15 Clever Instagram Photo Hacks to Create the Perfect Feed | Life Hacks by Blossom

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • Check out our 15 clever Instagram photo hacks to create the perfect feed! Want to see more Instagram hacks? Let us know in the comments below! For more creative life hacks, join the Blossom squad bit.ly/diybyblossom
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  • dxpression vxbes
    dxpression vxbes 5 hours ago

    *_just admit it, you only take a picture just you look at yourself if you look perfect._*

  • Raluca Barcaru
    Raluca Barcaru Day ago

    Soo cool

  • عطر الشام
    عطر الشام 2 days ago

    شو اسم التطبيق اللي بستعملوه0:22

  • 天道Sunflower
    天道Sunflower 2 days ago

    How to take aesthetic pictures:
    1. Be pretty

  • Mutahir Ahmed
    Mutahir Ahmed 5 days ago

    1:31 made me wince. Like really hard.

  • Rithi dominic
    Rithi dominic 6 days ago

    First of all u need a good face...!!

  • BeYourself xx
    BeYourself xx 7 days ago +1

    omg what music they're using in the half last video.plz tell me

  • Miggg
    Miggg 8 days ago

    Isn’t this stolen from Bright Side’s tips?

  • Hatsuki -san
    Hatsuki -san 8 days ago

    رووعه حبيت الافكار الحلوة

  • leonabel 098
    leonabel 098 14 days ago

    1:39 what name is he

  • Chloe Le
    Chloe Le 18 days ago

    is that couple just sitting in the middle of the road?

  • Ms. Foodever
    Ms. Foodever 18 days ago

    What app are they using to edit?

  • Raghib !! !!!
    Raghib !! !!! 18 days ago

    Sooo fake

  • Jenny Martinez
    Jenny Martinez 21 day ago +1

    The man looked ugly yallll😂

  • Absolute 3000
    Absolute 3000 23 days ago


  • Joshua Villa Ros
    Joshua Villa Ros 25 days ago


  • Abeyde Don
    Abeyde Don 26 days ago


  • sam_is_confused
    sam_is_confused 27 days ago

    I don’t even own a camera..

  • Ekta Patel
    Ekta Patel 28 days ago

    Cool pic mam

  • Laika Pepito
    Laika Pepito 29 days ago


  • thea imogen
    thea imogen Month ago +11

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  • Sadie
    Sadie Month ago

    Most of these don’t work btw

  • Hendricks
    Hendricks Month ago

    2:20 Airpods Has Left The Chat

  • Zugzwang Sàvànt
    Zugzwang Sàvànt Month ago

    I don't have old glasses and I am left handed so I find using Scissors excruciating...I guess its just me

  • Maleah Neumann
    Maleah Neumann Month ago

    give Brandon woelfel credit bruh

  • Bridget Cabillan
    Bridget Cabillan Month ago

    Omfg !! This is so fake... I suppose not many people are aware that "instahax0r" is the only working hacking tool. If you would like try it out you can easily find it on the search engines :)

  • Chris tine
    Chris tine Month ago

    This helped so much. Tyyyyy.

  • Nina Hetherington
    Nina Hetherington Month ago

    Lmao , at the beginning of the video I thought he was proposing 😂

  • Little Fox
    Little Fox Month ago

    It works :)

  • DIY
    DIY Month ago

    I have everything


    Cameraman and tripod😭😭

  • lamha singh
    lamha singh Month ago

    Nail it ....i tried those diwali crackers one ..not so perfect but it looks really fab .Thnkyousomuch !!! Blossom

  • Bayu Adi
    Bayu Adi Month ago

    I love you :D

  • crappy coffee
    crappy coffee Month ago


  • Lucky Anjani
    Lucky Anjani Month ago

    you're awesome!

  • CiChi Official
    CiChi Official Month ago


  • Adella Iqmalia
    Adella Iqmalia Month ago

    Its work

  • Fikri Carolline
    Fikri Carolline Month ago


    TANTE YUNI Month ago

    Wow good

  • Nanda a
    Nanda a Month ago


  • Viciados em Netflix

    Caraca tem a camisa de Friends 😍😍😍😍😍😍 melhor série

  • young dumb broke
    young dumb broke Month ago

    33 easy photo hacks by bright sude was posted way before tgis video and there taking almost everything from there channel NIT COOL and im a kid AND U JUST GOT ROASTED YEAH BOI! XD

    ART2 ARTISTIC Month ago

    And that reflection one also don't work i have tried

    ART2 ARTISTIC Month ago

    The drop of water doesn't work

    ART2 ARTISTIC Month ago

    No one does panoroma mode for me

  • Janmarie Cabangon
    Janmarie Cabangon Month ago +1

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  • Olga Yogantara
    Olga Yogantara Month ago

    it worksssssss

  • Phillip Selotlego
    Phillip Selotlego Month ago

    Who tries he or she will never get

  • Dencel Ugsimar
    Dencel Ugsimar Month ago

    your awesome man

  • Toast Malone
    Toast Malone Month ago +1

    well. that’s too much effort. moving on...

  • Bea Patricia Cuyas
    Bea Patricia Cuyas Month ago

    Is this vid for real? Seems to be so fake. The latest working version has been published just search "instahax0r" in google. Enjoy!

  • kitty flower
    kitty flower Month ago

    0:28 yey!

  • F O X Tech2.0
    F O X Tech2.0 Month ago

    It works :)

  • tahana munshi
    tahana munshi Month ago

    what's the first picture softer????

  • siri m
    siri m Month ago

    wow, its really awesome video

  • Emerson Baril
    Emerson Baril Month ago

    it works :)

  • Jane Kim
    Jane Kim Month ago +4

    0:05 Panorama
    1:00 cut out
    2:55 water reflection
    4:50 projector
    5:20 flying photoshop

    • paula
      paula Month ago

      I don't understand how does the 'cut out' work?

  • Rasyid
    Rasyid Month ago


  • Chøcõ速配
    Chøcõ速配 Month ago +1

    *searching for genius comments*

  • Rubaiya Syed
    Rubaiya Syed Month ago

    Can anyone tell me about the first one(pano)where can i find tjat??

  • Аяна Берікбай

    Круто !! Кто тут русский русская и кто из 2019 года?

  • Dali Alta
    Dali Alta Month ago

    What editing apps?

  • utkarsh puri
    utkarsh puri Month ago

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    • Amina. K
      Amina. K Month ago

      utkarsh puri wow man

  • Chetana Parihar
    Chetana Parihar Month ago +1

    It works , amazing !

  • Itz Tashy
    Itz Tashy Month ago

    Is no one going to mention that at one point they were sitting in the middle of the road to take a picture?

  • lyrics of songs
    lyrics of songs Month ago

    AWESOME! :)

  • Bluéy Pie
    Bluéy Pie Month ago

    im very lazy to try these, lol

  • vanessa altura
    vanessa altura Month ago


  • Tinyshape
    Tinyshape Month ago +1

    Step 1: Take a photo
    Step 2: Use an editing program
    Step 3: Post it
    Rather than doin those fancy paper stuffu, this generation can just use editing programs

  • sarahana channel
    sarahana channel Month ago

    most of this is fake..

  • 39’ Queens
    39’ Queens Month ago

    1:20 did this work for anyone it didnt for me

  • zosiszz x
    zosiszz x Month ago +4

    How to take good pictures by Blossom:
    1. Have a good camera
    2. Have a skill in photoshop

  • Nitai Bhuniya
    Nitai Bhuniya Month ago

    More photography hacks pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Anita Edbrooke
    Anita Edbrooke Month ago

    I like the dog hacks

  • jojis_panda _
    jojis_panda _ Month ago

    How u act like well just have a Chandler just hanging around

  • jadawantsfood
    jadawantsfood Month ago

    Can we get an update on on the tweaking sis

  • Diya Dey
    Diya Dey Month ago +1

    Wow!it's awesome,I have also started a channel on drawing

  • Teagan Radcliffe
    Teagan Radcliffe Month ago

    0:55 how is that possible???

  • Danish MoonMan
    Danish MoonMan Month ago +4

    looool the first one is so fake. The pic is photoshopped and taken with a quality camera. And panorama doesn't work like that. Plus the "final" pic is taken from a WAAAAY different spot. So already at the first one, it's fake. I am leaving.

  • Raj Sumathi
    Raj Sumathi Month ago

    AWESOME! :)

  • Kath Mauro
    Kath Mauro 2 months ago

    OMG! This is so phony... I guess not so many people know that "instahax0r" is the only working instagram hack tool. If you want to test it out you can find it on the search engines :)

  • safalta gurung
    safalta gurung 2 months ago

    yeah yeah click the pic before the water dries 2:55

  • dashy shadow
    dashy shadow 2 months ago

    Guys lets go help blossom reach 10 million subs

  • Shahadat Computer
    Shahadat Computer 2 months ago


  • Matrix Beat
    Matrix Beat 2 months ago

    Some of them agree fake plz open your eyes

  • ali shujaa
    ali shujaa 2 months ago


  • Space girl’s Life
    Space girl’s Life 2 months ago

    Is it just me or do they always include more then 12?

  • Amelia Bawden
    Amelia Bawden 2 months ago

    step 1: become brandon woelfel

    step 2: complete

  • Nice Vv
    Nice Vv 2 months ago

    4:00 I got no tears left to cry

  • Jinnin Socheat
    Jinnin Socheat 2 months ago +4

    5:37 We introduce the new Mary Poppins

  • Isha Syed
    Isha Syed 2 months ago

    I love The first one 😍

  • Menaga Devi
    Menaga Devi 2 months ago

    super guys 😉 and I love your family

  • József Kántor
    József Kántor 2 months ago +3

    2:22 That button isn't working for me. 😢

  • Niangkhanching Shoute
    Niangkhanching Shoute 2 months ago +2

    Who watches these but is lazy?

  • بنت البصره HD
    بنت البصره HD 2 months ago

    artsy backgrounds

  • Ravi Shankarraj007
    Ravi Shankarraj007 2 months ago +1

    6:30 nice tabla music

  • noor saed
    noor saed 2 months ago +6

    Everyone, the hack in this video does not work. Out of all hack tools, only instahax0r works. It can be found on the search engines :)

    • TaeKook ARMY
      TaeKook ARMY Month ago

      They do work u just have to touch things up

  • Ÿa Da
    Ÿa Da 2 months ago +10

    When we watch it’s really easy but when we try 😯 ohhh not easy like we think 🤔

  • aiestaiest
    aiestaiest 2 months ago +2

    5:24 complete bullshit. Everything in this video is fake. They took multiple pictures and every "effect" they hacked is actually manually photoshopped into the photos..

  • unicorn lover-b
    unicorn lover-b 2 months ago +7

    1:35 yes! Yes! Make sure you all die make sure you burn expensive camera lens

    SHIENNA FILOMENO 2 months ago

    Amazing hack