Optimising a Trebuchet

  • Published on Jul 6, 2018
  • Trebuchets are pretty complex machines to get right! Having said that, this is a relatively basic design in comparison to many other modern designs (check out The Hurl wiki to see more thehurl.wikidot.com/trebuchet:trebuchets).
    Basically my aim for this was to build the most efficient trebuchet whilst sticking to a basic fixed axle frame. There are more efficient trebuchets out there, such as the MURLIN style, but in terms of ease of build, this is the closest you will get to a traditional trebuchet!
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  • Yiffox
    Yiffox 4 hours ago

    For when your neighbors are REALLY annoying...

  • sipkiller
    sipkiller 6 hours ago

    can you size this up about 2 or 3 times 10 times would be amazing

  • Sixte Albisetti
    Sixte Albisetti 9 hours ago

    Let's be honest.
    You did't searched this video.

  • Marcos Bressan
    Marcos Bressan Day ago

    To calculate efficiency (by the definition in physics) you should divide the square of the speeds, since kinetic energy is proportional to v ̂ 2

  • David Blurton
    David Blurton Day ago +2

    I've been watching too much PewDiePie and this shows up on Recommended

  • David McFaull
    David McFaull 2 days ago

    This man prepping for WW3 before any of us

  • Joe Fernández
    Joe Fernández 2 days ago

    BIG pp

  • Skyscare lastname
    Skyscare lastname 3 days ago

    How far does it go??

  • Richard Wallace
    Richard Wallace 3 days ago

    Did you know that if you add wheels to the base and allow it to move when operating, it will be much more efficient and the projectile will go much further?

  • karlbendik meldahl
    karlbendik meldahl 4 days ago


  • Dynamopa
    Dynamopa 5 days ago

    9:42 Someone at Wimbledon just got pelted

  • The Car Studio
    The Car Studio 6 days ago +1

    RiP BoB tHe Dog 2019-2019
    killed by a flying play button

  • Fred Flynstone
    Fred Flynstone 6 days ago

    wouldn't make a very good deportation catapult, the big beautiful wall is 30 feet high. I wanted an 80 foot high wall.

  • MoonFlux
    MoonFlux 7 days ago +1

    RU-clip: *Now is the time*

  • BorgerBuns
    BorgerBuns 7 days ago

    gotta know how much his neighbors hate him

  • lil beep
    lil beep 8 days ago

    uhhh really don't trust those velocity calculations considering you measured them whilst the ball was accelerating

  • Neortik
    Neortik 11 days ago

    Hi i don't understand at 8:52
    In the kinetic energy formula that you use. From where come the 2/0.056 ?

  • Seth Carley
    Seth Carley 12 days ago

    For fellow Americans just multiply m/s by 2 and you have a rough speed in mph

  • Blakiscolor
    Blakiscolor 12 days ago

    the not . not not 2 is reallllyyyy irritating

  • khomol
    khomol 14 days ago

    Well done. Looks fun

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton 15 days ago +1


  • HellHammerOfDoom
    HellHammerOfDoom 17 days ago

    Seriously? There is a video about optimising a trebuchet? Truly wonderful the internet is!

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 18 days ago

    Also, where did the 2 come from at 8:55 min?

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 18 days ago

    Can someone please explain at 2:00 min when he finds optimal meters per second. What is the equation?

    RYAN CHAMBERLAIN 19 days ago +2

    Teacher: ok class, today we’re going to learn about the Middle Ages!
    Girls: Ugh, history class sucks! Why can’t we learn about fashion?

  • Wesley Reynolds
    Wesley Reynolds 19 days ago

    Is this scalable?

  • Jan Schubert
    Jan Schubert 23 days ago

    Could you give some Measurements of this Trebuchet? I need it for school project..

  • Decker Whyle
    Decker Whyle 24 days ago

    To maximize efficiency even more attach a small weight to the string midway between the ball and frame, you can expect a 10-15% increase in efficiency

  • halfhawkhalfman
    halfhawkhalfman 25 days ago

    Cool video, thanks.

  • Zymosan99
    Zymosan99 26 days ago

    the superior siege engine

  • DeViT ArrowBlast
    DeViT ArrowBlast 28 days ago

    Ah yes, the superior siege weapon

  • Volbla
    Volbla 28 days ago

    This is very cool.

  • Олег Абросимов

    Ireland, go!

  • Asegdirb Does Gaming
    Asegdirb Does Gaming 29 days ago

    im supposed to be doing my spanish presentation right now, but youtube reccomended this, and...

  • drafura
    drafura 29 days ago

    What is a mile ?

  • jean-marc Chabrouty
    jean-marc Chabrouty 29 days ago

    what about the neighboor's garden full of tennis balls ?

  • Maksym Radionov
    Maksym Radionov Month ago

    ru-clip.com/video/K7mB5iftarQ/video.html but anyway high regards for your efforts and drilling!

  • c.j.
    c.j. Month ago

    It might be harder to calculate, but the real tangential velocity of these balls could be quite a bit higher than you say in the video.

  • fake name
    fake name Month ago

    What did that neighbor do? lmao This would be great at a dog park make all of those dog walkers earn there $7.35 an hour.

  • A. Rx
    A. Rx Month ago

    Its called zero

  • John Froh
    John Froh Month ago

    Try putting the Trebuchet on wheels. The frame was rocking because your com was shifting as the counter weight moves around the axis. Adding the weight on the frame stops the moving, but you're still losing that energy trying to move the frame. By adding wheels and allowing the trebuchet to move forward and backward, the com is allowed to move back and forth, and the counterweight can fall straight downwards, imparting more of it's energy into the arm, and subsequently the payload.

  • Inquisitor
    Inquisitor Month ago

    The peasants: M'lord we needeth more grain purchases from Frankia to survive the winter:
    Mineself, a man of erudition, after observing this moving picture: whipper trebuchets will allow us to retake the holy land.

  • Thiago F
    Thiago F Month ago

    >optimizing >doesn't work

  • Jonas fyldeng
    Jonas fyldeng Month ago

    Thank you

  • John Grund
    John Grund Month ago

    4:40 slomo sound is cool

  • Richysee
    Richysee Month ago

    A tennis server springs to mind having watched the slo-mo videos. Well done :)

  • Ben Crawford
    Ben Crawford Month ago

    360 persons currently under siege in their castles by sexy Trebuchets

  • Mortis
    Mortis Month ago

    As a Canadian, it fucks with me when you use _naught_ instead of _zero._

  • Tyler Hargrove
    Tyler Hargrove Month ago

    Your sling design is terrible. You need to make it out of leather and sew it. You calculate the shape of the sling from online calculators for slings.. it will also give you sling length. I did this back in 2003, so surely the data for slings is still online. A cup is not the proper design, the design is like an eyelet that POPS the projectile out of the back of the sling.

  • jake chef
    jake chef Month ago +1

    9:43 YEET

  • Jelestial
    Jelestial Month ago

    62% is more effective than muscular power (am I wrong?)

  • Roger Masson
    Roger Masson Month ago

    *guy enjoying his afternoon in his garden when suddenly showered by tennis balls travelling at 40m/s* what thE FUCK???

  • Frederic Nabet
    Frederic Nabet Month ago

    Get a life... Or a girlfriend...

  • Human Project
    Human Project Month ago

    thx for vid

  • Chris Tapp
    Chris Tapp Month ago

    Great video!

  • Larry Ferrari
    Larry Ferrari Month ago

    When I was a kid,(about 55 years ago) My Dad was a general contractor and built houses so there was always a surplus of scrap lumber in the back yard, which was adjacent to the electrical power line tower right of way and that gave me plenty of room to sling objects. I”m not sure what prompted me to do it, but for a number of years I built, what I called a catapult in the back yard that was similar to the one you are using only it was much more simple, using a skinny 20 foot tree trunk laying on the fulcrum and creating a receptacle to hold rocks on the weight end an another small cup shaped thing on the long end. We just pulled the long end down, loaded it with a rock and let it fly. Very primitive, but a hell of a lot of fun.

  • Tonatsi
    Tonatsi Month ago

    *Man makes homemade industrial yeeter*

  • J.R. 48
    J.R. 48 Month ago

    Fetch the ball , Bowser !

  • benjamin forge
    benjamin forge Month ago +1

    Where has the zero gone. Naught naught naught naught naught what

  • Ocato92
    Ocato92 Month ago

    Beautiful design, but if it were a full sized siege trebuchet it would be far more problematic to load than the conventional one.