Secret Reasons You Don't Know About Everyday Things

  • Published on Jan 28, 2017
  • There are so many secrets about everyday objects you probably haven't thought about that you don't know. From why all crisps have the same expiry date to why snorkels aren't as long as you'd like them to be, here are 10 more hidden secrets in everyday things.
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Comments • 1 493

  • Kenn Telesford
    Kenn Telesford Day ago

    5:59 toothbrush nasty as hell

  • Ayo GunnaMac
    Ayo GunnaMac Day ago

    5:20 what a waste of toothpaste smh😪

  • MrKevMan
    MrKevMan 5 days ago

    All of this is due to poor design.

  • Lynn Rolaf
    Lynn Rolaf 6 days ago

    Snorkles are short so you can dive and then blow out the water when you reach the top. To long a tube and you won't be able to blow out the water.

  • A Dk
    A Dk 6 days ago

    5:59/6:00. Nasty dusty ass toothbrush. Check this

  • kay Hiivah
    kay Hiivah 8 days ago

    Why do you have to pressed the toothpaste that long? 😣😣

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 9 days ago

    I was wondering what Walkers is until I saw how the word favourites was spelled.. how I spell it but I'm in America

  • Dustin Littlefield
    Dustin Littlefield 10 days ago

    Why does the walker chip logo look exactly like the lays logo? Along with the pick a flavor pictures

  • Bermadette O Connor
    Bermadette O Connor 11 days ago

    So the line is a code what if i tip ex the line ?

  • Eric Titus
    Eric Titus 12 days ago

    Yay finally a top 10 channel that doesn’t stretch their vids

  • Jordan Walton
    Jordan Walton 13 days ago +1

    If your snorkel was ridiculously long, you'd also end up breathing in a lot of the air that you just exhaled, meaning you wouldn't get as much oxygen

  • izzy dizzy
    izzy dizzy 18 days ago

    This was ..........meh

  • i hope felix dies a dogs death

    Putting bible verses on the wrappers and cups which get thrown in the trash.

  • Chris B
    Chris B 19 days ago

    The spiral lightbulbs are hidden inside egg shaped bulbs for both the aesthetics, and one thing we know about eggs - they are harder to break than those spirals are.

  • Pilot Ken
    Pilot Ken 23 days ago

    Tried In and Out Burger for the first time when visiting the West coast. So nasty. Give me Five Guys if I want fast food burgers.

  • Marbudlang Nongdhar
    Marbudlang Nongdhar 26 days ago

    The way he talks about the Bible sounds as if there's no Christians in his country.

  • Anthony Appleyard
    Anthony Appleyard 27 days ago

    The point-and-circle symbol is often used by scuba divers in Britain to mean "I'm OK." / "Are you OK?".

  • tripngrim 9
    tripngrim 9 27 days ago

    1:53 remind me......of a 90's rap song?
    You probably smiled and nodded rapidly at that when you wrote the script eh??
    I sincerely f* hate when videos randomly insert these inane attempts at humor

  • Placido Aguilar
    Placido Aguilar 28 days ago

    I dislike everybody who labels everything as a cult. Frieken ignorant assholes speak without making or finding the story behind that ( whatever ).

  • Tobias
    Tobias 29 days ago

    It used to be (way back in the day) that snorkels were equipped with a U-bend on the top that held a cage in which a pink pong ball was kept, so that when you wished to dive the ball would seal off the snorkel tube to stop it filling with water. You would inflate your lungs to dive and release air on the return to surface. They worked very well.

  • willie brown
    willie brown Month ago

    The title gave me a headache

  • Compliment Thief
    Compliment Thief Month ago

    Whats a check?

  • Smoke-This
    Smoke-This Month ago

    Cris cross-haha, I had dinner with them and my parents at Hampton beach when I was a kid... Cool people.

  • Jay C
    Jay C Month ago

    This was a horrible video. You literally watch the mcflurry get stirred when you order it. Wtf kind of secret was that

  • Know The Facts
    Know The Facts Month ago

    Who is amazed on title of video


    welp I won't be eating at In & out anymore. while your their shoving food in one end, they're shoving their religion up the other. .

  • potatoperson 234
    potatoperson 234 Month ago

    My mic flurries are never mixed

  • AzNightmare
    AzNightmare Month ago

    8:21 *lol, wtf. Both his hands are NOT accounted for... The hand on the bottom just belongs to the mirror imaged King on the bottom. There's only 4 hands on the card, two belonging to the top King, two belonging to the mirror imaged King. Are you even trying? That's a pathetic attempt at stirring controversy, lmao. That's so obvious.*

  • AzNightmare
    AzNightmare Month ago +4

    6:11 *LOL... If this is not common knowledge for everyone, humanity has failed.*

  • Daniel Vela
    Daniel Vela Month ago

    Ok if u didn’t know number 3 u need to get out into the world

  • Abbodi TS
    Abbodi TS Month ago

    You made look at my toothpaste 🤔

  • Sharaina Menerey
    Sharaina Menerey Month ago +2

    I never knew you could use the flurry spoon as a straw

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago


  • Tokala Estes
    Tokala Estes Month ago

    They carry their own gas. Usually oxygen....

  • Daywalker1973able
    Daywalker1973able Month ago +2

    In the Gravity Falls journal 3 in special edition has blank pages, but it`s there for the invisible ink, it`s also there in the standard, but without the invisible ink.

  • Alicia Summers
    Alicia Summers Month ago

    A suicide king does not have both hands in front its one hand for each king on the card and one holding the sword in each head

  • DmanGameBoy `
    DmanGameBoy ` Month ago


    BCMTUK Month ago

    I don't get it...
    You're all watching this on the internet, right?
    I mean, I'm pretty sure you are.
    So why the heck can't any of you lazy American fags, actually do some research and realise, that Walkers uses the Lays logo, because Walkers was acquired by PepsiCo in 1989, who rebranded Walkers with the lays logo?

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark Month ago

    King of hearts thing is silly, that third hand is just the left hand of the king when you flip it over 😪

  • Kmobes Kmobes
    Kmobes Kmobes Month ago

    3:27 nip slip

  • Charlie M.
    Charlie M. Month ago

    God bless the in and Out Franchise!

  • Jamie Cupcake
    Jamie Cupcake Month ago

    That person wasting the toothpaste, plus them putting it on a table made me uneasy

  • Charlie Eschle
    Charlie Eschle Month ago +2

    Did you just call us special! 😂😂😂

  • telekommandant
    telekommandant Month ago

    I've read enough books and paperbacks printed in the US to find nearly every one of them has blank pages at the end. It never ever happens with books printed in Germany, because they are so accurate about that.

  • Adam McLain
    Adam McLain Month ago

    The hole is in the mcflurry is because it’s a straw too. They are not stirred from the spoon smh

  • jacquie58
    jacquie58 Month ago

    Signal toothpaste had stripes and was around in the 60’s. Some years before aqua fresh.

  • prying eyes
    prying eyes Month ago

    Actually, blue is probably used in toothpastes, because it sits nearly opposite from yellow (orange really) on the color wheel, and will make your teeth temporarily appear whiter. Bluing is also used in making stained whites appear whiter by adding a bit of blue dye to the garment.

  • Hentz
    Hentz Month ago

    2:00 *cut*

  • phuckerby
    phuckerby Month ago

    8:20 There are four hands for the two kings on each card, so he is not being stabbed by anyone else!

  • Shereen Meiring
    Shereen Meiring Month ago

    Number 2, stole lays logo.

  • Mike S
    Mike S Month ago +2

    The worlds biggest secret is...


  • Mike S
    Mike S Month ago +4

    The worlds biggest secret is...


  • chichiboypumpi
    chichiboypumpi Month ago

    oh leftists would hate In-n-Out as much as they do chick-fil-a then because of Christian elements in In-n-Out packaging

  • Lord Big Mac
    Lord Big Mac Month ago +1

    I honestly thought the king of hearts was just holding the sword behind his head

  • Noon Sun
    Noon Sun Month ago

    I free draw on that one piece of blank paper in a book (not in the library)

  • X3mdain
    X3mdain Month ago

    what a waste of toothpaste 5:19

  • Deathboydeegz
    Deathboydeegz Month ago

    Ah walkers the American brand of Aussie smiths chips

    • BCMTUK
      BCMTUK Month ago

      Walkers in the UK, Lay's in the US

  • Justin Jektor
    Justin Jektor Month ago

    The blank pages in books are for dipping in LSD when you go on plane trips around the world.

  • 80's Child
    80's Child Month ago

    The Bible verses are poisonous

  • PhrAntoine
    PhrAntoine Month ago

    Worst video ever


    What does this title even mean

  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack Month ago

    I've tried to use a long tube under water, longest I could do was about 3 feet. It was hard and it hurt

  • snatched batch
    snatched batch Month ago +2

    Uh that Criss cross reference tho. Hahaha. I can dig it. Loved them❤

  • D.R. M.
    D.R. M. Month ago

    Do you understand what the word "Secret" means?

  • Covan B
    Covan B Month ago

    I thought the king of hearts was holding a knife behind his head to showing a fighting stance.

  • NPC #303
    NPC #303 Month ago


  • NPC #303
    NPC #303 Month ago

    The only secret cult is the one you people protect. And we all know who that is... Well anyone that is not a low iq fluoridated nitwit.

  • NPC #303
    NPC #303 Month ago +1

    "Exprie" is not a word....
    And "and you get some blank pages" is not an explanation as to why..

  • Pointl Ess
    Pointl Ess Month ago

    Number 11. Workers at big retail stores, such as walmart and target, know as much as you on the items in the store. So quit asking why certain items are priced higher or lower than some other similar products and quit asking for opinions on which is a better buy.

  • pleiades drew
    pleiades drew Month ago

    Toothpaste is poisonous. Contains the poison fluoride.

  • jadekayak01
    jadekayak01 Month ago

    There is no secret why people dont know about things-they are just ignorant

  • Poptarts the cat
    Poptarts the cat Month ago +2

    Someone killed the King of Hearts? I think he was holding the sword BEHING his head like...he was getting ready to fight for his kingdom

  • Alan Constantine
    Alan Constantine 2 months ago

    McDonald's in the UK don't stir the toppings in the mcflurry ever so that holes kind of redundant really.

    TheAPANDASSASSIN 2 months ago

    Your grammar is in the kindergarden range

  • Blvck Pearl 24000
    Blvck Pearl 24000 2 months ago

    Forever 21 has John 3:16

  • Tyler Beday
    Tyler Beday 2 months ago

    What is a walkers brand potato chip lol it looks like a rip off of lays brand.

    • BCMTUK
      BCMTUK Month ago

      It's not a rip off. Walker's was acquired by Frito-Lay in 1989.
      Essentially, Walkers and Lays are the same brand.

  • LanaMuckraker
    LanaMuckraker 2 months ago

    its wrong about the King of Hearts. he doesn't have 2 hands at his chest. One hand belongs to the mirror image at the center of the card. so both visible hands are his right hand.

  • Anders Schmidt
    Anders Schmidt 2 months ago

    YE! just what i thought! The spoon is a spoon .. For real man.. A straw?!? Who have not been to Donalds and notic how they make a Flurry

  • Ariel L
    Ariel L 2 months ago +1

    Cracks me up how they say "paper books" lol

  • Alazouf Alharbi
    Alazouf Alharbi 2 months ago

    Some of the stuff here aren’t even true

  • Max Kleykamp
    Max Kleykamp 2 months ago

    buuuuuuuuuuut fir the king of hearts sword thing, he does NOT have two of his hands already showing. its just it shows the upper half of his body twince, just like the do with the number, so it doesnt matter if your holding it upsidedown or not. so he could be stabbing himself.

  • Fading Jaybird
    Fading Jaybird 2 months ago +5

    We don't have an In-n-Out. I've never been there.

  • Not Cryptic
    Not Cryptic 2 months ago


  • Jeffry Ligma
    Jeffry Ligma 2 months ago


  • Orion D. Hunter
    Orion D. Hunter 2 months ago +1

    I had a minecraft book+ (yes regex reference) and the "blank" pages were filled with a pattern

  • Knuckles Dragon
    Knuckles Dragon 2 months ago +1

    WRONG! Stiped toothpaste was not invented in the 70s, but much earlier. Striped toothpaste was invented by a New Yorker named Leonard Lawrence Marraffino in 1955. The patent (US patent 2,789,731, issued 1957) was subsequently sold to Unilever, who marketed the novelty under the 'Stripe' brand-name in the early 1960s. Do it right, or don't do it.

  • Shawn Phillips
    Shawn Phillips 2 months ago

    I swear that many of the are purposely misconstrued in order to encourage commenting to rebut the stupid reasons presented.
    Easiest is the McFlurry spoon. Yes, the spoon was designed to attach to the machine, that was the FIRST purpose, absolutely. But, why on earth make that hole go all the way down and specifically low enough to act as a straw?
    That was actually the addition to ride on the original purpose.
    And the King of Hearts IS Charlemagne, the card has 4 hands and you purposely mislead viewers to generate comments, which is WHY, coming in at #0, your video has 8% DOWNTHUMBS.

  • Dub
    Dub 2 months ago

    Vince Russo killed the King of Harts.

  • clarawdk
    clarawdk 3 months ago

    WHAT THE... *facepalm* And this, kids, is how you misinform people.
    That's lame, do real research instead of delivering BS like it's ok 🙄
    Charlemagne never became crazy nor put a sword through his head, he died of pneumonia....
    And the word suicide comes from latin sui (self) and cide from the verb caedere (kill)
    Have a nice day

  • Eric Adams
    Eric Adams 3 months ago +1

    Why is every thing a conspiracy theory

  • jacksepticey fan
    jacksepticey fan 3 months ago


  • the lemon gamer
    the lemon gamer 3 months ago

    I thought the king card was always just holding the sword

  • Anthony Ciccariello
    Anthony Ciccariello 3 months ago

    Folded card in half he only has one hand by his side and one is through his head

  • Hellbanisher Rockz
    Hellbanisher Rockz 3 months ago


  • Gloknot _official
    Gloknot _official 3 months ago +1

    1:59 i feel like he just skipped a sentance

  • Lucius Rees
    Lucius Rees 3 months ago

    A what 2:00

  • Spaceexplorer
    Spaceexplorer 3 months ago +1

    So that’s why my math workbook has extra pages.

  • fortmares
    fortmares 3 months ago +1


  • Kasey Loveberry
    Kasey Loveberry 3 months ago

    Tooth paste being emptied on a wooden table was "grinding my gears" for some reason.

    • kristina cuddeback
      kristina cuddeback 3 months ago +1

      Seriously me too im like tf are you doing??? Whyyyy!!??

  • Luis Rosado
    Luis Rosado 3 months ago

    The one with the card is actually him putting it behind his head, that's what I thought anyways