5 Mysterious Events Caught On Camera 馃敺 Unexplained Mysteries

  • Published on Aug 8, 2017
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  • Noromdi Puts
    Noromdi Puts 14 hours ago

    The first one is so fake. How could all of those different make of cars have the exact same timing in their 4 way flashers?

  • Toni Panchos
    Toni Panchos Day ago +1

    All fake! Starting with the first one: All cars have the same alarm system? They go off at the same time, ok no problem! But they all stay flashing in sync? Don't waste your time. Also all cameras a at low quality.... these things never happen when there's someone with a HD camera?

  • Shah Fahad Q&A
    Shah Fahad Q&A 3 days ago

    No 1 & 5 fake
    No 2 & 3 real

  • I Dig Ohio
    I Dig Ohio 5 days ago +1

    If you were flying and seen a hole open up like that...would you go for it??

  • D. Peters
    D. Peters 7 days ago +4

    #1...totally fake. One simple giveaway. NO two cars have the exact same flash rate on their turn signal/emergency flashers...not even two of the same model or same manufacturer. Yet all these different brands and models all flash at the identical time...which is impossible to have happen.

    • Richard M
      Richard M 5 days ago +1

      First thing I noticed as well.

  • Caridad Reina Montano

    No me gustan lo脽misterios me gustaba realidad

  • NBanbury 17
    NBanbury 17 8 days ago

    For the first one, all the cars' lights flash in unison, at the same brightness. It seems fake to me, although the fact that the 'entity' has a shadow is interesting...

  • rex
    rex 8 days ago +1

    video editing and nothing else

  • butta31one
    butta31one 9 days ago

    Gotta read the comments cause im not sure about some of the video

  • Joyce wilson
    Joyce wilson 9 days ago


  • Maletsema Sekobolo
    Maletsema Sekobolo 10 days ago

    not fake this things really happens.

  • time pass
    time pass 10 days ago +13

    before watching any youtube videos read the comments and save yourself the anxiety.

  • pwog arnex
    pwog arnex 11 days ago

    10:48 pm 168 馃懡馃懢July wk1-2 Tuesday 648 min afrnun

  • Pruthul Mehta
    Pruthul Mehta 11 days ago


  • SacredLust97
    SacredLust97 11 days ago

    3rd vid was a time traveler.

  • Kart Mahali
    Kart Mahali 12 days ago

    1st video is fake as his mama who created.. car which is near the left screen didnt buzzer at all

  • Jeremy Clouse
    Jeremy Clouse 12 days ago +1

    Check mate! 1:02 paused misterious flyer at mock 5 intresting indeed

    • Jeremy Clouse
      Jeremy Clouse 3 days ago +1

      Thoughs are the tail lights blinking because the flyer set them alarms off

    • Shah Fahad Q&A
      Shah Fahad Q&A 3 days ago

      The light is passing through the body

  • Mr Video
    Mr Video 12 days ago

    So fake

    SACHIN JADHAV 13 days ago


  • Stacia Johnson
    Stacia Johnson 14 days ago +2

    Lol so stupid... In the very first video, those car alarms would NOT be going off simultaneously. NEXT

    CSGO PUBG 14 days ago


  • Sean Keshia Estrada
    Sean Keshia Estrada 14 days ago

    The fact that the music is scary made me more scared

  • Carol Strunc
    Carol Strunc 15 days ago +11

    In this era of cellphone cameras, where anyone, including the family dog can take a flawless photo, why is it that every single one of these 鈥渕ysterious鈥 events caught on camera are blurred to the point where all details are obliterated? Show me a perfectly clear video of any one of these mysterious happenings, and I might show some interest. I haven鈥檛 seen one yet. I don鈥檛 see how so many people show such naivety

    • mark steward
      mark steward 14 days ago

      if you pause vid (space bar) then use single frame rewind (comer) or single frame forward (full stop) you will see video frames are missing = take a look at braking car the righthand side roof is missing + some image over view.

    • Joseph Sam
      Joseph Sam 14 days ago

      Carol Strunc 铆 agree

  • Ronaldold
    Ronaldold 15 days ago


  • Marchelle De Vega
    Marchelle De Vega 15 days ago


  • purple lights
    purple lights 16 days ago +10

    umm the first vid i saw made me confused i was like "IS DAT SUPERMAN?"

  • ZoZo
    ZoZo 17 days ago

    the first one is horrible CGI... run it frame by frame and u will see what i mean. Those car alarms and lights would also not be going off at the same exact time as the alarm pulses vary from carmaker to car maker. This was terribly done.

  • Smarmy Fellow
    Smarmy Fellow 17 days ago

    1:01 Saitama vs Boros.

  • Marie McMcann
    Marie McMcann 17 days ago

    Where's THE DOG???

  • Beverly Vokoun
    Beverly Vokoun 19 days ago

    bull crap.......all of those can be debunked with a smart mind.....also, can you talk like a normal person. That see-saw, child like drives me nuts.

  • sarvamangala s
    sarvamangala s 19 days ago


  • sarvamangala s
    sarvamangala s 19 days ago


  • Kote Tushar
    Kote Tushar 19 days ago

    Hey guys don't believe it. That's fotoshop and feck videos.

  • cyborgar15
    cyborgar15 19 days ago

    Lame ass vid...

  • Nita Wasson
    Nita Wasson 20 days ago +6

    A little background information and narration would make these videos much more interesting as I'm not sure what I'm supposedly seeing half the time!

  • Mari Cardona
    Mari Cardona 20 days ago

    Where is the dog? I hate when you guys do this.

    GEORGE IKIN 20 days ago

    Wot 馃挬

  • Meyi Ozukum
    Meyi Ozukum 20 days ago

    All are fake..Rubbish

  • Lowie Patat
    Lowie Patat 21 day ago

    Unexplained? Just trickery. kid stuff.

  • Cassie Stoddard
    Cassie Stoddard 23 days ago +4

    First one is fake obviously

  • Mike Clancy
    Mike Clancy 23 days ago

    I caught at 1:04 what appears to be a male flying. He has a type of bun on his head, black slacks and shoes along with a long white blouse. His arm was outstretched superman style....who knows? maybe some sort of ninja.

  • North Shore
    North Shore 24 days ago

    WoW Time Travel

  • Jen Wren
    Jen Wren 24 days ago

    Whoahh 馃槼馃槼馃槼

  • Ty w
    Ty w 25 days ago

    So fake.

  • Roy Latham
    Roy Latham 25 days ago

    No 4 the lady with the bags was just probably flashing headlights making it look like all the other lights started flashing at the same time.

  • Paul Desfosses
    Paul Desfosses 25 days ago

    6:54 pm 184馃懡馃懢

  • nobody Uknow
    nobody Uknow 25 days ago +1

    SLow motion at 1:00 and you'll see whatever it was had a shadow. If anybody is saying ghost, I see a lot of these *ghosts* casting shadows on videos.

  • Lucky Sharifa256
    Lucky Sharifa256 26 days ago

    Fake video plz stop it

  • Rona van Rijnsoever
    Rona van Rijnsoever 26 days ago

    Die met die vrachtauto daar is niks engs aan....allemaal voor op gezet

  • Tammam Jammoul
    Tammam Jammoul 26 days ago

    The humans knowledge in the earth it's under 4% ... the univers itself is Unexplained Mysteries .... but this 5 events not from them ... the music composition is great ...

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 26 days ago

    LOL ... LOL .. LOL .. nice after effects Maskings

  • Alan Ullrich
    Alan Ullrich 26 days ago

    What a hoax

  • Erik sweet
    Erik sweet 26 days ago

    Wtf do i see in the last???

  • Whoever
    Whoever 26 days ago +1

    3rd one was simply an editing / cutting out of part of the video...

  • Ishaan Sachdeva
    Ishaan Sachdeva 27 days ago


  • M. H. Nude
    M. H. Nude 28 days ago +4

    The music is great. Seeing is not always believing. I don鈥檛 believe you.

  • Allen Cohen
    Allen Cohen 28 days ago +4

    Probably trick photography, not unexplained mysteries.

  • shabana ansari
    shabana ansari 29 days ago

    So boring..

  • Harry Stevens
    Harry Stevens 29 days ago +4

    Stopped at 2 no mystery at all just fake........

    • Ronaldold
      Ronaldold 15 days ago

      And crap fake at that. Even if they were genuine So what? I fail to be amazed.

  • Kevin Nolting
    Kevin Nolting Month ago +13

    So in the last video was that an olive trying to come through?!?......All hail olive!!!

  • Isaiah Leeman
    Isaiah Leeman Month ago


  • darhan gunda
    darhan gunda Month ago

    Don't put fake vedios

  • selim_el_manevi
    selim_el_manevi Month ago

    IN THE first video is Supermann

  • Rogue Trooper
    Rogue Trooper Month ago +2

    Three reasons you can tell the first clip is fake.
    1: The time stamp on the video: If this were real there would be seconds showing as well as the hour and minutes, as with all security cams of this type.
    2: The indicators/hazard lights (blinkers for US) are all flashing in time with each other, there are four different make/models of cars there, indicators flash at different speeds on different makes and models of vehicles.
    3: They forgot to add the indicator flashing to the BMW in the foreground.
    This clip is amatuer at best!

    • Shah Fahad Q&A
      Shah Fahad Q&A 3 days ago

      No - 4
      1:03 The light is passing through the body

  • Blasian Asian
    Blasian Asian Month ago +4

    We all know that was Scrappy Doo In the first video. PUPPY POWER!!!

  • Weatherboi
    Weatherboi Month ago +3

    No dialog or written words, that's the mysterious part.

  • Anita Maharjan
    Anita Maharjan Month ago

    i slow it and see first one it was a wtich or bird u try

  • Carol Thompson
    Carol Thompson Month ago +25

    did you catch the leg in the second clip with the truck...? near the end the knee is wrong...馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • marty coolguy
    marty coolguy Month ago +1

    did you spot all the car alarms went off in sync,no car alarm are not the same fitted to all these different cars

    • Rogue Trooper
      Rogue Trooper Month ago +1

      I just made the exact same observation in my comment.

  • Kyle Tapia
    Kyle Tapia Month ago

    Good luck

  • Veronica Mendez
    Veronica Mendez Month ago


  • gary canterbury
    gary canterbury Month ago

    1st one totally fake. No air is displaced by this incredibly fast-moving non-object.
    The second one has been debunked numerous times.
    The third is obviously photo-shopped. The point where the guy swerved was nowhere near where the girl appears. Nice try.
    The fourth is a weather phenomenon.
    The fifth is a really badly done edit which has been claimed to be the Death Star from those shitty Star Wars movies.

  • Mollie Yaxley
    Mollie Yaxley Month ago +2

    I somehow suspect trickery as it all relies on photographs and we all know how they can be manipulated.

  • Gina Silvani
    Gina Silvani Month ago

    I would really like to know who was videotaping these strange 'phenomenons'.. and how they had the presence of mind to know exactly where and when they were going to occur to be doing so. Were they THAT 'fortunate' to be in the right place at the right time? I wasn't born at night, but even if I had been, it wasn't last night! Are there REALLY people out there watching this that actually BELIEVE this??

  • Sius. De. L
    Sius. De. L Month ago

    only little bugs software in our life simulation,,hahaha

  • Andre Prosper
    Andre Prosper Month ago +9

    5. All have car alarms and all at set at exactly the same delay.... nope. Not even if it were a car lot full of the same type, make and model car would that happen. I did security for several car dealerships, a lighting strike sets them all off at same time yet with hundreds of cars you would be lucky to find 3 with synchronous delay. This is intended because just like your own child they want you to hear your particular alarm going off. Now add to that they are different makes, models and years.
    4. It is an optical illusion, change it into 3d model and from above look and it is easily possible for the car running the red light and rapidly slowing to seem to appear because it was hidden by the lead vehicle. The camera of the car on the right also proves it, thank him for sharing.
    3. The truck swerved to avoid him and narrowly missed him, optical illusion makes it seem like he appeared. He ducked slightly but then started to move which allowed your eyes to perceive him against the backdrop of the truck's cab. His dark parks blended into to darkness of the tires but he can clearly be seen as he stands upright.
    2. Gas plasma excitement. Charged particles in the air which did not become great enough to create lightning bolt was easily enough to excite plasma being carried up to the sky. Neon lights, florescent lights, nothing but charged plasma ions. This is given further evidence by the dark "fingers" coming down, the warmer plasma rising and the colder condensed clouds falling around the rising current.
    1. This is fake, or real depending on how you view it. It is a water cannon under water slow firing clear water against a glass pane that has been coated in an adherent slightly viscous liquid. The landscape is added to make it appear as though in the sky.

  • mr hacker
    mr hacker Month ago

    No 1 is not so kuch haunted i believe this is the destroyment of our ozone layer not lol , i am a serious

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  • Tim Craven
    Tim Craven Month ago

    1st one is fake. Have you ever seen a bunch of cars with synchronized flashers? Me neither.

  • Princess ED
    Princess ED Month ago

    The lady was on the truck ahhhh

  • MrAlexdimm
    MrAlexdimm Month ago

    I agree with Glass Onion down there, where the fuck is the dog barking at the corpse? That's the mystery for me.

  • Wanda Gobeil
    Wanda Gobeil Month ago

    #3: slow your speed and look at the legs! The knees bend really weird. What the heck??

  • Madamnesia
    Madamnesia Month ago

    Why is there always someone ready to film these shit?

  • tom miller
    tom miller Month ago

    I once drove my car into a giant vagina and came out the other end all stinky and slimey. The whole car smelled like rotten sardines. Even the ghost vagina wasnt kept clean. Ladies, keep that cootchie washed out, you never know when someone is drving by.

  • Hala Hiiro
    Hala Hiiro Month ago +2


  • Lawrence Lumetta
    Lawrence Lumetta Month ago

    All fake

  • Larry Mick
    Larry Mick Month ago

    FAKE?..... I can't even see what they ARE, for the most part......Maybe someone can explain to this 70 yr. old boy.

  • Flap Zapple
    Flap Zapple Month ago

    Where's the table and dog? Clickbait whore!

  • Steven Guegens
    Steven Guegens Month ago

    All FAKE MEATBALL. ALL FAKE馃挴馃挴 Percent 馃挙馃挙

  • Tor Johnasen
    Tor Johnasen Month ago

    numer 3 isnt the whole videoclip...and in the beginning of the original clip that man is seen sprinting infront of the truck..probably to kill him self

  • judsonkr
    judsonkr Month ago +2

    5. Fake. Whoever made this should not have had all those car's flashers flashing is sync.
    4. Not necessarily fake,. That car cold have been shielded but the two cars in front of it.
    3. Either fake or just a real lucky guy.
    2. Fake obviously.
    1. Refer to number 2.

  • Dedy Darmawan
    Dedy Darmawan Month ago

    nice video effect...

  • swerve1960
    swerve1960 Month ago

    What is flying through at 1:02?!

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago +4

    first clip is from some deleted movie clip (maybe Flash) no way the cars would light up at the same time,some should be slower some faster and the car close to cam didn't react.

  • Mario Y Elizabeth
    Mario Y Elizabeth Month ago

    Nada explica 馃檮馃檮馃檮 ya voy a eliminar la suscripci贸n

  • mitchell freifeld
    mitchell freifeld Month ago +4

    These are obviously faked. And over 25 million hits! Now THAT'S mysterious and amazing.

  • Sharon Alvey
    Sharon Alvey Month ago

    I like Chick-fil-A as well

  • foskeight8
    foskeight8 Month ago

    The very first one is fake as hell so why bother even watching the rest when you know they're showing fake shit? You know it's fake by the way every single car flashes the alarm lights at the exact same rate. This was clearly added in. Again, why even bother watching the rest?

  • James Lambert
    James Lambert Month ago +1

    2:05 that's marty mcfly time travelling