Next Event - 10 JANUARY Events & New recharge Rewards | Legacy of discord

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Songs :
    1- debris & rudelies - animal (feat. jex)
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Comments • 9

  • Naruto Mc5
    Naruto Mc5 11 months ago

    Hello every one.
    I have acc 14 billion BR vip15 i sell it for 500$ if any one want it mail me .

  • Ahmed ELtaweeL EA
    Ahmed ELtaweeL EA 11 months ago

    تسلم يا كبير على مجهودك استمر يا بطل

  • Baby Boss
    Baby Boss 11 months ago +1

    Hey i have 75k dias is this event worth spending it?

    • Baby Boss
      Baby Boss 11 months ago

      Tnx alot guys for ur help i will save dias now😊

    • Çağatay Utku Yıldırım
      Çağatay Utku Yıldırım 11 months ago

      I had 90k before new year event. I spend this event for mecha weapons. Actually I boosted very well with 90 k lvl3 Mecha set. Not bad , but I could boost better with new year event , so I made mistake. I think keep save.

    • Misantus
      Misantus 11 months ago

      Yes Dude...spend ALL Ur diamonds. Anyway this game is only diamonds for play no!? No diamonds = no play = no fun.

    • BRAVE CŒUR /Obiasnara
      BRAVE CŒUR /Obiasnara 11 months ago +1

      For me, events during irl feasts (like Christmas) are the best (for recharge and for spending)

  • Andreo Dela Cruz
    Andreo Dela Cruz 11 months ago


    • _Hika_
      _Hika_ 11 months ago

      Enjoy ❤️