Patreon Giveaway and Top 128 Anaheim Blastoise Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • Andrew Mahone shows off his Top 128 Archie's Blastoise list from the Anaheim, CA Regional Championships. Andrew also gives away a Misty's Determination Full Art signed by voice actress Rachael Lillis!
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Comments • 29

  • Jax, Kase & Dad
    Jax, Kase & Dad 5 months ago

    Lol at the toad match.

  • Zach Zavelsky
    Zach Zavelsky Year ago

    You should battle @Garbrodors on twitch next ptcgo stream

  • noahgreenwalt gaming

    I love your vids I never win a price

  • jame ryan
    jame ryan Year ago

    I Need to see the full deck list

  • J S
    J S Year ago

    Why must you butcher Keldeos name

  • Nathanael Spencer

    I have a bunch of unused ptcgo codes I don't need, how can I send them to you?

    • Ahmad Hanafi
      Ahmad Hanafi Year ago

      Hai Nathan. I'm regular player of PTCG Online. May I get some codes from you 👉👈

    • Nathanael Spencer
      Nathanael Spencer Year ago

      @Tricky Gym I don't have Twitter sorry!

    • Tricky Gym
      Tricky Gym  Year ago


  • Nieko Antunez
    Nieko Antunez Year ago

    How come more people are going toward expanded rather than standard?

    • DJones1048
      DJones1048 Year ago +1

      There were some expanded tournaments and Anaheim in particular was expanded. Mahone is mainly a standard guy.

  • JMUBoy
    JMUBoy Year ago

    Why is there a giratina

    • NotAPolarBear
      NotAPolarBear Year ago

      Cause dual pumping 2 Pokémon for 60 is so much better than 50

    • WeSuckAt Games
      WeSuckAt Games Year ago

      to help Volcanion get KOs

  • Schwarz Rin
    Schwarz Rin Year ago +1

    Game 2: 9 out of 11 coin flips were tails.
    Coin flips hate you! That’s so bad! That’s... what? An 18% chance or something like that?

    • NotAPolarBear
      NotAPolarBear Year ago

      Schwarz Rin that’s a common theme for his videos. It’s crazy

  • Chim Fan
    Chim Fan Year ago +1

    Great video! This is my favorite deck. Remember tho that you had the game in your hand when the seismitoad was active with 70 damage on it. You could have deluged the water energies onto giratina(which you did), retreated into blastoise, battle compressor another water into the discard, use eggxecute then superior energy retrieval four water energy back into your hand so you would have 5 energy and deluge them all onto blastoise and hit for 110 and game.

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz Year ago

    I played 6 out of my 9 matches at Anaheim against this deck that I already know how to play it lol

  • Liam Kiyashka
    Liam Kiyashka Year ago

    Why is the half-art Articuno so good? Seems a bit underwhelming to me.

    • Restless Thoughts
      Restless Thoughts Year ago

      You take an extra prize when KOing with it. So if you knock out a baby Zorua you take two prizes instead of one, or three prizes with a GX/EX knockout.

    • Jessie Sepulveda
      Jessie Sepulveda Year ago

      To meme on blacephalon

    • Athavan Balendran
      Athavan Balendran Year ago

      lets you take multiple prizes so it trades very well against other decks.

  • Jeremiah Fayeye
    Jeremiah Fayeye Year ago +1

    Gr8 Video!! :)

  • Kiryoku Gaming
    Kiryoku Gaming Year ago +2

    Totally will be at the tournament tonight. Matt has been getting on my case about not showing up. Hopefully I can get aired!!! I’m playing the spice tonight!!!

  • Riley Hulbert
    Riley Hulbert Year ago +2

    Wish you were able to join us in day 2 just for the clout of playing the awesome Giratina in here.

  • Joaqa
    Joaqa Year ago

    Hey try Lycanroc Drampa it actually works!!

  • BiopticJim
    BiopticJim Year ago +6

    I was bored out of my mind but thank you for posting this video

  • KingDisconator
    KingDisconator Year ago +1

    Not first