A Defining Moment In The Rise Of Muhammad Ali

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Boxing's Joe Frazer & Muhammad Ali talk on the phone before the fight. It was wonderful to be a cameraman on this great feature film documentary and photograph this scene. Ali gave us scene after scene of theatrics and poetry. A really good guy. The world will miss him for sure. #muhammadali #boxing #boxinghistory #heavyweight
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  • Ken Klose
    Ken Klose 26 days ago

    He got rich then everywhere he went trashed his country and ran from serving in the military claiming he was a minister while the press regurgitated his manure without critical thought and he never was near as good a fighter after returning to the ring Frazier was a better MAN

    • Isai Omar
      Isai Omar 9 days ago

      Ken Klose as soon as a black man gets some success he gets forced to serve in the military? No thanks

  • Socket Face
    Socket Face 27 days ago

    2:22 he had them in a trance.

  • BobLoblaw23
    BobLoblaw23 27 days ago

    he never told joe that he was the greatest. he should have kept his word.

  • Dee Dee Winfrey
    Dee Dee Winfrey 29 days ago +1

    Those were the days.😊

  • Zoey
    Zoey Month ago +1

    I'm gonna whip you, Joe" 😉😉

  • Len Hummel
    Len Hummel Month ago +6

    Ali was A GENIUS performer inside AND OUTSIDE the ring. small wonder the people loved him.
    missed. a great heart and soul.

  • GregoryTheGr8ster
    GregoryTheGr8ster Month ago +5

    This appears to be for their first contest, which Smokin' Joe won by unanimous decision. In any case, Muhammad Ali knew how to be larger than life.

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    he was a very attractive man...

  • ootsoots oots oots
    ootsoots oots oots Month ago

    I am gonna hw0op your ass joe.

  • Connie Lipp
    Connie Lipp Month ago +4

    This brings back so many fun times listening to Ali and Howard Cossell go round and round. We always laughed. Ali's wit was sharp as a whip. That must have been hard to keep the camera stead while he was talking his "jive". Hopefully the camera was on a stand of some sort. ha ha! : )

    • David Hoffman
      David Hoffman  Month ago

      The camera was always handheld!
      David Hoffman - filmmaker

  • Bassmangotdbluz
    Bassmangotdbluz Month ago +2

    You know, he really was the greatest. For many years I've wanted to name a band, " Cassius Clay". He's not using it anymore.

  • Kenneth Lucas
    Kenneth Lucas Month ago +11

    Babe Ruth said it best: "It ain't bragging if you can back it up''. Thanks David.👍

  • Bob Charlie
    Bob Charlie Month ago +1

    He has so much charisma!!! It's great!!

  • Ebony Travel
    Ebony Travel Month ago +1

    What year was this??

    • David Hoffman
      David Hoffman  Month ago +2

      Can' remember exactly but I believe it was 1971.
      David Hoffman - filmmaker

  • San D
    San D Month ago +1

    I remember that footage. Grins.

  • doifhg
    doifhg Month ago +1

    Such quick wit

  • Casa Del Green
    Casa Del Green Month ago +1

    I miss you Sir

  • J D
    J D Month ago +4

    Modern MSM racist interpretation:
    “Roomful of white people dress up person of color and force him to entertain them magnificently”
    I appreciate your videos very much David, in part because it illuminates all of us Americans coming together across Progressive videos.

  • Mateusz Werner
    Mateusz Werner Month ago +12

    At that time even angry boxers seemed to be civilised gentlemen. :)

  • Domo Akira
    Domo Akira Month ago +20

    This was hilarious cause this was before trash talking was so normalized in boxing

  • dayender
    dayender Month ago +3

    Many years ago at a cigar international event, joe signed my cigar box, and mingled with everyone at the buffet. Thanks for the upload Dave. Joe was truly just a nice guy.

  • OnTheFritz602
    OnTheFritz602 Month ago +22

    I've seen this before, that was you behind the camera?
    Great material here! He sure is missed.
    He lived in Michigan, and I knew a bunch of people that met him and had a pic taken, I personally never got the chance.

  • Selena Grinage
    Selena Grinage Month ago +1

    💜💜💜 thee original #502ComeUp #TheGoat #LouisvillesOwn