Film Theory: Attack on Titan's Biggest Mystery SOLVED

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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    The Titans of Attack on Titan are an unusual sort - they don't follow the rules of giant sized beings like I talked about in my Ant Man theory. Why is that? What is making these Titans? Today Theorists, I aim to get a 'rise' out of you all with what I've uncovered.
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  • Regular Casanova
    Regular Casanova 9 months ago +13081

    I was not bready for this information but now my friends knead to know.

  • Raya Animations
    Raya Animations 23 hours ago +1

    *so your saying that titans are bread?*

  • MeteorGaming
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  • Skylar Claiborne

    Titans came from the earth demon when the god of all titans made a contract with him through that 9 titans were summoned the attack titan the beast titan the colossal titan and etc so the god of all titans made over 10,000,000 colossal titans come and build the walls for the eldians to live in after that the god of all titans said if you don't obey this the wall titans will come out and flatten the earth. And that's where titans came from.

  • Anime Is lyfe
    Anime Is lyfe Day ago

    The real villain is you mat pat!!! You watch dub!!!!!!

  • Elias Lundstedt
    Elias Lundstedt 2 days ago

    *Rise of the living bread intensifies*

    REXFIRE XD 2 days ago

    Manga Readers Cringe

  • Susan williams
    Susan williams 2 days ago

    I like it because in the video that comment was Lord explosion murder which was bakugou and my hero academia

  • Tristan Fraedrich
    Tristan Fraedrich 2 days ago

    Every time matpat says Film theory I say game theory

  • Tristan Fraedrich
    Tristan Fraedrich 2 days ago +1

    Just because you said that the true villain in attack on titan is the cruel world itself. (This is for jokes)...

    This is an actual spoiler tho

  • Pheonix 282115
    Pheonix 282115 2 days ago

    The new “No papa” vid is looking VERY interesting...

  • Pheonix 282115
    Pheonix 282115 2 days ago

    Dat intro doh XD

  • Sad Boy Ghoulz
    Sad Boy Ghoulz 2 days ago

    Ew, you used the dub..

  • Alez trolling
    Alez trolling 3 days ago

    In other words it's anime

  • lel ha -fortnite
    lel ha -fortnite 3 days ago

    Thought this vid was sponsored by snickers so I went to the description. It wasn’t :(

  • Neko Reko
    Neko Reko 3 days ago

    Men just read the frinking manga

  • Shriyans Gurijala
    Shriyans Gurijala 4 days ago

    Read the manga and your questions will be solved. (Im a manga reader)

  • Xavier Olden
    Xavier Olden 4 days ago

    EaTiNg SuGaR
    no PaPa

  • Echo
    Echo 4 days ago

    The cringing thing ever to exist.

  • Main Ikusagami
    Main Ikusagami 5 days ago

    Anime bois : WHAT IS IN THE BASEMENT
    Manga bois : **chuckles**

  • kacper player28
    kacper player28 5 days ago

    Y u not let me in the wall

  • kacper player28
    kacper player28 5 days ago

    Grab a snicker best quote

  • andi najda
    andi najda 5 days ago

    No one :
    This video : iTS THE YEAST

  • Nick Callahan
    Nick Callahan 6 days ago

    Season 3 shows us people near death can be injected with a substance (that was found with the original king aka the massive titan bigger than the colossal titan) and turn into a regular ole titan, but if they eat a person with titan abilities like bertholdt, reiner and annie they gain the persons titan ability

  • Diego Rojas
    Diego Rojas 6 days ago

    Damn this sounds about right

  • Leonard Zimba
    Leonard Zimba 6 days ago

    me:(sees beginning of video) "oh my f*ck I'm gonna be a titan

  • Megan the eggan
    Megan the eggan 6 days ago

    I miss annie so much

  • Catty Kam
    Catty Kam 7 days ago

    Titans are like mechs dude

  • Olivia Robin
    Olivia Robin 7 days ago

    “The colossal titan can cook anyone with just its steam”
    cries in Armin

  • Daddy Kun
    Daddy Kun 7 days ago +1

    As a manga reader I can not confirm this

  • Peter Alex
    Peter Alex 7 days ago

    Reality= Yimir: "Oh boy, yeast! Wonder what happens if i eat it raw?"

  • HAV Warfare
    HAV Warfare 7 days ago

    Have a snickers 👍

  • Cassie Stoddard
    Cassie Stoddard 7 days ago

    So the female titan has one hell of a yeast infection . Itchy!😖😅

  • BryanPanda-Playz
    BryanPanda-Playz 7 days ago

    In today time we know what are titans and were they come from lol

  • Jadyn Mcpherson
    Jadyn Mcpherson 7 days ago +1

    Makes sense cause when Reiner lifted that titan I was like damn he’s ock

  • Matthew Conaway
    Matthew Conaway 8 days ago

    Spoiler for attack on titan fans

    What about the titans the beast titan makes they can move in moonlights

  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee 8 days ago

    *eats yeast*
    *turns into titan*

  • Edwin Arias
    Edwin Arias 8 days ago

    0:08 but

  • TOG Plays
    TOG Plays 8 days ago +1

    hey in season 2 armen becomes the colossal titan !

  • jason yang
    jason yang 8 days ago +7

    Hey, despite the manga, this theory is still totally valid...

  • Duck F
    Duck F 8 days ago

    You dont mean Eren Jager but Jagerbomb

  • Qftraveler 52
    Qftraveler 52 8 days ago

    It comes from the ass

  • Qftraveler 52
    Qftraveler 52 8 days ago

    It can

  • Amazing Games
    Amazing Games 8 days ago

    Spoiler alert

    It is a liquid (not real)from underground that is mentioned in the manga also this would is the most realistic way in the real world. Also the beast Titan can make Titans move in the night

  • Will Crawford
    Will Crawford 8 days ago

    (Only makes sense if u have seen Tokyo ghoul in 5 minutes)
    It probably makes sense in the manga

  • Will Crawford
    Will Crawford 8 days ago

    Go Eren Go!

    DRAGON LORD VID 123 9 days ago

    I’m alurgeck to nuts

  • Mr. Pluto
    Mr. Pluto 9 days ago

    Dat Thumbnail !! XD

  • Earth Is A Donut
    Earth Is A Donut 9 days ago +10

    MatPat: I think this is what Titans are made of
    Manga readers: Well yes but actually no

    • ThE DuKc
      ThE DuKc 6 days ago

      There's humans from another

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen 9 days ago

    Does he even what the anime

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen 9 days ago

    If you want to know what’s in the basement then read the manga

  • Jethro Guevarra
    Jethro Guevarra 9 days ago

    Matpat: titans are hot
    Me: lmao

  • subscribe for free vbucks

    Why is he always spot on

  • Steve M
    Steve M 9 days ago

    Titans are yeast- holy anime bread

  • ElephantLord
    ElephantLord 9 days ago

    The titans came from Ymir Fitz

  • Sisters and Me
    Sisters and Me 10 days ago

    Did Snicker’s sponser you?

  • Anime Amazing
    Anime Amazing 10 days ago

    2:20 LORDEXPLOSIONMURDER (verified account).... I lost it 😂

  • loukas_prm 1
    loukas_prm 1 10 days ago

    It is not on netflix

  • Mohamed Medhat
    Mohamed Medhat 10 days ago +1

    So Hajime Isayama considered all this physics stuff while writing the story?

  • Anime Dogo
    Anime Dogo 10 days ago

    How is Eren still alive because when a human becomes a titan shifter they have 14 years left to live in the anime he only has a few years left but in the manga well let’s just say he should be dead

  • Under Crafter
    Under Crafter 10 days ago +2

    If Titans = Yeast, and Yeast = Bread, wouldn't each Titan's weakness be eating it?

  • Connor Farris
    Connor Farris 11 days ago

    Wait if Sasha eats bread that makes her a Titan to

  • xcherish
    xcherish 11 days ago +3

    maybe i should finish season three before i watch this?

  • kazuma desu
    kazuma desu 11 days ago +1

    you know about the whole founding titan and splitting soul into 9 scenario right?

  • JasonTheKillR
    JasonTheKillR 11 days ago +1

    Wait wut... I thought Titans were only hot when they didn't have skin

  • Shadow_Plays Gacha
    Shadow_Plays Gacha 11 days ago +1

    We also need yeast..

    *To make slavic kvass.*

  • FightingTheOdds
    FightingTheOdds 11 days ago +1

    The following 12,000-word text is everything that happened in the show "Attack On Titan", before Colossus Titan broke Wall Maria in 845 A.D. Everything before the release of the 1st anime episode, dated and in chronological order. This is explained in Manga, but not yet in Anime. If you're a strict anime viewer only, it's only coming out in Season 4 (maybe 2 years from now).
    *Starts HERE* Example (Year: Things that happened) (B.C. means before year 0, and A.D. means after year 0)
    Year 1003 b.c. : Ymir Fritz, a young blond girl, makes a deal with the Devil, becoming the Founding Titan. With her powers, she is able to turn "Subjects of Ymir" (an ethnic group of people, who lived under her rule) into Pure Titans. The Fritz family comes into power as the royal bloodline of Eldia, destined to remain unbroken for the next 2,000 years.
    Year 990 b.c. : Ymir Fritz dies 13 years after inheriting her titan power. Her "soul" is split between 9 Titans that are inherited by 9 Subjects of Ymir, with the Founding Titan belonging to the Fritz family and the 8 remaining Titans leading clans subservient to the Founding Titan. Those who inherit the power of the Titans are destined to die after 13 years as Ymir did due to a phenomenon called the "Curse of Ymir." (The downside of making a deal with the Devil). The Nine Titans see an opportunity to gain territory with this new power, so they start a war against Marley, the dominant nation of the land, taking control of the continent and establishing the empire of Eldia. Eldia conquers countless other civilizations as well using Pure Titans as cheap weapons of mass destruction.
    Year 990 - 370 b.c. : The Ackerman clan, an Eldian bloodline resulted from the Eldian Empire's genetic mutation with the Subjects of Ymir, becomes the sword and shield of the royal family, remaining close to Eldia's king for generations.
    ______________________________________________________ *YEAR ZERO* _______________________________________________________
    Year 240 a.d. : An epidemic leads to a significant drop in the worldwide population. With the power of the Founding Titan, the King of Eldia alters the biology of the Subjects of Ymir to give them immunity, and no Subject of Ymir dies to the epidemic.
    Year 743 a.d. : Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz family, inherits the Founding Titan; ashamed of Eldia's history of genocide and civil war, Karl Fritz conspires with the "Tybur" family, an Eldian house possessing the War Hammer Titan, to bring about Eldia's downfall. The Tybur fabricate a story of a Marleyan man named "Helos" to motivate the Eldian in fighting FOR the Marleyans and serve as heroes for the oppressed people of Marley. Karl Fritz gathers most of Fritz's royal family to Paradis Island, Eldia's last remaining undisputed territory, and moves the capital to that island, abandoning the conflict between the 8 other Titan houses. He also invites Asians from the Shogun clan of Hizuru (Mikasa's bloodline). In the King's absence, the other 8 Houses wage a civil war. The surviving Marleyans took advantage of this and incited a rebellion. The Tybur family is the first to side with the Marleyan uprising. Over the course of the war, the Marleyans (already with The War Hammer Titan from the Tybur family) they achieve control of 6 more titans possessed by Eldia: the Colossus Titan, the Armored Titan, the Female Titan, the Beast Titan, the Cart Titan, and the Jaw Titan. Eldia only had 2, King Fritz's Founding Titan and the Attack Titan. King Fritz uses the Founding Titan to create and order countless Colossus Titans to form the three concentric Walls-Maria, Rose, and Sheena-to protect the remnants of Eldia. In order to stop the war, King Fritz sends a message to the people of Marley, demanding that the surviving Eldians in Paradis Island must be left alone, or millions of 50 meter Colossus Titans will "flatten the entire Earth". The Great Titan War ends. The nation of Marley would retain control of a large portion of the world beyond Paradis Island throughout the next century, using the power of the Titans. The Eldians who did not flee overseas would become low-class citizens of Marley, forced to live in internment zones separate from the rest of the population. After gaining control over the mainland, the Marley government promotes the story that Ymir Fritz had gained the Titan's power through a deal with the "Devil of All Earth," who was slain by their hero Helos during the war. King Fritz informs both the Fritz family existent in Marley and the Tybur family that he has made a vow renouncing war, and that there will be no retaliation if and when Marley chooses to enact a final solution against Eldia. The King uses the power of the Founding Titan to erase the memories of the Subjects of Ymir, the Subjects successfully forget their history, but minority groups not sharing the majority's common bloodline such as the Ackerman clan and the Asian clan are unaffected by the mind wipe (Mikasa and Levi's ancestors). Many of the minority groups swear to secrecy at the King's request and gain noble status, but the Ackerman and Asian groups give up said status, turn against King Fritz, and are hunted down. For the safe-keeping of the Founding Titan, the real Fritz royal family lives in hiding, with the name of "Reiss", while another bloodline takes the place of the Fritz family as a false monarchy. The 145th Fritz King, now the First "Reiss" King, creates an underground cavern where the Founding Titan can be passed down to successors within the royal family. Some time afterward, a chapel is built above the entrance to the cavern.
    Year 780 a.d. : A homeless Eldian girl is given the name "Ymir" by the leader of a cult of Ymir Fritz. The girl joins the cult and becomes a figure of worship.
    Year 785 a.d. : The cult of Ymir is discovered by the Authorities of Marley. The cult worshippers and Ymir are exiled to the borderline of Paradis Island where they are all turned into Pure Titans.
    Year 806 a.d. : January 26 - Grisha Yeager (male) is born to Mr. and Mrs. Yeager in the Liberio internment zone (where Eldians live in Marley, as prisoners).
    Year 809 a.d. : November 24 - Faye Yeager (female) is born to Mr. and Mrs. Yeager.
    Year 817 a.d. : As young children, Grisha and Faye wander outside of their internment zone without permission. When they are caught, an officer by the name of Eren Kruger punishes Grisha slightly, however, Faye is taken away by another officer and is fed to ravenous dogs, and dies.
    Year 819 a.d. : Eren Kruger inherits the Attack Titan from a predecessor.
    Year 824 a.d. : Grisha Yeager joins the Eldian Restorationists after learning the truth of his sister's death. He meets Dina Fritz, the last member of the Fritz bloodline in Marley. After receiving propaganda from "the Owl," an Eldian spy, they make plans to retrieve the Founding Titan from Paradis Island in order to revive the nation of Eldia. Grisha and Dina get married.
    Year 825 a.d. : August 1 - Zeke Yeager is born to Grisha and Dina Fritz. Inside Eldia, Erwin's father, a grade school teacher within the Walls, tells his curious son Erwin Smith about his suspicions that humanity's memories were erased when the Walls were built. Erwin tells this to his fellow students, and the theory is overheard by the Military Police Brigade. Erwin's father is arrested and is later killed after torture, and his death is covered up as an accident in a distant town. Erwin realizes the reality of what happened and becomes determined to discover the truth to his father's ideas.
    Year 827 a.d. : February 2 - Frieda Reiss is born to Rod Reiss and his wife.
    Year 829 a.d. : Uri Reiss eats his father, inheriting the Founding Titan and succeeding him as the monarch of Eldia. Kenny Ackerman, a criminal in the underground city of the Walls, is told the history of the Ackerman clan's persecution. He attempts to assassinate Uri Reiss but fails. Uri chooses to forgive Kenny and offer his apologies for the crimes committed against the Ackerman clan. Kenny becomes Uri's right hand man and eventually joins the First Interior Squad. The persecution of the Ackerman clan ends. Kenny Ackerman discovers his little sister Kuchel Ackerman, a brothel worker in the underground, has become ill and died. Within the underground, he raises her son Levi Ackerman for an unspecified amount of time before leaving him.
    Year 831 a.d. : October 12 - Dirk Reiss is born to Rod Reiss and his wife.
    Year 830-832 a.d. : The Marley government turns its attention to the natural resources abundant in Paradis Island. In order to conquer the island without provoking King Fritz's last wish, the Marleyans decide to train specially selected Eldian children to make use of the seven Titans in Marleyan possession, becoming Marley Warriors. After hearing of Marley's plans through information from "the Owl", Grisha urges Zeke, his own son, to join the Warriors as a double agent, and pretend to help Marley, whilst really fighting for Eldia's restoration.

    • FightingTheOdds
      FightingTheOdds 11 days ago +1

      __________________________ *THE TEXT WAS TOO BIG FOR ONE COMMENT KEEP READING* __________________________
      Year 832 a.d. : Zeke overhears that the Public Security Authorities are coming close to finding the Eldian Restorationists (his family). At the age of seven, Zeke turns his parents in to Marley, gaining Marley's trust. Grisha and the Restorationists are arrested by the Public Security Authorities of Marley. After torturous interrogation at the hands of the Marleyans overseen by Officer Kruger, the Eldian Restorationists are sent to Paradis Island. Many of the Restorationists, including Dina Fritz, are turned into Pure Titans. Eren Kruger turns against the Marleyans right before Grisha was to be turned into a Pure Titan, revealing himself to be the Owl and an inheritor of one of the Nine Titans (Attack Titan). In his Titan form, Kruger kills the soldiers of Marley and leave Grisha alive. Kruger informs Grisha of his past, the nature of the Titan's power and the "Curse of Ymir," and his desire to see the Founding Titan retrieved from the Walls. Grisha reluctantly accepts the duty from Kruger, turning into a Titan and eating Kruger, inheriting the power of the Attack Titan. Grisha transforms for the first time and uses the Attack Titan to safely reach the Walls. Sometime later, Keith Shadis of the Survey Corps discovers Grisha Yeager in human-form outside the Walls of Shiganshina District in a state of amnesia. He takes him into Shiganshina and teaches him of human life within the Walls.
      Year 832-835 a.d. : Shiganshina District is afflicted with an epidemic. Grisha, a doctor, creates antibodies for the disease, saving many lives in the district. The 11th Commander of the Survey Corps is killed beyond the Walls. The position of Commander is given to Keith Shadis. Grisha Yeager marries Carla, a tavern keeper from Shiganshina. Keith Shadis' reputation is heavily damaged after the Survey Corps base beyond the Walls is overrun by Titans. Erwin Smith presents his plans for the long-distance enemy scouting formation to Commander Keith, but his idea is rejected at the time.
      Year 833 a.d. : August 1 - Reiner Braun is born to Karina Braun and her Marleyan lover in Liberio / August 7 - Abel Reiss is born to Rod Reiss and his wife.
      Year 834 a.d. : March 22 - Annie Leonhart is born to Mr. Leonhart and his wife / November 3 - Armin Arlert is born to Mr. and Mrs. Arlert.
      Year 835 a.d. : January 14 - Florian Reiss is born to Rod Reiss and his wife / January 15 - Historia Reiss is born to Rod Reiss and his mistress Alma / February 10 - Mikasa Ackerman is born to her father and mother / March 30 - Eren Yeager is born to Grisha and Carla Yeager.
      Year 842 a.d. : Frieda Reiss eats her uncle Uri Reiss, inheriting the Founding Titan and succeeding him as monarch of Eldia. Zeke Yeager is chosen to inherit the power of the Beast Titan. April 14 - Gabi Braun is born in the Liberio internment zone.
      Year 844 a.d. : Five additional Warriors are chosen to inherit the power of the Titans: the Female Titan to Annie Leonhart, the Armored Titan to Reiner Braun, the Colossus Titan to Bertolt Hoover, the Jaw Titan to Marcel Galliard, and the Cart Titan to Pieck. The Warriors are sent to war against an enemy nation of Marley, (not Eldia) quickly eradicating the opposing forces and winning the war.
      Year 844 a.d. : Erwin Smith convinces Levi to fight for the Survey Corps after Levi nearly takes Erwin's life. In her home, Mikasa Ackerman is abducted by human traffickers after her parents are killed. She is rescued by Eren Yeager, who kills two of the traffickers. Mikasa uses her newly awakened power as an Ackerman to kill the third. She is later taken in to the Yeager family.
      This is all before the 1st episode of the Anime.

  • Fabric Sterling
    Fabric Sterling 11 days ago

    *Laughs in manga*
    [Spoilers below]

    If you watch the anime they are entirely composed of muscle (transformation sequence). These muscles are gained from the paths.When a regular human is turned into a Titan they get hit by lightning (directly connected to the paths and the paths provide that muscle (somehow).

  • KasunoHere
    KasunoHere 11 days ago

    I like to see him make a tokyo ghoul video

  • JamesyGamer
    JamesyGamer 12 days ago

    Normally, human eats bread. In Sweden, Germany, or North America Bread eats you

  • JamesyGamer
    JamesyGamer 12 days ago

    If titans eat humans, but titans are technically an animal/human bread.... then does that mean that the humans can eat the titans?

  • SINッ
    SINッ 12 days ago

    So the thumbnail is #sponserd?

  • Garciaflamel
    Garciaflamel 12 days ago

    I know how to defeat titans...

  • Lemon Lime Studios
    Lemon Lime Studios 12 days ago

    Did you just make a Snickers add

  • Chad Dickerson
    Chad Dickerson 12 days ago

    Erin your f*cking dad should read the manga you damn b*ch

  • Armyisbest2 Official
    Armyisbest2 Official 13 days ago

    Pure titans:3 to 15 meters/dumb/goes after first humans
    Abnormal titans:Abnormal behavior/goes after larger groups of humans
    Wall Titans:Colossal titans called by king fritz to create a wall to protect from titans
    Titan shifters:Human who were born of the power or ate the current shifter
    Anime S2
    Founding Titan/Attack Titan:Eren Yeager
    Colossal Titan:Bertholdt
    Armored titan:Reiner Braun
    Dancing Titan: Ymir
    Female Titan:Annie
    Beast Titan: Zeke
    Warhammer titan:not shown
    Cart Titan: shown in S3

  • NAZTl
    NAZTl 13 days ago

    I mean yeah the priest or pastor even said when he saw it. "Dont let the sunlight hit that titan"

  • Some British Guy
    Some British Guy 13 days ago

    As a manga reader, I wanna debunk and completely ruining this theory but, alas I will keep my mouth shut

  • Maahii S
    Maahii S 13 days ago

    You say that there mass dont increase but look at the collosal titan. He is moving slow af. And the rod reiss titan cant even stand. You overlooked that

    Never expected yeast to be a solution

  • Cesium Studies Hindi CBSE NCERT

    So by that logic superman is bread too

  • Gamer plus
    Gamer plus 13 days ago +1

    They came from marley video over

  • sage mode scratch
    sage mode scratch 13 days ago

    Thank god armin ate Bert and acquired the colossal titan power

  • IaMmEsSiNgBoY 303
    IaMmEsSiNgBoY 303 14 days ago +1

    0:25 not sponsored btw

  • Botw Fan
    Botw Fan 14 days ago

    Technically aren doesn’t grow large but he Instantly Spons a titan that represents him with his powers which is why he is inside the titans body

  • Robert Kwofie
    Robert Kwofie 14 days ago

    But the beast titan can controls titians when sun ou or not answer that flim theories

    GAMING WITH ILTIMAS 14 days ago

    Matpat asking what's in the basement..
    Me:Go Read The Fu*king manga!!!

  • Childish Gamer
    Childish Gamer 14 days ago

    THEIR ORIGIN IS YMIR (deity)...

  • Christopher Bebawi
    Christopher Bebawi 14 days ago +1

    Wait hold on matpt if the titans are yeast then they would be able to move ONLY AT NIGHT
    UV rays have a sterilization effect. That’s why alcohol is made in the dark.a also the titans would have little yeast, you said it yourself they require sugar, so the titans would be mostly sugar, and would give off heat as it fermented.

  • Espresso Depresso Ver. Ka

    Matpat: these pages provide vital world building info
    Season 3: It iS ConfIRmeD tO SMeLl PleaSANt

  • Depressed Waffle
    Depressed Waffle 14 days ago +1

    *laughs in manga*

  • Cooper Gillam
    Cooper Gillam 14 days ago

    If that where the case then titans would get bigger and stronger the more they fight/use the abilitys onstead of fatiging

  • Inky Eevee :3
    Inky Eevee :3 14 days ago

    8:21 It’s full moon and you guys might know what that is ;)

  • King Kazuma
    King Kazuma 14 days ago

    Ymir made a deal with the earth devil and made titans

  • Purotekutã M.
    Purotekutã M. 14 days ago +11

    Wanna talk about physics? Someone tell the survey corps about G-Force 😂

  • Penelope Martinez
    Penelope Martinez 15 days ago

    Matpat:What are they!?

    Me:They’re Eldiaaaaannnnnsss!!!!!
    It’s explained in the mangaaaa!!!

    Titan shifter spinal fluid➡️ Eldian ➡️ mindless titan ➡️ eat shifter ➡️ mindless titan=new shifter

  • Xenovxrse Games
    Xenovxrse Games 15 days ago +1

    Any manga readers saying, *laughs* "impudent fools, you dont know shit."

    NIGHTMARE FOXY 15 days ago +88

    Anime fans: so many mysteries in this anime

    Manga: am I a joke to you

    • Anime Is lyfe
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    • skrillex544
      skrillex544 2 days ago

      Heres another funny parallel, both used (or at least attempted to use) the things/people they were "fighting" to construct the walls!
      XDD isn't that a funny coincidence??

    • Lorena Pagoto
      Lorena Pagoto 3 days ago

      Big Bear they literally have them in libraries even my school library has it plus amazon... barnes and noble... people just don’t like to read.

    • Big Bear
      Big Bear 8 days ago +1

      Well to be fair not a lot of people know where to read the manga

  • 2 Random studios
    2 Random studios 15 days ago

    You could have done this on GAME THERIE(I am bad at spelling) there is a game caled Attack on titan 2 for PS4 and the nintendo switch

  • nuel gregorio
    nuel gregorio 15 days ago

    More like, 'You're not yourself when you're sleepy'😁