PS Plus - April 2019 | Conan's Exile + The Surge

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • Two new titles join the PlayStation Plus monthly games line-up on 2nd April, each distinct but offering their own unique spin on what it means to survive. Let's dive in and take a closer look
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  • mohammed 14
    mohammed 14 6 days ago


  • Frederik the Wolfman
    Frederik the Wolfman Month ago +1

    I’ve still got The Surge, but I played Exiles and I hated every second of it.

  • Alexplaysgames Boi
    Alexplaysgames Boi Month ago

    Bo2 plz

  • aGz
    aGz Month ago

    PSN. KIPNoTion... Looking for gta 6 to encoperate my soong. (Magz-it Is) , £5000..... If you got it

  • real_ fktif
    real_ fktif Month ago +2

    What kind of music?

  • zegmaarRobin
    zegmaarRobin Month ago

    Gotta say that I'm pretty disappointed. I own a ps4, ps3 and psvita. I was hoping that by cutting out the last two, the ps4 would get 3 titles (one being an indy or something like that) But this seems like a real decrease in value for my PS Plus membership

  • Abdulrahman Saif
    Abdulrahman Saif Month ago +1

    Please say this is April fool

  • NH_Nahid Gaming
    NH_Nahid Gaming Month ago +2

    100GB cloud space is useless and totally unnecessary. It's just an excuse to avoid giving more than two games.

  • Floyd Williams
    Floyd Williams Month ago

    I do want the surge so I'm good!!

  • Exploding rubies
    Exploding rubies Month ago

    I expected hitman 2 and a fortnite season pass thingy cause you know that’s what the fortnite players want and I want to get hitman 2 for free without spending 60 dollars on it or something they left the other consoles so I expected better than some filthy garbage games nobody wants to even touch the download button on the shop.

  • Onur K
    Onur K Month ago

    Isnt the channel called playstation EUROPE? Why £ and not €?

  • Afif
    Afif Month ago +1

    Now I'm really thinking about Xbox

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago

    Lies, these games are both worth £27 right now.

  • Domi Meneses
    Domi Meneses Month ago

    Nice Games 👊💪 thanks guys 💘🤗

  • Ω BGBDaniel Rohrs - #MáfiaDoGow Ω

    This month isn't the best but isn't the worst

  • IsraeliteJacob
    IsraeliteJacob Month ago

    Happy me Thanks Sony

  • Jack Bauer
    Jack Bauer Month ago +10

    So you've removed four games, but the quality of the PS4 ones is not really improving.

  • Misha Matrix
    Misha Matrix Month ago +2

    far cry primal + dark souls

  • cvgamefreak18
    cvgamefreak18 Month ago

    Wasn't the Surge already free with PS Plus ones?

  • Dojo Games
    Dojo Games Month ago

    Almost finished the surge. I Go to Conan this month

  • Orion Lockheed
    Orion Lockheed Month ago

    another good month, keep giving the lesser known big games like The Surge

  • Intrepid Sapiens
    Intrepid Sapiens Month ago

    OMG, don't understand people's dislikes. Couse both games are great. Wanted Exiles in collection and Surge too. Tnks Sony

  • Pride like Vegeta
    Pride like Vegeta Month ago

    Hi Guys,
    Since when did the cloud storage go up to 100GB?
    Have been 5 months away from my PS4. I remember it was 10 GB for the past couple of years.

  • Adz2
    Adz2 Month ago +1

    Not the best month, not the worst either

  • Smithy
    Smithy Month ago +2

    I wanted Mortal Kombat X

    • iAmPj
      iAmPj Month ago

      You can literally get MKXL for 5 bucks in the playstore

  • FutureTheory
    FutureTheory Month ago +18

    This is the best you can come up with after dumping Vita and PS3?

  • Beeaadi
    Beeaadi Month ago

    april april?

  • Stephie
    Stephie Month ago +1

    Je vais essayer Conan 😀😀

  • T60z
    T60z Month ago

    Wow, Conan Exiles :)

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago

    2 games again and £50, well done Sony! I dropped PSN+ when they stopped Vita support, like no doubt a lot of Vita fans. It's just poor value for money being just PS4 now.

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago

      You sound like a 8 yr old child, no one believes you've ever owned a vita in your life

  • Francisco Guerra
    Francisco Guerra Month ago

    Good choices both. The Surge has been on my wishlist for ages, and my wife's had a blast with Conan Exiles on PC.

  • maxim gaming
    maxim gaming Month ago +2

    I'm disappointed but surge is ok why not a psvr one

  • Greeny Dogous
    Greeny Dogous Month ago +3

    I want die, this is trash, where are good games

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago +1

      What wait for? Just die already.

  • busu jima
    busu jima Month ago


  • Hanzo Hattori
    Hanzo Hattori Month ago +1

    Psvita ps3??? 👿

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago

      I feel your pain, I'm a massive Vita fan so I'm pissed at Sony. Anyway I left PSN+ and have no intention of returning. I have a PS4 but still play the Vita way more!

  • Eight Zero's
    Eight Zero's Month ago +2

    Thank you Sony. Have to point out those two games are only worth £27 not £80. Anyone complaining that's over half your PS Plus yearly subscription back in one month. :)

  • Conqueror
    Conqueror Month ago +2

    I want the vita and ps3 games back if this is what we're gonna get to be honest.

  • Mister M
    Mister M Month ago

    I hate hard games. So no surge for me.

  • Kunibert von schoki
    Kunibert von schoki Month ago +1

    Nice conan exile

  • Pietro Scarpa
    Pietro Scarpa Month ago +10

    Booo, give us better games or free online!!!

    • Fahd Al Zarooni
      Fahd Al Zarooni 28 days ago

      pinky donut
      Agreed, let’s next month is better. 😃

  • powerblades
    powerblades Month ago +1

    No, thanks.

  • Artemad
    Artemad Month ago

    А ведь кто-то купил эти игры по скидке от Plus :D Не скажу, что данные игры мне интересны, но в онлайне с друзьями поугарать можно) Вопрос один. Кто из друзей в это играть будет?

  • xJJoleen
    xJJoleen Month ago

    Meeh .

  • NightNeon
    NightNeon Month ago +3

    Both of these games came on a humble bundle once...

  • TPM_ Argo
    TPM_ Argo Month ago

    Are you kidding me

  • dani 99
    dani 99 Month ago +4

    what tipe of joke is this,
    you raise the price and remove the ps3 games to give us this?????

  • ༺Ǥᑌ༻
    ༺Ǥᑌ༻ Month ago


  • shaaka
    shaaka Month ago +1

    This month is the best

  • Alex Baldin
    Alex Baldin Month ago +2

    Why Conan's Exile doesn't have italian languange on ps store???

  • ZnEaKy_Spy Zneaky
    ZnEaKy_Spy Zneaky Month ago

    So anthem and knack

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees Month ago +3

    Nice i always wanted to buy the surge but never did it

  • DrScoob
    DrScoob Month ago +7

    Pathetic garbage, Surge was virtually free in the sales a few months ago and conan is an abomination on console.

    • Liberalism and conservatism is a plague on society
    • iAmPj
      iAmPj Month ago +1

      Stop complaining. Its free games if you have ps+. Dont play them if its so garbage. Acting like a little kid who doesnt get his favorite game. So what if the games arent the best of the bunch. If you dont like it go buy a game you actually like.

  • JHolland
    JHolland Month ago +3

    Month 8 of asking for gang beasts and human fall flat for ps plus

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago

      Both those games have been on sale for less then $5, either ask money for a $20 card then wait or stop buying ps+ and you could've got them 8 months ago + AAA day one game.

    • Dan Arnets
      Dan Arnets Month ago

      The Gang Beasts' servers would freaking blow up, they'd get destroyed.

  • Sterman99
    Sterman99 Month ago +5

    Noice, wanted to buy Surge for a long time, now I’m glad I held off. So basicallyI got it for just 3,50€ now, together with Conan Exiles! Oh man, this years sub is getting better and better. I already got my moneys worth like two months ago and I still got 3 months to look forward to, before it expires.

  • Greavesy
    Greavesy Month ago +14

    “Worth £79.98” 😂 that’s because you always go back to the original price when not in a sale. Fallout 76 is still £59.99. I got the surge for £10 and I bet conan is around the same.
    And they say go digital. Ha.

  • Tha Pume
    Tha Pume Month ago

    Que se los metan de canto en el ojete.

  • NoK. GG
    NoK. GG Month ago +3


  • Tha Pume
    Tha Pume Month ago

    Una garcha.

  • Zaid Albassam
    Zaid Albassam Month ago


  • int al
    int al Month ago


  • level five
    level five Month ago +18

    We need good games, no the trash

  • Paweł Lombax Gamer
    Paweł Lombax Gamer Month ago +5


    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago

      Yeah you are, but there's still hope just. Shut. Up.

  • Adam Greensides
    Adam Greensides Month ago +16

    There used to be 4 free games month but with PS3 and vita games dropped there not giving anything to replace the loss but still charging the same how is that fair

    • Fahd Al Zarooni
      Fahd Al Zarooni 28 days ago

      Adam Greensides
      Ikr. 😭

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago

      +Adam Greensides okey........ And Sony cut some games and replaced them with 100gb of online save data, just cause you don't like what they replaced it with doesn't mean it doesn't count as a replacement.

    • Adam Greensides
      Adam Greensides Month ago

      +lorne852 that doesn't count because yes they cut content but they also replace it with something else

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago

      +Adam Greensides again THATS NOT HOW SUBSCRIPTIONS WORK, does Netflix give you a deal when content you like is cut? No? Yeah that's how it's always been

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago

      I've voted with my feet, when they dropped Vita and increased PSN+ I left and have no intention of joining again. Don't play my PS4 half as much as my Vita so no incentive now to join again.

  • reyesarsenal9
    reyesarsenal9 Month ago

    So many ungrateful idiots in the comments. The games might not be top top, but seriously, is people expecting Horizon and games like that? It will never happen. I hope it never happens. Those games is too good to be given away on ps plus.

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago +1

      People are pissed as we're paying more, and now you just get 2 games instead of 6 when you had PS3 and Vita. So Sony are becoming arrogant, and people will show their annoyance as a result. Idiots are the ones who defend big heartless corporations blindly!

  • Κράτος
    Κράτος Month ago


  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago +8

    more old poo. 😩

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan Month ago

      +lorne852 yeah something like that 😆

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago

      +Peter Pan you must be vary young..... We'll see I said it "wasn't even a year old" you jumped up with "it's 11 months old" that means the same thing champ. But I see now you're one of those immature entitled little brats who thinks they deserve to get "newest, hottest" games for free.

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan Month ago

      +lorne852 so once it hits 12 months it's old is it 😩 you one of those funny Sony fan boys ? both games are old like it or lump it. 😭

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago

      +Peter Pan yes 11 months is less then a year, good job 👍

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan Month ago

      +Sterman99 Sony should be doing better and bigger there falling by the way side. just look how bad state of play was,

  • ChapliN
    ChapliN Month ago +6

    No no no , thanks

  • Blizeroid
    Blizeroid Month ago


  • 🃏 JOKER_XD
    🃏 JOKER_XD Month ago +12

    april fools ?

    • Chalisaboon
      Chalisaboon Month ago

      🃏 JOKER_XD I really wish it is April fool. Both sucks....

    • jstapo 85
      jstapo 85 Month ago

      I hope so....

  • Lodi JUST Lodi
    Lodi JUST Lodi Month ago +1

    Not bad, but i want MKXL, Nether realm X Sony, pls

  • DieHappy
    DieHappy Month ago +3


  • Brai Rolan
    Brai Rolan Month ago

    donde esta el resident evil y esos q habian dicho

    • Silverarrow114
      Silverarrow114 Month ago

      Siguiendo tu logica mejor no compro ningun juego porque tarde o temprano lo pueden poner gratis

    • Brai Rolan
      Brai Rolan Month ago

      +Tha Pume le tenia mucho fe a q salga the division 1, no lo quiero comprar en el store porq en caulquier momento lo van a sacar gratis

    • Tha Pume
      Tha Pume Month ago

      En general los rumores nunca se cumplen. Es gente especulando para conseguir clicks. Por eso yo ni los miro, para no fomentar esas prácticas.

    • Killcry
      Killcry Month ago

      Un año regalaron el residente evil 1 remasteres si no me equivoco, pero imposible que regalen el 4, 5 ,6 o 7

  • Brai Rolan
    Brai Rolan Month ago

    naaaaaaaaaaaaa q poronga

  • Brad Langford
    Brad Langford Month ago +2

    Where's Horizon? C'mon Sony what the heck?

    • Brad Langford
      Brad Langford Month ago

      +lorne852 that's a very good point my friend.

    • Sterman99
      Sterman99 Month ago

      Brad Langford “Premium subscription service” lol. The yearly sub costs the price of one new game at worst, while also being constantly discounted to 45$.
      How can you even expect something like HZDwill be a free game, especially after just 2 years of being out.

    • Zaid Albassam
      Zaid Albassam Month ago +1

      Thank god no horizon cuz i played it

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago +1

      +Brad Langford if they too cheap to buy a $20 game they don't deserve it.

    • Brad Langford
      Brad Langford Month ago

      +lorne852 I already own it. I was hoping some of my friends would get to experience it courtesy of Sony's 'Premium' subscription service.... 😞

  • Щербаков Роман

    Conan shouldn't even be installed on paystation, but the surge is kinda amazing

  • Michael Ivanov
    Michael Ivanov Month ago +4


  • Wolf_gamer Jeon
    Wolf_gamer Jeon Month ago


  • sebastian Jaldn
    sebastian Jaldn Month ago +3

    They dont want indies
    They dont want AAA
    Just stop giving games and just charge 60$ for the online and nothing more.

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago

      +Lando Calrissian why? Servers cost money last gen Sony took the loss on server costs and kept it free, you are entitled to nothing.

    • Lando Calrissian
      Lando Calrissian Month ago +3


  • Lee Hamilton
    Lee Hamilton Month ago +1

    PLEASE tell me this is an April fools!!! What a massive let down

  • mturenhout1
    mturenhout1 Month ago +2

    Serious..... 👎

  • Fery12
    Fery12 Month ago

    It's very good. I like it!

  • Daniel Paronetto
    Daniel Paronetto Month ago +7

    After the crappy state of play, Sony you couldn't top it worse, but you succeed, no thanks.

    • Andrea Bonelli
      Andrea Bonelli Month ago

      +EKspeed that is what I am saying. I am merely replying sarcastically to Daniel's complaint.

    • EKspeed
      EKspeed Month ago

      +Andrea Bonelli to be honest the last couple of months werent bad we got mw remastered last month lets not forget.

    • Andrea Bonelli
      Andrea Bonelli Month ago

      Let's just forget about the last couple of months' games.

  • YABO Entertainment
    YABO Entertainment Month ago +15

    Been waiting for the surge!!!

  • Alexandra Cesar
    Alexandra Cesar Month ago +9

    That kinda sucks

  • iTwinsGaming
    iTwinsGaming Month ago +10

    This is a joke, Conan Exile is the worst game ever :(

    DIMILAS LASKO Month ago +42

    This month is................................ not the best but the surge is ok

    • TwisteDxBoi
      TwisteDxBoi Month ago +2

      If the Surge is okay for you I'll have to assume you're easily entertained by jangling keys in front of your face

    • roblox is cool because of its legendary games
      roblox is cool because of its legendary games Month ago

      I hate ps plus when member ship ends i cant play theq game anymore

    • Питер
      Питер Month ago

      conan is nothing else than bugs and bad animations

  • the thief khajit tr

    Okey goodd

    FIRE HAWK Month ago +2

    Good month

  • Melioda el capita de los siete pecados

    Juegos malo cono siempre :'v

  • Saitama San
    Saitama San Month ago