107 Family Guy Facts Everyone Should Know! (ToonedUp #18)

  • Published on Apr 23, 2015
  • Check Out 107 South Park Facts YOU Should Know!
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    Love Family Guy? Then get ready for 107 facts about one of the most insane cartoon shows of all time: Family Guy! ToonedUp has seen the dozens of comments begging for an episode dedicated to Peter Griffin and his crazy family, so get ready! We've found some unbelievable facts surrounding the history of the infamous show; from it's multiple cancellations to it's most controversial moments! So sit back and get ready to have your mind blown with another episode of ToonedUp!
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Comments • 11 791

  • JJ TheDankMemester
    JJ TheDankMemester 4 hours ago

    He made a cutaway reference to the fact he could’ve died on 9/11

    ĪRONIC MËMËR 10 hours ago

    *adam west, loves the show*
    Adam west loved the show.

  • Yaya J
    Yaya J 23 hours ago

    It's not banned in Malaysia... What are you talking about

  • Yaya J
    Yaya J 23 hours ago

    It's not banned in Malaysia... What are you talking about

  • The Best Kareem
    The Best Kareem Day ago

    hmmm seems more like 30 facts rather than 101. you just mentioned obvious things

  • Garrett Mitcham
    Garrett Mitcham Day ago

    So are we all just gonna ignore that alot of these facts contradict with other facts.

  • Mr 47
    Mr 47 2 days ago

    Peter’s Irish but was born in Mexico??

  • Lily Cope
    Lily Cope 2 days ago


  • Carlton Funderburg
    Carlton Funderburg 3 days ago

    Can you please do 107 adout proud family

  • Giahnna Glascock
    Giahnna Glascock 4 days ago

    Mom: why where you up so late last night
    Me: uhhh I was...welll

  • atl via
    atl via 4 days ago +1

    It's hard to believe that Brian "death episode aired ALL the way back in 2013, it feel like just yesterday controversy started....

  • Dave Goldspink
    Dave Goldspink 4 days ago

    Am constantly told to grow up as at 56 I still love Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad and Futurama.

  • Sihle Sithole
    Sihle Sithole 4 days ago

    It’s no longer banned In South Africa

  • Dreaded_Pegasus
    Dreaded_Pegasus 4 days ago

    I’m pretty sure the Quagmire age one was a one time joke. He isn’t actually that old. His dad looks to be that age

  • Zombie 07s
    Zombie 07s 5 days ago

    wait, vietnam wasn't ban that because i use to saw that on tv like last month

  • Tyrone Nel
    Tyrone Nel 5 days ago

    there not baned in shout Afri

  • Michiel Korte
    Michiel Korte 5 days ago


  • SipSip Projects
    SipSip Projects 6 days ago

    These facts are wrong the show is not banned in South Africa I watch every day yeah on Fox and on our South African Channel VUZU 116

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 7 days ago

    *Street Performers: **6:27*

  • RL R
    RL R 7 days ago

    0:42, "Fox announced that..." and Vicente Fox, ex president of Mexico, appears, lol

  • Austin Arts
    Austin Arts 7 days ago

    So it’s the writers fault because their sexus

  • smileswild
    smileswild 10 days ago +1

    So a black woman couldn’t play Meg but a white man could play Cleveland?

  • Luka Radovanović
    Luka Radovanović 10 days ago

    This show is 9 yrs. Older than me exactly my birthday 31.January.2008

  • George Law
    George Law 11 days ago

    Wait a minute. Are you serious about the two million per episode cost?

  • Thembekile Mokalake
    Thembekile Mokalake 11 days ago

    I'm South African, Family Guy is not banned this side, you got the wrong country bro

  • Eduardo Alvarado
    Eduardo Alvarado 12 days ago

    0:40 Haha that detail of you showing a video of an announcement by Vicente Fox, México's ex president when you say "fox announced..." didn't go unnoticed.

  • butterNIC
    butterNIC 12 days ago

    ok explain why it's banned in Malaysia but I can still watch it without any problems

  • bassdude 123
    bassdude 123 13 days ago

    Ok no we have family guy in south africa

  • sheldon Lucas
    sheldon Lucas 13 days ago

    It's not banned in Malaysia I am in Malaysia and it's on tv

  • Ayannia Samora
    Ayannia Samora 13 days ago

    i thought stewie was bisexual

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 13 days ago

    For 103 it’s just Chris because Stewie and brain went to internet jail for posting “ brodcity is just ok

  • The open floor
    The open floor 13 days ago

    hey checks this out amzn.to/2rmcvx2

  • The open floor
    The open floor 13 days ago

    hey checks this out amzn.to/2rmcvx2

  • Mikayla Kennedy
    Mikayla Kennedy 14 days ago

    Stewie’s name is Stewart.. C’mon, if you’re gonna do facts do them right

  • Daniel SebeTheREdMage Desdunes

    You mean Adam We.

  • Janek Valcarcel
    Janek Valcarcel 16 days ago

    It's not banned it South Africa , I watch it all the time

  • Mystic Clan
    Mystic Clan 17 days ago

    a hangover saved his life

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams 17 days ago +1

    in fact 61 it says that peter's full name on his certificate is Justin Peter Griffin... but fact 65 says he finds out his middle name is some random german word?

    CHAPPSTER 18 days ago +2

    Some of these are just statements

  • QUADE 22
    QUADE 22 19 days ago

    It's not banned in sa ( South Africa)

  • Isabella Fransky
    Isabella Fransky 19 days ago

    Meg has a good heart and she knows it 😂

  • savageboi666 savsav
    savageboi666 savsav 19 days ago

    Say Mike who cheese hairy out loud fast

  • Fuzzy Bear
    Fuzzy Bear 19 days ago +1

    Hello from South Africa
    You can’t watch family guy on normal TV but you can watch it on Netflix here.

  • Moonlight_ Rxse
    Moonlight_ Rxse 20 days ago

    If its banned in South Africa then why are they still playing it here and I'm watching it :P

  • marlene g
    marlene g 20 days ago

    Norm MxDonald is perfect Death

  • A Sharp
    A Sharp 20 days ago

    15:26 fact 79 I find it hard to believe Seth "felt uncomfortable with an African American playing a white character". When Mike Henry a White Actor plays an African American Character (Cleveland Brown).IMHO.

  • ActiveGodzilla
    ActiveGodzilla 22 days ago

    Stewie was in jail in the road to the multiverse episode in the world were humans and dogs switched place he bit someone and got sent to jail.

  • WiN
    WiN 23 days ago

    I am from SA. and we have family Guy on TV.

  • DezmoneHQ
    DezmoneHQ 23 days ago

    Fact #61, "Peter Griffin was born as Justin Peter Griffin." Fact #65, "Peter's middle name is Lowenbrau" ... so like which is it, "Peter" or "Lowenbrau"?

  • Tumelo lebepe
    Tumelo lebepe 24 days ago

    South Africa nahh mann i live here N i still watch it ON TV

  • jin's Handsome faceu
    jin's Handsome faceu 24 days ago

    Actually if you search up meg's middle name then it shows "Semanstein" So it has been revealed.

  • Kristiane Maia
    Kristiane Maia 24 days ago

    Shhhh..... ahhhhh.....

  • George Wan
    George Wan 24 days ago

    107 facts about family guy please

  • chloee
    chloee 25 days ago

    Wait an I hearing this right!..


  • Dieter Wieber
    Dieter Wieber 27 days ago

    so the episodes cost 2 mil but only get like 200k no wonder the show is dying

  • flareon digital jolteon
    flareon digital jolteon 27 days ago +1

    Stewies actual full name is Stewart Gilligan Griffin

  • C1RCA_94
    C1RCA_94 29 days ago

    Actually it’s STEWART Gilligan Griffin

  • revinevan87
    revinevan87 Month ago

    65 wasn't it revealed much earlier in the episode Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater?

  • revinevan87
    revinevan87 Month ago

    38, well duh