me then? Message me for my address 👍🏼

  • heman
    heman 3 months ago

    Double space bar is the period.

  • G Rodriguez
    G Rodriguez 3 months ago

    lmao those Family Guy style cutaways

  • Anton Dutsov
    Anton Dutsov 3 months ago

    The worse video from Linus! Please prove me wrong. . .

  • Don Julio
    Don Julio 3 months ago

    Comes with a 2foot charging cable

  • Silent Bob
    Silent Bob 3 months ago

    Fuck meee. Two days of battery is something to brag about? MY 9yo BB9700 lasted for TWO WEEKS with a battery that was rotted to shit.

    NIN10DOXD 3 months ago

    I honestly only clicked out of morbid curiosity and because it’s Linus.

  • Chris Klugh
    Chris Klugh 3 months ago

    I still love LOVE my BB Q10. Sure it does not watch movies well, play games, or take great pictures. I have a computer and a real camera with real lens for that. I want to text, email, and Google something if I need to and I don't want to be tethered to a wire cause of bad battery life.
    If there is one flaw: Maps... I do miss my old iphone 4's maps and that was a long time ago...

    TheKNIGHTELFMOHAWK 3 months ago

    I agree with some people on here it's not designed for media it's designed for business. So it wont be for a lot of people.

  • Safari
    Safari 3 months ago +5

    For that security part I am ready to buy it. Screw Apple and others.

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 3 months ago +45

    I think people forget what these phones are intended for! These are business phones, not facebook,snapchat ect phones!

    • Brock Lesnar Alpha Male
      Brock Lesnar Alpha Male 5 days ago +1

      @Nathaniel AYI That guy layed in his bed and tried to watch movies with this phone, that's not what a business man does with a phone like that. So either your comment is a joke or you're stupid

    • Nathaniel AYI
      Nathaniel AYI Month ago +2

      I think you forgot that he didn't use any of that stuff and reviewed it *as a business phone.*

    • Jeremy Molina
      Jeremy Molina Month ago +3

      ​@Nathan Pickering Lack of features? Besides the Wireless Charging I don't see any other feature lacking out on this phone; I think you're looking some really particular features in this phone and it doesn't have those; if you're looking for privacy, security enhancements and a physical keyboard this is the phone for you, if you're looking a phone to watch Netflix, first you should be getting a 4K TV Screen but as this is too much to carry on daily basics you should buy a big screen factor phone like the XS MAX or S10.

      IMHO people consider that there preferences should be all other people preferences, everybody have their own. In my personal opinion, I don't fucking care about the camera on a phone and here I'm paying stupid $300-$500 extra for this "feature" on any current phone because nowadays people consider it an essential thing.

      Note: I have a Pixel 3 XL, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s, iPhone 8, OnePlus 5(all those came out around the same time as the BBK2), and the Blackberry Key 2 perform better or equal to those phones in many situations.

    • Nathan Pickering
      Nathan Pickering Month ago +2

      The price of this phone is too much though with the lack of features and poor quality specs over all. If it was 250 or 300$, then I'd be fine with that.

    • totoboy alburo
      totoboy alburo Month ago +1

      totally agree. not for watching netflix, games,

  • Vvestlana
    Vvestlana 3 months ago

    Most of the "cons" were predictable even if you hadn't used the phone at all. It's a special phone.

  • Esn Dwrn
    Esn Dwrn 3 months ago

    You killed my 10 minutes mf

  • Esn Dwrn
    Esn Dwrn 3 months ago

    Is blackberry still making phones?? what the fuck?

    ARCHIT KOTHARI 3 months ago

    Don't call it a thing call it shit..... I mean seriously Blackberry? It's 2019!

    • oof
      oof 3 months ago

      I prefer it than google and apple products. Blackberries arent invasive

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 months ago

    I’ve used the galaxy and latest note from Samsung and the iPhone 10 has so much more responsiveness and a better layout. If u need a good typing experience iPhone is the way to go

  • Milos Vasiljevic
    Milos Vasiljevic 3 months ago