Dad Reacts to Korean Male Idol Outfits

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
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    This time I showed my Dad some unusual male Kpop Idol Outfits and he gave his personal opinion on this style.. :D Enjoy it! ♡ 1 thumb up = 1 hug ༼ つ◕(oo)◕༽つ❤
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  • Farina Jo 파리나
    Farina Jo 파리나  3 months ago +242

    *signs petition for dad to become 6th A.C.E member*

    • Sara Graph
      Sara Graph 2 months ago

      It's a nice idea ! I think it could funny with your dad and your boyrfriend :P They are nice ! :)

    • Singularity Rat
      Singularity Rat 3 months ago

      Now we he is gonna be my bias.

    • Charlize Collier
      Charlize Collier 3 months ago

      Dein Vater ist total offen cool und lustig finde ihn total sympathisch, würde mich freuen wenn ihr öffter Videos zusammen macht😄❤

    • Nicole.Dream. 35
      Nicole.Dream. 35 3 months ago


    • Miss Peachy
      Miss Peachy 3 months ago


  • Oliwia Urbanowicz
    Oliwia Urbanowicz 12 days ago

    U have really cool dad

  • Annpan man
    Annpan man 28 days ago

    Omg you're father is so open minded 😀

  • flying guest
    flying guest Month ago

    Ich will auch so nen Vater

  • Byungchan deep dimplesss

    I wish my dad were open minded like yours 😢

  • BTSARMY yk
    BTSARMY yk 2 months ago +1

    You have a great dad 😍 lucky

  • Fatma
    Fatma 2 months ago

    Ich wünschte meine eltern bzw mein vater fände kpop auch so cool wie dein vater (so das er mir erlauben würde auf ein konzert zu gehen) mein vater hat jetzt nichts wirklich dagegen aber mögen tut ers glaub auch nicht haha und meine mutter findet die musik manchmal (selten) ok aber sie hasst die gruppen!😫

  • Gy Dthe
    Gy Dthe 2 months ago

    Kang daniel

  • Valentina Serra
    Valentina Serra 2 months ago

    A.C.E 😍😍😍😍

  • m00li
    m00li 2 months ago

    Ich stimme der Meinung von deinem Dad voll zu! Ich meine... wenn es jemanden steht wieso sollte man es dann nicht tragen? egal ob Mädel oder Junge!!

  • City Of Stars
    City Of Stars 2 months ago

    Bizim babamızda böyle olsa :(

  • 이우뢰
    이우뢰 2 months ago

    어르신이 굉장히 개방적이시고, 패션에 앞서 가시는 듯 하네요......^^

  • Rocio Benavidez
    Rocio Benavidez 2 months ago

    Sub español??

  • Yee2Min
    Yee2Min 2 months ago

    Your dad sound so stylish!! Is he a designer?? He gives really good insight!! :)

  • jikook's mocchi
    jikook's mocchi 2 months ago

    Ich liebe deinen Vater 😂😂😂

  • jikook's mocchi
    jikook's mocchi 2 months ago

    Mein Vater hätte es gemobbt 😭😭😭😭😂

  • Fayza1995 Privat
    Fayza1995 Privat 2 months ago

    Voll coll

  • Josie C
    Josie C 2 months ago sweet!

  • Me Myself
    Me Myself 2 months ago

    I remember the football players wearing the top over their tanktops during the fall. :)

  • Sout Nak
    Sout Nak 2 months ago

    I always laugh when i see kpop idols wear crop tops 😂😂

  • Michaela Insel
    Michaela Insel 2 months ago

    Du hast einfach meeeega dän coolen Vater

  • YayFiliz
    YayFiliz 2 months ago

    omg ich bin soooo neidisch ich will auch dass mein papa so offen für neues ist 💜

  • jia mir
    jia mir 2 months ago

    can we please exchange our dads ?

  • - worldwide funny guy -

    Dein Vater ist voll cool xD und er hat n guten Geschmack lol

  • Rosita 007
    Rosita 007 2 months ago

    No entiendo nada en ingles pero me súper en canto el vídeo❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sara Graph
    Sara Graph 2 months ago

    Really nice video ! :D

  • Jasmin Weird
    Jasmin Weird 2 months ago

    dein vater ist "geil"

  • Gary Ishida
    Gary Ishida 2 months ago

    Nice daddy that you've got there, Farina. That is why you are such a great person. 👍
    How often do your parents visit you in Korea?

  • Ola Szlachciak
    Ola Szlachciak 2 months ago +1

    what an amazing man your dad is, i love him haha :D xoxo

  • Divya Chhetri
    Divya Chhetri 2 months ago +4

    I'm a fan of your dad

  • Raquel Teixeira Schervenski

    Hey Farina say hi to Brazil and to me plieees love ya ♡

  • Careen Marwood
    Careen Marwood 2 months ago +1

    I love bts with all my heart and I always will love teakook

  • Sungjae park
    Sungjae park 2 months ago +2

    Es ist nicht nur kpop style aber ... In Japan gibt es ein Trend der heißt genderless danshi ... (idk ob das jz richtig geschrieben ist) SCHAU IHN DIR MAL AN DER IST ECHT COOL ... ALSO NICHT SO KAWAI MÄSSIG ABER EINFACH RICHTIG COOL . DEIN VATER IST JA MAL RICHTIG COOL ... MEIN STIEFVATER MACHT DIE KOREANER IMMER RUNTER WEGEN DEM STYLE 😥😤😢😢

  • Leah Rhas
    Leah Rhas 2 months ago +1

    Dein Dad ist ja mal Hammer sympathisch und openminded. Gefällt mir ❤😊

  • Isa :y
    Isa :y 2 months ago

    Puedes poner subtitulos en ESPAÑOL porfa

  • Jane J
    Jane J 2 months ago

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  • Lucas' Property
    Lucas' Property 2 months ago

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  • Hayfa Svuk
    Hayfa Svuk 2 months ago

    Cool ich liebe deine Videos 😘😘😘😘

    A.C.E ANIMATED 2 months ago

    thanks for sharing a.c.e with your dad and with youtube! He was so chill I love him!

  • Bella Miyu
    Bella Miyu 2 months ago

    Traumpapa 😆💪🏻☺️

  • 이대승
    이대승 2 months ago

    hellow~ i'm one of the korean guys who are interested in german culture~ thank you for sharing your video and your dad's so nice!

  • Johanna Jonas
    Johanna Jonas 2 months ago

    Dein dad ist der coolste!!!! 👌🏻❤️😂

  • V Kook
    V Kook 3 months ago

    I wonder how tall she is 🤔

  • Jennie Grande
    Jennie Grande 3 months ago

    Hos did You and your boyfriend meet?

  • Sabina Dervisevic
    Sabina Dervisevic 3 months ago

    you guys are so cute, but farina lets face it your dad is way cooler then you. Love how openminded he is.

  • Guido Bohmann
    Guido Bohmann 3 months ago

    Farina es wäre voll cool wenn du mal eine morgenroutine oder sogar einen ganzen Tag drehen würdest. Fals du mal Zeit hast

  • YumiWu
    YumiWu 3 months ago

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    joonieslov 3 months ago

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  • Марта Хорозова

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  • Silver Soul
    Silver Soul 3 months ago

    your dad is a legend 😂

  • J Raval
    J Raval 3 months ago

    very pretty when smiling. stay positive. keep a smile, even in bad days.

  • Øllie Blue
    Øllie Blue 3 months ago

    Omg I love A.C.E. so much😭😭😭 I loved this video!! I hope you have fun at the concert ♥♥♥

  • mairabella
    mairabella 3 months ago

    Your dad is so cool💜

  • Lidia Melaku
    Lidia Melaku 3 months ago

    I recently discovered your channel and I am on marathon. Your personality is absolutely lovely ❤

  • Rosalie Bam
    Rosalie Bam 3 months ago

    Dieser Moment wenn du auch deutsche bist und einfach alles verstehst😂❤

  • Zahra loves bts 3 years so far

    Man!! These boys with croptops outsold every girl...
    They look stunning

  • Zahra loves bts 3 years so far

    When people speak German it seems so easy!! But I literally dropped a course I paid a lot for when I saw the nembers 😂😂😂

  • Cocky Army
    Cocky Army 3 months ago

    Ich wünschte ich hätte auch so ein Vater meiner hasst alles was mit Korea oder so zutun hat

  • Zahra loves bts 3 years so far


  • 긴여행을끝내며
    긴여행을끝내며 3 months ago +1

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  • Hvzirae
    Hvzirae 3 months ago +1

    I came here bcs i definitely knows that Kang Daniel will be in this vd jskjsksks he's the one wearing the crop top with suspenders underneath it uwu yr vd is so cool and also yr dad /KEEP IT UP/!

  • Anna ART
    Anna ART 3 months ago

    wow good job only 1 dislike woha

  • Idk Nah molla
    Idk Nah molla 3 months ago

    I love you so much you have such a bubbly personality xxx

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    Alexandra Oana 3 months ago


  • April Chrysta
    April Chrysta 3 months ago

    Your dad is actually cool. So open to different cultures! If i had a dad, i wish to have one just like him! (Never had a dad since i was 5, now I'm 38! Lol) He is super cool! Nice video! :)

  • Singularity Rat
    Singularity Rat 3 months ago

    Your dad literally is so funny I love him when he shows up in ur vids! Thanks for another amazing video. I am always so eager for a new video of yours to come out! Thank you for all that you do Farina!

  • Watermelon Kool-Aid
    Watermelon Kool-Aid 3 months ago

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    Katharina 3 months ago

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    Falon AhQuin 3 months ago

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    Sabrina Wuttke 3 months ago

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    Jessy Xi 3 months ago

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    Jikook Moon 3 months ago

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    븍숭아I'm just a 3 months ago

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  • Sarah D.
    Sarah D. 3 months ago

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    BTS lipa and Hobi bia 3 months ago

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    Nadia Ruiz 3 months ago

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    lalisa Manoban 3 months ago

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  • Babbling
    Babbling 3 months ago

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    Junhee screams happily in the distance

  • Babbling
    Babbling 3 months ago

    That moment when your father is more chill than half the kpop community lmao
    Goals👌🏻 Stan a.c.e btw

    THE LAULOOK 3 months ago

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    Liam - 3 months ago

    Ich mag dein Vater😂👌er mag die Musik und meine Eltern Hassen das Übels😮🙄er sagt nicht so wie mein Vater "Boar die sind so ekelhaft Schwul"

  • Bregan
    Bregan 3 months ago

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  • Kooma
    Kooma 3 months ago

    Possibly the coolest dad on RU-clip! Funny thing is, those hot pants were not particularly well received here in Korea. I didn't think of Angus Young angle though, good on him!

  • Master King Lee
    Master King Lee 3 months ago

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    SugaPeach l AU 3 months ago

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    Silent Dawn 3 months ago

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    park eun sun. k-pop 3 months ago +1

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    -pancake- 3 months ago +1

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    Jenny HK 3 months ago

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    Anna Army 3 months ago +3

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