What Brexit Deal Do EU Countries Want? - Brexit Explained

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • Our viewers asked us to make a video which runs through what every single EU nation wants from the EU/UK brexit deal. They asked, we did. So here is a breakdown of what individual EU countries want from Brexit.
    PART TWO: ru-clip.com/video/JG_jqQojAFM/video.html

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  • Alvin Wu
    Alvin Wu Day ago

    Norway 🇳🇴, Switzerland 🇨🇭, Belarus 🇧🇾, Ukraine 🇺🇦, Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦, Andorra 🇦🇩, Monaco 🇲🇨, Liechtenstein 🇱🇮, San Marino 🇸🇲, Vatican City 🇻🇦, Iceland 🇮🇸 and Moldova 🇲🇩: *Leave if you want to. We’re not in it anyway...*

  • Thierry Paris
    Thierry Paris 9 days ago

    This is not good. I repeat to have access to single market you have to pay membership fees ok! So you don't want to pay you are out. France have paid the UK rebate since Thatcher for UK to come in after de gaulle said no. So happy to be European without uk which will be desunited soon and poorest to not trade on euro derivatives and bonds. City will be cut in 2. Lol

  • Billie Piper’s Teeth
    Billie Piper’s Teeth 10 days ago +1

    I have today been reviewing the EU Commission's negotiating strategy (or in other words, the priorities upon which each of the EU27's future trade relationship with the UK will be negotiated against regardless of if or not is is convenient to their own interests).
    It looks and reads like a 17 year old Business Studies A Level Student first Microsoft Power Point project.
    There really isn't a lot in there except for the pathological repetition of the term "Level Playing Field" with this being broken down into three areas : Employment, Environment and Corporate Taxation.
    There is quite evidently a great deal of fear of a highly competitive UK in Brussels and they are shitting in their pretty pink panties about it.
    Now whilst I can see some mutual benefit in shared minimum standards on Employment and Environment agreed on the basis of like for like reciprocity, having the same for Corporate Taxation is something that really doesn't interest us since our post-EU vision is that of a low-tax high-intellect economy. So thanks but no thanks on that one, it isn't something we would value.
    The focus must, and no doubt will, be on zero-tariff zero-quota Free Trade, again agreed on the basis of like for like reciprocity.
    Anything else is just bum fluff, so keep it simple.

  • Tediuki Suzuki
    Tediuki Suzuki 2 months ago +1

    Germany is in recession so if I was the UK I would demand that all BMW 3 series right hand drive production is moved from the failing South Africa to England along with Mercedes C series and Audi A4 producton which also comes from South Africa with a failing electricity supply and a terrorist government . Or else tariff time will ensue . Who cares what that lesbian brussel sprout is spouting on about anyway we'll be dealing with the ADF shortly . I'd prefer a WTO Brexit . Otherwise known as a no deal Brexit by libtard remainers.

  • Freaking Emu
    Freaking Emu 4 months ago

    10:04 I’m sorry, but from what I heard our biggest trading partner is Germany

  • Support Israel, support peace.

    You're doing it by population not size

  • Dark 4x4
    Dark 4x4 5 months ago

    Inside the mind of Donald Trump:
    UK: is sailing away from Europe to join the USA.
    Greece: is very sad About this.
    Gibraltar: is Terrified.
    Cyprus: Dabble it wagwan!

  • Sample Grit
    Sample Grit 6 months ago

    Britain is leaving the EU dictatorship. Other EU members can leave when they want.

    • Seb C
      Seb C 5 months ago

      And Scotland is leaving the UK dictatorship.
      North Ireland is also going to leave.
      The UK has always been tyranical towards Scotland and North Ireland.

  • Samuel Olaogun
    Samuel Olaogun 6 months ago

    Brexit is dead like dodo after watching this video because May head is spinning like lotto machine.

  • Ron Colwell
    Ron Colwell 7 months ago

    Again very good at putting together a one sided story, silly really of course they all want what the UK has thats always been there game, if the British people want to be ruled by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats they deserve the final disruptive outcome and pathetic ending coming!

  • SvSkarl SVSkarlsrich
    SvSkarl SVSkarlsrich 7 months ago

    UK will likely be controlled by US then.
    .... For EU, UK can still say no, and....

  • Rust Bucket
    Rust Bucket 8 months ago

    We love the polish

  • Rust Bucket
    Rust Bucket 8 months ago

    Who cares what the Spanish say Gibraltar 🇬🇮 is British and has been for hundreds of years!

  • George
    George 9 months ago

    Deadline came and passed , nothing happened .

  • Henrik Rónai
    Henrik Rónai 9 months ago

    Oh look, it's after 29th of march! Come again? Still no brexit? How come? Oh I see...

  • Eduardo Grilo
    Eduardo Grilo 9 months ago

    Concerning Portugal, the concern is about British tourists, British citizens living in portugal and Portuguese citizens living and working in the UK, such as doctors and nurses

  • Quickrallye
    Quickrallye 10 months ago

    Jesus christ 17min video and 6 adverts. There was a time when i watched youtube becuse it had no adverts.

  • Donovan du Plooy
    Donovan du Plooy 10 months ago

    This playlist from the TLDR on Brexit is one of the most inpressive set of informative videos on the entire internet... on any subject!!!

  • Khelthrai Hellbane
    Khelthrai Hellbane 10 months ago

    Great video, although I'm afraid you've been misinformed about popular opinion on the whole concept of the EU. Here in Spain most people know the thing to be a farce. We are, more or less, of the opinion that regulations cut free will (though you'll struggle to find any libertarians here), therefore disabling diplomatic relations. Long story short: EU countries can't have the trade policies they want because the EU dictates the terms. Same goes for basically every aspect of the EU: it undermines the agency of spanish government to the point where the right wing shuts down any debate by saying "let Brussels decide", while the left (and the extreme right) is saying "If the brits get out, we're next in line". This is mainly because spanish voters can see the blatant disconnection between their vote and the political agenda of our parties. You see, this EU concept might work for a union of about 10 culturally related neighbouring countries, but here in Spain there is no democratic culture (our WW2 era dictatorial regime ended when the motherfucker died of old age, ffs) and we know for a fact that our politicians are just there for the money. Literally, the more you learn about the political landscape in Spain, the more you ask yourself how on earth did someone think it was a good idea to put Spain at the same level as the rest of western Europe. EU funding gets literally stolen in institutionalised schemes designed to make the numbers tell the story of a struggling, unruly population, when in reality our politicians are the most corrupt people you can find in the entire continent. Don't get misguided by what Spanish "representatives" say in public: the don't even represent their own household.

  • kairon156
    kairon156 10 months ago

    I wish Canada thought this hard about deals we make with other nations in our own continent.
    The EU might be able to make deals with Canada and I suppose the US that the UK can't on it's own.
    I guess I'm interested in what trade Deals Canada will be able to make across the pond.

  • Ⓝⓔⓡⓓ ⓞⓖⓤⓨ

    Gibraltar has seen some shit.

  • kdhlkjhdlk
    kdhlkjhdlk 10 months ago


  • Jorge Bruno
    Jorge Bruno 10 months ago

    greece looks phenomenal

  • Darius W
    Darius W 10 months ago +1

    Definitely got the german perspective (kind of) right.

  • Geert Snatersen
    Geert Snatersen 10 months ago +2

    Can you please make the shoes and socks of the Netherlands orange in future video's? that would be so great! ;-)

  • old time gamer
    old time gamer 10 months ago +1

    As an american I have my own deal for portugal. You bring the beer and we'll bring the pizza. If the UK doesn't want a slice that's their problem.

  • TheMcslade
    TheMcslade 10 months ago

    Blame games, it is everyone else fault that you don't have jobs or are not moving into a "new skills century". May and her party does nothing but cut services, raise your taxes and is a "do nothing" government. I have signed more petitions to keep your basic health clinics open. To restore things like "detectives and terrorist" watching Police units. You didn't have working fire trucks for the recent Grenfell Fire. All things were overseen by May. Plus it seems you're on a path to destroy a tentative peace with the Irish. This all smacks of "greed, bigotry, and elitism". Like the U.S. you've convinced the "low intellect and low skills" that all this is the fault of everyone else and pity you, you pay too much. The "no money" games, you've got plenty and it is all a lie you've fallen for. Your "Queen" is one of the richest women in the world, but she won't feed her poor or make sure her police have the right amount of detectives to keep her people safe, now that is special!

  • Demotruk
    Demotruk 10 months ago

    You haven't answered other commenters on this, but where did you get your data on trading partners of The Netherlands? Seems to be way off.

  • Europe
    Europe 10 months ago +4

    I mean, preferrably not leave at all. The more the merrier ;)

  • Jarec von Laasenberg
    Jarec von Laasenberg 10 months ago

    Legislation and Regulation wouldn't be an issue for relations between states if the EU didn't have the authority to rule over its members; taking away their self-governance in exchange for bloc-benefits. The Bloc should have never been about ruling over Europe and always been about allowing individual nations in Europe to work towards achieving common aims and encouraging democratic cooperation.

  • Todd R
    Todd R 10 months ago

    The EU is going to get the house, the car, the bank accounts and some sweet alimony out of this divorce. The UK is going to have to move back into the folks basement for a while.

  • Zsolt Sz
    Zsolt Sz 10 months ago +1

    Are you sure the figure "Poland got 89 millions structural funding" is correct? It seems like peanuts for a nation.

  • Ryko Kohne
    Ryko Kohne 10 months ago +1

    meanwhile im in the US watching these videos trying to understand this whole brexit thing

    • Meteor Media
      Meteor Media 10 months ago

      Basically as if one of your independent states leaders would fear- and hatemonger the states population into deciding to leave the union for very dubious reasons at best. The problem is that a lot of people in Britain seem to be unhappy with the way Britain is run and inexplicably (and incorrectly) believe that the countrys issues are the EUs fault and that exiting the EU will magically solve all their problems.

  • Mathias T.W.P
    Mathias T.W.P 10 months ago

    What about the Cool(d) Countries Club (EFTA)?

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong 10 months ago +1

    It’s not about money. It’s about faith. Britain can leave and EU will survive because it was always peripheral to the union. But if France or Germany leaves then it’s immediately game over.

  • kasa
    kasa 10 months ago

    Kind of shame, there are already some big business leaving UK because it would be too expensive to deal with trade. There's already 6% reduction at investments in UK. It just makes trading harder and negotiation position of UK worse.

  • William Jones
    William Jones 10 months ago

    Jose Barro.spain doesn't want British tourism you say,didn't think Spain was in a position to give up 13.5billion pounds that (British people spent there last year.

  • William Jones
    William Jones 10 months ago

    Joseph Barro, Spain doesn't want 17 million Brits going there and spending millions.what planet are you on.

  • J. B.
    J. B. 10 months ago

    Why do you call British imigrants expats?

  • Harry Coates
    Harry Coates 11 months ago

    Brits living abroad are not ex-pats they're immigrants

  • Eve Apple
    Eve Apple 11 months ago

    The fact that the EU fears giving a favourable deal to the UK because it might cause other members to want the same and thus cause the breakup of the EU just highlights how much crap stuff member states have to tolerate to benefit economically and how unsavory many EU citizens find basic EU ideology. If the EU was really sure that member states were fully on board with the project ideologically, they would let us go mad on cherry picking as we Leave and wouldn’t mind at all, they would be confident in the strength of support their member states have in the project beyond simple economics. I also think there are a lot of mixed messages from the Remain side and the EU - on the one hand they paint the UK as a rubbish economically insignificant nation whose exit will not be a problem at all for the rest of the EU, but in the same breath our military / security capability will be a big loss and also our departure seems to have a potentially very damaging indirect effect on the economies of other member states. Which one is it?!

  • Piotr Dudała
    Piotr Dudała 11 months ago

    @TLDR News +TLDR News Fact alone, that UK is not negotiating with unified party, says A LOT about EU. And don't be bothered about Poland - Poland has nothing to say, no leverage, nothing. It will do what is told. Poland will have to absorbe it. And those called "structural founds" are actually ON PAIR, IF NOT SMALLER, than money send by migrants direclty! Not to mention, direct transfers are far better used. Also EU does not offer ANY DEFENCE - and I didn't hear that UK is leaving NATO anytime soon. NATO is not EU, you know.... Poland, and other countries except France, will be screwed becasue Germany will become de facto hegemony in EU.

  • kathleen regan
    kathleen regan 11 months ago

    feck starting with size. Ye're most important priority is Ireland

  • Thierry van Thiel
    Thierry van Thiel 11 months ago +2

    Top trading partners for the Netherlands:
    1) Germany
    2) Belgium
    3) France
    4) UK
    19) Ireland
    Where are you getting your facts from?

    • Comrade Akimov
      Comrade Akimov 10 months ago

      british people think we are dependent on the UK while in reality they are way more dependent on the netherlands with rotterdam.

  • James Macfarlane
    James Macfarlane 11 months ago

    The EU doesn't care.

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill 11 months ago

    Well that was well explained best ever

  • alien gamer
    alien gamer 11 months ago

    Mmmm the netherlands and Ireland trade that much? Why would that be? 🤔🤔

  • Heather 17
    Heather 17 11 months ago

    I’m so glad uk is leaving, you are totally lost in the quagmire, , your thinking sounds like someone stuck in the mud and can’t lift their feet because the details are weighing you down like a ton of bricks. Yah hurrah we going to leave this conglomerate which has usurped our well being, it’s not about money power togetherness , it’s about integrity, you haven’t displayed any of this attribute , bye bye

    HANK THE TANK 11 months ago

    ALL BRITISH PEOPLE GO TO POLAND to live and work!!!!!! That's the solution!!!!! I should be prime minister!!!!!!! Fixed.

    HANK THE TANK 11 months ago

    When England is SKINT who's going to pay for these poor poor, asylum seekers and refugees and bums on benefits????? I love paying my taxes to these people and grafting hard!!!!!!

  • Atanas Popovski
    Atanas Popovski 11 months ago

    The largest foreign population in the UK are not polish, they're chinese

  • Andrea Brokate
    Andrea Brokate Year ago

    The EU is made of 28 states not nations

  • Anonymouse
    Anonymouse Year ago

    Greece looks like it's seen some bad shit. Like it's been in a war and now suffers from PTSD.

  • Ryan Varley
    Ryan Varley Year ago

    I'd love to hear about what non-eu nations want out of a Brexit deal

  • Langus langus
    Langus langus Year ago


  • aaabbbccc5518
    aaabbbccc5518 Year ago +1

    Leave with a no deal and the eu will come crawling for a deal of us

  • Mitchell Bridges
    Mitchell Bridges Year ago

    what about the eea? norway?

  • Peter purpl3grape studios

    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. That's a wicked tongue twister that is. It has my tongue in a knot it has.

  • Jeroen W
    Jeroen W Year ago

    Small correction. Spain has a border with the UK, namely Gibraltar.

  • Diomepa
    Diomepa Year ago +1

    What EU wants? For the UK to stop acting as dude in mid age crisis who wants to screw around and bitches about the kids but refuses to leave. Stay or go, whatever.