6 NBA What if scenarios that would've changed the 2000s (Part 2)

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
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    Part 2 of what if scenarios for the 2000s.
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  • Dom2k
    Dom2k  Year ago +34

    Here is part one if you haven't seen it:ru-clip.com/video/ShBXZb9hk0I/video.html
    Shoutout to SeatGeek for sponsoring the video, use code DOM2K and get $20 back on your first order! Sign-up Here: sg.app.link/dom2k
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    • Israel Rosario Jr.
      Israel Rosario Jr. 9 months ago

      Great vid as usual, Dom2K. I have to say, you caught me completely off guard with the Dirk to the Sixers what if. I never thought about that scenario at all but it's DEFINITELY one that has to be considered as a major question mark. Dirk with AI may or may not have worked and who knows what Larry Brown would've done with a player of Dirk's modern skill set since he was such an old school coach BUT I have to think Dirk develops anyway and then who knows what they could've done in the awful east of the early 2000s. Great job!!

    • Jarrett Ramirez
      Jarrett Ramirez Year ago

      Hey Dom. I was wondering what your opinion is on if a player could be too loyal. Like with Dame and Giannis where their front offices haven’t really done much to put teams around them, and they haven’t really had a problem with it.

    • Vince Carter
      Vince Carter Year ago

      Dom2k first of all Cavs will not made playoffs alot of time on WEST....2007 1.Mavs 2.Suns 3.Spurs 4.Jazz 5.Rockets 52:30...fucking Cavs 50:32.....2008 even worst....Cavs 47:35 at 4 on East....Wariors 48:34 at 9 on fucking West.....Cavs was number 1 seed on east 09 10...but lost to Orlando also one men fucking team with home advantage

    • Janis Slaine
      Janis Slaine Year ago

      Could u make a seres and do it for every era

    • DJ
      DJ Year ago +2

      nba plant i don't think he will and since you're a highlights channel there isn't any personality to your channel no offense

  • Civtex
    Civtex Month ago

    Iverson was paired with stackhouse though

  • O.O
    O.O Month ago

    The easiest and best what if of the 2000's is simple. What is Joe Johnson would have taken the suns extension? The Suns from 2005 on would have been Nash,Marion,JJ and Stoudemire. No doubt in my mind they would have won in 2005 even with STAT out for the year. Suns took Mavs to 6 games in the western finals without STAT and Joe Johnson.

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E Month ago

    Seeing Nash and Dirk playing together makes me depressed. Dallas could have won 3 championships atleast i think

    MAMBA The GOAT 2 months ago

    Here is my scenario, Kobe dictated the state of balance in the mid to late 2000s by signing a 7yr deal with LA after he already won 3. What he should've done is gone to join either the Pistons, Kings, or spurs for more rings! He was clueless on free agency relations to chasing rings future he had by his blind desire or passion to retire a laker he limited himself from winning more rings with good roster teams smh Kobe.

  • Brandon Morris
    Brandon Morris 2 months ago

    What if the bucks never traded dirk on draft night !!

  • ScepticalCynic
    ScepticalCynic 3 months ago

    Ok, Nash was not injury prone but he struggled throughout his 2004 season with back troubles and he was turning 30. Iirc what Cuban was basically offering full money only if Nash stayed healthy. Suns offered the same money without that condition.

  • Rated Zigs
    Rated Zigs 3 months ago

    2018 Lebron > 2007 Lebron

  • Neal Schuster
    Neal Schuster 4 months ago

    My biggest what if of the 2000 s is what if the Celtics didn't trade Chauncey Billups and we had an earlier "big 3" of Billups, Pierce, and Antwoin Jamison

  • tomasz.
    tomasz. 5 months ago +1

    4:14 flop

  • Jaden B
    Jaden B 5 months ago

    Regardless of all the what-ifs, I’m beyond grateful for Dirk Nowitzki as a Mavs fan. What he means to this city and this franchise is indescribable. You can’t ask for a much more talented and athletic player than Dirk. Saw him a few hours ago on the sideline at the Mavs game, will always be respected in Big D

  • William Murray
    William Murray 7 months ago

    I don't see how iverson and Dirk could have played together.

  • Danilo Barbosa
    Danilo Barbosa 8 months ago

    4:43 Lebron Flying

  • Bryant Tisdale
    Bryant Tisdale 8 months ago

    Carlos Boozer literally got up and walked out the room when they tore up his deal so... Nash was never a good defensive player and the great defensive is what got dirk the win nash more of a liability than J.kidd even at that point . That to me was real reason Dallas let him go . Dantonio didn't mind his Defense..... Go figure.

  • HarpoSpoke
    HarpoSpoke 8 months ago

    I go the opposite way with Steve Nash in Dallas. There is a reason why they got better on defense after he left. They got better as a team after he left overall. If he stayed, I don't think they ever get to the Finals.
    The biggest what if is....the Mavs not trading away Jason Kidd! Pair Kidd and Dirk during their entire career and now you are talking about real potential. Those two could have been a power in the West for years. The Mavs gave the Spurs fits even without Kidd. Not a shock to me that the Mavs finally won when Kidd came back.

    • Quinton Dorsey
      Quinton Dorsey 2 months ago

      At the time with kidd Dallas was embroiled with controversy between kidd, jackson, and mashburn and decided it was best to blow it up

  • Mad 10
    Mad 10 8 months ago

    When I get home I'm making the Dirk and AI squad

  • Yung JuiceBox
    Yung JuiceBox 9 months ago

    What if the Bucks never traded Dirk in 98 and paired him with Ray Allen in Milwaukee?🤔🤔🤔 very interesting they would be the OG splash bros

  • R H
    R H 9 months ago

    Plus Utah went to the WCF with Boozer

  • Player Review
    Player Review 10 months ago

    Boozer is playing in the Big5 now. I do remember when Stockton/Malone handed the reigns to the Jazz team over to Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer. The team kept together until Deron Williams and Sloan didn't see eye to eye and Williams left and HoF coach Sloan retired. Rebuild would pretty much start around then and take until Gordon Hayward's last year with the Jazz to get the team back into contention. Now that Jazz have signed Favors to a decently sized contract we'll see where it goes, but Quin will be riding Favors to continue improving his corner 3-point shot and stretching out for today's NBA.

  • Satan
    Satan 10 months ago

    nash has a ring

  • Kaos Pat
    Kaos Pat 10 months ago

    I think Dallas was very smart letting Dirk play his game...bring in his personal coach ... letting him play for Germany... it is the perfect franchise for him...I doubt the 6ers could have developed him into the guy he became... but Mark Cuban must have been on drugs to let Nash leave

    • Quinton Dorsey
      Quinton Dorsey 10 months ago

      Kaos Pat oh yeah especially since nash was coming into his own and he didn't want to leave

  • Kaos Pat
    Kaos Pat 10 months ago

    Cleveland got to hold that L 4ever... the luckiest and most incapable franchise in NBA history

  • Stronkdonkey
    Stronkdonkey 10 months ago +1

    Kg and kobe

  • STCB Prod.
    STCB Prod. 11 months ago

    Can you do What ifs that couldve changed the NBA Alltime like do 10 or 12
    Umm what about Pierce at the 76ers? Or Vince Carter? Maybe Dirk is legit 😕

  • salete Sum
    salete Sum 11 months ago

    Orlando magic really did Fuxked up

  • Evil Dead
    Evil Dead Year ago

    A big what if that no one talks about is what if Rick Pitino was more patient with the Celtics rebuild and held on to Chauncey Billups instead of trading him to Toronto for virtually nothing. Imagine the future the Celtics could have had, assuming nothing gets butterflied away, if they paired Billups together with an in his prime Antoine Walker, a future star in Paul Pierce, and a decent starter Joe Johnson? That would easily make a great foundation for a formidable starting 5, even if Walker begins to decline due to off the court issues like he did in the mid 2000s. The Celtics could have easily snapped back into being the top dog of the East and provided some interesting NBA finals series in the early 2000s against the Shaq and Kobe Lakers, adding another chapter to the classic rivalry, especially if the Celtics eventually made a move for a decent big man that could deal with Shaq on the defensive end. And while it may not have been enough to win the Celtics a title, the Celtics would have been in a better position during the early and mid 2000s when they had to heavily rely on Pierce while he slowly became surrounded by nothing and had to drag the Celtics scoring wise until the arrival of Allen and Garnett.

  • Mike Tremamunno
    Mike Tremamunno Year ago

    The biggest what if is the sixers drafting KG and then AI the next year

  • Manish Bala
    Manish Bala Year ago

    Whats the song at 5:53?

    • Eric Battle
      Eric Battle 7 months ago

      Manish Bala berry by cherne beats

  • Milton Cookies
    Milton Cookies Year ago

    I get it when you said Dirk is old and shouldn’t be on the floor anymore, but tbh... he is one of our 3 best players on the Mavs lol.

  • Tracy McGrady
    Tracy McGrady Year ago

    4:12 the greatest flop of all time

  • Hi It's me
    Hi It's me Year ago

    boozer with lebron they beat the spurs. Most of those games were close in lebron first finals.

  • Hi It's me
    Hi It's me Year ago

    The dumbest thing the cavs did.

  • Corey Views
    Corey Views Year ago

    4:15 oooo watching that Ginobli flop was painful

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell Year ago

    Can you do a what if about my Cavs having Wade Bron and Bosh

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco Year ago

    Cuban is a overrated owner

  • David Ojika
    David Ojika Year ago

    What if the Timberwolves kept Ray Allen during the draft to pair with KG??

  • James Puso
    James Puso Year ago

    See, I don't think 1 or 2 would've panned out. Dirk is a great player, top 20 all-time at least but he has always been and always will be a terrible defender. Part of why he and Steve Nash didn't farther is that Steve Nash was a horrible defender too. In a lot of the Dirk/Nash years the Mavs were pretty low on D, one year they were like 19th in the league. AI at only 6 feet was also nada on defense.

  • D1nonly1
    D1nonly1 Year ago

    Lebron hops at 4:47 got the crowd flinchin n shit lol

  • Manish Bala
    Manish Bala Year ago

    what is the beat at 7:26?

  • AlxFonso Gaming
    AlxFonso Gaming Year ago

    you forgot allen iverson played with jerry stackhouse for 1 year in 96 97

  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts Year ago

    How about what if the Timberwolves didn't trade Ray Allen on draft night and paired him with KG?

  • Bland Man
    Bland Man Year ago

    Do what if tune squad kidnapped larry bird instead of micael jordan

  • Guga Bastos
    Guga Bastos Year ago

    If the Mavs didn’t let Nash walk, I don’t think that crazy upset from the Warriors in 2007 would happen, so the Mavs had a great shot at winning the 2007 championship(I think they would win it)

  • Rj Gamboa
    Rj Gamboa Year ago

    People forget about Boozer, he was nice for a while in Utah

  • Damian Outlaw
    Damian Outlaw Year ago +1

    The Dallas Mavericks won 58, 60 and 67 games the three seasons following Steve Nash's departure. They replaced him with slightly worse offensive players (Jason Terry) and much better defenders.

  • Victor Vandorn
    Victor Vandorn Year ago

    That flop by manu tho😂😂

  • zach morgan
    zach morgan Year ago

    i specifcally remember going to a rockets game when i was younger when boozer was on the jazz and he was the only one on the jazz who stuck out to me as really good i remember thinking oh no boozer has the ball again it seemed like every time he touched it the ball would go in.

  • Patricio Demichelis

    The song on the Nash scenario though

  • Tim Rodd
    Tim Rodd Year ago

    Love these historical videos but I feel like its been a while since you posted a video commentating on todays nba.

    MLB CRAZED Year ago

    Are you going to do a video on how the Cabs just gutted their roster? Would love to see that kind of video !!!!!

  • orwizzle24
    orwizzle24 Year ago

    Bro why do you sound like a robot 😂

  • gordon hayward's broken leg

    what if michael jordan was clutch

  • Mariner
    Mariner Year ago

    Hey Dom, can you do a video on the future of the Hawks? I know they're kind of a boring team to talk about but with the draft on the horizon and the pretty loaded draft I was wondering if you could do an Atlanta related video.

  • Shifan Shaffe
    Shifan Shaffe Year ago

    1 should be if The Malice palace incident never happened

  • TbeforetheJ
    TbeforetheJ Year ago

    Your dirk look like a woman

  • Adrian Lewis
    Adrian Lewis Year ago

    4:16 super flop

  • Nate
    Nate Year ago

    Dom where do you download ur nba clips from? Thanks!

  • No Its Patrick
    No Its Patrick Year ago

    Did Manu flop at 4:15

  • Andrew Calean
    Andrew Calean Year ago

    Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell Can you do that next or in the future very interesting story

  • Eeli Niemi
    Eeli Niemi Year ago

    access scared appeal fiscal signature hundred judgment observation easily cookie freedom

  • Brandon Tate
    Brandon Tate Year ago +2

    That Manu flop @ 4:15 though

    • JBSptfn
      JBSptfn Year ago

      +Brandon Tate I saw that. Not surprised.

    • Jows Gab
      Jows Gab Year ago +1

      Brandon Tate aye you noticed too lol

  • Skyler Gilberts
    Skyler Gilberts Year ago +5

    What if the 03-04 Twolves beat the Lakers in the conference finals and beat the Pistons in the finals? KG never would have been traded and the 07-08 Celtics would not have existed hence no super team era!

  • Joe Anthony
    Joe Anthony Year ago

    Bro are you Jabarro123?!!!!

  • John Rafael Sytin
    John Rafael Sytin Year ago +5

    Dirk is the 2nd best pf of all time

    • Ray McGhee Jr.
      Ray McGhee Jr. Year ago

      I would argue that Malone and Barkley are slightly better even without rings. Opinions are fun.

    • mick romney
      mick romney Year ago

      TbeforetheJ Dirk was never the defender KG was and KG was never the offensive player Dirk was.
      You watch the 2011 finals and you see, the Mavs defense is what helped them win. You can say Lebron choked, but they had a 2-1 lead

    • John Rafael Sytin
      John Rafael Sytin Year ago

      TbeforetheJ burh cuhm own mahn

    • Shifan Shaffe
      Shifan Shaffe Year ago +2

      TbeforetheJ KG is definitely NOT better than Dirk

    • TbeforetheJ
      TbeforetheJ Year ago

      John Rafael Sytin I’m not sure I give dirk all the credit for that championship. Lebron didn’t play like himself he choked up. I don’t think that has anything to do with dirk. But I guess

  • Tramell Patterson
    Tramell Patterson Year ago +1

    Watching footage of a young dirk is like watching a unicorn, #1 was a gem. As always much appreciated.

  • jacques8439
    jacques8439 Year ago

    Dom2k you should make a what if video of if Iverson never got traded to the Nuggets and instead got traded to the Cavs with LeBron can you imagine them on the same team and they both took the worst teams in finals history to the finals

  • Hue Jaynus
    Hue Jaynus Year ago

    That A.I and Dirk duo would have been legit

  • YeetBix
    YeetBix Year ago

    Any plans to make a 10s series?

    • JBSptfn
      JBSptfn Year ago

      #1 would be "What if Brandon Roy and Greg Oden don't get hurt".

  • Killa Cam
    Killa Cam Year ago +2

    So what about Allen Iverson and Paul Pierce tho, would that be a more deadlier duo, or jus the same or slightly worse?? But to me I think they had more of a chance of takin Pierce than Dirk..

    • Ray McGhee Jr.
      Ray McGhee Jr. Year ago

      I like the idea of A.I. with Pierce. I think it would've worked.

  • James Z
    James Z Year ago

    Should do “what if lebron went to the bulls during free agency”

  • Dub Dueces
    Dub Dueces Year ago

    What if the Wizards wouldn’t have drafted Kwame Brown’s bama ass?!?

  • Dalton Poole
    Dalton Poole Year ago +1

    can you do a classic roster and play out these scenarios in 2k

  • Dub Dueces
    Dub Dueces Year ago +4

    Dirk would’ve been just what AI needed in Philly. A stretch 4/5 that would leave the lane wide open for him to drive and score/dish. Can you imagine a pick and roll/pop with AI and Dirk? Who would’ve stopped that?

    • chidorigokuamvs
      chidorigokuamvs Year ago

      Dub Dueces I still don’t think they’d get pass Shaq and Kobe. They’d have no answer for either of them.

  • audes sredo
    audes sredo Year ago +2

    I think rudy gay should have stayed in Memphis

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers Year ago +8

    I think Nash and Nowitski was the biggest one. Didn't know about Dirk to Philly though. Wish Nash stayed in Dallas because he's one of the most underrated pg's of all time.

    • Rj Gamboa
      Rj Gamboa Year ago +1

      Brandon Rogers he has 2 MVP awards, how is he underrated?

  • EZZZ Money
    EZZZ Money Year ago

    Great video Dom keep doing what you do , do a video on Portland passing on Jordan And KD in the draft Thx keep up the good work

    • Guga Bastos
      Guga Bastos Year ago

      EZZZ Money I understand the Blazers passing on MJ since they already had Clyde Drexler and both were rated the same at the time but drafting Oden over KD was one of the dumbest decisions in NBA history, how they didn’t know that Oden had one leg shorter than the other? That is a giant red flag to not take him as a number one pick, he had injury prone all written

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith Year ago +3

    Bro what’s the background music on the Steve Nash part? It’s so dope

  • Alex Hennigh
    Alex Hennigh Year ago +14

    If Dirk had another star to help him out the greatest PF list would go as so
    1. Dirk Nowitzki
    2. Tim Duncan
    3. Karl Malone

    I still stand by that ranking regardless just switch Tim and Karl. Tim Duncan is WILDLY overrated. Yeah he was good but come on already he wasn't that good. The only thing TD has over both is post game. Not to mention the plethora of hall of fame and all star players he played with his ENTIRE career. If Dirk or Karl had even half the great teammates TD had for even half the time we wouldn't be constantly having this conversation because there wouldn't be one. TD was good, he was even great but overall Dirk and Karl individually would run ball circles around him. Shit, I could win a title and have a decent career with the amount of great teammates he had and I only got as far as high school ball

    • Alex Hennigh
      Alex Hennigh Year ago

      Ayy Sleepy Nope

    • Shifan Shaffe
      Shifan Shaffe Year ago +1

      Alex Hennigh i agree

    • 28/5 :
      28/5 : Year ago +2

      Stockton is a top 3 pg, and the greatest assister of all time. He's much better than anyone Duncan had apart from maybe Robinson, but Robinson was old when him and Duncan we're together.

    • TheIceman 1212
      TheIceman 1212 Year ago

      Braulio Luna u put Manu twice just letting u know

    • Cameron D
      Cameron D Year ago +2

      Braulio Luna look at the time periods these players were on the mavericks. None of them were all stars.

  • Alex Hennigh
    Alex Hennigh Year ago +8

    AK-47 lol. Only Russians would nickname their best player based off of their largest export

  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts Year ago

    The Boozer one was one I thought about before and though I'm not a Lebron fan I still would have loved to see it.
    One scenario when I was looking at who drafted what players is what if the T-Wolves kept Ray Allen and didn't trade him for Stephon Marbury. Just a thought

  • Alfredo Guzman
    Alfredo Guzman Year ago

    I definitely wanted the Mavs for at least a 3 peat during the 2000s decade. A.I had his historical breakdown moments honestly though the Denver trade did not come forthright at the end of their contract. We didn't even see what happened to Steve Nash during the trading clause between Dirk. I understand that their was some awful free agent trades in the past which haven't revoked NBA superstar's legacy and their entire franchise in one story.😕

  • Will Legendxry
    Will Legendxry Year ago +6

    If Miami Drafted Westbrook

  • MrAVGNdude
    MrAVGNdude Year ago +8

    This sounds like more BS excuses for Lebron

    • MiamiHeat682
      MiamiHeat682 Year ago +3

      And I could turn around and say this video is full of excuses for Allen Iverson. It works both ways. This is a what if scenario.

    • Solentos
      Solentos Year ago +13

      MrAVGNdude It sounds like a what-if. If you were paying attention you would realize that was the entire video concept. But of course the moment LeBron's name comes up for you haters it's just "LEBITCH REEEEEEEEEE"

  • Stephen Rubalcada
    Stephen Rubalcada Year ago +3

    The reason boozer declined is because of jerry sloans system it was built for a pick and roll/pick and pop style offense that ran through the pf and pg booz would get literally any shot he wanted because teams were so focused on defending deron williams due to his size and court vision he could see things defenders couldnt so they stuck to his hip leaving booz with relatively easy shots and if you did stick booz deron would find a shot for himself because he was able to generate his own offense at the time both players declined because booz went to the bulls who tried to use a different offensive system under thibbs where they ran the triangle which dosent fit boozers style d will went to brooklynn and jason kid where they ran the same offense but with a 37 year old kevin garnett also d will got what he wanted which was out of utah and away from jerry sloan but that would ultimately be his downfall sloan basically built a suit specially designed for d will and booz and they left that to be secondary players thats why they declined and thats why booz would never work with lebron because lebrons teams run an iso type offense where the ball runs through him

    • Dub Dueces
      Dub Dueces Year ago +1

      Stephen Rubalcada excellent analysis

  • STAY ME7O -_-
    STAY ME7O -_- Year ago +84

    Who saw ginobilis flop

    • Josiah Thibodeaux
      Josiah Thibodeaux 2 months ago

      Had to do a double take. The flopping father.

    • Kane Weast
      Kane Weast 11 months ago +1

      He did get hit but the reaction was so late it was a flop for sure

    • weird guy
      weird guy Year ago +1

      STAY ME7O -_- I saw that and was like WTF

    • Dman Productions
      Dman Productions Year ago

      STAY ME7O -_- lmao

    • Nasby Béli
      Nasby Béli Year ago +1

      STAY ME7O -_- He actually got hit. It was a semi flop cuz it was weak and he fell down to get the refs to see it.

  • Manual Salas
    Manual Salas Year ago +2

    Please make videos about the current nba !

  • Yung Banana Clip
    Yung Banana Clip Year ago +9

    That flop at 4:15 LMAOO😂😂

  • ericholt56
    ericholt56 Year ago +1

    Love the outro Dom

  • Regular Old Plumbus
    Regular Old Plumbus Year ago +1

    I would of paid for a replacement for rondo

  • marko stanic
    marko stanic Year ago +14

    4:14 that flop tho

  • AlkalineAjay
    AlkalineAjay Year ago +11

    I would have payed good money to have seen a Vince Carter -tmak (raptors) vs Nash +Dirk (Mavs) finals. Both those are the biggest what if teams of the last 2-3 decades...

  • ניב קדישזון

    Dirk shouldn't be on the court any more??? He has a better ppp than LeBron and Durant, you disrespecting him

    • Ben Sedwick
      Ben Sedwick Year ago

      Yeah it might've dropped but dirk was having a 50-40-90 season

  • J Douthit
    J Douthit Year ago +2

    Song at 9:30?

  • John Griffin
    John Griffin Year ago +15

    4:14 what a flop by Manu

    • GMN 3325
      GMN 3325 Year ago

      John Griffin I was about to comments before I saw this

    THEKING TALKS Year ago +2

    You should do what if dontae exam never got injured

      THEKING TALKS Year ago +1

      Alex Fassbinder maybe but if he did not get injured he would have played more games and probably would be a lot better than he is now

    • Alex Fassbinder
      Alex Fassbinder Year ago +1

      THEKING TALKS Nothing at all.

  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson Year ago +21

    I got another scenario. Dirk Nowitzki was drafted by the Bucks but traded to Dallas. How different would the NBA had been with him and Ray Allen on the same team. Two of the most dangerous shooters, especially three point shooters in NBA history. Do they make it to the Finals at least once?

    • Chris Gibson
      Chris Gibson Year ago

      T Poli...I actually didn't know the backdrop behind why they didn't keep Dirk. This was strictly a hypothetical scenario. Still makes me wonder what would've happened.

    • T Poli
      T Poli Year ago +1

      Do some research, the bucks only drafted Dirk because the mavericks told them too. The had no intention of keeping him. If they had kept their pick, they probably would have picked someone else. Exact same situation with Kobe and the hornets!

    • Misha Gelenava
      Misha Gelenava Year ago +2

      They almost made it without Dirk, so hell yeah.

    • Dub Dueces
      Dub Dueces Year ago +2

      Chris Gibson that should’ve been in this video

    • VT 24
      VT 24 Year ago +2

      Hell yea. Young Ray Allen + Dirk Nowitzki, it'd be no way in hell the Kidd-Martin-RJ Nets beat them. Although I still believe they'd lose to the Lakers and San Antonio

  • Compton 187
    Compton 187 Year ago +2

    6:54 kobe's MVPs

    • Compton 187
      Compton 187 Year ago

      DamonM Roger 😂 pass the blunt

    • Damon Roger
      Damon Roger Year ago

      *clears throat* Rong

    • Compton 187
      Compton 187 Year ago

      shamsam bakar nah kobe was robbed both years

    • shamsam bakar
      shamsam bakar Year ago

      Compton 187, nah nigga 06 shoulda gone to LeGOAT, debatably Kobe. 05 should have gone to either LeGOAT, AI or dirk

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta Year ago +6

    4:13 Ginobli flopping 😂😂😂

  • Slick__91
    Slick__91 Year ago +13

    I don't think AI could coexist with anybody in his prime. He had Jerry Stackhouse, who was a prolific scorer. I had no idea he damn near averaged 30 a game at one point. Maybe, in lieu of the KD and Westbrook fallout, you could make a video about All-Star duos that couldn't coexist.

    • MiamiHeat682
      MiamiHeat682 Year ago

      +Dub Dueces That's true, but from an offensive standpoint, this probably would have worked out the best.

    • Dub Dueces
      Dub Dueces Year ago

      MiamiHeat682 who would’ve guarded the 6 foot 6 shooting guard if you have AI and Nash in the same backcourt?

    • MiamiHeat682
      MiamiHeat682 Year ago +1

      +Slick_91 Hypothetically, and I know it would've had a low likelihood of occurring, but a Nash-Iverson pairing could've worked out. Nash would provide court spacing and could facilitate for Iverson. In addition, Nash was a low-key star and didn't need the ball in his hands all the time due to his shooting, which would have fit Iverson's play style relatively well.

    • osyrys
      osyrys Year ago +2

      Slick__91 He would need an off ball guy like Klay Thompson

  • MrPeanutButterCupxo
    MrPeanutButterCupxo Year ago +19

    Personally, I can't fault any team like the Pistons or Sixers for not drafting the right player. Drafting is not an exact science. It's nearly impossible to tell how a players career will go. Just remember, IT was drafted LAST, and Manu was drafted 57th.

    • Guga Bastos
      Guga Bastos Year ago +1

      MrPeanutButterCupxo The Darko thing was a major fuck up, they definitely didn’t need a center, and Melo was a surefire pick, because they needed a scorer way more than they needed a center

    • CPGoat #3
      CPGoat #3 Year ago +3

      MrPeanutButterCupxo nah they tweaked. Melo was a sure thing coming in. They fucked up bad.