Top 10 Best Hand tools for Woodworking and Carpenter 2019

  • Published on May 10, 2019
  • Top 10 Best Hand tools for Woodworking and Carpenter 2019 , watch here 10 essential hand tools for every woodworkers and carpenters must have for different woodworking projects, wooden furniture make,handcrafts & carpentry workshop.
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    Woodworking tools -,
    Handtools shown in this video -
    Woodworkers Edge Rule
    Miter Plane / Hand Planer
    Bench Clamp Base
    Hand Clamps
    Magnetic Square
    Router Bit
    Triple Edge Wood Chisels
    Micro Tool Set
    Workshop Safety Tool
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Comments • 123

  • Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

    Two things I'm tired of hearing about ...
    1. Too many Ads ... get fuckin AdBlocker!!!
    2. Metric is better ... Not it's not! Get over yourselves.
    Imperial users can easily convert to Metric, if we need to.
    Funny how you Metric guys don't seem to be able to do it.
    Maybe it's a mental disorder.

  • Patrick Burton
    Patrick Burton 12 days ago +1

    To the rest of the world. We will not go to metric we tried it didn't like it, it sucked. But you're more than welcome to come over to our side. Don't give a crap if it is more accurate.

  • Krug T Bifro
    Krug T Bifro 19 days ago +1

    WTF is the triple chisel
    It took him a week with three blades what takes me 2 minutes with one edge

  • Baladár
    Baladár 24 days ago

    Sell me some shit, I have money to spend for unnecessary shit.

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins 25 days ago +3

    Very clever. A video containing only ten adverts

  • titan titan
    titan titan 25 days ago +5

    when i see a hardwear store selling tools make in the United state I'm proud ,love tools make in the USA ,I do not care about the price ,I pay for the cuality and guarantee.

  • Paul Marshall
    Paul Marshall 27 days ago

    ''Precision made in the USA'' Ha ha Ha

    • mwnciboo
      mwnciboo 24 days ago +1

      Precision made and imperial scale...

  • Shawn F.
    Shawn F. 29 days ago +3

    Thats all we need more crap around the shop

  • Paul Skvorc
    Paul Skvorc 29 days ago

    Good tools. Bad prices.

  • m1k3y0n3
    m1k3y0n3 Month ago

    the realining the blade dude tho

  • my opinion not yours
    my opinion not yours Month ago +2

    Still working in inches, are you from a backward country or something , everybody else seems to have gone metric, or would that be 5 and 27/64ths

    • my opinion not yours
      my opinion not yours 20 days ago

      @Lil Stack'n , I can use both as well but not being over there where you are , everything is written/used in metric, think it was the enginnering industry that put that into prcatice, lets say you have some simple spanners, 12mm,13mm,14mm etc etc, take the imperial sizes 11/64ths 9/32ths etc , just notnused over hear except for a few old boys, the young lads we have with us come out with metric only tapes, I read a tape with whatever comes to eye the easiest, whats worse is the teach kids CM's , useless unless your buying curtains lol, 6 and a half centemeters , not 65mm , it's drummed into them at school to basically be of not much use if they go into any industry, cm's aren't used and nor is imperial over here only on rare occasions

    • Lil Stack'n
      Lil Stack'n 20 days ago

      I'm an ICI carpenter in Canada. All my tapes are in metric and imperial buy I can honestly say that I barely ever use metric. Only when working with form panels or something that are build in metric. All drawing I ever see are in imperial. I like them both personally. Easier to quickly read imperial on a tape though.

  • Old Edwardian
    Old Edwardian Month ago +3

    Don’t you just love the PUSH STICK.
    WOW, brilliant a piece of plastic with a NOTCH to push a piece of wood through a table saw.

  • Ben Lucarelli
    Ben Lucarelli Month ago

    The number 1 tool is a push stick for a table saw? I have built cabinets for 20 years and can say, maybe with some authority, that a piece of plywood cut to a rectangle with a notch cut into the long edge is better because it doesn't produce a plastic smell when you inevitably cut into it (1/8th" rips?) and can be had free in any shop. You know all the plywood scraps you keep for later and then debate whether it's environmentally safe to put in the wood stove? Those are the ones!

    XXXXGoldXXXX Month ago

    The problem with the combination square is not the tool, but the tool using it. Why do product manufacturers and commercial ad producers treat us like idiots with these "frustrated actors" failing to do a simple task.
    The real reason he can't get the two pieces back together is not the tool, but the fact he is a 'ranga'.......enough said!

    • Shamanbear Two
      Shamanbear Two 25 days ago

      lol, the other night I was cleaning my tool cabinet and had to put one of these back together. It took a while to get the groove in the right place. Its not a tool I use very often.

    • Old Edwardian
      Old Edwardian Month ago

      The frustration of the idiot who can’t assemble the gauge IS SO FAKE.

  • John Buell
    John Buell Month ago +1

    3:20 “Slip the anchor bolt through the hole and tighten the locking naab”

  • pariah1234
    pariah1234 Month ago

    Incra jig is cheaper

  • Curtis Carpenter
    Curtis Carpenter Month ago

    they say only a poor workman blames his tools, but what of certain tools based who makes them what of does it allow businesses to improve based on what they sell, meeting demand faster, better quality reaching higher reputation and the factors which effect its growth based on its performance.

    • Ben Lucarelli
      Ben Lucarelli Month ago

      Your point is taken, but you could use a copy editor.

  • Damage Incorporated
    Damage Incorporated Month ago +2

    Start a petition, inches are ridiculous, please America, go metric because your tools are awesome

  • Billy Severt
    Billy Severt Month ago

    10) way overpriced, can buy a dozen speed squares or framing squares that do the same job for what these cost...
    9) hand planes haven't improved much in the last 30-40 years, these look identical to my set of Lie-Nielsen planes.
    8) Kreg is Chinese junk. Rockler makes the best bench dogs/clamps
    7) more like cheap carbon steel, go with pfeil swiss made chisels instead.
    6) seriously, if you still use a handsaw for general carpentry, you were born in the wrong century... get a sawsall/reciprocating saw and join the modern age...
    5) "spring clamps are a staple in just about every home & shop" in China maybe... here in the civilized world, we use these things called "bar clamps"...
    4) if you can't operate a combination square, then you probably shouldn't be allowed near anything with moving parts (let alone machinery/expensive equipment)
    3) more Chinese shit... if you use anything other than Freud blades & bits, you're in the wrong trade/industry...
    2) looks like more Chinese, prone to breaking, shit to me (see #7)
    1) are you shittin' me? a push block? If you're too lazy and/or incompetent to make a push block, you should just take up stamp collecting or bird watching or something...

    • Joseph Usher
      Joseph Usher 28 days ago

      Ok, so you've just stated your OPINION. By the way, any well-equipped shop will have both bar AND spring clamps in good supply, except you. You probably use a maul to hammer in ½" brads.

  • GuitarraLisboa1977
    GuitarraLisboa1977 Month ago +1

    Only woodpeckeres edge rule and Veritas Miter Plane are good and knew ideas ... the rest is not knew

  • Karl Jolley
    Karl Jolley Month ago +5

    i like the edge ruler . HOWEVER at $100 it is ridiculous.

    • Lil Stack'n
      Lil Stack'n 20 days ago

      I looked it up thinking I was going to buy one. Can't believe the price. Two edge rules of a stiletto hammer... Lol

  • Stu Carson
    Stu Carson Month ago +3

    I can not believe you Americans still use imperial.
    Any "precision" instrument which gives measurements in 3/16th of an inch is not precise at all. Is that 4mm or 5mm?

    • Chris
      Chris 3 days ago

      How about you stay in your country and use your mm's and we will stay in our and use our non precise inches. I bet you wonder how we even build a tree house. But don't forget that if you piss us off, we will blow your country to nothing and we don't even need an excuse. I guess our inch system must be doing something correct.
      The real problem you just aren't getting is your just to stupid to use 3/16th's of an inch. Your primative brain needs an exact number where to stop drawing your line or whatever your measuring for. We use our thinking caps and get it done.

    • rabie4x4
      rabie4x4 10 days ago

      Yeah, but try to go to our hardware stores and find a set of metric drill bits..

    • Lil Stack'n
      Lil Stack'n 20 days ago

      @Jim Starwood didn't thought? They flew to the moon using what is comparable to a first gen Fido cell phone from the 90's. And then they haven't been able to get back? And all the telemetry data was erased? They was much gained by the USA going to the moon, so much so that even if they really didn't go it was successful to what they were trying to achieve

    • Stu Carson
      Stu Carson 28 days ago

      NASA uses the metric system, actually.

  • justin barrett
    justin barrett Month ago +2

    what a crap video....table saw(or hand saws rip and cross), drill press(or hand auger), measuring device, square(just make your own), hand plane and some sand paper. done.

  • llewellyn williams
    llewellyn williams Month ago


  • Frank Blackcrow
    Frank Blackcrow Month ago

    A bunch of adverts stuck together,, shameless... did you pay you tube to advertise.. reported for mass marketing advertising to bypass youtubes own revenue of advertising for creators.

  • Joseph Kane
    Joseph Kane Month ago +1

    Producers - Re-edit and eliminate the ear damaging excessively lout music portions of this video. The music is unnecessary.

  • Jim Barrett
    Jim Barrett Month ago +3

    Just tale a piece steel or aluminum angle, glue any ruler of your choice length on it and cut to size, zip zam bam!

    • Benson Hedges
      Benson Hedges Month ago

      Amen! The damn ruler costs $41, which is a license to steal.

  • Brearley David
    Brearley David Month ago +3

    Why imperial...metric much more accurate.

    • Old Man from Scene Twenty Four
      Old Man from Scene Twenty Four 20 hours ago

      Says the guy that has never worked with Imperial ....
      Funny how the Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico were built using Imperial ...

    • nick barrows
      nick barrows Month ago +1

      A lot of the tools a made for the US market.
      Outside the US . People know how to work without gadgets

  • waldizestuttgartu
    waldizestuttgartu Month ago

    dla idiotow w usa to dobre

  • Tarman The Champion

    Handsaw?!! Get out! This is 'merica!

  • Marty Francis
    Marty Francis Month ago +3

    The chisel is working white oak not red

  • Российский бот


  • Российский бот

    What unmitigated crap!

    • Ed Kramer
      Ed Kramer 26 days ago +1

      Oh no. It is DEFINITELY mitigated.

    • CaseAgainstFaith1
      CaseAgainstFaith1 Month ago +2

      Really? Most of these seemed useful, if overpriced. Woodpeckers makes good stuff, but very expensive. The carving tools look nice if you do that kind of stuff but I dont.

  • andrew bridgefoot
    andrew bridgefoot Month ago +2

    Hello from the rest of the world. We are metric. Just saying !

    • pnolans
      pnolans Month ago +1

      Honestly, who the f*k cares what the REST of the world uses ???? I don't care what my next door neighbor uses!

    • Alfredo Márquez
      Alfredo Márquez Month ago +1

      Now THAT is a good comment! (even digital calipers use decimal readings instead of trying to use "half a 1/128" or so!

    • Darryl Kennedy
      Darryl Kennedy Month ago

      Here in New Zealand we converted to metric in the early 70's amongst much wailing and chest beating but now almost 50 year's later boy am I for one glad we did. While Imperial is good Metric is just so much easier.

    • Thatone Dude
      Thatone Dude Month ago +1

      A smart enough woodworker knows metric & imperial.

  • oo0Spyder0oo
    oo0Spyder0oo Month ago +11

    If you can't make your own push stick out of wood/ply then take up metalworking...

    • Steve Zero
      Steve Zero Month ago +1

      yeah it's called a rabbit. it's either completely free if you have a piece of scrap wood lying around, which you should. also it won't fucking explode when you hit the saw with it.

  • Romulus Clay
    Romulus Clay Month ago +4

    The woodpecker stuff is nice but their finish oxidizes after a few years, save your money and buy Starrett.

  • 738polarbear
    738polarbear Month ago

    Do you really want a moron who cannot fit the beam of a combination square into the body working on your house? ha ha ha .

  • Rusty
    Rusty Month ago +4

    I already have a 12 inch wood pecker. HAHA

    • Ed Kramer
      Ed Kramer 26 days ago

      Just got a new wheelbarrow for mine.

    • Rusty
      Rusty Month ago

      @Tarman The Champion Must be nice.

    • Tarman The Champion
      Tarman The Champion Month ago

      Yeahh same, and i dont need a push stick either... ive got a push beam XD

  • velcroman11
    velcroman11 Month ago

    I have a "Wanker", WRXCGTVVTI2.6 hand clamp and it is much better than the Bessy clamps XCRG2 or XCRG4 and, why is this? Simple, my clamp has more letters and numbers in its name.

  • Kizzie49
    Kizzie49 Month ago


  • Rich Zimmerman
    Rich Zimmerman Month ago

    Just a bunch of old tools brought back

  • Milan Roets
    Milan Roets Month ago

    You forgot some tools like Collins Clamps. It is hard to find a woodworker on Instagram who doesn’t use them.

  • goodcat1982
    goodcat1982 Month ago

    what a load of shit

  • Bigmo Rivera
    Bigmo Rivera Month ago

    Very Nice Working Tools... 👍

  • Tank Carpenter
    Tank Carpenter Month ago +1

    Venom saws are wank!

  • Darth Hodor
    Darth Hodor Month ago +4

    Nothing here but over-priced American crap, no thanks

    • Ed Kramer
      Ed Kramer 26 days ago

      @Shayne Crimsontide ROTFLMAO

    • Shayne Crimsontide
      Shayne Crimsontide Month ago +1

      @Darth Hodor That's bullshit and you know it.

    • Mean Green
      Mean Green Month ago +2

      Darth Hodor - Whatever, American I am and American I’ll buy.

    • Darth Hodor
      Darth Hodor Month ago +1

      I can get far better tools from England or Germany for far less than American tools.

  • Ben Pullan
    Ben Pullan 2 months ago +21

    There is nothing informative here at all. Just a load of adverts. Avoid

  • nottyash100
    nottyash100 2 months ago +12

    Far too expensive, when I worked as a draftsman long ago we used a close cousin to this on our drawing boards, if you have plenty of money go for it. But to me 5-7 $ would be where this should be.

  • Bryan Essig
    Bryan Essig 2 months ago +33

    You lost me when I went online and saw how much the woodworkers edge rule. 100 bucks for a 10 dollar rule.

    • mwnciboo
      mwnciboo 24 days ago +1

      Its a professional tool...The tools are tax deductable. If you aren't a professional suck it up. Quality costs.

    • Gary Cooper
      Gary Cooper 27 days ago

      Bryan Essig : Individuals prices range from about $13 for the six-inch rule to about $25 for the 36-inch one. Still too much for a freakin’ ruler. It’s a nice idea, but it’s not THAT great an idea.

    • Svenulf Skjaldbjörn
      Svenulf Skjaldbjörn Month ago +1

      EVERYTHING Peckerhead Woodworking company makes is WAY overpriced!!

    • John Acuff
      John Acuff Month ago +5

      Woodpeckers makes great stuff, but way overpriced by at least 50%......

  • Anthony Ferreira
    Anthony Ferreira 2 months ago +2

    That dick trying to use the sliding combination square is a real dick, what a prick he is. I have never, ever had even the slightest issue inserting the rule. He should take up male knitting instead.

  • join the conversation
    join the conversation 2 months ago +2

    How many ads were there other than the products? 5? 6? or more. When You see something that pops up with at 20 or 30 second time then it's another commercial. I hit the mute icon. Without sound, a commercial is useless. Then You scroll over to the "SKIP AD" icon and wait for the 5 seconds.

  • Hambone
    Hambone 2 months ago +5

    Too many ads.

  • Química Ensinada
    Química Ensinada 2 months ago

    Very good!!

  • Chris K
    Chris K 2 months ago +4

    First product designed and made in the land of "we're so special" we don't give a crap that the other 95% of the world use METRIC.

    • ChipsterB
      ChipsterB 2 months ago +2

      Ah yes, the land of the free. Possibly for a little while longer. And Woodpeckers offers their edge rules in metric too.

  • Bitch Puddin
    Bitch Puddin 2 months ago +10

    The edge ruler is cool and but them scumbags want $100 God damn dollars for a 12inch and $74 for a 6inch!! Gtfo that's disgusting and way over priced for tool that can only be used for 1 thing. Hell, I could make one out of 2 rulers and some epoxy for price of the rulers.

    • Alfredo Márquez
      Alfredo Márquez Month ago

      Better: Use ALUMINIUM angle and Glue some good steel ruler with even finer graduations!

    • Will S
      Will S Month ago +3

      Just print some numbers on a angle iron.

  • bearpapie69
    bearpapie69 2 months ago

    What about one for civilised people which is the rest of the world measuring in metres pecker head?

  • John Trim
    John Trim 2 months ago +8

    You'd have to be a complete nit wit to buy any of this junk.

    • CaseAgainstFaith1
      CaseAgainstFaith1 Month ago

      Woodpeckers is junk? Overpriced maybe but not junk. The carving tools look nice, not junk.

  • Phekoo Ben
    Phekoo Ben 2 months ago +1

    Today India and other countries African countries are cheep about toilet,dressing,house furnishing etc too.

  • Phekoo Ben
    Phekoo Ben 2 months ago

    Now that is most unemployment problem of any country reasons they not much wants luxurious things.

    • pnolans
      pnolans Month ago

      Wow. You're class-warfare shit is just stuck , isn't it? Only the most dedicated would pick a WOOD-WORKING video to start shit.

  • Phekoo Ben
    Phekoo Ben 2 months ago +1

    They says this is only showful things and nothing to needed.

    • Alfredo Márquez
      Alfredo Márquez Month ago +1

      Please CONTRIBUTE something useful... OR SHUT UP!

    • bearpapie69
      bearpapie69 2 months ago +1

      How do you feel when people call you less than mediocre?

  • Phekoo Ben
    Phekoo Ben 2 months ago

    Nothing to need those tools like medan tools, woodworking,other crafts tools in india they and customers no need to that kind of paradise.

    • Irvin Wilson
      Irvin Wilson Month ago


    • Alfredo Márquez
      Alfredo Márquez Month ago +1

      bearpapie69: If you were TRULY smart, you would at least recognize that some of the better and more ingenious you-tube videos show people from (economically)poor countries, showing TREMENDOUSLY clever hand-made solutions. Many of them from India. Human intelligence is universal, not only from "USA" or "western" countries.CREATIVITY is more often than not, the result of NEED.

    • bearpapie69
      bearpapie69 2 months ago

      Phedoo Ben - Do not concoct excuses for your own failures!

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 2 months ago +30

    It seems to be a bit of Overkill to have advertisements in a video that is just a series of advertisements

    • CaseAgainstFaith1
      CaseAgainstFaith1 Month ago

      Use an ad blocker

    • ChipsterB
      ChipsterB 2 months ago +1

      Michael Williams “bespoke design” on a plastic handled saw called Venom is hysterical

    • Mehtaj Hossain BD
      Mehtaj Hossain BD 2 months ago +1

      But it is informative

  • yasieen yasieen
    yasieen yasieen 2 months ago +3

    نوصيكم بالترجمة إلى العربية