Who gets to play Swim in Top 4? | 12-2 ( Part #20)

  • Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • Who gets to play# Swim in Top 4? | 12-2 ( Part 20)
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Comments • 23

  • Jamie D
    Jamie D 9 months ago

    They have like 2K active players haha

  • sommi
    sommi 9 months ago

    This game is getting updated . THERES NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO PLAY ARTIFACT

  • Caiden Wilson
    Caiden Wilson 9 months ago

    Why are we still here, just to suffer?
    -Punished Swam

  • SM
    SM 9 months ago +5

    SIlent threw the game @ 12:50. He had Messenger Rookery unused and could've used it on Farvhan to kill the Thunderhide Alpha.

    • sherwin okuyama
      sherwin okuyama 9 months ago

      Either he threw or was just afraid that the bracers was potentially a healing item

    • Jon Crespo
      Jon Crespo 9 months ago +2

      he could have musketted the alpha too but instead unblocked a hellbear

  • chilly chill
    chilly chill 9 months ago +4

    i think they should open this game up to tablets and phones..up the playerbase. now that all the cards are lower in price, everyone can play the way they want to a little more. love the vid. not enuff Artifact for me to watch out there. XD

    • r0mb0keste1n
      r0mb0keste1n 9 months ago +2

      the game is gonna come up in phones this year.. with a potential free to play model...(last part is speculation)

  • Ayat Soltani
    Ayat Soltani 9 months ago

    Yeah the game is losing players fast and it is almost dying. Was it a good idea to switch?

    • The Law
      The Law 9 months ago +1

      aiat soltani
      It doesn’t matter. The end game is what matters and there is no reason why artifact cannot be the best multiplayer game for card games. Gwent has little to no potential to achieve higher success. Games have come out of worse situations and they have the full faith and credit of Valve along with a solid and highly alterable base to build off of.

    • Ayat Soltani
      Ayat Soltani 9 months ago

      For that the game first needs a decent playerbase. Have you checked the player numbers on steam? It is going lower and lower every day...

    • Duck Sargent
      Duck Sargent 9 months ago +3

      @Ayat Soltani He didn't leave because gwent was not doing well monetarily, he left because gwent is fucking dogshit compared to what it was and artifact has much better gameplay as well as the backing of valve.

    • Kristóf Mészáros
      Kristóf Mészáros 9 months ago +2

      @Ayat Soltani If he switched to Artifact as a streamer then it would be a REALLY strange choice but Im pretty sure he wants to be competitive in Artifact and the game has a huge E-sports potential (If it can climb out the hole which im hopeful it will when the mobile will come out along with F2P) since it was made by Valve who can build a great competitive scene. See: Dota, CS:GO

    • Ayat Soltani
      Ayat Soltani 9 months ago

      That would have made sense if Artifact was in a better place. Right now Gwent has more viewers, not four digits but better than Artifact. So the logic here was that since Gwent is not doing good, lets switch to a game that is doing even worse? Ok, I guess.

  • Leo Austin Linda
    Leo Austin Linda 9 months ago