Dwayne Johnson Eats Cheat Meals Late at Night and Alone Like a Troll

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • Dwayne Johnson breaks down the religious experience of his cheat meals and explains why he's supporting Hawaiian protesters.
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    Dwayne Johnson Eats Cheat Meals Late at Night and Alone Like a Troll
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 7 days ago


  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 7 days ago

    telescope? The problem with it is that the scientists keep wasting time and money

    SHUBHAM GAIN 11 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson is very friendly person.

  • Jennifer Dagher
    Jennifer Dagher 15 days ago

    Watch 2:30 ! 💍 yessss hes missing his wedding ring cause he went to get married so cute he wanted to keep it private !!!!

  • Sonya Williams
    Sonya Williams 22 days ago

    Who cares about the Rock eating cheat meals. He'll cheat on his new wife soon after marrying her. Lauren and his x wife Dany don't get along no way. This marriage won't last long. Enquiring minds are just waiting for this exclusive report.

  • ankit gangishetti
    ankit gangishetti 23 days ago +4

    Dwayne for president.
    Not trolling for real

  • kingofthecitay
    kingofthecitay 26 days ago

    Gotta disagree in the name of science.

  • Atom BB
    Atom BB 26 days ago

    burn that outfit bro lol

  • Nora G
    Nora G 27 days ago

    Those who destroy the earth have no spiritual connection to the earth! The earth is a living being, a Spirit in itself - how we treat our earth is how we save or destroy ourselves! When we get wiped out by plague or go through another ice age, or get by hit by another asteroid, the Earth will survive, we won’t!

  • Rogelio Garcia
    Rogelio Garcia 27 days ago

    Wtf so do i and im fat as fuck and yes i work out twice a day

  • Saurabh Singh
    Saurabh Singh 27 days ago

    NO! You are wrong, Mr. Johnson. SCIENCE >>>>>>>>>> "SACRED" BULL-CRAP. Those folks protesting over there are hindering Science, new discoveries, new knowledge. There is no gas pipeline or coal plant being built, so just stop protesting and support Science! #BuildTheTelescopeInHawaii

  • abhishek jha
    abhishek jha 27 days ago

    No one cares about your sacred land, telescope is built to achieve something

  • IF2941
    IF2941 28 days ago

    Someone tell this to Priyanka

  • Jake RS
    Jake RS 29 days ago

    Dwayne " what ethnicity am i " " no body know's " the rock Johnson...

  • Jake RS
    Jake RS 29 days ago

    If you watch from 35 seconds in...
    Looks like these two are chatting about there favourite kids program's and not there kids favourite kids program's 🤣

  • Cesaro iS The Name
    Cesaro iS The Name Month ago

    AT 6'5 HOW FUNNY

  • Reet Verma
    Reet Verma Month ago

    'All girls' I fear for their partners... Nah!

  • some guy named jamie james

    Out of all the places in the world they decide to put a fckn telescope on a small piece of native land.... WTF!!? 🤦‍♂️

  • Filip Gamer
    Filip Gamer Month ago

    He is so smart person!

  • galapogosian
    galapogosian Month ago

    Recycling this old stuff makes for a frustrating subscription.

  • Malinda Butler
    Malinda Butler Month ago

    Man The Rock's girls have one amazing roll model. He's such a great human being.

  • Laura Cotter
    Laura Cotter Month ago +1

    “Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron” was my childhood!! Loved the movie cos my fav animals are horses!! 😍♥️

  • Dante' 317
    Dante' 317 Month ago

    Hologram shirt rock

  • Cristian Silva
    Cristian Silva Month ago

    The Rock*

  • DeathStrider 333
    DeathStrider 333 Month ago +3

    Everyone out here saying he’s on steroids🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Just because someone is freaking built doesn’t mean they do steroids😂

  • Shavon Pisors
    Shavon Pisors Month ago

    Well put sir!

  • saravanan sachidhanantham

    Is this recommended for you?

  • eddiewinehosen
    eddiewinehosen Month ago

    Muslims, Christians and Jews all think Jerusalem is sacred too, that has worked out great right!
    Sacred should never ever trump science, one is based on superstition and BS, the other on research, evidence and facts!

  • Alberto Alves
    Alberto Alves Month ago

    I agree with him, the protest is legit, they already let build other telescope, they were very reasonable let build one, build another one is really disrespectful. I'm Catholic, but I respect others religions, especially the peaceful ones.

  • Fred Tuturo
    Fred Tuturo Month ago

    too bad he was not in Hawaii as the same Jason Momoa was .... this 2 big guys had put some fame and muscles in the side of the protesters

  • Stan Watt
    Stan Watt Month ago

    Sacred land yet he flies, a lot, on an almost daily basis on his private jet. Hypocrite, but he's a star and an American so that makes it just fine.

  • johnny ember
    johnny ember Month ago +3

    Im on the 3rd day of water fasting. Wish me luck yall. Going to 5 days!

  • Mark D.
    Mark D. Month ago

    aging fast from the roids

  • Just Passingby
    Just Passingby Month ago

    Sushi. The best. Agreed.

  • Siam
    Siam Month ago +3

    A telescope that will advance our human civilization
    Or a sacred land that natives holds on to for emotional reasons.
    I dont know man, pretty hard to choose 😑

  • Angel France
    Angel France Month ago +20

    Man, Dwayne just restored my faith again in humanity 😊 Such a wonderful human being worth admiring for his empathy towards others.

  • Tommy Shelby
    Tommy Shelby Month ago

    *Telescope being built* wow we need to save this place
    * Palestine getting brutally murdered and they already claimed it*
    We don’t see a problem here
    Y’all gonna pay at the end i swear.

  • Neon Prince
    Neon Prince Month ago


  • Conan Rafferty
    Conan Rafferty Month ago

    Love your show from ireland

    NATSU ICHIJO e Month ago +1

    If you smell what the rock is cookingggggggg!

  • Stella Lee
    Stella Lee Month ago +4

    I like the movie fast and furious

  • Null Void
    Null Void Month ago

    So we can get hit by an asteroid suddenly but atleast the feelings of people of Hawai would not be hurt..

    • Simone Oliver
      Simone Oliver Month ago

      Null Void STFU and build it in one of the other 200 countries in the world

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    You can be like him, start taking steroids

  • Romhert Alteza
    Romhert Alteza Month ago

    There is nothing more sacred than humanity and one way to preserve our race is to explore the unknown because whether you like it or not, earth is not a permanent home for humanity.

  • User1010
    User1010 Month ago

    Who cares about a sacred land?! Sure people who grow up there believe that land is magical and mystical but in a few decades or less the knowledge obtained from that telescope will be more important than not touching a piece of land because for some people the place is magical and can not cope with science/a scientific building. It's not like they're destroying the place to feed cows or something useless like that

  • Huy Lâm
    Huy Lâm Month ago

    This is a joke and have no malicious intend, I'm kinda fan of Dwayne: If he won the president, we will have the first president that wear a dress before.

  • Carrie Wright
    Carrie Wright Month ago +6

    Well good now I finally know what is going on in the protest... Thanks for the beautiful speech Dwayne...

  • Blackevilmisanthrope

    There is NO such thing as sacred ground. Human superstition is not an excuse for anything. Get over it. A telescope is one of the more acceptable things to clutter nature. If you want to protest something go stop another resort or golf course from breaking ground.

  • Adin
    Adin Month ago

    We came for the laughs
    We left with tears

  • Erik Mc
    Erik Mc Month ago

    Rock is the man

  • HurriShane00
    HurriShane00 Month ago +1

    Rock needs to film these cheat day meals. So many people try his cheat day meals. He needs to film it to show how it's done.

  • Ashrith B
    Ashrith B Month ago


  • Crime Master_ Boom Roasted

    Basically my life is surviving on cheat meal.

  • Jacqueline Jones
    Jacqueline Jones Month ago +3

    I love how he makes eye contact with the audience and jimmy.

    • Pradeep Munuswamy
      Pradeep Munuswamy Month ago

      Well he was in WWE with thousands of people's around him and he use to drop best promos , not a big deal for him I guess

  • The Pinkerton
    The Pinkerton Month ago +1

    Maybe just make the telescope just a smidge more powerful. Then they won't need the extra height of the mountain and can build down closer to sea level

  • Cheers Darlin'
    Cheers Darlin' Month ago

    Loll that's me everyday

  • Lirp Lorp
    Lirp Lorp Month ago

    Such a nice wholesome man

  • Wolf Gang
    Wolf Gang Month ago

    Sacred land is bullshit. I’m pro-science and pro-telescope. I hope they build the telescope.

  • erin matilda
    erin matilda Month ago

    I LOVE PEPPA PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️(even though i’m 10)

  • Sean Scanish
    Sean Scanish Month ago +1

    Why can't you build the telescope and still have it be sacred land. Your saying your gods or deities don't want me to use science to understand the universe. If you find a spot for things like telescopes it's very important where it is located so that spot is crucial. Plus you could just bless the telescope problem solved.