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  • Published on Jan 6, 2018
  • I can't wait to get started on my dining table. The live edge slabs are so pretty!!!!
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  • jimmy t
    jimmy t Year ago

    craft central is in England Birmingham. looks good take a look on RU-clip.

  • manny123
    manny123 Year ago

    set up some ip cams around the shop for a multi view live steam

  • ThatDutchguy
    ThatDutchguy Year ago

    Make a site, shoot good clear pictures of your furniture using a good background, camera and professional lighting and promote it to professional interior designers, including international one's and the ones doing expensive houses, up class city apartments, architect bureau's, high street shops, etc.
    Thank me later.

  • jb121993
    jb121993 Year ago

    I know I’m late in viewing this. If u need anything made via lathe w/bed extended beyond 10’, or something down to pen size, let me know. U want photos from my business, let me know.

  • Matthew Dickson
    Matthew Dickson Year ago

    Sweet! nice wood man!

  • James Groomes
    James Groomes Year ago

    I tried raw lindseed1L&1L mineral spirits aswell as green and brown solvent dye, I am sealing my anvil stump with this, the stumps taken it well, then its interesting how the solvent dye isn't showing in the wood.

  • Robert
    Robert Year ago

    Hey Samurai, What happend to the carpenter vest? Will you make em?

  • D Mac
    D Mac Year ago

    Samauri, you should joint one edge of each slab, glue them together, and then run it through your 72” helical cutterhead planer. There, problem solved.

  • Adam Ruehl
    Adam Ruehl Year ago

    You should do an epoxy river from corner to corner on the table, cut main live edge river at a 45 and cut scrap live edge at a 45, out them together and have a couple creeks running into the main river. A lot of epoxy but it'll be epic

  • Dan Marceau
    Dan Marceau Year ago

    Just became self employed...can't afford more support until money stars rolling in. Shout out from Kelowna BC though.

  • Michael Meacham
    Michael Meacham Year ago

    Pure Living for life is in Northern Idaho.

  • Michael Meacham
    Michael Meacham Year ago

    If you cut off the edge, you lose the Lace.

  • raúl díaz
    raúl díaz Year ago

    Hablá menos y trabajá más, no sos una estrella de cine man

  • dnico
    dnico Year ago

    Awesomeness this table your going to build is going to change to world ✨✨✨✨

  • Pete Allen
    Pete Allen Year ago

    you need a hand man to move them slabs

  • Pete Allen
    Pete Allen Year ago

    love them slabs, land of OZ

  • Shui Shu Biao
    Shui Shu Biao Year ago

    A person named Oratial or something asked you during the live what you can do with a shop of $10,000 worth of tools. I did a simple answer of it don't mean anything with how much you have invested in tools if you do not have the skills to use that $10,000 in tools.
    I can do more than most with just a butterknife, than a person who can pound out $10,000

  • John Gouthro
    John Gouthro Year ago

    Total fan of your work! john nova scotia !

  • jason sanders
    jason sanders Year ago

    Pure living for life do winge alot and have really really long videos zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • stufoo1
    stufoo1 Year ago +1

    When do we get to see the woodwork skills again ?.

  • Brian White
    Brian White Year ago +1

    you live near me I think. I'm in Langford. I build knives . BroTan Knife . love your vids. RU-clip,Instagram

  • Gary Z
    Gary Z Year ago

    im out of breath just watching you move the slabs

  • edayers315
    edayers315 Year ago

    Dude, lightly clean the live edge, scribe walnut or butter nut edge all the way around and epoxy the gap with led light strip on the bottom.

  • Derrick Yaeger
    Derrick Yaeger Year ago

    Do what feels right in your gut. That to my is making your trended.

  • Derrick Yaeger
    Derrick Yaeger Year ago

    That right there is the way to go. And resin is the way to go to.

  • Derrick Yaeger
    Derrick Yaeger Year ago


  • Derrick Yaeger
    Derrick Yaeger Year ago

    Hey your beauty that you see in your slab is gorgeous.

  • Toulousain Stephane
    Toulousain Stephane Year ago +1

    Tu parles trop

  • Matt Hughes
    Matt Hughes Year ago +2

    Lots of talk about this and that but no action. You’ve lost me Jesse!

  • MrEvonz
    MrEvonz Year ago +4

    The commercial carpenter?

  • Luk. Zunder
    Luk. Zunder Year ago

    @samuraicarpenter keep that life edge and pour epoxy oder concrete around the life edge so u end up having a square or rectangle table but you keep the beauty of the slab. So you could increase your table depth how you like it. Greetings from Germany

  • خواطر مسافر


  • Андрей Бухарцев

    talk a lot, do more

  • April Mae
    April Mae Year ago

    Boring, take a pill and a nap.

  • Taylor Maxwell
    Taylor Maxwell Year ago

    Bearkat Wood has a great youtube channel does some really good work. He just moved to Oak Harbor, Washington which is on Whidbey Island which is south east of Victoria, BC. He makes beautiful hand saws.

  • Dave Weber
    Dave Weber Year ago +3

    Thanks, Jesse! Appreciated you taking the time to do this on You Tube.
    Hope you have a great year, and see your dreams develop into reality!! - Dave

  • Tim Fowler
    Tim Fowler Year ago

    Would’ve been great to see you build something live. Cheers!

  • David Holdman
    David Holdman Year ago


  • espn mk
    espn mk Year ago

    good to see you doing something i n the shop, even if its moving some beautiful slabs around, you're the man.

  • Kieran !!
    Kieran !! Year ago

    Hey could you try a simple project using 2x4 wood and/or pallet wood? It would relate well to beginners like me
    Love your videos

    • William
      William Year ago

      Hej you. He's not a pallet wood kinda guy. Jesse loves his beautiful hard wood. I guess it's what makes him excited and inspired. Check out his sawhorses maybe. Luv

  • HassaN CarpenteR
    HassaN CarpenteR Year ago

    Sir you are my teacher I love you

  • Glen Ralph
    Glen Ralph Year ago

    Route the edge and add glass! I beg you. The wood is too beautiful to do some janky "work around". Or, keep the live edge as it is and don't do anything.

  • Brandon Barker
    Brandon Barker Year ago

    What about some huge butterflies to join them

  • Russell Millard
    Russell Millard Year ago

    Just to warn you jessy if you are coming to the commonwealth games on gold coast (mind you if you did come you would win a gold metal in carpentry) you must not use the words "guys" or "girls" or "mother" or "father" .these words, according to commweath games organizers are politicaly incorrect and affensive to some groups. you can use words like folks and parents. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

  • Mark Ridgway
    Mark Ridgway Year ago

    Do the riverbed table

  • Ady Unix
    Ady Unix Year ago

    deng...i miss this

  • William Fish
    William Fish Year ago +2

    Total fan of your work! Kent, England

  • Keith Parady
    Keith Parady Year ago

    What are u gonna do with the live edge pieces U could make them end pieces for a bench

  • Tom Legrady
    Tom Legrady Year ago +2

    The straight-ish live edge is interesting, but my first thought was to match up the other edge, one piece flipped, so the two pieces fit together like South America & Africa

  • Keith Parady
    Keith Parady Year ago

    Very cool keep it up. From Maine

  • خواطر مسافر


  • Gordon Waterman
    Gordon Waterman Year ago +3

    Purchase a tracking camera so you don’t have to keep adjusting.

    • Gordon Waterman
      Gordon Waterman Year ago

      Binayak Das amazon has them $60-380

    • Binayak Das
      Binayak Das Year ago

      Gordon Waterman aint that expensive? i mean its good investment ofcourse..

  • Dominique Voigt
    Dominique Voigt Year ago +3

    Very very cool projects.... greez from Germany

    • M. Thee
      M. Thee Year ago

      Ich denke hier tummeln sich einige aus Deutschland :D

    • Achim Lunghamer
      Achim Lunghamer Year ago +1

      Dominique Voigt Aha - ich bin nicht der einzige Deutsche der das ansieht…🙂

  • Dominique Voigt
    Dominique Voigt Year ago

    Very very cool projects.... greez from Germany

  • RustyOfThePast
    RustyOfThePast Year ago

    no HD 1080

  • Kenneth Wright
    Kenneth Wright Year ago

    Hey man I've never been a patron before for any other channel. I would love to support you however. Can you please post a link? And how would we see the videos that you post for your patrons? Will they be on RU-clip ? Or another website? Sorry I'm just uniformed on the topic. Could you cut each slap and do some amazing jointery to make it the right width with the live edge on the outsides?

  • Monte da Estrada
    Monte da Estrada Year ago

    I missed the live feed but 15 minutes in you talk about trends, river centre etc. You have two beautiful slabs of wood so why not cut all four live edges off to make a regular table shape and then attach two of the live edges in the centre to make the river edge? Fill the void with glass or acrylic as you suggest?

  • M. A.
    M. A. Year ago

    Sorry can't afford to do patreon I'm to old

    • XO Cam
      XO Cam Year ago

      Kram Awagatuka
      Get younger, gramps! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • SJ Dawson
    SJ Dawson Year ago

    More saw saw!!!

  • SJ Dawson
    SJ Dawson Year ago

    More saw saw!!!

  • Monte da Estrada
    Monte da Estrada Year ago

    That is one old London Plane!

  • Erol Hocalar
    Erol Hocalar Year ago

    Hey samurai. Belgium watching :)

  • WoodShaped
    WoodShaped Year ago

    Spot on with the furniture sales advice. So freakin true! Only success will come from cheaper pieces where your costs are low for you but still won’t make a ton unless you build a team.

  • bc65925
    bc65925 Year ago

    And another one.....

  • WoodShaped
    WoodShaped Year ago

    Love that advice, start a project then see what you need. That’s how I did it!

  • Alan Brocklebank
    Alan Brocklebank Year ago

    Evening Jesse

  • Caren Barnet
    Caren Barnet Year ago

    I have a Huon Pine Slab and and will be using the Bow Tie method

  • Caren Barnet
    Caren Barnet Year ago

    Have you ever done bowtie joints

  • Jon Jeter
    Jon Jeter Year ago +14

    Once again a great channel on RU-clip is being ruined by a Prima Donna from Patreon coming over to shame us for not supporting his life style, we put up with add’s on RU-clip too support your excellent carpentry is this not enough, give us a break :(

    • Dawn McDonald
      Dawn McDonald Year ago

      You're welcome sir. Honestly, this is what you're going to see in the near, near future from a lot of top RU-clip guys. Not ripping on Mr. Ramsey, but those are truly basic projects and he really cashed in. A few of those and he'll have any tools that he wants and probably his house paid off.
      I just think that Jesse (Samurai) is doing some very talented stuff, he's funny (I'm 22 so he cracks me up), he's done a wide variety of involved projects with the best tips I've ever seen on any woodworking channel and I'm waiting for his online stuff because the cat is now out of the bag. Imagine with all of Jimmy D's Patreons and how much he brings in per month (think HUGE new shop). That guy is awesome and I'm super happy for him. Notice that David P from Make Something no longer lists his number of Patreons??? There's a reason for that;););)...a lot of money every month. Good luck to all, but Jesse has to expand as he's REALLY earned it.

    • mmm bbb
      mmm bbb Year ago

      Dawn McDonald ... Thanks for replying, I honestly had no idea. Those numbers ... Dang, sheesh. Ps, thanks again and no offense intended.

    • Dawn McDonald
      Dawn McDonald Year ago +1

      Very simple. He clearly says on 2 different videos that he had "over" 1400 people sign up. 1400+ times $147 is $205,800 (gross). Trust me, he's a happy guy as one more hit like that and he's got some serious coin off of 2 online woodworking courses. I'm just doing the Math, that's all.
      AvE touts over 12,409 patreons, I just looked. That's almost $25,000 per month if every patreon gives $2 per month (I don't know who gives more or less, maybe some only give $1, I don't know).
      I'm just saying with those numbers, Jesse has to get some online classes going as he has deserved to be compensated for all of his work just as well as anyone else on RU-clip. Just my personal opinion.

    • mmm bbb
      mmm bbb Year ago +1

      How do u know he made 206k?

    • William
      William Year ago +2

      Naaaawh. Must be hard to be an entitled middle age white man. Poor you

  • Caren Barnet
    Caren Barnet Year ago

    Welcome from Australia

  • used to be cool
    used to be cool Year ago

    using one pc. cut it right down the middle, saving both sides, then fill the middle with whatever makes 42" wide

  • K. Cashman
    K. Cashman Year ago

    You;re a giant like me (I'm 6'5""). When you move those slabs (or anything heavy) you should wear a back brace. I know you're the Samurai and young & strong--but your back will thank you when you get into your 40s. Trust me. Oh, and we have a vested interest (as written in craftsman warrior folklore): Samurai throws out back, viewers no see awesome Samurai videos!

  • David Rechenberg
    David Rechenberg Year ago

    Double D Sawmill says hi from Hebron, Illinois

  • Roxanne Gaudet
    Roxanne Gaudet Year ago

    The master!! :)

  • Pierre Bourbaki
    Pierre Bourbaki Year ago

    Bonjour, de Montréal (40 degré below zéro Celsius)

  • P J
    P J Year ago

    Hey from Victoria!

  • Little Buck Forge

    I do a lot of copper work.. maybe we can collaborate on a piece

    • XO Cam
      XO Cam Year ago

      Little Buck Forge
      No 🤫

  • Don Yoshi60
    Don Yoshi60 Year ago

    likes the the Sam. style,gets the megaslab on the horses without killing his back

  • Chancy Smith
    Chancy Smith Year ago

    Hey, from Kansas!! :)

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    Long live the Samirai!!!!!!!

  • Alexander Zessin
    Alexander Zessin Year ago

    Shou out to ZESSIN

  • Steve Slaughter
    Steve Slaughter Year ago

    what up from the firehouse

  • Brendan Douglas-Henry

    More saw saw less jaw jaw?

  • isa ibrahim
    isa ibrahim Year ago

    yayy,from freezing scotland

  • Troy Andrews
    Troy Andrews Year ago

    hardest thing about being Aussie waking up to find you missed this damn you sphere and different time zones

  • Mattis Sloyd
    Mattis Sloyd Year ago


  • Alejandro Hinojosa

    Hi from Mexico!! Happy New year!

  • Philip Szelagowski

    "This isn't a hair channel"

  • JJR custom furniture and home decor Rowan

    What going on Rhode Island here

  • Andrea Bogazzi
    Andrea Bogazzi Year ago

    Ciao. Buon anno dall'Italia!

  • johnny logan
    johnny logan Year ago

    Hi Samurai Happy New Year from the Republic of Ireland keep up the brilliant work......

  • viva la tin
    viva la tin Year ago

    Have you the flu

  • Old5E
    Old5E Year ago

    How would you plane that?

  • Old5E
    Old5E Year ago

    How thick are the slabs?

  • lockodonis
    lockodonis Year ago +8

    This ain’t live....🤔.... wait.... this was meant to be private..... I feel like I’ve just entered a party uninvited and everyone’s staring....😔

  • Old5E
    Old5E Year ago

    Looks good to me.

  • Massimo Serra
    Massimo Serra Year ago

    Hey Samurai, worked fine. Greetings from Germany