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Gibi ASMR Reacting to Other ASMR Channels

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
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    Thank you SO much to everyone who linked their channel for me!! I am so so so sorry I couldn't get to everyone -- I figured an almost 2 hour video was seriously pushing it! IF you like this, we can always do more! It was...very pleasant to film minus 40 minutes of footage I had to reshoot LOL. I am doing a PART 2 ON TUESDAY where I review BRAND NEW/VERY SMOL channels since there were so many of those as well, I figured it would be smarter to separate it into two videos (channels I recognize/have watched before, vs. maybe people who only have a few vids/just started).
    Thank you so much for watching, and check out everyone's channel below, in order of appearance!
    0:00 - Nord
    2:02 - Intro
    5:42 - Slight Sounds ASMR (
    10:24 - Fast ASMR (
    15:05 - ASMR Glow (
    19:50 - Seafoam Kitten ASMR (
    23:23 - KaySMR (
    26:41 - ASMR Shanny (
    30:22 - Creative Calm ASMR (
    34:05 - ASMRplanet (
    38:00 - Peace and Saraity ASMR (
    42:09 - ASMattR (
    47:03 - Articulate Design ASMR (
    52:12 - Busy B ASMR (
    55:38 - Catplant ASMR (
    59:16 - ASMR Ryan (
    1:02:36 - Scottish Murmurs ASMR (
    1:06:55 - Matty Tingles (
    1:10:15 - RoseASMR (
    1:14:34 - Danny Docile ASMR (
    1:18:36 - The White Rabbit ASMR (
    1:22:38 - ASMR Alysaa (
    1:27:03 - ASMR Sharm (
    1:29:37 - ASMR Destiny (
    1:32:49 - Amy Kay ASMR (
    1:36:15 - Ruby True ASMR (
    1:38:45 - Sophie Michelle ASMR (
    1:42:11 - Phoenician Sailor (

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    This video was edited by Shawn, my full-time editor! Give him some love: MrTheVestman

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  • Octo Boi98
    Octo Boi98 5 days ago

    *where is rift, gibi, where’s rift*

  • The crusty one
    The crusty one 7 days ago +1

    If it’s hard to make videos were you talk to yourself for 20 minutes, then I am an asmr master

  • Zhxry
    Zhxry 14 days ago

    I wish u reacted to asmr zeitgeist 🤧

  • maukyra crosby
    maukyra crosby 14 days ago

    This sponsor part is so good it gives me chills

  • Reba Bowen
    Reba Bowen 16 days ago

    where did you get those lights around the door!!! I need

  • DayDreAmer 137
    DayDreAmer 137 18 days ago

    ASMR Zeitgeist 😪

  • yEEt
    yEEt 19 days ago


  • Romy Caverly
    Romy Caverly 19 days ago

    Amy Kay is amazing! been a subscriber for some time now and she NEEDS more recognition!

  • WaitandBleed
    WaitandBleed 20 days ago

    Watch that one Saara asmr where she pukes and one slim whisper video too

  • Sherry L
    Sherry L 21 day ago +1

    Please! Please! Please! Jesus Christ may just be a name to you, but He is my Savior. It is SO offensive to Christians to hear His name used as a swear word. I am really disappointed in you. You are usually more circumspect in your ASMR vids. I know most people see Christians are haters and intolerant. There's no way I can convince anyone that isn't true of me other than by now I live my life, but please at least respect us as you would any religion. Disrespecting my spiritual beliefs is a form of HATE. Please Gibi and anyone who reads this comment - please think about this the next time Jesus' name comes to your lips in any way other than as a praise to Him.

  • Scarlett Is the new red

    Oof I really wanted Rach ASMR on here! I think she said she wanted to join on her community tab so I really want u to Make another one with more asmrtists

  • Rasmus
    Rasmus 22 days ago

    Im so glad you gave Phoenician Sailor a watch. The effort he puts in is incredible

  • MJ-AG Fanmade Live
    MJ-AG Fanmade Live 22 days ago


  • YoungSinatraa
    YoungSinatraa 23 days ago


  • Jelena Glisic
    Jelena Glisic 24 days ago

    i finished watching this on new years

  • CuteWippets
    CuteWippets 24 days ago

    The second video you reviewed for ASMattR was actually the first ASMR video I watched.

  • delivrex
    delivrex 24 days ago

    where's ozley asmr?

  • Caßey Chu
    Caßey Chu 25 days ago

    It’s okay Gibi, Dr. Fritter scares me too

  • Julius Nieves
    Julius Nieves 25 days ago

    14:46 Happy Gibi is going straight to anime and r/wholesomeanimemes

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 26 days ago

    You REALLY need to check out [esc] Reality. She's an AMAZING ASMRtist that I just found. Best I've found since the beginning (Heather "the best ever" Feather is where I got into ASMR. btw i gave her that nickname lol) and she's still active. So good.
    Same with Jubilee ASMR. Something about her voice or recording setup is just so much more effective on me than anything else. Anytime I can't get tingles I go to her channel. She also does cool gaming ASMR videos that work great too since the gameplay is usually very quiet and of the more peaceful variety anyways.

    Also, I really like ASMR Shitposter. She's really funny and makes good ASMR content.

    All 3 are still active too. I have plenty of other favorites but these are the best IMO that are still active. Hopefully Heather is coming back for real though. Her latest one was epic.

  • Minepods.v2
    Minepods.v2 26 days ago

    Aye where’s Jojo doe

  • Storm
    Storm 28 days ago

    I feel like Gibi would be so fun to hang out with lol

  • Bobbi Clattenburg
    Bobbi Clattenburg 28 days ago

    Im so happy gibi found sofie ! She is amazing ❤️👌

  • Fighter for Hire
    Fighter for Hire 29 days ago

    World class

  • Mike Mo
    Mike Mo 29 days ago

    Still waiting for gibi to react ER's videos

  • Ben Walker
    Ben Walker Month ago

    I don’t need to appreciate Scottish murmurs accent because I have the exact same and everyone around me also has that accent

  • Jennifer Stellato
    Jennifer Stellato Month ago

    Gibi are you gonna drop a Jeffree x Shane Dawson asmr makeup tutorial? That would be awesome

  • Elise Clee
    Elise Clee Month ago

    I recommend an asmr youtuber for you Gibi, if you don’t know there is a youtuber called WhispersRed ASMR she’s amazing!

    • NFSMAN50
      NFSMAN50 29 days ago

      Emma(WhisperRed) is a great one, she is one of the founders of Asmr! Gibi most definitely knows WhisperRed Emma

  • Sara Clark
    Sara Clark Month ago

    23:21 that face tho

  • Mythical. ME
    Mythical. ME Month ago

    React to Diamond ASMR next time, she's great

  • Kcmtmm
    Kcmtmm Month ago

    I am simple asmr viewer, I see Catplant I click.

  • metristoo
    metristoo Month ago

    Made in france asmr is my best asmr artist

  • thomas kelly
    thomas kelly Month ago

    React to ilana asmr

  • The Prodigy
    The Prodigy Month ago +1

    Oh my gawd I luv glowwww

  • Cate H
    Cate H Month ago

    Gibi is so cute😭😭❤️she’s so sweet

  • Amanda MacKay
    Amanda MacKay Month ago

    if he skips forward and he's still saying mario I don't know what I'm going to do 😂

  • The FashionJeneral
    The FashionJeneral Month ago +2

    I fell asleep to this & took a nap. Then I wake up to, “mariOOOOOO” 🙈😂

  • ASMR Remedy
    ASMR Remedy Month ago

    the asmr sharm videos gave me the most tingles, can’t wait to watch her later! love this content, found so many new channels

  • GewoonDaanDus
    GewoonDaanDus Month ago

    Ephemeral rift not being on here was a major bummer

  • Ashmita Bid
    Ashmita Bid Month ago

    Yo Jeffreeeeee! Get her on your PR list, please! She loves your makeup, especially lip scrubs

  • Chata Garcia
    Chata Garcia Month ago

    could you please do a snipping away the bad energy or something to do with scissors

  • scott
    scott Month ago

    You want some wicked relaxing videos that are a bit unique I recommend Ephemeral Rift

  • destinitra
    destinitra Month ago

    1:21:48 She looks so much like Gibi there its insane.

  • infracta300
    infracta300 Month ago +5

    Why isn’t anyone giving love to OG GentleWhispering??

  • Kitty UwU
    Kitty UwU Month ago

    I wanna see her review ASMR Latte

  • c3t
    c3t Month ago

    maybe I'm just stupid but for the people that watch offlinetv doesnt asmr glow look like the girl albert cheated on lily with?

  • Stephie
    Stephie Month ago

    OMG gibi the candy in articulate designs video is a chocolate flake. You need one in your life !! Xx

  • Jessie Cardenas
    Jessie Cardenas Month ago

    U should react to celebrities doing asmr with W magazine! So good

  • Kanji
    Kanji Month ago

    1:04:00 ....0-0 what?

  • reuben wallis
    reuben wallis Month ago

    do made in france asmr

  • Felix Samiyoq Civico Zelada

    Gibi, you should react to auronplay asmr. He is the best in those things. *evil laugh cues*

  • I'm everywhere
    I'm everywhere Month ago

    What about the rp ASMRtists? Like Ephemeral Rift, Vividly, Lemonleaf, FearlessLyn, among others. It's less or no visuals, but the tingles remain in force.

  • Devan Devan
    Devan Devan Month ago +1

    I like how ASMR works differently for different people but Gibi asserts herself as an expert in the matter and judges other ASMRtist’s abilities to help people sleep

  • Giulia Pires
    Giulia Pires Month ago

    Please react to brazilian asmr!!!

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie Month ago

    Hey GIBI I REALLY recommend Gracie K ASMR she is amazing 🤍

  • John Cox
    John Cox Month ago

    This was an awesome vid, Gibi👍!
    I still prefer your ASMR videos best of all, but I think it's awesome that you've introduced me to do many other talented asmrtists!
    I thought it was cute whenever you laughed in your whispering tone (especially @ 1:08:54) and started "freaking out" at Ryan's vid.
    Btw, am I the only one who thought ASMattR looked and sounded almost like A.D. Skinner from The X-Files when he did the TS2 Woody repair scene?

  • Phenomdozer
    Phenomdozer Month ago

    Next time you should check "WhiteWinterWhispers"

  • GOKU Allan
    GOKU Allan Month ago +1

    16:22 she really is

  • ninjaa22
    ninjaa22 Month ago

    Real talk in the chat.
    I’ve never gotten tingles and I have two theory’s.
    1. I take antidepressants and that’s makes me numb.
    2. I was raised by narrcists and asmr is a response to the sounds you heard from when you were a baby.

    I can get tingles in real life when I’m With a really hot girl in bed but no tingles from asmr

  • Dakota Kenney
    Dakota Kenney Month ago

    I died at busybees where the f am i lol and a few asmrtists i knew bit they were great i loved them gibi fastasmr frivvy seafoam asmralyssa busybee arey main asmrtists i love all of thier videos they are all great and they all make me tingle so much thank thoae asmrtists for creating content that helps me with my axiety