107 Family Guy Facts Everyone Should Know! (ToonedUp #18)

  • Published on Apr 23, 2015
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    Love Family Guy? Then get ready for 107 facts about one of the most insane cartoon shows of all time: Family Guy! ToonedUp has seen the dozens of comments begging for an episode dedicated to Peter Griffin and his crazy family, so get ready! We've found some unbelievable facts surrounding the history of the infamous show; from it's multiple cancellations to it's most controversial moments! So sit back and get ready to have your mind blown with another episode of ToonedUp!
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Comments • 11 440

  • Corey McFarland
    Corey McFarland 4 hours ago

    Stewie has been to jail for showing his privates to a crowd of people

  • Toxic Gang_666
    Toxic Gang_666 5 hours ago

    5:33 a full year to complete one episode? So 19x25 is 475 years. So the show is 475 years old?

  • tamrin clarke
    tamrin clarke 13 hours ago

    The star wars cameo is wrong its blue harvest not it's a trap!

  • RPGGameslayer
    RPGGameslayer 17 hours ago

    18:42 HOMAGE

  • Jason Delarosa
    Jason Delarosa 21 hour ago

    This inspires me to write _Family Guy_

  • David Nabor
    David Nabor Day ago

    That real life peter is cool. Make a movie?

  • vaughn neville
    vaughn neville Day ago

    Didn’t peter hit the chicken on accident at prom in one episode?

  • Siblings 0709
    Siblings 0709 Day ago

    um it's not banned in south Africa. as I am from south Africa and i watch it every day

  • DorianPlayerOne
    DorianPlayerOne Day ago

    My grandma almost was on 9/11 too!

  • Javier Castrejon
    Javier Castrejon 2 days ago

    Was voiced*

  • Nibba
    Nibba 2 days ago

    #34 and #38 are fillers.

  • Asher Hyde
    Asher Hyde 2 days ago +3

    Not banned in South Africa, we get it here like every day!

    • Kaweo
      Kaweo 2 hours ago

      Lol maybe it was unbanned

  • Flip GoneGetchaa
    Flip GoneGetchaa 2 days ago

    Come on now number 27 is false how long has family guy been around and how many episodes they got they had their first episode Jan 31 1999 so 20 years which if it was fact we would only have 20 episodes

  • Puid
    Puid 2 days ago

    3:40 That is in the cantina from "Blue Harvest", not "It's a trap!" You bois over there have some wrong facts. Roger also appeared in that cantina. Why don't you want to mention that?

  • 2 Ugly 4 The Camera
    2 Ugly 4 The Camera 3 days ago

    6:02 WAS voiced by Carrie Fisher*

  • Nathan Jonker
    Nathan Jonker 3 days ago

    Actually family guy is just as popular in South Africa 😂

  • HoustonAstros l 13
    HoustonAstros l 13 3 days ago

    Hi I'm Kim basinger.. uh Freddie Mercury

  • Stretch Carter
    Stretch Carter 3 days ago

    Eh! It's not banned in South Africa.

  • SantaDog81
    SantaDog81 3 days ago +3

    0:41 Is...Is..Is that Vicente Fox? Is Vicente Fox responsible for cancelling Family Guy? Is this why Trump wants to bill them for a wall?

  • thatartchannel
    thatartchannel 3 days ago

    They call me *meg* atron

  • RickGrimes360
    RickGrimes360 3 days ago

    Stewie has been to jail when he pulled his pants down during the parade for necklace beads. I'm not sure if that episode came out before this video so I don't know.

  • Nicole Zimmerman
    Nicole Zimmerman 4 days ago

    sorry, I'm on my mom's computer but my birthday is January 31, 2008. family guy is my favorite show and we have the same birthday just 9 years apart,t I think.

  • Christopher-John Koopman

    It has never been banned in South Africa. I should know- I live there.

  • Daniel Bueno
    Daniel Bueno 4 days ago

    *Me:* (looks at thumbnail)
    *Also me:* "Sure, I always wanted to know *iO1* facts about Family Guy."

  • inFeRnO Zlayer
    inFeRnO Zlayer 4 days ago

    LÖWENBRÄU IS GERMAN, it rather should be guinnes then

  • Moopuss Poopuss
    Moopuss Poopuss 4 days ago

    15:42 yare yare daze......

  • TheMountainMiner
    TheMountainMiner 4 days ago

    18:56 Stewie was placed in internet jail

  • Optopolis
    Optopolis 4 days ago

    17:50 #94 Stewie's brother is from Peter. This is revealed when Stewie shrinks a ship and himself, then enters Peter's body, and also when Peter has to put his own spirm in the spirm bank; you see him be born.

  • sapphire prest
    sapphire prest 5 days ago

    Did you mention tmas, Chris's still born twin

  • Muhammad Hasif
    Muhammad Hasif 5 days ago

    Malaysia didn’t banned family guy... im from Malaysia

  • OrangeLake 55488
    OrangeLake 55488 5 days ago

    And the plane that Seth missed was one of the planes hijacked that caused 9/11

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia 5 days ago

    No Chris and his still born twin tmas was named after Christmas

  • my life
    my life 6 days ago +6

    Who knew?
    Nicki minaj would write a song about Megatron Griffin

  • Tracy KaPoni
    Tracy KaPoni 7 days ago

    That chicken episode tho😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DaRkSn1p3r 797
    DaRkSn1p3r 797 7 days ago

    Harden clams so that's why the bars called drunken clam

  • WeAreBAndK
    WeAreBAndK 8 days ago

    2019??? Anyone???

  • Viktor Máté
    Viktor Máté 8 days ago

    8:14 '' Brannet''

  • FB27TM
    FB27TM 9 days ago

    Fmaly guy

  • hanru smit
    hanru smit 9 days ago +2

    It's not banned in South Africa we can handle jokes 😂😂😂

  • Tiger_ 21
    Tiger_ 21 9 days ago +2

    The 911 fact
    It was fact eleven,flight eleven,and September eleven

  • The Rageaholic
    The Rageaholic 9 days ago

    ... "omunous"

  • ljsavage HD
    ljsavage HD 10 days ago

    18:53 that’s a lie because stewie went to jail for showing his Choo choo

  • Bill Olsen
    Bill Olsen 12 days ago

    only the first half of Family Guy was funny. now like the simpsons it's just silly.

  • degingerked
    degingerked 12 days ago

    Me and Peter have a lot in common to name two we’re both overweight and we both have iPhones

  • Yolisa Motaung
    Yolisa Motaung 12 days ago +1

    South Africa??? Your "facts" are inaccurate.

  • Farzad Fardanesh
    Farzad Fardanesh 13 days ago

    Iran didn't ban Family Guy. We all still watch it through the internet. The problem is we can't watch any foreign TV show from our own Channels because of Sanctions. I mean we have been sanctioned for everything basically 😐😐😐 Everything that we want to even see or have is usually through unfortunately illegal means. Which sucks!

  • Oké.
    Oké. 13 days ago +3

    Fact 11 is about Flight 11 on September 11. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Prince juju
    Prince juju 13 days ago


  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 14 days ago +1

    13:50 Its so sad that Luke passed 😭

  • Awande Usakhona
    Awande Usakhona 14 days ago

    I live in south africa and I watch Family guy everyday

  • Crazy Life Facts
    Crazy Life Facts 14 days ago

    Ban in Malaysia? Well, heck yeah.. I'm Malaysian n i still watchin😂

  • Maria-Alexia Caldis
    Maria-Alexia Caldis 14 days ago +3

    Family guy actually is not banned in South Africa.

  • The MARIO Masher
    The MARIO Masher 14 days ago

    For 14 there was roger from American dad too

  • Jaques Lock
    Jaques Lock 15 days ago

    Nope its not banned in south africa so howcone im still wathing it

  • Leo
    Leo 15 days ago

    I love the end of the video where real life Peter griffin talks and pushes the other guy and laughs a second 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Trigga_87
    Trigga_87 16 days ago

    15:24 no surprise here

  • ninik sulikah
    ninik sulikah 17 days ago


  • Ian Layman
    Ian Layman 17 days ago +1

    Peter and Ernie started fighting because Peter accidentally elbowed him in the face during prom while dancing with Louis.

    • NothingExotic
      NothingExotic 17 days ago

      Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed

  • musik malaysia
    musik malaysia 17 days ago +1

    malaysia???? nah.... that's not the truth.... i watching family guy in major network in MALAYSIA

  • aGuyOnMoon
    aGuyOnMoon 18 days ago

    Nr 2: Stewies full name is **Stewart Gilligan Griffin**

  • brianrosemusician
    brianrosemusician 18 days ago +1

    Showing a video of former Mexican president Viecente Fox when mentioning the Fox network is pretty funny.

  • Languini
    Languini 18 days ago

    Is anyone else wandering how Peter got out of the TV. or just me? 20:02

  • imma Bunny
    imma Bunny 19 days ago +1

    I don't know who lied to you but its not banned in south africa

  • Danni Damase
    Danni Damase 20 days ago

    no no no no no no NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Batuhan Solmaz
    Batuhan Solmaz 20 days ago

    Stewie did go to jail. It was in the episode "Road to the Mulitverse" where dogs are humans and humans are dogs. Holy are the facts off.

  • [griz]your name
    [griz]your name 20 days ago

    Wow i just forgot about 9 1 1 but then this video showed up

  • Rommi Rusina
    Rommi Rusina 20 days ago +17

    2nd fact: real name is Stewart not Stewie

  • NebulousThreat6
    NebulousThreat6 21 day ago +1

    5:22 what’s the writers name?

  • William MK
    William MK 23 days ago

    Stewie has now gone to jaill

  • tan wee hong
    tan wee hong 24 days ago

    But I watch a episode on tv in Malaysia.

  • 다음문장Kaiya
    다음문장Kaiya 25 days ago

    My grandma has the same car as Brian 😂

  • John Augustine
    John Augustine 27 days ago +1

    18:53 clearly you've never seen the episode "Chris has got a date, date, date, date, date

    • Ian Layman
      Ian Layman 17 days ago

      Stewie was jailed in the dog human swap universe

  • GStorm TCunno
    GStorm TCunno 28 days ago

    and i have the same birthday than seth green/chris

  • Erfan Poison
    Erfan Poison 29 days ago

    Well everything is banned in iran so no worries

  • Karl Winberg
    Karl Winberg 29 days ago

    Simpsons and American dad One question who is most popular

  • EthanB_52
    EthanB_52 29 days ago

    I find it interesting that when he said Luftballons he said it with a very french accent instead of a German one.

  • m e
    m e Month ago

    Ain't that green guy who does the voices the same guy isaac kappy was talking about??

  • Neds dark
    Neds dark Month ago

    $2000.000. That's about the same as game of thrones. Only family guy wont ruin the ending

  • Micheal Haworth
    Micheal Haworth Month ago +1

    Roger was in its a trape

    • Ben Carroll
      Ben Carroll 29 days ago

      American Dad rules and Family Guy drools. Besides, the latter's Star Wars spoofs are more for those who hate, loathe and don't watch Family Guy.

  • fellegvar_ _
    fellegvar_ _ Month ago +2

    17:56 actually chris has a dead twin brother

  • Jacob Farmer
    Jacob Farmer Month ago +14

    You said stewie’s full name is “stewie Gilligan griffin”.... it’s not, it’s Stewart Gilligan Griffin... stewie is short for Stewart

  • Arsyl
    Arsyl Month ago

    I love Family Guy..

    DJ B GAMING Month ago +4

    Family guy you is not banned in South Africa

  • Addy addisuns
    Addy addisuns Month ago +1

    Seth is racist for feeling uncomfortable about having a black actor voice a white character but having a white guy voice Cleveland

  • jean privett
    jean privett Month ago +5

    Actually Stewie has Been in prison

  • The Truth is only Perspective

    Mila kunis... oh my God yes mila kunis

  • Marcel Carlse
    Marcel Carlse Month ago

    Family Guy is most certainly NOT banned in South Africa. This coming from a South African.

  • Sean Dewanejr
    Sean Dewanejr Month ago +1

    Brian and Stewie got put in jail

    Internet jail😁

  • JimJim ASMR
    JimJim ASMR Month ago +2

    I haven’t kept up with this channels content but I hope they have this narrator on still he’s got an amazing voice! Like can you imagine if any other of their narrators did this episode you would be like this sounds off but since this guy did the video it sounds so perfect

  • Doc Dat
    Doc Dat Month ago

    Its banned in south Korea but Not north Korea ?

  • Yellow Gruts
    Yellow Gruts Month ago

    So many contradictions in this

  • I Am The One Who Knocks

    15:25 So he had an issue with a black actor playing a white charater?!? However, he has white actors play black characters every episode. I knew he was racist.

  • Coltkiller Gaming
    Coltkiller Gaming Month ago

    Actually stewie went to prison

  • Coltkiller Gaming
    Coltkiller Gaming Month ago

    In one episode I’m pretty sure Seth mcfarlane said as stewie and Brian I was supposed to be on that plane

  • Tori Campbell
    Tori Campbell Month ago

    Is it really a fact if it’s stated in an episode?

  • carlos Arredondo
    carlos Arredondo Month ago

    2 million a episode really?!?🤔🤷😂

  • Im wild Panda
    Im wild Panda Month ago

    Im from indonesia and is not banned

  • Sudi B.
    Sudi B. Month ago +2

    So it wasnt ok for Cree to play a white character but ok for a white guy to play Cleveland?

  • Felix Rewer
    Felix Rewer Month ago

    Number 2 is wrong. If they call him by his full name they say "Stewart Gilligan Griffin".