• Published on Sep 1, 2018
  • Should you book a hotel directly or through a hotel comparison site? Are hotel comparison sites actually cheaper than going direct? Today we investigate how much money you could be saving if you went straight to the hotel!
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  • Harry Boyce
    Harry Boyce 3 days ago

    As someone who owns tourist accommodation it is great that u are getting this info out, these sites are being too greedy, a min of 16 euro of every hundred I earn is going to these sites! 🤬

  • Greg Sanders
    Greg Sanders 7 days ago

    You're a riot ! Most entertaining and humorous amateur video I've ever seen. I'll definitely be taking lots of what you've said on board. Thanks :)

  • lochNesssie
    lochNesssie 21 day ago

    I always check the price at booking and also at the hotels page and I have never found a room more expensive on booking... this is so strange :D but I travel only around Europe, maybe it is different here? Even when I went to smaller apartments or hotels, they gave me a discount and tell me to book next time directly, but even with the discount it was always more expensive.

  • Coaster World
    Coaster World Month ago

    you can also save money by booking train tickets through aswell instead of buying from train stations.

  • DIRTY451
    DIRTY451 2 months ago is crap try alpharooms

  • Bits Of Ben
    Bits Of Ben 2 months ago

    This is so funny. I booked a travelodge in London for 4 nights this coming August. Trivago said the price was £179 for the entire stay whereas I looked at the site direct and it was £149. Sometimes it is best going direct!

  • Matteo Segala
    Matteo Segala 3 months ago

    Hello. I own a hotel. To be more precise you cannot consider a comparison website. It is a unique platform. A comparison website is trivago or kayak. Most of the time, especially for small hotels, booking direct is cheaper because we don’t pay the 15-20% commission. If you don’t find a better deal on the direct website, call the hotel and ask, very likely they will make a better offer.
    Even comparison website like kayak and trivago are not transparent: you get usually only the results of Expedia and If the hotel doesn’t pay for an ad campaign or doesn’t have a platform to communicate the availability and the prices from its own private engine to the trivago website, you will not find the direct prices among trivago results. We have to pay for every click on our direct website link. Things are changing fast...

  • Sikder Diamond
    Sikder Diamond 3 months ago

    Watching u after few months

  • E A
    E A 3 months ago

    We need that as a sound clip. Inspector psycho here

  • Victoria Morgan
    Victoria Morgan 3 months ago

    I'm ashamed to know that I've been being scammed by comparison sites. Thank you for this.

  • Teodor M Gr8Crypto
    Teodor M Gr8Crypto 4 months ago

    My very first website is now live!
    Can you please let me know how it looks ?
    I am still working to ad products and articles and edit different things around .
    Thank you very much

  • Manal Jdidi
    Manal Jdidi 4 months ago

    How about any body try it

  • The Leasphere
    The Leasphere 5 months ago

    Im so glad you did this video! I myself have been working in hotels as a receptionist and so many times people were sure to have a cheaper deal than the price the hotel make directly! It is crazy, if only they knew!

    STEPHAN FEIBISH 6 months ago

    Just watched 4 mins. of video. Started wondering if a hotel chain would give world/nomad travellers a discount if they more or less exclusively used that hotel chain. That's something you might want to check into if you haven't already.

  • Stephanie Daigle
    Stephanie Daigle 7 months ago

    Working front desk at a hotel, I can tell you that you really should book direct. If something happens and you want a refund or anything, it's easier to deal with the hotel than trying to fight the third party booking site. You don't pay the hotel, you pay the third party company. They don't care about your stay. The hotel does, and will make it right, if you booked with them.

  • g hasynchroduck
    g hasynchroduck 8 months ago

    Personally I have found Expedia to either be the same price or less expensive than booking directly. Plus their customer service has helped me out in tough situations (such as the hotel NOT being anything like they presented themselves to be). Plus their loyalty program has allowed me to stay in hotels for $5.00 a night! The reality is because of cookies and internet tracking my results may not match yours. Right or wrong has pegged you as a customer who doesn't care as much about getting the best deal and as someone who doesn't comparison shop... so you get charged more.

  • Phiela Rapheigh
    Phiela Rapheigh 8 months ago

    Regardless hotel or flight I will always go to the comparison site and cross check with direct price before make my purchase.

  • Steve Prince
    Steve Prince 8 months ago

    So fat now.

  • Ztez Maxim
    Ztez Maxim 8 months ago

    Who here breathed a sigh of relief Aly wasnt talking about skyscanner?
    Hand raised

  • Ztez Maxim
    Ztez Maxim 8 months ago

    IHG is headquartered in atlanta ga. I think. I pass by their skyscraper with their name on the top twice a month

  • Kleber Medeiros
    Kleber Medeiros 8 months ago

    Hello everyone, I`m from Brazil and I`m planning to travel the world next year, but till then I`ll need to improve my speaking skills... Is there any English native speaker that could help me up? Tks in advance!!!

  • Emy Reads
    Emy Reads 8 months ago

    I just got to watch the video about booking through third parties.
    I want to add something to add as someone who works at a front desk of a hotel chain; this video is truly is SO important to avoid being scammed! Not only it is MORE expensive though third parties but more often than not, they will book and guarantee rooms to customers the hotel does not even have...
    For example:
    -Room with a balcony when the hotel doesn't have any;
    -Room for 5 aka 2-3 beds when the third party actually booked a room with one queen (& yes sometimes the hotel is full and it is impossible to fill the request upon arrival);
    -Room with a certain view when said view does not exist or is never guaranteed;
    -Parking/breakfast included when in fact it isn't;
    -2 rooms side by side but third party booked rooms under 2 different names and never asked for said rooms to be close (how is the hotel supposed to guess?)
    Of course, it is part of the job to fulfilled the customers' requests and I happily do so when I can (complementary breakfast for example) but when the hotel is full and I do not have the room the third party promised, I can't really do anything unfortunately.
    Anyways, I don't think third parties are all bad, but I have seen so many customers be disappointed over the years because third parties promised things they can't guarantee that I can't help but STRONGLY advice not to use them, ever

  • Anna Rehbinder
    Anna Rehbinder 8 months ago

    Tip always use an anonomous tab When you shop because next time you go in they in many cases Will have upped their prices based on the fact that you’ve been in before ( comes from inside the travel industry ) goes for all sorts of booking sites and for the travel itself ( Ps dyslexic never could spell that)

  • Compass North
    Compass North 8 months ago

    A good point also.....when you search for vacation packages etc....using Xpedia or Travelocity or any site like that....after your search and checking out resorts make sure you delete all browsing history and cookies. The sites will know you have been there when and if you return to continue searching and the prices will increase and limited booking times will increase etc.....and if you didn't know better you will feel like you had better book now because the resort only has X number of rooms available !!!
    Once I was on the computer at a resort booking through a online thing like xpedia or travelocity and my wife was on the same site on her iPad and we had different prices.....EXTREMELY different prices for the same booking ! Obviously we booked on her iPad. Cookies are sometimes not good for you.

  • AllyCreative
    AllyCreative 8 months ago

    We booked a hotel in Edinburgh through expedia for £50 a night for 2 people and if we went direct with the hotel it would have been £120 a night. We saved a lot of money and as poor students we really appreciated it. Our train back to London was delayed, so we got compensation and were able to travel to 2 more towns :)

  • Sizzlemann
    Sizzlemann 8 months ago

    I actually have the IHG credit card that I can book an IHG hotel room with. I get 6x the points for using the card (costs of the room) plus the points for staying at the IHG property as an IHG member. Win, win. I now have enough points for about 7 free nights of hotel stay (depending on area). Plus you get room upgrades when available. If you travel a lot, you need to look into travel hacking.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 8 months ago

    very useful channel thank you for your videos

  • KungZoo
    KungZoo 8 months ago

    I found the CBC marketplace episode here:

  • Breath Of The Mekong Tours

    I hope that one day when you travel to Viet Nam, I can offer a Mekong Delta Tour for you ^^

  • Travel Bug Bee
    Travel Bug Bee 8 months ago

    So does that mean flight comparison sites are the same????

  • Dina Cruising Thru Life

    I’ve been a member of IHG and other hotel sites. The membership is usually free. I have received free night stays or reduced fee using points.

  • Dabbsy
    Dabbsy 8 months ago

    Would hostels be the same? Imaaaaa investigate. Thanks for this... 😁

  • Danielle
    Danielle 8 months ago

    This was quite biased as I often find my hotels are cheaper on comparison sights. I mainly use and always check vs direct and wins most of the time for me. I also find way more trustworthy than some hotel sights.

  • Richard's World Traveler

    You need to use more comparison sites. And use some that have bonus points. I use Orbitz with the Orbitz Credit card to get a lot of free credit on hotel stays. I don't use them if I get a much lower price elsewhere though.

  • Brian Amamoto
    Brian Amamoto 8 months ago

    cheaper flights based on where you are located?

  • godoggo
    godoggo 8 months ago

    Your Awesome!! I wish i could keep you 'on my shoulder' while i Venture the World : )
    Im Def gonna start staying more at IHG!! I'll tag my squad with this vid.

  • Bad Bear Bad
    Bad Bear Bad 8 months ago

    For site like or have few advantage too since it provide hotel information, traveler review and photo and list of hotel that fit our needs and budget. Obvious we can use this site for research and book directly to our hotel choice. Personal I have try both way, have book tru a 3rd party site which offer much cheaper than booking directly and vice versa.

  • Moran Guy
    Moran Guy 8 months ago

    Thanks for the video , I can admit that when I last time ordered an accommodation for our travel I compared it with the direct price for the hotel and it was cheaper in 200$USD , can you believe it ?

    NICOLE MCDOUGALD 8 months ago

    How about doing a video were you investigate to see if the recommendations and the comments about the hotel are correct or are they made up. I know a lot of it is just off of personal experience as they go to their hotel but you'll read so many different comments with wonderful recommendations about them and I always wonder if they are just made up to help sell the room.

  • Laura Galore
    Laura Galore 8 months ago

    I went to South Korea solo in 2016. I did just that. Use booking and agoda to find hotels and guesthouses and then xontact those directly.
    You can have cheaper rooms or gifts for free. Ive mail the hotels/guesthouses. Told them about what ive found on a comparaison website. And ask them if they could do better? Got a wifi egg for 4 days completely free of charge and a large amount of free breakfast because i book directly.

  • Dorota MUA
    Dorota MUA 8 months ago

    interesting. I am always comparing deeply prices for my holiday trips, also with direct suppliers. never had better deals directly. But almost always got massively discounted prices through discounted deals on comprising sides mainly via using membership, secret deals, -/+ discounting codes. even from 10-over 50% off! additional interesting fact. got two accounts or few on each page and I am finding that the deals and promo coupons are different on each account. MY tip. Yes go to compare page in advance monitor prices but don't buy instantly unless you really have to and it's urgent, but only if you spot a good deal. so to multiple suppliers, comparing sides, sign up to every possible newsletter, membership program! search for online dicount codes!

  • Theresa Boshoff
    Theresa Boshoff 8 months ago

    My advice to anyone is find a chain they really like and join their rewards program and be loyal to the brand. I have been a Marriott rewards member for a few years now and I am currently a platium level member and love the perks I get for making the level.

  • Lisa Evans
    Lisa Evans 8 months ago

    I'm about to go travelling so thank you for spilling the tea on comparison sites. I'll be sure to book direct 👍

  • hikkipedia
    hikkipedia 8 months ago

    One time, I blew hundreds of dollars on weekend at a Toronto hotel because the bargain site was timing me and panicked - only to find out that I had booked the wrong weekend for my event. It was non refundable or transferable.

  • Ellie Pamela
    Ellie Pamela 8 months ago

    I have been binge watching you I've just come across you and you are the exact channel in looking for u have a 13 hour flight next month and your videos have given me so many ideas on what to do on it and what I should get for it THANKYOU

  • charlieismadeofbrick
    charlieismadeofbrick 8 months ago

    Do you think if I cancel a booking .com reservation and rebook they will notice lol

  • Lessilu
    Lessilu 8 months ago

    I wanna shoot an arrow in favour of comparison websites. Many times they are actually cheaper than booking direct.
    In particular when one becomes a "genius customer". I just booked 2 nights in London with for 250 pounds, while booking direct would have costed 350 pay in advance.
    it's good to always check all the options as it always depends :)

    DOR ATTARD 8 months ago

    It might seem ‘cheaper’ booking directly with the hotel but one needs to consider the currency exchange rate (online exchange rate is not always the same with bank) since if you book directly with the hotel, you have to pay in their currency. Also there are taxes and possible extra fees. When in Thailand we thought it was cheaper to go directly, in person, to the hotel but we found it was way cheaper to book online.

  • Ariana Snell
    Ariana Snell 8 months ago

    I found I’ve saved more money booking through Trivago/TripAdvisor than the actual hotel. In Inverness I’m staying 2 nights at The Royal Highland Hotel and booking it through the comparison site it’s $164.35 and through to website it’s 200+ for the same room, dates and days. (Mind you that’s in AUD)

  • Fabio Santeira
    Fabio Santeira 8 months ago


  • changingears
    changingears 8 months ago

    i've also heard that when you visit one of these sites and check out a room they leave a cookie on your computer so that they can keep track of how many times you have visited the site and steadily increase the price of the room each time you visit. this puts pressure on the consumer to book immediately and also makes them more money if you delay. try looking at a room several times on the same site and you'll see what i mean. so i've heard it is best to visit these sites in incognito mode or clear your cookies before revisiting these sites to avoid this trap.

  • Gary Caudwell
    Gary Caudwell 8 months ago

    I've done similar comparisons for flights and found that mostly booking flights direct is best too.

  • EdaLu312
    EdaLu312 8 months ago +1

    I‘m loving inspector psycho!!!!❤️ you could do a video on sightseeing/entering prices 🤗 Love you ally ❤️

  • Matthew Tasker
    Matthew Tasker 8 months ago

    Inspector Psycho at her finest 😎
    BTW you should definitely learn more about the ins and outs of IHG points cos they do a lot more than just help cut the price of hotel nights. Like did you know that you can convert them into their partners' airline frequent flyer miles in order to redeem for cheapskate flights ?

    • Matthew Tasker
      Matthew Tasker 8 months ago

      +PsychoTraveller as an example 20,000 IHG points can convert into 4,000 British Airways Avios points. Which is the amount needed for an off peak one way award ticket for European flights up to 650 miles in distance from London (4,000 Avios off peak, 4,500 peak). Even when booked last minute, like even same day Travel, you'd pay just £17.50 in taxes and fees

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  8 months ago +1

      Really?? Wow! That's awesome! 😆

  • That's What "i" Said
    That's What "i" Said 8 months ago

    I found quite often getting a "package" deal of hotel and airfare is a WAY better deal than booking each separately. In the past I have spent many (many) hours looking for separate "deals" on airfare and on hotel but it never added up less than a package. For instance, calculating a trip from Vancouver BC to NYC that I just booked (and this worked for Maui too), I see the hotel alone cost almost the SAME as when I was looking a hotel separately, and the airfare is a little over $300 RETURN, DIRECT! UNHEARD OF. I could NOT find airfare to NY for $300 ANYwhere. Food for thought. :)

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  8 months ago +1

      I've got a few ideas for videos concerning this so I'm glad you said this. 🙃🙃

  • צחי דברת
    צחי דברת 8 months ago +2

    I think many of the hotels are binded by contract to offer the same price directly, so they "make up" special discount offers like "pay now". Just recently a save 100 euro (!) (for 3 nights family room in Paris) by booking directly and taking their "ecological offer" which basically meant that they don't change your towels or sheets for 3 days.

  • Allison Acosta
    Allison Acosta 8 months ago


  • Everyday JulieKay
    Everyday JulieKay 8 months ago +3

    Just compared places in Ao Nang hotel with direct & Expedia... was more $$$ with hotel site.

  • Meggie Kay
    Meggie Kay 8 months ago +2

    I use booking .com to book a lot of my hostels/hotels out of convenience. I don't have to use my credit card to book or pay a deposit for most of the hostels. Especially since I'm living and travelling in a "cash society", I avoid using my credit card if possible. I just went through the bookings I have for my trip this month through Kyoto, Tottori, and Hyogo Prefectures and most of them were the exact same price. For the one hotel, I couldn't find the option to add breakfast on their website which is included in my booking so that would explain the ¥500 difference and one was actually more expensive if I booked through their website (like ¥1000 more expensive). So I guess it depends on where you are staying.

  • Metta Kindness
    Metta Kindness 8 months ago

    Question for another video: When is the best time to book flights to get a better deal? Is it better to wait a month before travel or to time the booking based on seasonality of when you will be in a particular country or place, or is there not much difference? How far in advance do you book international flights vs domestic flights and why? Also what do you think of Airline clubs? (Airport lounge) where you can sit comfortably and relax before a flight. (Are they worth the membership fees etc? Are there any tricks to get discounts on Airline Airport lounges?).

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  8 months ago +1

      I definitely want to look into the when and wheres of booking flights!

  • Vegard Heyerdahl
    Vegard Heyerdahl 8 months ago

    I use the program where I get the 10th night free based on the average booking value. I also use something called trumf in Norway too save even more money so in my case it's mostly been cheaper like that. But I always do a lot of comparisons

  • Amy B
    Amy B 8 months ago

    Who knows how much my laziness cost me on my 3 week trip in August??!!?

  • niknah
    niknah 8 months ago +3

    The comparison sites charge the hotel/accommodation a % of the booking. So in theory, it should always cost them less to take a direct booking. But in reality I find that it doesn't happen every time like in this video.

  • UrbanEDC LTD
    UrbanEDC LTD 8 months ago +2


  • Ben Garrett
    Ben Garrett 8 months ago

    I asked friends who worked in the industry about this subject a few years ago. They said hotels once offered the same rates for 3rd party booking sites as what they gave to travel agents. As booking sites had lower overheads and external funding they could sell rooms for much lower prices with their primary aim to quickly grow market share.
    Hotels didn't care as they wanted occupied rooms but ultimately saw there was more money to be made by selling directly to guests. So eventually they raised the rates offered to the booking sites and offered guests direct booking price guarantees and discounts via loyalty schemes to entice repeat business.

  • Joona Mäkinen
    Joona Mäkinen 8 months ago

    What about hostels?

  • The World n Us
    The World n Us 8 months ago +1

    I’m surprised to see such a big difference. I saw a show once talking about sites like and Agoda. They were saying these websites have agreements with hotels that they can’t advertise cheaper rates than the rates given on the 3rd party website. Things might have changed since then.
    Something that happened to us in Bali was really surprising! We didn’t book any accommodation on a 1 month trip and were walking in to each hotel to book. We’d know the rate online we would have to pay. Every time we got a cheaper rate when we walked in except for one place. Instead of matching the price they told us to book through They even gave us their wifi password to make the booking. Crazy! I think they do this though so their hotel shows up higher in searches on

  • K D
    K D 8 months ago +1

    Loved this video! I work in a hotel and the commissions we pay are frightening. We fall to the trappings of what you have said and more. It gets so complicated sometimes it blows our minds. Even things such as the comparisons paying a higher bid for their web search listings, meaning we are fourth on the list when you search directly for our property.
    We offer same Cancellation policy across all our channels but always easier and more flexible for a direct booking, if we get a cancellation call for a third party booking we have to refer back to the site they booked on.
    Even though I’ve told her to always book direct, my mum has been caught out by the ‘this is the last room’ comments on the comparison sites as well.

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis 8 months ago +1

    This was such a creative video and still very informative.

  • Elly Bearne
    Elly Bearne 8 months ago

    same goes for Hostelworld just use it for review and then book direct, alway better

  • Dovki Paul
    Dovki Paul 8 months ago

    wow. we all lost so much money...

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  8 months ago

      😔 I don't even want to think about it 🙈🙈

  • GTMDreams
    GTMDreams 8 months ago +7

    I loved this video! Although I think it would have been so much better if it wasn't just checking Booking but also other websites like Expedia, Trivago or Agoda. I always compare the comparison website with the actual hotel website and really... just a few times it was worth to book on the hotel website.

    • Let's Vagabond
      Let's Vagabond 8 months ago

      Those are all expedia companies

    • The World n Us
      The World n Us 8 months ago

      True. I think there are 2 major umbrellas all these sites are under.

    • David Howell
      David Howell 8 months ago

      Most of the sites are owned by the same company anyway.

    • The World n Us
      The World n Us 8 months ago +3

      GTMDreams good point. There are so many sites to compare prices. It makes it very time consuming particularly if planning a long trip with multiple locations.

  • Lynn Koepke
    Lynn Koepke 8 months ago +2

    I’m going to unsubscribe from your channel. This blog is so fake. You have been traveling for years, you never thought to check prices direct? That’s bs ... You only made this because you are being paid to do so. Just like you were paid by Airbnb to promote their site. O know you need sponsorship to keep traveling but now you’ve completely lost your credibility.

  • Daniel Womack
    Daniel Womack 8 months ago

    LOVE the Inspector Psycho Series!!! I hope more are coming!

  • Stephan Kirk
    Stephan Kirk 8 months ago

    Hi Ally, Great video! I have also found the same principle works for flights - use the airport sites, flights sites to find the flights, then go direct to the airline's site - I've always found it cheaper to go direct! :)

  • Pauline Beal
    Pauline Beal 8 months ago

    Hey love the video. Could you do one for flying. I have always been hesitant to book through 3 Rd party sites.

  • Prem Anand
    Prem Anand 8 months ago

    I am your fan..your way of doing the vlog is awesome..keep up the good work!!!

  • Nerd’s Travels
    Nerd’s Travels 8 months ago

    Do the same thing with airlines... same results.

  • Linda Kjennerud
    Linda Kjennerud 8 months ago

    Awesome video! Love your channel! I just would like to add that in Scandinavia it can be opposite. It’s cheaper to book at a comparison site than at the hotel. But some hotels are allowed to matching the price at the comparison sites. Same day bookings will often be the same, but if you book in advance you will often save at the comparison sites:)

    • The World n Us
      The World n Us 8 months ago

      Linda Kjennerud, I read somewhere these 3rd party sites have terms with the hotels that they can’t advertise a cheaper rate. So I’m not surprised it’s cheaper to book with them. It may vary in different countries.

  • 26Bluegb
    26Bluegb 8 months ago +3

    I use the comparison sites to find the hotels and then check with the hotel direct. I have NEVER had direct be cheaper or offer more for a regular hotel. The only "comparison" site that has ever shown higher than direct was monasterystays.

  • Fanny for Fun
    Fanny for Fun 8 months ago +44

    Good to know...
    Would you mind investigating if you actually get cheaper flights from sites like Momondo and other similar websites?

    • Michaela
      Michaela 5 months ago

      I work in customer service for an airline and I constantly get customers who ask why they find cheaper prices on other sites than the airlines own site. I recently booked a trip for myself, and of course booked directly with the airline I work for (I don't get perks but know who to call if something goes wrong). Afterwards, I checked Skyscanner to see if I would have been able to get a cheaper price elsewhere. And surely, the price was almost 20€ cheaper. I then went ahead and made a test booking with one of the travel agencies. 1. There are more steps to process on these travel agency cites. You are bombarded with extra services that you absolutely need, like cancellation covers, extra bags, insurance for your bag etc. 2. It would have cost me over 6€ just to check in for my flight and get my travel documents sent to me (which normally is free) 3. They also charge an extra handling fee on top of the airlines service fee when a ticket has to be changed. For example, a name correction would cost 30€ at the airline and the travel agency would take an additional 20€ on top. My own experience. The airlines have a much harder time helping customers who have booked through a travel agency. On a daily basis, I have to tell customers to call the travel agency they booked from, because I don't have the right to change or cancel a ticket which is not issued directly by the airline.

    • J Bean
      J Bean 8 months ago +2

      +PsychoTraveller I often use those sites just to FIND a good one for me time wise, but then book direct. Most of those sites sell only the lowest fare which doesn't include being able to choose your seat ahead of time, or make you pay separately for a checked bag, where direct it's cheaper often to begin with, and especially if you just book the middle fare and don't have to then add on the bag fee etc. So that's my take- use the sites to compare all the different airlines to find a flight you are interested in and book it direct.

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  8 months ago +5


  • The Huuz AhmeD
    The Huuz AhmeD 8 months ago

    Come to bd

  • kateemma22
    kateemma22 8 months ago

    I was the same until last year. It didn’t even occur to me to do this much research but it’s insane. On a 6 week UK trip I booked five times direct with the hotel, and only two times through Expedia, and saved a ton doing that. It took longer but ultimately booking is the fun you get to have before the date of departure so might as well do the legwork.

  • Blinkit Photography
    Blinkit Photography 8 months ago

    Sometimes Groupon has good deals which sometimes include food and/or a show.

  • Louise Roden
    Louise Roden 8 months ago

    Great video Ally! I always check direct after I’ve used comparison sites. Defo more often than not it’s cheaper to go direct. Although currently in a 5* in Vienna that I couldn’t afford if I’d gone direct (195 euros a night - sheesh!!) but I found it through Trivago. - Love Holidays for 114!

    • The World n Us
      The World n Us 8 months ago

      Louise Roden, sounds like you got an amazing deal there 👍

  • Saalmanjika Jaiswal
    Saalmanjika Jaiswal 8 months ago

    Wow great info... BTW you look so much like Jenna Fischer

  • Amanda
    Amanda 8 months ago

    Facinating. Will be keeping this in mind in the future.

  • Amareen Hussain
    Amareen Hussain 8 months ago

    I realised the same thing a couple of days ago. I managed to book the W hotel in Amman with some extras for cheaper than on the UK comparison sites and I get points on the starwood/spg programme. Win win! I felt bad too about wasting so much money using comparison sites all these years. 😭

  • ABC_123
    ABC_123 8 months ago +2

    Great video! Learned a lot! I totally forgot to check directly with the hostel I booked a month ago. But I looked at the benefits of booking with They give a free night for every 10 nights and they work with ebates, and the day I booked they had 8% cash back with So I only ended up paying about $1.90 per night for my stay and I get 4 nights towards my 10 nights rewards. So I guess booking indirectly for me worked out this time. >.

  • Kimberly H
    Kimberly H 8 months ago +4

    I’ve found a lot cheaper deals on the booking sites over the actual hotel I was trying to stay at. I’ve even called tired calling the hotel I was trying to book and asked them and they could “price match” and they said no. I’ve had that happen a few times. I think only one hotel actually agreed. I think it depends on the hotel.

    • The World n Us
      The World n Us 8 months ago +1

      We had this same issue with one hotel in Bali. We were walking in to hotels to make our bookings. This one place wouldn’t price match. They actually told us to make the booking online. They even gave us their wifi password to make the booking. They’re basically giving up the commission they have to pay the 3rd party website. Just crazy isn’t it.

  • Radhika Dietrich
    Radhika Dietrich 8 months ago

    That's interesting. I never really thought about that. To be honest tho I was travelling for some months in Asia and mainly booking through and usually the prices for hostels were the same on the site as when I was booking right at the hostel.

  • Moira1309
    Moira1309 8 months ago

    One thing some hotels do not have there own website and using compare companies to get bookings. So that is why I am using or other websites. In Thailand you see that a lot of hotels do not have a website.

  • Shanti Naturechild
    Shanti Naturechild 8 months ago

    I always go to the source of anything! Instead of through Amazon for example, I search original company and compare prices especially if I get more than one product from one company. It's not hotel rooms but I'd do the same with hotels or hostels.

  • Stuart Youll
    Stuart Youll 8 months ago

    I do this very same thing with my flights to Thailand,I always end up booking direct with the airline as its cheaper or the same price as the comparison sites,plus I can choose my seats for free (not emirates)and not get dumped in the middle of the middle row.Just tried it with the hotel I wanted in Patong and saved 90 quid but to be fair this hotels booking process was through agoda but still it was 90 quid cheaper than and so happy days,more beer tokens for me,cheers lol

  • Saint of Bacon
    Saint of Bacon 8 months ago

    I remember looking up hotel rooms when I graduated for my mom. On place advertised $49 on their building and some site wanted to charge $60 for the reservation. They are a rip off.

  • Bo Stark
    Bo Stark 8 months ago +27

    But you're not comparing the same thing. shows prices with taxes included. The prices on the direct sites shows prices without taxes.

    • Let's Vagabond
      Let's Vagabond 8 months ago +1

      Taxes are not always included. In India for instance taxes are always added once you get to the hotel. That has been the case more often than not

    • Adam FONG
      Adam FONG 8 months ago +1

      Actually booked direct normally is nett price and some maybe higher a bit but with early late check, or free upgrades

    • Ben Garrett
      Ben Garrett 8 months ago +5

      It's very annoying by the hotels and almost scammy. In some cities, taxes can significantly affect the price. Dubai has a peak season tourist tax rate of 12.5%, NYC it's a 6% tax.

    • The World n Us
      The World n Us 8 months ago +9

      This is a good point Bo. The taxes are often added to the total at the end on many hotel’s websites. I know I’ve come across this thinking I was getting a better deal booking direct and it turned out to be more expensive.

    MEISSOUN 8 months ago +1

    I am a genius user on which gives me some extra deals. I also like to shop around and might book 3 different hotels for the same trip and then cancel 2 of them when I have decided where to go. And one time the apartment I had booked and prepaid closed down - but helped me getting my money back.
    However there are places where I have been before and know what I will get, so I book there directly.

    • The World n Us
      The World n Us 8 months ago

      This is a good idea. Probably best for people that don’t travel regularly. I think it would be difficult to manage and maybe not worth the effort if you are a frequent traveller with lots of bookings in the pipelines.

  • Louise
    Louise 8 months ago

    That was such a great video! I knew hotel comparison site were usually more expensive (even though sometimes it's the same price) but what I like to do is go on those website to choose the hotel I want (best location, better looking, less expensive etc) and then go on this hotel website to have it cheaper !
    Edit : I actually posted the comment before you start talking about your tips and that was one of yours so, great tip ahaha

  • Éva Major
    Éva Major 8 months ago

    Thank you so much for making this video! Somebody please give me a pillow too

  • CarlaRose
    CarlaRose 8 months ago

    I booked a hotel on Tuesday for December for 2 nights directly with the hotel for £140. wanted £225 for the exact same room with breakfast!