Virus Causes Chronic Fatigue!! Well, maybe...

  • Published on Aug 25, 2010
  • Http:// Dr. Krupka discusses the real "causes" of CFS and points out the philosophical problems with medical research relating to chronic syndromes like lupus, CFS, Hashimoto's, Fibromyalgia, etc. Get the other side of the CFS story here!
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  • ZeevaTV
    ZeevaTV 6 years ago

    LOVE this! & thanks for the invite Patrick... it's such a pleasure to be able to post my "Listen to THIS Dr" vids on my Wellness Page. In the early days of my "being a miracle" I had so many e-mails I couldn't answer individually, I had to start an e-zine & source the medical journals to back up my points. After all--I'm an ARTIST--& got WELL by practicing Wellness as an ART! Thanks for talking about ENVIRONMENT! That's why ECOLOGY is Principle 3 in Zeeva's Art of Wellness! Well-met my friend!

  • NaturalHI
    NaturalHI 6 years ago

    What kind of products do we take to detox the viruses? Can we detox it out?

  • kinkianne
    kinkianne 7 years ago

    You're a very smart Doctor!!

  • julie murphy
    julie murphy 7 years ago

    i have fibro & m.e, my personal belief is that 'something' whether that be viral, enviromental, diet, stress or all of those trigger the body to 'attack' itself or not be able to heal itself. I agree with you totally that many different areas need addressing to get better and look forward to it working for me. It still amazes me what wierd symptoms the body can throw up on a daily basis 'just for the hell of it' :)

  • Presouz
    Presouz 8 years ago

    Why cant any of the 10 doctors I have been to past 10 year as smart at this guy?

  • TrueLies
    TrueLies 8 years ago

    Excellent. I really like your approach. Do you have a book or something? I'm committed to a wholistic approach to improve health. I have zero disease and people say I look extremely healthy. Yet my main gripe is consistent lack of energy / ability to focus. I'm a lawyer at times work at the upp[er extremes (80+ hrs week) but even now for 3 years I take MONTHS off sometimes yet my energy seems to stay if anything a bit below average. My sleep sucks as well.

  • HealthyLife
    HealthyLife 8 years ago

    Good stuff, I am a strong believer in living a healthy lifestyle

  • synapse131
    synapse131 8 years ago

    I was not surprised to find out that organophosphate poisoning causes a similar excitotoxic damage in the brain as occurs with virally mediated ME/CFS (probably due to ischemic encephalopathy resulting from the cardiomyopathy and nitric oxide related vascular dysfunction) but I WAS surprised to learn that it also causes an identical form of diastolic cardiomyopathy as occurs in viral ME.

  • synapse131
    synapse131 8 years ago

    It's part of the "definition issue. "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" was designed as a vague catch all diagnosis for many similar illnesses (including Myalgic Encphalomyelitis-which appears to be virally mediated.)
    1. Main viral subset (i.e., ME)
    2. Borrelia
    3. Organophosphate poisoning
    4. Ciguatera poisoning
    5. Various bacterial etiologies
    6. Spinal stenosis (prob. mostly "pure pain" FM as opposed to FM WITH CFS; i.e. ME)
    7. Various smaller etiological subsets (mercury poisoning, etc.).

  • Justin Reilly
    Justin Reilly 8 years ago

    Also ME ('CFS') is a DISCRETE DISEASE rebranded by CDC as "CFS" in order to lose ME in a sea of fatigue. You fall into the trap CDC set for you by referring to ME as 'chronic fatigue'. CF is a symptom of many illnesses and sub-clinical conditions. ME is a discrete disease. Certainly the symptom CF has so many causes that the only approach is to investigate all the potential causes. The disease ME is probably caused by one or more retroviruses which must be identified and treated.

  • Justin Reilly
    Justin Reilly 8 years ago

    Dr. Krupka,
    Interesting video. I agree that in the absence of a silver bullet (or even in the presence of one if one wants to achieve optimal wellness) that one must look at all the possible contributory factors to a condition and one must always support overall health in order to both eliminate illness and achieve optimal wellness.
    I have studied ME ('CFS') for a long time and must conclude that there is one or a few related proximate causes of the disease. It exploded in the late 70s.

  • DrPatrickKrupka
    DrPatrickKrupka  9 years ago

    @FunctionalWellness That's it! You've got it. The same set of symptoms can be caused by several different precipitating factors in various different patients.

  • sly1958
    sly1958 9 years ago

    What an interesting and informative video thankyou. I personally concur that it is a mistake to try and identify/research a 'single' cause for those diagnosed with, M.E, CFS etc. So many interwining factors come into play in my view and will differ from patient to patient. Some patients of course have 'M.E' in the 'true' sense whilst others do not. In my view, one of the unifying factors could be the resultant level of cellular damage and dysfunction from pathogens and inflammatory processes.

  • DrPatrickKrupka
    DrPatrickKrupka  9 years ago

    @FunctionalWellness You've got it! There's actually decent research linking heavy metals, neurotoxins, viruses, auto-immune reactions, and food sensitivities to CFS symptoms. I think that they are all right to some degree, but there's not (in my current opinion) just one cause for all of the cases. And there's no rule that a single patient can't have more than one of these issues!

  • DrPatrickKrupka
    DrPatrickKrupka  9 years ago

    @silverbladeTE I'm not sure that we disagree...Let me say this...we all have some retrovirus activity (or potential) but it is generally kept in check by our immune system. In a patient whose immune system can't kep it under control, what triggerred the dysfunction in the immune system? Was there a nutritional deficiency? Were they eating foods to which they are sensitive? Did they get another virus or bacterial infection? Was there a hormonal shift? These are the layers to address.

  • silverbladeTE
    silverbladeTE 9 years ago

    What if it IS this family of virus? it's a, each stress, each infection, each injury will trigger latent viral infections and other infections, as the retorvirus "re-emerges" (simply put) lowering the immune system, increasing risk/amount of latent but once controlled diseases over come the immune system, won't they?
    So you will not see the same end result even if the initial pathogen is always the same.

    Otherwise, I agree synergistic effects are a BIG issue :)