Did Unai Emery make a big mistake in Arsenal vs. Napoli? | Europa League

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Paul Mariner, Sebastian Salazar, Steve Nicol and Shaka Hislop of ESPN FC react to Arsenal vs. Napoli in the Europa League, which the Gunners won 2-0 thanks to a goal from Aaron Ramsey and a Kalidou Koulibaly own goal fueled by a brilliant solo run from Lucas Torreira. They discuss the decisions made by manager Unai Emery to take off Torreira, Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette despite the tie not being done and dusted.
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Comments • 314

  • Dre
    Dre Month ago

    Arsenal fear mongrels.

  • Tarp ness
    Tarp ness Month ago

    No he won convincingly. End of.

  • nikhil naidu
    nikhil naidu Month ago

    These ppl r talking outta their ass

  • Arsenal 2dworld
    Arsenal 2dworld Month ago

    Just shows how STUPID and CLUELESS these BIG CLOWNS are. The exact formation is what he used in the away leg and got the result. How about you IDIOTS just shut the hell up!! ESPN WOW It's Embarrassing!! Since you Big Jokers wouldn't say it Arsenal is doing their thing whether you BIG IDIOTS are convinced or not. Here is a stat for you since you want to sit there and talk SHIT! Arsenal actually since the turn of the new year have conceded the second least amount of goals behind Man city. But INSTEAD you Insist you want to talk about the defence is this and that. How about you do your homework before talking this SHIT on the Air. Sheesh! It's like they are just paid to Criticise Arsenal. Sorry guys it's really old and frankly at least if the team does good let your criticism be relevant.

  • Justmangojuice
    Justmangojuice Month ago +2

    Mugs-complain when arsenal win and complain when they lose.

  • Kumar Sharma
    Kumar Sharma Month ago +4

    To all the people and pundits who said Napoli will smash Arsenal or Arsenals away form will decide the tie...Napoli failed to score a single goal over the 2 legs...how overrated are they or I should rather say how underrated are Arsenal and Emery.. By the way Emery made another big mistake by winning the second leg ;)

  • Sonnie Parker
    Sonnie Parker Month ago

    These fools 4get mihki n iwobi are not defensive players n created chances still.
    When will arsenal be credited?

  • lRydeRdiel
    lRydeRdiel Month ago

    I'm confused. I thought Arsenal won

  • Marlon Treasure
    Marlon Treasure Month ago

    Sometimes it defies logics as to who gets to be a pundit. Past players are mostly to be taken with a grain of salt. A lot of these so called expert. Either too old to comprehend or just hold biases. ESPN can pay no more for credible commentary.

  • Jack Carey
    Jack Carey Month ago

    If this was Tottenham with Sam result title for this video would be opposite of what it is now lol

  • Man from the Orient
    Man from the Orient Month ago +2

    They’re so up and down because the bench players like Elneny and Guendouzi are not good enough or not experienced enough. Ramsey and Torreira bossed the midfield against Napoli and they missed them both against Everton. Arsenal need to sign a better back up for Torreira

  • Marl MarL
    Marl MarL Month ago

    These guys are anti Arsenal, the 1989 defeat they suffered still has not healed.

  • Peter Colvin
    Peter Colvin Month ago +1

    Please Unai start Ozil, Lacazette and Aubameyang every game. Our best performances have been when they start. Trying to rotate when we are away clearly doesnt work. Arsenals are the clearest example of a team needing to use the term " attack is the best form of defence"

  • xero014
    xero014 Month ago +1

    Just ignore the successes he had...
    Ozil had the most ball recoveries
    Clean sheet against Napoli
    M-Niles played brilliantly as a RB
    Torreira/Rambo shut down the midfield
    Arsenal had 16 shots & forced 6 saves
    Napoli changed tactics and he reacted!
    These ‘pundits’ fail to mention that arsenal had 57% possession for the first 15mins but only 31% for the last 30mins. If Arsenal conceded an away goal they would’ve been first to say he’s naive and they should’ve been more compact...

  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez Month ago

    What the hell do these pundits know absolutely nothing. Arsenal played a great game and they deserved to win. Napoli was so poor in the first half it was pathetic. Should they have won with a bigger margin of course but give Arsenal credit where credit is due, at least they kept a clean sheet. These pundits dont have a clue what there talking about. He brings in Iwobi and Miki 2 offensive players and its a defensive move are these pundits for real 😂😂😂 Arsenal will go to the semis because the away game will be easier and Napoli will open up because they have to score goals that will give Arsenal the chance to score goals as well and they will score a goal in Napels and it will be all over for Napoli that will be my prediction.

  • Bill Constant
    Bill Constant Month ago

    Arsenal lose, manager and arsenal were poor. Arsenal win, the other team was poor. Arsenal don't do things right, right?

  • Deji Arogundade
    Deji Arogundade Month ago

    These lot don’t know nothing about football, it’s so sad

  • Nadir Munoo
    Nadir Munoo Month ago +1

    I'm a United fan but for God's sake, Arsenal destroyed Napoli to he honest. It was barely a contest at times. Not Emerys fault if his players can't capitalize on most of the good chances they created.

  • Acoustic 69
    Acoustic 69 Month ago

    They are the most shit Pundits ever !!

  • Jake _800
    Jake _800 Month ago

    Arsenal could've won by 4 or 5, Napoli are very lucky it was only 2 nil otherwise this tie was done and dusted. I still think Arsenal will win the Europa league. What a season uni emery has had with the squad they have is quite remarkable, if they can get into the top four and win the Europa it would be a great start for uni and would set their season pretty good knowing they would play champions league and a couple of new signings, honestly coming from a Liverpool fan they would be a dangerous side next season but it there is still games to play but it's been a good season for Arsenal

    WAGER OFFICIAL Month ago

    It nothing bro... keep it up,,, cheer up our team dont make unai get stress before the second game in Naple

  • julian Miller
    julian Miller Month ago

    That Scottish fellow is so stupid my 8 year old brother has better knowledge of football than him!


    There is something special about arsenal and they know it.to be looking for negatives about the club like this.nah man.

  • Welz B
    Welz B Month ago

    These guys make Michael Owen look a super pundit

  • Ricardo Mclean
    Ricardo Mclean Month ago

    this game is done arsenal is going away and their going to win win this game 2-1 at napali give manager credit for taking of the three player who was making the run to the game ramsey ozil

  • peter edokI
    peter edokI Month ago

    What's up with these guys, arsenal can lift the EPL and get will still shit on us

  • Xavier Cruze
    Xavier Cruze Month ago

    The guy wins gets criticized, the guy loses gets HEAVILY criticized. These so called pundits just keep their arse in comfortable chairs and act like know it all doodle. Give the guy a break. It's his first season, he's doing great.

  • mike tyson1229
    mike tyson1229 Month ago +1

    People are sleeping on Denis suarez

  • Harry Iyke
    Harry Iyke Month ago

    Arsenal can never win with these guys. Even after a very good performance, a win and a clean sheet against a very good opponent, they still find a way bring out the negatives. What a punch of dicks.

  • Dgnius Makileven
    Dgnius Makileven Month ago

    So the emery is on the field taking shots now? 🤔

  • Abdulrahman Hawarneh

    dear espn,How about to say omg what a performance by arsenal,one of the best performance I see from arsenal,emery is one of the best Manager in the prim,with one summer transfer,he can challenges for the league...............

  • GospelGuy
    GospelGuy Month ago +1

    Auba and Laca need to be more clinical. They frustratingly keep losing the ball and dont seem to know which pass to make in the box. At this rate Laca will not get a chance to join the French squad anytime soon.

  • loftus flowerbomb
    loftus flowerbomb Month ago

    The guy with the glasses is a fucking twat

  • Leirs Deirs
    Leirs Deirs Month ago

    They act like we stopped creating chances with the subs. We scored 2 and kept creating chances even with the Suns.

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Month ago

    Aaron Ramsey is the best player at Arsenal? What the hell?? These pundits need are wastes.

    • Taffy Ducks
      Taffy Ducks Month ago

      +Jordan Davis agree with him being....probably not the best player overall. Not far behind Ozil in my opinion though. But contributions wise....Ramsey clearly stands out as the most vital in the last 5 seasons.

    • Jordan Davis
      Jordan Davis Month ago

      +Taffy Ducks He is good ,one of a kind...but he is not the best player we have atm. That is a stretch. He has been somewhat consistent this season...moreso in the latter part. Lacazette , Aubameyang , Torreirra, Sokratis , Leno, Bellerin, Xhaka alot of players this season have been extraordinary....they never mentioned Ramsey before. The only reason they're talking all this shit is because he's lesving. He is not Arsenal best sqaud player or sad to say he would be worth much more in wages.

    • Taffy Ducks
      Taffy Ducks Month ago

      Highest scoring CM for Arsenal! (Despite missing a full season through injury, half a season out on loan and playing out of position for three seasons)
      3x player of the season at Arsenal! (even with the likes of Fabregas, Cazorla, Sanchez and Ozil being there...contributed the most Goal contributions last season with 20)
      Scored 3 cup winning goals!
      Included in Team of Euro 2016!
      Juventus are willing to pay him far more than Arsenal were! (I think Juve know more than we do!)
      Conclusion I draw.....people assume he's not good because of how he carries himself. He, at times looks clumsy, and he's slow. But he sure is effective. I would take substance of Style Anyday!

  • Theo Tidiane
    Theo Tidiane Month ago +2

    So when does Arsenal win and it feels like a win?
    I thought u suppose to look at 1 game at the time.
    Be happy they won this one and wait for the prochain matche

  • Goggz Art
    Goggz Art Month ago

    Why isn't there a video about Liverpool not finishing their chances against Porto even though they won comfortably 2-0??
    If it's arsenal, let's find a way to pick on them. That's the name of the game

  • Zebbile Williams
    Zebbile Williams Month ago +1

    Who listens to these bozos? Iwobi and Miki are defensive changes now?? a 2-0 win in the first leg of a European tie is not a GREAT result? Napoli could score 3 goals in their home game, win the match and still drop out thanks to the team /managers performance today.

  • mzilikazi96
    mzilikazi96 Month ago

    before a ball was even kicked everyone wrote Arsenal off and claimed it was already over because 'Napoli'. Arsenal put in a professional performance and dominate in a 2-0 victory keeping a clean sheet and SOMEHOW the media still wants to hate. Punditry isn't even about the football anymore. Just old men bitching & gossiping. Fan channels are going to continue to grow at this rate.

  • Rowland Aloriba
    Rowland Aloriba Month ago

    These guys are annoying to watch. They never give Arsenal credit even when they win. Napoli was extremely poor before Arsenal won. Bunch of idiots.

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka Month ago

    We won 2-0 but he made a mistake? 🤪

  • Peter Udoka
    Peter Udoka Month ago

    I don’t why I watch this nonsense, keep hating on Arsernal. I see a future where Arsernal come back to power and all these fuck face overpaid pundits eat thier words.

  • 78thday TempzBlack
    78thday TempzBlack Month ago

    The media hates arsenal for true

  • ayodeji alabede
    ayodeji alabede Month ago

    Arsenal will score at Naples

  • danny
    danny Month ago

    Napoli won’t beat Arsenal by more than two, Max a two goal win for Napoli

  • Ether Nas
    Ether Nas Month ago +1

    Haters lets win this Europa League

  • Morgan Zimmerglass
    Morgan Zimmerglass Month ago +1

    In Emery’s defense, Ramsey missed a glaring chance right near the end that should have made it 3-0 after ozil, torriera and laca has been subbed.

  • Ali Mostafa
    Ali Mostafa Month ago

    But win is win congrat

  • Rang Klos
    Rang Klos Month ago

    Do they really think it would just end had we won 4-0? Napoli will never give up their home game regardless of scores and we have another important away game before that.

  • robi london
    robi london Month ago

    What a stupid title ARSENAL WON 2-0 idiots

  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi Month ago

    Beware the power of the away goal on the aggregate....

  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi Month ago


  • Eleyeh Hassan
    Eleyeh Hassan Month ago

    Were playing Watford too we are still in top 4 that’s why these guys don’t understand

  • Alexandre Nabais
    Alexandre Nabais Month ago

    i dont like arsenal but i admit they played well. they diserved to win. the question can they defend away from home??? i dont think so. i can see them losing 2-0 and this game going all the way to penaltys

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel Month ago

    What a dumb fuck Nicol is. You think we didn’t have chances? You think we wanted to not score.

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel Month ago

    Lazy pathetic commentary. Nicol still fuming about 89 Anfield.

    ADI MADRiD Month ago

    I don’t think emery’s mindset was thinking 2-0 is enough... considering he subbed on a attacking mid, winger and CDM. Players couldn’t finish more chances. I don’t these punits think before they speak.

  • pete tippett
    pete tippett Month ago

    We were excellent yes I'll take the 2 nil lead should have been more but it wasn't a goal away will change things said before the game napoli aren't that great confident we will qualify

  • Benjamin Wolf
    Benjamin Wolf Month ago

    These people talk shit all the time , win lose or draw hey always shoot down arsenal with negative comments , no remorse we got Watford away on Monday- Dummies

  • KIZZY 69
    KIZZY 69 Month ago +1

    Emery should be sacked after this match...

  • Jordan Montgomery
    Jordan Montgomery Month ago +1

    Maitland-Niles was incredible, would like to see Saka, Willock and Nketiah involved, alongside him, in the second-leg.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +1

    Ramsey is not our main midfielder what are they talking about??? I might do a petition that states no pundit can mention Arsenal because their hate for my club is real.

  • Nicholas Kline
    Nicholas Kline Month ago

    Steve Nicol is a straight up one eyed douche bag! I'm not convinced his "good" eye can see straight!

  • Naya Ashorobi
    Naya Ashorobi Month ago

    Arsenal win the game and we are talking about substitutions? 😂😂😂. Our next game is in 3 days AND it’s away from home. And these fools, want us to leave our two best players to run and run until the 90th minute when we have fresh legs on the bench. You could even see that the intensity from Arsenal kind of dropped and Napoli were perking up in the second half, Emery is all about high intensity so it doesn’t surprise me that he took them off. We could have have more goals but at the end of the day 2-0 is a good start. Laca and Ozil were disappointed coming off but it shows that if you have to make your mark on the pitch. I guarantee if Laca had scored his chance, he wouldn’t have been as sad coming off. Also, can they stop talking about Ramsey? I know he’s been really good lately but he wasn’t the only stand out player. Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Torreira, Koscienly were all really good and they want to spend their time harping in about Rambo leaving. How about you appreciate the guys that are already here to stay?

  • Asian Fitness
    Asian Fitness Month ago

    if he would have lost that game, they will say he ain't up for it , now he won the game 2-0 with a fucking CLEAN SHEET and still say he did a mistake .... fuck off !!!

  • Simba Shocx
    Simba Shocx Month ago

    bitter old shit head fuck off

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi Month ago +1

    I can tell you why they are so different. First it was a home game,, secondly Emery played a different formation, one with pace upfront this time.

  • caSSiuS ebankS
    caSSiuS ebankS Month ago +1

    Arsenal are poor away because emery always plays a weaker team away. Too conservative away thats the issue with arsenal away

  • Kelvin Football
    Kelvin Football Month ago +1

    Arsenal beats a top team 2 nil and these cunts still find a way to talk absolute shit

  • Jennai Shirow
    Jennai Shirow Month ago

    What are they on about? He went defensive with his substitutions? He took off torriea and Ozil for iwobi and henrikh? Emery knows what he is doing that’s why has won that cup three times in a row and you guys are sitting there.

  • Rahul Pm
    Rahul Pm Month ago

    Even after winning games pundits making bad comments on our club.that ex Liverpool man is thinking that liverpool are going to win champions league and PL but I am saying that Liverpool won't get both these trophies .

  • Kenneth Ana-Amdingo

    I have stopped watching these bias and useless pundits. They know nothing about football and all they can do is to criticise arsenal even after a good performance. If you were a manager and you were winning two nil and you had an equally as important match next why wouldn’t you take some of your important players off? Putting iwobi and Myki on is not even a bad replacement because they can create chances and are ball carriers which the team needed as they were getting tired and the intensity dropped off. We even created chances after that which auba Ramsey and maitland-niles didn’t take. Stop watching the pundits and show they are useless🤦🏾‍♂️

  • H N
    H N Month ago

    Square headed bastard with the binoculars strapped to his head is thanking his lucky stars his sharp teeth aren't sawing off his crippled bottom lip..

  • H N
    H N Month ago

    Square headed bastard with the binoculars strapped to his head needs to stfu. 2 forward substitutions and he's talking about playing defensive..

  • Mike AFC
    Mike AFC Month ago

    Blows my mind Steve Nicole is a pundit and getting paid a bomb to talk shit all he does.is.talk down when clubs do well hate him with a passion miserable sad old man haha hope he gets punted off the all ESPN pundits are pretty shit lol

  • Mostafa Ezzat
    Mostafa Ezzat Month ago

    punch of clowns

  • Alejandro Fernández Pérez

    SUBTITLES PLEASE, more people would watch these videos...

  • Jahmeal Williams
    Jahmeal Williams Month ago +9

    We win 2-0 against a dangerous Napoli side and look at the title of the video 😂😂 no agenda 😴

  • PS4 & Stuff
    PS4 & Stuff Month ago +1

    Arsenal can't do defensive style

  • Yassin Khan
    Yassin Khan Month ago

    They never praise Arsenal

  • Yassin Khan
    Yassin Khan Month ago

    Fuck You guys talking a load of shit

  • Easy king2
    Easy king2 Month ago

    alws problem when we loose or we win.if nap had won,how great naps r

  • Reumel McIntosh
    Reumel McIntosh Month ago

    So much negativity

  • Russ D
    Russ D Month ago +4

    Barca beat Man Utd and they say give ole more time, we win against Napoli and its did arsenal miss a trick to scoring more 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Alejandro Moreno
    Alejandro Moreno Month ago

    Napoli is just an average team.Sarri made them to look great and was never given the credit FFUS😏😏

      38 YOUNGMONEY Month ago

      Alejandro Moreno they’ve only lost 1 game at home calm down

  • Cabdallah
    Cabdallah Month ago +4

    Even if Arsenal would scored 4/5 goals they still would criticise these pundits are always haters never talked the reality

  • mubi
    mubi Month ago +2

    lmao wtf?, was Unai Emery on the pitch to miss the chances?

  • chickenw1re
    chickenw1re Month ago +2

    These guys are thick as mince. Napoli started pushing forward so Emery brought on Iwobi and Mikhi as ball carrying wingers to reduce our reliance on our wingbacks going forward and to run at tired defenders. How is brining on Iwobi and Mikhi defensive?

    • the eye of sauron
      the eye of sauron Month ago

      I thought bringing on Iwobi and Mkhi were excellent substitutions, and were crucial. Allowed you to see out the clean sheet. Their pace, freshness and defensive work were vital.

  • Yusuf Chagtai
    Yusuf Chagtai Month ago +2

    Why do you always say something negative about arsenal? You always write us off, you pricks, and always find an excuse to moan about our performances, even when we win. Dickheads.

  • Jesus Kucha'Awar Mach

    "None"? Are these guys dumb?

  • anwar shaikh
    anwar shaikh Month ago +3

    Arsenal Mises great chances
    It should be 5-0

  • Shattia Shilan
    Shattia Shilan Month ago +3

    They still want Napoli to win

  • Shattia Shilan
    Shattia Shilan Month ago

    Nicole couldn’t say much
    He wants to complain

  • Atul Kotak
    Atul Kotak Month ago +2

    At the begining of the game if we told these pundits that Arsenal would win 2 nil they would say it would be a superb result.
    They are talking out of their arse & not giving Arsenal any credit really. Pathetic

  • Alistair Kay
    Alistair Kay Month ago

    These guys are always looking for a way how to blame arsenal ...

  • SuperQuanito
    SuperQuanito Month ago

    It’s very hard to watch this shit. Seriously. Either they have something against Arsenal or they’re just pure idiots. F* this show

  • Oliver Forway
    Oliver Forway Month ago

    These still won't give arsenal any credit

  • Kabelo mutubi
    Kabelo mutubi Month ago +2

    “I don’t know if Arsenal were that good or Napoli were that bad....” Napoli is so overrated

  • Koli Unleashed
    Koli Unleashed Month ago

    They clearly didnt watch the game

  • Febio Wendiady
    Febio Wendiady Month ago +5

    What are these pundits smoking??!! what Unai did was pure game management. if he left the 3 of them (Ozil, Laca and Torreira) on the field and they got injured or getting yellow/red cards. these pundits will be grilling Unai again. Stay consistent gents. Give credits when its due! Unai did a great job!