10 Things Body Language Says About You

  • Published on Jul 27, 2017
  • How would you like to be a superhero? Just generally being awesome? Of course, most of us realise that this is just a pipe dream. We wont be bitten by radioactive spiders anytime soon or develop Superhuman strength overnight...

    But what if we could learn a skill that could give us super powers? Would you like to be a mind reader? Impossible! Most of us would scoff - what if it wasn’t? With a little skill we could read peoples minds! Whether we know it or not we all speak a universal language - one that gives away our very thoughts and intentions. With each movement we make, we give away what we’re thinking.

    Right now, the way you’re sitting, or the way your legs are crossed- says something about your mindset or emotions. Have you ever wondered if someone was lying to you? What if you could read their mind or even better what if you could tell? You give away what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling. Every person does this - it might vary a little from culture to culture, but the principle is the same. The way we move says what we’re thinking and what we’re feeling.

    What is this mystical universal language? Body language. With a little knowledge we could hide our thoughts and read those of others! A little practice wed be unstoppable! Wed be superheroes! Everything we ever dreamed of being. Where can you find this great power? Simply by learning 10 things body language says about you.
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  • VonDefy
    VonDefy 4 months ago +1

    I have a lot think about in everyday life already so I’m gonna just be myself take it or leave it.

  • Black Ginger
    Black Ginger 7 months ago

    Not all this is truth...90percent is wrong,only 10percent is correct..

  • Sans kirby
    Sans kirby Year ago

    When I lie I don't get an ich in my nose and I can't twich it either

  • Md Mamun Sharder
    Md Mamun Sharder Year ago

    Can you tell me please that from where you get those video you use in your video?

  • Mirror
    Mirror 2 years ago

    10:30 if im fidgeting because i have ADHD does that count?

  • Florian Höbler
    Florian Höbler 2 years ago

    i'm dead inside, yes

  • Marie Succs
    Marie Succs 2 years ago

    I wonder who you stole this video from?

  • robortalien
    robortalien 2 years ago

    Thid video count be done in 4mins..

  • Tiffany Keeler
    Tiffany Keeler 2 years ago

    Or a person might rub their nose because of allergies. Ugh

  • xToffe peren
    xToffe peren 2 years ago

    7:04 - 7:08

  • Josh Matatall
    Josh Matatall 2 years ago +1

    This video is shit

  • PredatorXAir
    PredatorXAir 2 years ago +1

    Super nerds? If your gonna make fun of us we won't watch you anymore its that simple

  • PeaK Globe
    PeaK Globe 2 years ago +1


  • Poshiey lol
    Poshiey lol 2 years ago +1

    She called me a twisted weirdo

  • Past J
    Past J 2 years ago

    Oh shit I bite, lick, and suck my lips 24/7

  • Estrella Hermosillo
    Estrella Hermosillo 2 years ago


  • Skymade
    Skymade 2 years ago

    No hate but all this is completely wrong. All the actions you said means one thing, means something completely different for me? Everyone is different, and I am gonna tell you to stop telling people false info.

    • SpeedChamp467
      SpeedChamp467 2 years ago

      I completely disagreed with the walk fast thing. It doesn't make you seem busy or important people do it as a rude thing to seem competitive or faster than you. Women do this a lot and it's also kind of a sign of rejection towards males.

  • Crystal Clinton
    Crystal Clinton 2 years ago

    Oh ok come on

  • Caroline Pudding
    Caroline Pudding 2 years ago

    I just brush my hair not to flirt or have something to do with my hands 😒

  • Tatianna
    Tatianna 2 years ago

    This video makes so much sense
    If you fake a smile you're not trustable
    If you brush your hair you're flirty or nervous
    If you blink a lot there's something wrong with you
    If you lick your lips, suck on them, bite them, or anything else you're nervous (I lick my lips when they feel dry)
    If you scratch your nose, you're lying, If you twitch your nose, you're lying
    If your crush raises an eyebrow they're like totally interested in you If they don't, they're like totally not interested in you.
    I like to fold my arms to keep me warm
    If you walk fast you're basically a hard working person
    I like to pick at my nails, not because i'm nervous but I just like doing it
    If your feet is toward the door you basically wanna leave, but what if your facing the door and the other people you're taking too is infront of you and you don't wanna leave.

  • Tatianna
    Tatianna 2 years ago

    Soo what you're saying is if you fake a smile you're not trustable? Nice to know.

  • Saul Vitales
    Saul Vitales 2 years ago

    Super intelligence and strength

  • michael perry
    michael perry 2 years ago

    i scratch my balls because they itch

    • michael perry
      michael perry 2 years ago

      i really know what they are saying ok nick that was a wise crack comment

    • michael perry
      michael perry 2 years ago

      my body tells me when i have issues that what i meant

    • Yummy Poptart
      Yummy Poptart 2 years ago

      michael perry stop it get some help

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos

    meh lil too broad for me cuz i do some of these things when alone not talking 2 anyone even lol and am an energetic person i guess lol cuz in very animated when i talk& also very honest person. but there a lot more to body language and this is trying to teach ppl 2 be liars n manipulative. but ya can't no matter how good these liars are no matter how much get prepared etc their body's always gonna tell on them

  • BenDover666 BenDover666

    I cross my legs because it's comfortable, Where the fuck do you guys get these facts yahoo or Red tube????

  • Kris Nicholson
    Kris Nicholson 2 years ago

    If i could have a superpower it would be 'cold war' Russia.

  • Wicky Wicky Moose Moose


  • saramyshih tzu loveyou

    I've experienced someone actually coming while I was sitting, in a chair, in front of, and having a good conversation with one person, and she came and literally parked herself, she moved her chair right in front of me, putting her back to me, and totally stole the conversation from me, she started talking to the other woman, just as if I wasn't there, who does that??
    It was so shocking, and made me wonder what it is about me, was I invisible? hadn't she seen that I was having a conversation with this person, we sat in chairs facing each other, and she moved herself in front of me, leaving me sitting behind her, her back in my face!! I can't to this day understand what was going through her mind to do this the only word that came to my mind was "PIG" or "COW"
    Yet this person is such a stickler about protocols always doing the right things when out in public, when it comes to tipping a waitress she always gives 15% of what the total cost of the food was. and judges anyone who gives less,
    yet she was rude as heck to me. all she had to do was move her chair at one side, and she could have taken part in the conversation, and the 3 of us could have had a good tongue wag, as it was she almost provoked me to violence by her nasty disgusting rudeness.
    Has anyone else had an experience like this? I didn't do anything to her except I was sitting where she had been sitting, she had gotten up and was talking to someone else, so I wanted to talk to the person sitting next to where she was sitting,
    When the other person got up and moved and sat more in the open which was where she was when this happened then that rude person, took the opportunity to move in front of me, and take over the conversation,
    both myself and the other woman were stunned but she didn't say anything but we both should have got up and left her sitting alone,
    only problem was i was stuck behind that rude cow. and there was no other way to get out, the only way out was blocked by this rude creature.
    I felt like putting my 2 feet to the back of her chair and pushing her a hard as I could forward. on her face, good thing i'm very self controlled. shes also the kind that would sue for less. and to make matters worse, both of them are relatives. which made it so nasty.
    she has done this more then once where i would be talking to someone at a family event, and she would move right in front of me and steal the conversation!! she would do that when we are watching TV as well, just stand in front and start talking to her husband, and blocks the TV. this happens all the time. she has done many things. to provoke not just me but my brother, who has not kept quiet with her about her rudeness.
    finally i confronted her, and asked her what was the problem, that she seemed to have me in her cross hairs what did I ever do to her??!! she couldn't answer me and said she was sorry, i haven't had any problems with her since very wierd
    I've forgiven her, but the whole thing was just bazzar! now she has big time health problems, so now after so many years we get along really well like what was the deal all this time?
    and now when she is terminally ill all of a sudden she is nice. totally changed, A weird world we live in. and so sad the wasted years.

  • AmandaDF
    AmandaDF 2 years ago

    ( like if you got that joke cx )

  • Wura Alabi
    Wura Alabi 2 years ago +4

    "We know you twisted weirdos are out there...."She found me

  • Pj Mack
    Pj Mack 2 years ago

    what a crock of shite

  • toast
    toast 2 years ago

    My superpower would be umbrakenis 👻

  • Pitman 4Life
    Pitman 4Life 2 years ago

    Pepz just be yourself fuk wondering how you come off to everybody lol

  • KingKong19100
    KingKong19100 2 years ago

    And the unsubbening begins

  • Aaron Furman
    Aaron Furman 2 years ago


  • Aaron Furman
    Aaron Furman 2 years ago

    Plz Hive me shout out

  • Caligula Magno
    Caligula Magno 2 years ago

    I wanna see sherlocks BBC.... wait what

  • Dead Parroting
    Dead Parroting 2 years ago +1

    8:48 Love the stock footage

  • Half- Dude
    Half- Dude 2 years ago

    Id love to be an expert in this stuff. Maybe it'd help me compensate for my social anxiety.

  • DemonWolf 1991
    DemonWolf 1991 2 years ago +9

    my feet naturally go inward though, so I am screwed there.

    • saramyshih tzu loveyou
      saramyshih tzu loveyou 2 years ago +1

      I know when someone comes up to talk to me, I don't always turn completely to face them direct on, but it diesn't mean I don't want to talk to them, its just that i was at an angle when they approached me, and I just naturally stand a little sideways to people, its a habit. which I have seen the need to try to change, but I still habitually stand the way i do, it is what it is, and no one seems to mind or even notice.

  • Dragonborn 1167
    Dragonborn 1167 2 years ago +23

    Ok i have to say........this is fucking stupid

  • Hoosier Hell
    Hoosier Hell 2 years ago +32

    This channel is dying

  • qpwnsu
    qpwnsu 2 years ago

    All of you blinked more than 8 times in a minute just because the video said it

  • usman daredevil
    usman daredevil 2 years ago

    999th view

  • DOGE
    DOGE 2 years ago +1

    Im C from the thumbnail because Im a manspreader

  • yuh
    yuh 2 years ago

    my friends think i have a foot fetish now

  • koffinkat666
    koffinkat666 2 years ago +4

    Over my years of being with many women I can now read them like a book. Girls give off so many subtle gestures when they like you it's so hella cute but it still sucks that men have to initiate the conversation or ask the girl out. Why can't a girl ever ask me out not the other way around I think that would be so cute.

    • Half- Dude
      Half- Dude 2 years ago +1

      koffinkat666 teach me guru!

  • Drug Peclo
    Drug Peclo 2 years ago +38

    My superpower would be invisibility GIGITTY

    • Rgaming
      Rgaming 2 years ago +1

      lolagement l its a joke from a show naned "family guy"

    • Drug Peclo
      Drug Peclo 2 years ago +4

      lolagement l u can just gigitty me till i goo! Gigitty

    • Abz Lol
      Abz Lol 2 years ago +1

      Josue Melendez Why the fuck do you need to put that at the end "gigitty" fucking weirdo

    • Creeperslayerdbz
      Creeperslayerdbz 2 years ago +2

      Josue Melendez lol who else but quagmire

  • The Real Reason
    The Real Reason 2 years ago +59

    When I cross my legs while I'm standing that usually means I have to take a shit.

  • Smilodon85
    Smilodon85 2 years ago

    I never been a fake friend i kept it honest helped ppl thought they were friends even would give my shirt off my back if needed but i always got stabbed in the back as an adult i have a lot of trust issues with letting ppl in because when i ever did it always ended the same back stabbers a true friend i am but a snake backstabbing fuckface never.

  • Bana
    Bana 2 years ago +10

    you need a de-esser, because your s' sound very sharp

    • idiotmonkey12
      idiotmonkey12 2 years ago +1

      Banachek30 ah fuck, now that's all I hear!!

    • Defensive Wounds
      Defensive Wounds 2 years ago +1

      I'd rather a sharp 'S' than a slurred/muffled 'esh'

  • Rishab. Sg
    Rishab. Sg 2 years ago +90

    When a woman is brushing her hair..? Because she just wants to brush her hair goddamit

    • Defensive Wounds
      Defensive Wounds 2 years ago

      Yeah, maybe it is messy after a busy day at work and it needs a brush - has nothing to do with anything on her mind. Same goes for the crossed arms/crossed legs thing, perhaps they are open to ideas but that is simply a comfortable stance... This video is such BS!

    • Matt Aliaga
      Matt Aliaga 2 years ago

      Rishab. Sg haha LOL

    • crane
      crane 2 years ago +5

      thats why youre supposed to use these tips with caution, humans are so diverse and complex that you cant judge somebody based on a single action

  • Vanish Cardigan
    Vanish Cardigan 2 years ago

    if u like Sweden 🇸🇪😏

    • BMW
      BMW 2 years ago +1

      Isadora Bleach I like IKEA and Volvo!

  • Vanish Cardigan
    Vanish Cardigan 2 years ago

    Cutting you out from here

  • Everett Coonradt
    Everett Coonradt 2 years ago