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    Check out the best selection of manicure hacks and designs you gonna totally love! Our lifehacks are the best way to save the budget and have a perfect manicure.
    Try these perfect lifehacks:
    - Matte manicure looks very elegant and you don’t need to buy a special coat to achieve this effect. Apply a layer of your favorite nail polish and insert your finger into a glass with corn starch. Clean the nail from starch using a makeup brush. Ready!
    - You can easily make a nail polish at home. Take a clear nail polish and add any eyeshadows you have. Shake the nail polish using a wooden stick.
    - We share the way to deal with the grown-out nail polish - simply fix it with a beautiful glitter of matching color
    - You can make nail polish flowers to decorate hair accessories. You will need a thin wire that is bendy, nail polish, scissors. Watch full tutorial in our video
    - You can easily fix your nails using a tea bag. Cut small squares from tea bags. Cover the nail with a base coat and put a tea bag square on it. Cover with a second layer of base coat and correct the nail form using a nail file
    - You can create a perfect manicure design with the use of a marker and alcohol. Watch the full tutorial in our video!
    - Every girl knows how it’s hard to remove glitter nail polish. We have an idea of how to make peel-off manicure. Use PVA glue as a base coat and cover it with glitter nail polish.
    - Always take care of your nails and we are ready to share an easy and working idea how to make your nails stronger. Melt some wax in a bowl, let cool a bit. And place your fingers inside for few seconds and after that place fingers in a bowl with cold water. Repeat this procedure during the week
    01:17 Homemade nail polish
    02:02 Creative nail design idea
    03:07 Homemade nail polish remover
    05:10 Surprising ways to use nail polish
    07:59 Peel-off manicure

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