Premier League Top 6: Man City or Liverpool? Will Man United miss top 4? | Premier League

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • After Manchester City's 1-0 win over Tottenham in the Premier League courtesy of Phil Foden's first league goal, ESPN FC's Shaka Hislop predicts how the top six will pan out between Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United.
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  • Gotum Chisi
    Gotum Chisi 10 days ago

    How to decide pl trophy anyone plz tell me details.?

  • George Dancy
    George Dancy 15 days ago

    Haha Shaka wrong again! Chelsea baby!

  • Lucifer Phaethon
    Lucifer Phaethon 25 days ago

    I thought he said “XHAKA”

  • guardian bravo
    guardian bravo 28 days ago

    To all the Arsenal wankers Chelsea shits and United seniors thinking they will go to third think again we are finishing third and winning the ucl mark my words

  • kaz9781
    kaz9781 28 days ago

    20. Huddersfield Town (relegated) 19. Fulham (relegated) 18. Cardiff City (relegated) 17. Burnley 16. Southampton 15. Brighton and Hove Albion 14. Newcastle United 13. West Ham United 12. Crystal Palace 11. Bournemouth 10. Everton 9. Leicester City 8. Watford 7. Wolverhampton Wanderers 6. Chelsea (Europa League qualification -- second qualifying round) 5. Manchester United (Europa League qualification -- group stage) 4. Tottenham Hotspur (Champions League qualification) 3. Arsenal (Champions League qualification) 2. Liverpool (Champions League qualification) 1. Manchester City (Premier League champions and Champions League qualification)
    A supercomputer has predicted this outcome u guys decide.

  • Mr Fake Beast
    Mr Fake Beast 28 days ago

    Man City will be the winner.

  • douman74
    douman74 29 days ago

    Some of these teams did something to Shaka ! He is scared ...He doesn't fency Liverpool to win it from the jump...He is gonna eat his words!!#UpTheReds #YNWA

  • Tiago Baltazar
    Tiago Baltazar 29 days ago +2

    1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Spurs
    4. Arsenal
    5. Chelsea (win europa)
    6. Everton

  • S. Kh.
    S. Kh. 29 days ago

    Arsenal n4!!!!!!

  • Manchester Is Blue
    Manchester Is Blue 29 days ago

    liverpool will once again win nothing

    • Kaydzy
      Kaydzy 26 days ago

      And once again ulot won't win the champions league 😂

  • Emerson Emmanuel
    Emerson Emmanuel 29 days ago

    if you make this video again in two weeks, it will change

  • Guybrush Threepweed
    Guybrush Threepweed 29 days ago +1

    I feel great about Shaka saying Liverpool second. The opposite guaranteed.

  • Joshua Zepeda
    Joshua Zepeda 29 days ago

    Arsenal 2- Crystal Palace 3

  • John L. Wildman
    John L. Wildman 29 days ago

    As a Liverpool fan you have to be realistic. City will win because there isn't a team left to take a point off them. We only lost one game but the premiership was lost a long time ago with the 0-0 draws.

  • Shaun L
    Shaun L Month ago

    People actually think City will win the league 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shaun L
    Shaun L Month ago +2

    My top 6 before a ball was kicked this season
    Man utd

  • Shaun L
    Shaun L Month ago

    Liverpool WILL win the league and man utd have never had a hope of top 4 and probably won't finish top 4 for a good few years yet. Absolute shambles of a club and an embarrassment they actually appointed ole as full time manager. He wont even last the whole season next year then its back to where they were the day moyes took over. 7 years and went absolutely nowhere despite spending half a billion (albeit on dogshit)

  • slinkiegirl2001
    slinkiegirl2001 Month ago

    i was 15 the last time liverpool won the league where does the time go it has been 29 years 29 years that is a lifetime the younger supporters have never seen l/pool win the league, i hope we gooners do not wait 29 years

  • Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía


  • Vijay Iyer VJ
    Vijay Iyer VJ Month ago

    1) Lfc
    20) manU

  • The Knight
    The Knight Month ago

    If Tottenham win the champions league then they will have bragging rights over arsenal would be a nightmare for arsenal fans.😂

  • Craig Mullen
    Craig Mullen Month ago

    I just take one Game at a time seen enough Trails and Trbulations supporting City For 35 years MCFC

  • Ihsan ullah khan
    Ihsan ullah khan Month ago

    With present squad Man U cannot win next season They have to sell 6 players and bring good defenders and 2 world class strikers Rashford is no good Young has lost his touch OLE is too nice to Manage

  • aarya47
    aarya47 Month ago

    Arsenal 4th again lol

  • Antonios Vasilellis Neto

    How do you predict United 6th, we've got a game in hand on Chelsea and Spurs, are 2 and 3 points behind each, and we have a game against Chelsea still. Surely we should be predicted 5th at least??

    • Lone Wanderer
      Lone Wanderer Month ago +1

      There is no difference In 6th or 5th. You won't get UCL either way

  • Dennis Flo
    Dennis Flo Month ago

    City wining the league is depending on the game on Tuesday

  • Air Masak Kosong
    Air Masak Kosong Month ago

    So Spurs will go to no 5 or 6 the same sport every season after failed in semi final , Injured player and moral down. Spurs have nothing to proved just Spider Web Cabinet Club even beat city who didn't win UCL. Nothing to be proud here. Waste time . Hahahaha

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel Month ago

    Oh look another top 6 video

  • Mambwe Mwape
    Mambwe Mwape Month ago

    Only liked this vid coz shaka made sense!

  • MarbleHalls TV
    MarbleHalls TV Month ago

    in a one off, emery would out-tactic sorry, i mean sarri.

  • Joey Johnson
    Joey Johnson Month ago


    • Paul Pogba
      Paul Pogba 27 days ago +1

      Joey Johnson triggered worried deluded Man U fanboy spotted

    • WibuArtz
      WibuArtz Month ago +1

      4-0 is smokin

  • M Yazdani
    M Yazdani Month ago +2

    Manchester City
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Manchester United

  • Carlo M12
    Carlo M12 Month ago +1

    I’m hoping for uncle Neil to pull off a madness for us tomorrow and gift us the title.

  • Enterthedarkness23
    Enterthedarkness23 Month ago +19

    1. Man City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal
    4. Tottenham
    5. Chelsea
    6. Man United

    • boss masenda
      boss masenda 29 days ago

      Lfc first

    • Abulayi
      Abulayi Month ago +1

      Arsenal in 3rd. What?😝😂. You're sarcastic

  • abdulaziz yalahow
    abdulaziz yalahow Month ago +11

    Let’s Go Liverpool FC We got this beautiful premier league championship and the champions league championship in shaa allah (God Willing)

  • gniK Red Devil
    gniK Red Devil Month ago

    not guarantee that Arsenal will finish 3rd. lol they only have 1 home game and 2 away games against teams that can beat Arsenal.

  • JM H
    JM H Month ago +5

    1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal
    4. Man United
    5. Chelsea
    6. Tottenham

    • Paul Pogba
      Paul Pogba 27 days ago +1

      JM H absolutely fucking deluded. Most stupid thing i’ve seen so far in 2019

    • Dennis Owusu
      Dennis Owusu Month ago +2

      If Man U finishes in top 4 man city will most likely finish 2nd

  • gniK Red Devil
    gniK Red Devil Month ago

    still think City will win and they are 1 point ahead of pool. So whoever win or can win the remaining games will be champ.both deserved it.

  • mulat aman
    mulat aman Month ago

    Hopefully Liverpool will be out of the champion league and league.

  • mulat aman
    mulat aman Month ago

    Hopefully Liverpool will be out of the champion league and league.

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka Month ago +3

    Man City
    Man Utd
    How many times do we have to rank this lmao.

    • Corbzer
      Corbzer 29 days ago +1

      come back when your not drunk lol United lost 4 -0 today and arsenal lost 3-2 lol utds form is going down hill and so is tottenhams top 4 is close though united will crumble

  • Blessing Andrea
    Blessing Andrea Month ago +3

    Did I just waste my time checking the table instead of googling it,cause this isn't prediction

  • TheNixbrix
    TheNixbrix Month ago

    its a wonder shake a pissflap didnt put liverpool 3rd lol salty fuker gerrrrrrrard fa cup final....hes still butthurt

  • Anmol Limbu
    Anmol Limbu Month ago

    Mark my words " United will finish in top 4"

    • WibuArtz
      WibuArtz Month ago +1


    • Thomasshole Müller
      Thomasshole Müller Month ago +1

      All will be depends on the derby. If they win , they can if not they might be or not because i am not seeing spurs bottling the job anymore this season but i think arsenal can. Because arsenal will face some tough matches and mostly are away.

  • SoumyaDeep Das
    SoumyaDeep Das Month ago

    Most biased talk show on the planet...

  • Mahmoud Kandil
    Mahmoud Kandil Month ago

    Chelsea suck

  • mike wilson
    mike wilson Month ago +4

    Liverpool are going to win their remaining games but City have proven they can be beaten when the pressure is on and they have much tougher run in. Liverpool 97 pts, Man City 96 pts.

    • Dennis Owusu
      Dennis Owusu Month ago

      K. Benzema Is God stfu Asshole. Your season is a big failure. How pathetic the whole team has become 😂. Losing to Barca back to back like it’s kids game. You even got schooled by Ajax in your own backyard. Crawl back to your shithole. Failure

    • K. Benzema Is God
      K. Benzema Is God Month ago

      You wish you little bitch lmfao

  • 12poopie
    12poopie Month ago

    If man city wins. Soccer dies

  • Viking Frog
    Viking Frog Month ago

    Shaka basically only predicting the top 3 who everyone could pretty much nail. In other words he knows fuck all fence sits and picks up his pay cheque for fuck all. As usual Shaka kudos on the information you giant Tit head!

  • amineimad
    amineimad Month ago +5

    I can't see Spurs winning enough to finish 3rd while managing injuries and a UCL semi-final
    I fear UTD/Chelsea could catch them
    Only my top 3 is set:
    1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal

    • Neymar Jr
      Neymar Jr Month ago

      Arsenal fan

    • Thomasshole Müller
      Thomasshole Müller Month ago

      +Fish Rino yeah and see arsenal will play away from home and they will also gonna face wolves at their home and london derby this weekend.

    • Fish Rino
      Fish Rino Month ago

      most of our games are home to mid table teams, you are the oposite

  • Deepali
    Deepali Month ago +1

    1.Man City
    3. Arsenal
    4. Tottenham
    5. Chelsea
    6. Man u

  • bill M
    bill M Month ago +1

    Where is alexis nunes ? Missing her big

  • Luke Bushell
    Luke Bushell Month ago +2

    The question is :
    Do Man Utd risk top 4 and let City beat Liverpool to the title?
    Or do they try and get a result against City to raise their chances of getting top 4.
    (Liverpool Fan)

    • Paul Pogba
      Paul Pogba 27 days ago

      Wether United try to beat City or not there’s no chance they’ll win

    • Tzyai
      Tzyai Month ago +1

      Yeah after that performance against Everton, their strategy should be to not concede more than 5.

    • WibuArtz
      WibuArtz Month ago

      Its a win win for them

    • K. Benzema Is God
      K. Benzema Is God Month ago

      Fuck liverpool they ain't gonna fucking win shit this season lmfao another failure for that shit team

    • Tzyai
      Tzyai Month ago

      So either, try & lose or don't try and use the excuse that they didn't want to help LFC achieve the Prem tittle. Hmmmm.

  • mae
    mae Month ago +1

    This was wrong. LIVERPOOL WILL win it
    Said back in December. The dirty mancs will win us our 19th. And am still holding onto that. A united draw will put LIVERPOOL in pole position a lost will definitely give lfc an advantage. We also have Leicester city all they could do is a draw..
    LIVERPOOL will win it!!

    • Ezra Wilson
      Ezra Wilson 29 days ago

      I’m a Liverpool fan but mate seriously don’t fucking jinx it. Don’t say that until city have somehow dropped points and we’re 2 games left to play.

    • Blue Chief
      Blue Chief Month ago +1

      +Crazy Person *correction 4 point lead, lol you know nothing, Liverppol was leading by 7 but City had a game in hand, which effectly made that a 4 point lead, not 10 point lead, gtfo here with that bullshit.

    • mae
      mae Month ago

      +Crazy Person i said it as soon as we blew those 10 points.. as soon as we fucked and saw uniteds vs city game rescheduled.. i k ew it will come up to that game. .
      Thats the most important gane of our season.. hope those dirty fukn mancs and pogba do their job..

    • Yagnik Chatterjee
      Yagnik Chatterjee Month ago

      It's alright. Let them doubt us! #upthereds #ynwa

    • Crazy Person
      Crazy Person Month ago +2

      Yeah but back in December you had a 10 point lead then you bottled it.

  • XVVvKk
    XVVvKk Month ago +7

    Liverpool could win every game but it still might not be enough

    • Rushian Diggity
      Rushian Diggity Month ago +3

      +K. Benzema Is God when was the last time your team had only 1 loss after 34 games mate? don't be so jelly , its unattractive

    • XVVvKk
      XVVvKk Month ago +1

      +K. Benzema Is God have you seen us this season?

    • Jonny Foot
      Jonny Foot Month ago +1

      K. Benzema Is God exactly like in Kiev when karius gifted u the goal

    • K. Benzema Is God
      K. Benzema Is God Month ago +1

      Liverpool is shit

  • Marian M
    Marian M Month ago +14

    According to Liverpool fans, City is dropping points every game 🤣

    • Marian M
      Marian M Month ago +1

      kareem khalid You’re being crazy. If City didn’t drop points against Tottenham, then I’m 100% sure they won’t drop points against fuckin’ Burnley. By your logic, every team is gonna drop points against everyone. City has something to fight for-the title. Burnley doesn’t fight for shit, they are secured. As soon as they enter stadium, they’ll want the game to finish as soon as possible because it’s irrelevant to them.

    • MafiaboysWorld
      MafiaboysWorld Month ago +1

      I came here to see the deluded hopes of uNiTeD fans thinking they're beating Everton AND City. 🤣😂🤣😂
      You're getting 1 point out of the next 2 games then preparing for your Banter FC title match against Chelsea. 😎

    • Tom Odul
      Tom Odul Month ago +4

      If United beats Everton tomorrow then they will give City hard time because they have a chance to be in the top four. But if they draw or loose then they won't have to beat City because most of their fans will turn against them and support City since LP fans will be supporting MU anyway. It's a bizarre thing though!!

    • kareem khalid
      kareem khalid Month ago +2

      +Marian M You can never write off United at Old Trafford even if they are in bad form, especially in a derby. Also, Burnley away is a very tough fixture and I can see City dropping points against them. Overall, I still think Liverpool's fixtures are better. Having said that, I still think City will win all their remaining fixtures and win the league.

  • Marian M
    Marian M Month ago +60

    1. Man. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal
    4. Tottenham
    5. Chelsea
    6. Man. United

    • Aman Mahal
      Aman Mahal 5 days ago

      +B19 i hope u r not a kid

    • Jake Mitchell
      Jake Mitchell 6 days ago

      Thomasshole Müller they finished 3rd 😄

    • Carlo M12
      Carlo M12 28 days ago

      Lesego Kotane and believe me, I know City too well, just get the United job done, and it’s downhill from there, in fact I think Newcastle away for Liverpool could be a really tough one, if they draw that then it’s officially over

    • Lesego Kotane
      Lesego Kotane 28 days ago

      +Carlo M12 100%

    • Carlo M12
      Carlo M12 28 days ago

      Lesego Kotane yeah the league was over I think really after Liverpool drew Everton, Man City weren’t gonna lose or draw any more games, apart from maybe the Palace game which we got the job done there very professionally. United, just please, Burnley away is gonna be similar but they play so deep and Man City will just have the ball the entire time and eventually find a way through. My friend, City are champions, I’m already in the process of making the champions compilation 18/19 video on my second RU-clip channel, Football Magico, go check it out it’s a new channel.

  • Marian M
    Marian M Month ago +3

    Tottenham could seriously become a handball club. England would finally have a proper handball club. ‘HC Tottenhand’

  • Sarang Bhardwaj
    Sarang Bhardwaj Month ago +4

    More of a wish than a prediction!

  • alan simm
    alan simm Month ago +1

    Will come a cropper at Man U 😉

  • BENMJR -
    BENMJR - Month ago

    i agree liv fan

  • Jacob Panchol
    Jacob Panchol Month ago

    Lol. Everyday who will finish in top 4, don't you guys have other things to talk about?

  • Pawan Desai
    Pawan Desai Month ago +2

    Shaka remember gerrads goal....😂😂😂😂😂antiliverpool......

    • Tom Jones
      Tom Jones Month ago +1

      "Gerrardooo stunning when you need someone to stand up and be captain to pull an absolute rabbit from a hat Steven Gerrard has done just that we know the name son"

  • Halefom Tesfalem
    Halefom Tesfalem Month ago

    You gays are change your mind every fucking day So you gays says is never will happen

  • Ryan Spurs10
    Ryan Spurs10 Month ago

    Tottenham will finish 3rd this season

  • Mo Huss
    Mo Huss Month ago +6

    Man City
    Man Utd

    • Chewy Suarez
      Chewy Suarez Month ago

      Not with our schedule. We have started to win games away

    • Marian M
      Marian M Month ago +2

      You’re drunk mate xd

    • Benjamin Vila
      Benjamin Vila Month ago +6

      What are you smoking bro??

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James Month ago

    When did this clown Hislop suddenly become an expert on premier league football? He was a pathetic no mark of a goalkeeper who's never liked Liverpool ever since Gerrard embarrassed him in 2006.

  • Angelus Marcarita
    Angelus Marcarita Month ago +8

    Chelsea needs A Bottling miracle, if wish top four, from 2 of the most bottling teams in the world, Tottenham and Arsenal.

  • Sahill Koksi'
    Sahill Koksi' Month ago

    I dont see city droping points oooo.. fck

  • Nissangtr786
    Nissangtr786 Month ago

    Hoping we win our remaining games and shut these people up. If we get to 79 points we should get top 4 as our top 4 rivals are still in europe.

    • MafiaboysWorld
      MafiaboysWorld Month ago

      uNiTeD, winning out? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
      Oh wait, you're being serious, let me laugh harder!!
      uNiTeD muppets, delusion at it's finest. Prepare for your Banter FC title match against Chelsea and Europa. 😎

  • Nissangtr786
    Nissangtr786 Month ago +3

    Man Utd and Chelsea deserve top 4 ahead of Tottenham and Arsenal. Lets see if the teams more deserving get it in the end or not.

    • X G
      X G 29 days ago


    • DeMar DeRozan
      DeMar DeRozan Month ago +1

      Still think Man United deserve top 4 after being absolutely battered like that at Goodison park?

    • Emmanuel 49
      Emmanuel 49 Month ago

      Dale Barry tottenham has done this before, get themselves into a position to win something and then bottle it, this is why you haven't won a trophy in 11 years. Also I said we haven't spent much THIS season because you said tottenham hasn't spent anything THIS season. My point is we're not man city, chelsea, man united or even liverpool that has spent a tonne of money (because of kronke) so talking about money means nothing to me, a declining arsene wenger was able to get into the top 4 year after year spending peanuts compared to the teams around us so it's nothing new. Also are you really celebrating the fact that you knocked out a changed arsenal team in the mickey mouse cup that you didn't even win in the end? When both clubs went against each other in the league full strengthed you got slapped at the Emirates and just about escaped with a point at Wembley. You've had pochatino for years now in your best period, we've just changed manager after our worst season in 20+ years, let's see what happens when emery starts to build his own team.

    • Great Panda
      Great Panda Month ago +1

      +M Ice nah i dont agree, poch has done a good job but tottenham squad is a whole lot better than the arsenal one, true he hasnt spent much but he hasnt lost any key players either. i would say the amount of players that arsenal lost over the years like rosicky, cazorla, wilshere, ox, alexis, etc were either not replaced at all or were replaced with inferior quality. i dont think poch will be a happy man if he was to swap his squad for the arsenal one, so for me considering arsenal had the weakest squad in the top 6 and that noone gave them a chance at the start of the season to get near top 4 shows they did something right and deserve the praise

    • M Ice
      M Ice Month ago

      +Great Panda what about Spurs? I feel Poch is a better manager than emery. Not only is he working with underpaid players at Tottenham, he is also consistently grinding out top 4 results for them and now a semi finals berth in the ucl. If he wasnt in charge, I doubt there would even be a "big 6". Forget the argument that he hasn't won any trophies. With that amt of limited budget he has no one could challenge City for the title who spends money like water. I feel among the top 6 hes the most valuable manager. Second is Klopp.

  • Kam Sandhu
    Kam Sandhu Month ago +25

    Man utd decide location of title.

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 29 days ago

      United could turn up for the match on wednesday. Its a derby and Ole will fire them up for it. City fan btw.

    • lookingatyouforever
      lookingatyouforever Month ago

      Spot on +Simon Simon

    • M Ice
      M Ice Month ago +1

      As a Man Utd fan I rather Utd lose and give the title to City. I mean hasn't anyone forgot what Liverpool did to them in 2010? Gerrard backpass to drogba to hand Chelsea the title. If they are going to be sour, we should to and deny them their 20+ year wait for a bpl trophy.

    • Ruben Martinez
      Ruben Martinez Month ago

      The title is stay at Manchester

    MARTINJW25 Month ago +1

    Great work with the slow talking, Add extra time to the video

  • Iggy Pop
    Iggy Pop Month ago +4

    At least Hislop has consistently shown respect to Arsenal, unlike all other pundits.

    • MafiaboysWorld
      MafiaboysWorld Month ago

      +K. Benzema Is God I'll just take a note from the team that flogged you muppets. 😎

    • Blue Chief
      Blue Chief Month ago

      +K. Benzema Is God lol, funny coming from a Real Madrid fan.

    • K. Benzema Is God
      K. Benzema Is God Month ago +1

      Arsenal doesn't deserve respect, such a shitty team.

  • Swad Bodhy
    Swad Bodhy Month ago

    Man utd is not willing to let go of the 6 the place!!! This is sure...

  • Santiago Pizichini
    Santiago Pizichini Month ago +6

    Wait til you see us above Tottenham, Shaka

    • Santiago Pizichini
      Santiago Pizichini 26 days ago +1

      +Kaydzy I don't think so too now

    • Kaydzy
      Kaydzy 26 days ago

      Tottenham 4 points clear three games left i don't think so😂

    • Kryptus
      Kryptus Month ago +1

      Santiago Pizichini good one

  • Mady Keo
    Mady Keo Month ago +12

    Your prediction is regarding to current table only, shame!!!

  • Mh0123
    Mh0123 Month ago +4

    Liverpool is gonna win

    Nah bruddah I’m joking

  • Austin Langdon
    Austin Langdon Month ago

    If City drops points, it will be against Leicester. Lets hope.

    • Marian M
      Marian M Month ago +1

      Jessica Agriani You can only dream.

    • Jessica Agriani
      Jessica Agriani Month ago +1

      What if Burnley might do Liverpool a favor? 😂

    • Marian M
      Marian M Month ago +2

      According to Liverpool fans, City is dropping points every game 🤣

    • Sam Tyrrell
      Sam Tyrrell Month ago +2

      Samy Kiani also to overwrite the season when gerrard slipped so the fans stop hating him for not getting them the prem

    • Samy Kiani
      Samy Kiani Month ago +3

      Brandan Rodgers will do his best to help his old team.

  • A.g -
    A.g - Month ago +6

    1. Pep's 700 M+ Squad
    2. Jurgen "4years-Flop"
    3. Cigarettes Addict
    4. Son Heung-Min
    5. Club wth greek defenders
    6. New Banter FC United

    • A.g -
      A.g - 3 days ago +2

      +Henry Wallace Haha. I bet on 5 betting sites, only 2 were eligible. Still made some money.

    • Henry Wallace
      Henry Wallace 3 days ago

      +A.g - Dude you literally jinxed it.

    • A.g -
      A.g - 3 days ago +1

      My prediction were spot on, right guys? I cashed some grands from this. HAHAHAHAHAH

    • ARB HD
      ARB HD 22 days ago

      Henry Wallace really?

    • Henry Wallace
      Henry Wallace Month ago

      +A.g - Fuck no Man U are shit. Spurs and us Gunners make it in top 4

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello Month ago +2

    I hope this drunk head is right this time lol 😂 😆

  • yonis gure
    yonis gure Month ago

    If United beat Everton they have a big choice to make for next weekend: either pay well against City and get a point to keep Top 4 hopes alive, or play poorly so as not to concede the EPL title to Liverpool. My feeling is they'd rather fuck up their CL prospects (ultimately meaning no big-name talent is going to want to sign with them in the Summer) and their competitive hopes for next season than see Liverpool lift the trophy.

  • victor r
    victor r Month ago

    Is he on weed ???

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +3

    Spurs lost tho lol they gonna end up fifth

    • John Doe
      John Doe 24 days ago

      +Kaydzy hahaha I hear you bro we had no excuse at Crystal palace we played shit but season is not done yet just hope Tottenham can keep 3rd

    • Kaydzy
      Kaydzy 26 days ago

      +John Doe third best team in England tell that to Crystal Palace and wolves 😂😂 Tottenham knocked City out of champions league and almost beat them again if it wasn't for citys keeper ederson.

    • Nep TalHunt
      Nep TalHunt Month ago

      +John Doe So Liverpool City and Spurs are dead
      Grow up

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago

      +Nep TalHunt your hurt bro lol reality is Arsenal most likely the 3rd best team in England right now, only thing you can talk about is our away form but even then we're winning games.

    • Wayde Belgrave-Haynes
      Wayde Belgrave-Haynes Month ago +1

      +Nep TalHunt You're writing off Chelsea and Arsenal? Lol. Ok.

  • Auggie Ghau ghau
    Auggie Ghau ghau Month ago

    Just to make it hot

  • Christian Garivay
    Christian Garivay Month ago +20

    Liverpool is going to win

    • Blue eyed Eurasian
      Blue eyed Eurasian Month ago

      .. nothing

    • skullbuster
      skullbuster Month ago

      +Al Mostafa dimwit jizya is s fact. Persecution of LGBT is a fact. Persecution of non Muslim is fact. Two most Islamic states are Iran and Saudi. Ignorant fool. What are status of gays in there? Or one who get caught in adultery in there? I can post exact English quotes from Quran inciting violence against non believers or LGBT, since u are too dumb to consider islam/Quran holy. U can always act ignorant. But facts remain fact regardless or what u believe or I believe. Ur idiocy is exposed jihadi. U follow ppl like mehdi Hasan who on tape said non Muslim are cattles.

    • Al Mostafa
      Al Mostafa Month ago

      +skullbuster lol, you just say the same shit as every other Islamaphobe

    • skullbuster
      skullbuster Month ago

      +Al Mostafa off course there is reason for sane people to be afraid of Islam. These ppl admire a paedophile and warmonger who fought many battles to conquer territories and persecute then pagans to convert. His followers still does that. Imagine a so called holy book Quran which incite violence over another human just coz they are not of same faith or different sexual interest. Islam vouch for separate taxation on non Muslim called jizya. Islam vouch for violence against LGBT. Islam vouch for violence for adultery. Who in their sane mind wont be afraid this vile cult.

    • Al Mostafa
      Al Mostafa Month ago

      +skullbuster lmao, you're one of those Islamaphobes lol

  • Mohamed Adami
    Mohamed Adami Month ago

    Why is it man utd this man utd that? Can they give United a fucking break talk about relegation battles

  • Ben Decagon
    Ben Decagon Month ago +20

    If you love football, then you must hope that Liverpool win the premier league. We cannot let oil money take over football. I am grateful that Spurs did us all a favor by knocking them out in the CL, though didn’t manage to do it in the PL, but there is still a chance these lose points. I don’t want to see a future where the premier league becomes serie a bundesliga or ligue 1 where we can predict the winner every season.
    1. Liverpool
    2. City
    3. Spurs
    4. Arsenal
    5. United
    6. Chelsea

    • Dennis Owusu
      Dennis Owusu Month ago +1

      skullbuster you are deluded if you think barca will thrash Liverpool. I wasn’t going to mind you but this is like the second time you saying this. Barca crumble anytime they meet high energy pressing teams and they’ll crumble again like Roma last season 😂. Liverpool won’t give them space and time for tiki taka bullshit

    • K. Benzema Is God
      K. Benzema Is God Month ago +1

      Liverpool fans are disgustingly cancerous, i hope they fucking lose so they all know their place - not a top team in europe.

    • for ever red
      for ever red Month ago +1

      Wrong prediction.. City,Liverpool,tottenham. 4th spot I think Arsinal

    • Yarene otaigbe
      Yarene otaigbe Month ago +1

      Fuck Victimpool.Nobody wants them to win anything.fucking cunts

    • Wayde Belgrave-Haynes
      Wayde Belgrave-Haynes Month ago +6

      GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT. "If you love football", you'd want City to win because not only do they play the better football, but Liverpool and their fans are a disgrace to the game. How many times have Liverpool had controversial ass victories this season or just genuinely got lucky? City may be an oil money club, but atleast they don't rely on shitty referees. Also how tf you really not going to put United as 6th? Your list is a complete joke

  • Matthew Mcbratney
    Matthew Mcbratney Month ago

    Arsenal has a game in hand over Chelsea, feel like shaka should've been told that before because he clearly didn't know

    • FDRP
      FDRP Month ago

      Still has them finishing higher than chelsea

    • James Hetfield
      James Hetfield Month ago

      They don't care about Arsenal. If arsenal didn't have the same points as united Chelsea and Spurs. We wouldn't be considered a big club which is sad

    • The Regent
      The Regent Month ago +2

      why should he be told, he is a damn football pundit, he should know this stuff. i mean common.

  • Maru One
    Maru One Month ago +2

    As a chelsea fan i agreed 5th

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Month ago +1

      I respect that as an arsenal fan

  • Designated Shitposter
    Designated Shitposter Month ago +8

    I've noticed that most teams barely try against City.

    • kareem khalid
      kareem khalid Month ago

      It's not that, their game plan is to score early and shut up shop. That's why they're so good.

    • Patrick Lenihan
      Patrick Lenihan Month ago +2

      Most teams are afraid of city there is a difference

    • Henry Wallace
      Henry Wallace Month ago

      +adilio m me

    • Sohan Mirchandani
      Sohan Mirchandani Month ago +6

      City dont let them try

    • Vegalus
      Vegalus Month ago +21

      No they get outclassed

    38 YOUNGMONEY Month ago +8

    Next season arsenal will be world class

    • Abhishek Rawat
      Abhishek Rawat Month ago

      +Jordon Booman yup hope for the best 👍

    • Jordon Booman
      Jordon Booman Month ago +1

      +Abhishek Rawat arsenal have not been bottlers in the recent past ..we've just been shit there's a difference. But hopefully emery can turn things around

    • Abhishek Rawat
      Abhishek Rawat Month ago +1

      +Jordon Booman dont be so confident velencia is not a easy draw bro and arsenal has a habit of bottling

    • Abhishek Rawat
      Abhishek Rawat Month ago

      You already lost your best player to juve mate

    • Maqtal Samatar Salah
      Maqtal Samatar Salah Month ago

      Poulsen Jackson it’s going to be about 150 mil, and that’s enough. We need one winger and creator, together with two defenders.

  • John Rothwell
    John Rothwell Month ago

    Did shacka have his gloves fuck me his palms was white

  • Jithin Reddy
    Jithin Reddy Month ago

    Liverpool are bullshit, you are never gonna win any title soon just reach the finals and lose haha😂

  • Complexity
    Complexity Month ago +44

    Utd at 6 😁

    • gniK Red Devil
      gniK Red Devil Month ago

      First of all. Chelsea has played one game more than United and 2 points ahead. United can still make it up. if they can beat City and Chelsea. still possible.

    • MafiaboysWorld
      MafiaboysWorld Month ago

      Ole's at the wheel of Jose's Broken Down Bus!! 😎

    • Kryptus
      Kryptus Month ago +1

      No chance

    • Tzyai
      Tzyai Month ago +4

      I also thought they were being quite generous.

  • Mihir Sardesai
    Mihir Sardesai Month ago +104

    You literally change them every week how are they even predictions Ffs

    • Pedro Pierre
      Pedro Pierre Month ago

      If that’s your issue why did you even click on the video ? Lol

      SG-LEGEND Month ago +1

      +TheChampofSoccer read hawkeye u are the dumbass kid

    • Hawkeye 1000
      Hawkeye 1000 Month ago +1

      +TheChampofSoccer The whole point of predictions is that you predict form in advance not wait until the games are done. That's not predicting things that's just stating facts.

    • vbz07
      vbz07 Month ago +15

      +TheChampofSoccer What's the use of doing it after every game...Do it once and it's done...

  • Erasmus G. Asare
    Erasmus G. Asare Month ago +40

    Spurs jxt lost to City,meaning Arsenal has the chance of placing 3rd.

    • Lone Wanderer
      Lone Wanderer Month ago

      +Neymar Jr I agree spurs 3rd and Arsenal 4th

    • Neymar Jr
      Neymar Jr Month ago +1

      They have harder games than spurs now and spurs have more home games than away, the other way round for arsenal

    • Damian Zepeda
      Damian Zepeda Month ago

      But Arsenal are Arsenal and will probably drop points

    • James Hetfield
      James Hetfield Month ago +2

      +Jet Black -The Outlaw the fact you just said that shows you know nothing. We could lose draw or even win those games

  • Ib f
    Ib f Month ago +2

    Seen this video over and over and over...... running out of ideas

  • Saurav Paudel
    Saurav Paudel Month ago

    LIverpool's the winner bitch

  • ShowScene HD
    ShowScene HD Month ago +74

    All the vids u upload Is “ who will finish top 4-6 “ 😂 change your title for once !

    • * marvel studios *
      * marvel studios * Month ago

      Who will not get a chance to win next season's champions league..

    • * marvel studios *
      * marvel studios * Month ago

      Who will not play in Europe

    • * marvel studios *
      * marvel studios * Month ago

      Who will miss out on last 14-16. Lol

    • Derick Agbo
      Derick Agbo Month ago

      ShowScene HD I think there's nothing more they can upload other than that😭😭 at least they should talk about the summer signing teams need to improve for next season