• Published on Mar 30, 2019
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  • Nylah Sawers
    Nylah Sawers 10 hours ago

    That man could eat me HELP what’s he going to eat next

  • Nylah Sawers
    Nylah Sawers 10 hours ago

    Well I’m not going to spoil

  • Nylah Sawers
    Nylah Sawers 10 hours ago

    Anyone else scrolling through the comments while watching to see what happens

  • Madhu Shree
    Madhu Shree Day ago +2

    Last one was just epic! 😂

  • Jessica Foden
    Jessica Foden Day ago +2

    I am so shocked

  • Syd E.N.T
    Syd E.N.T 5 days ago +5

    Seriously need to know what that Asian dudes insides look like

  • Holly Couture
    Holly Couture 6 days ago

    Wow just wow

  • Reyes Sang
    Reyes Sang 6 days ago


  • Ronaldreganfan
    Ronaldreganfan 7 days ago

    I’m waiting for the day when one of these delusional people commit suicide because they can’t take the rejection . I hope it never happens but who n knows ?

  • George Isaak
    George Isaak 8 days ago +1

    that Asian guy was phenomenal !!!! Just imagine he had that balloon the whole time in his throat , he was breathing , talking , "swallowing" razor blades , drinking ...that was extraordinary to see !!!!

  • Gregory Krug
    Gregory Krug 8 days ago

    David Blaine should try that last act.

  • Shantara Subhan
    Shantara Subhan 9 days ago +1

    if the last one is not blackmagic, idk what it is! I'm truly in shock!

  • Zeddiyye ye Muzee afkaari


  • Ousseini Sawadogo
    Ousseini Sawadogo 15 days ago


  • Felix s
    Felix s 17 days ago

    01:17 what the friggin hell is that soy boy deviant lookalike wearing women's booties and sporting a sex offenders nasty ginger beard? He needs medication and locking away somewhere..... as soon as the weirdo stepped on the stage they should have had security drag him off stage and rough him up somewhat..

  • sphephelo mkhumbuzi
    sphephelo mkhumbuzi 18 days ago +3

    have you ever heard of the NECROMANCER that's him there right at the END

  • adaj
    adaj 19 days ago +3

    His shirt says Nebraska 🙂 I live there

  • Jaw Tooth
    Jaw Tooth 20 days ago +1

    I could not watch the last one

  • Megan Cox
    Megan Cox 21 day ago +6

    That was SOOOO AMAZING!!! All three acts were something out of this world!!!!
    But it made me feel sick in the stomach with nerves to watch, I seriously need a Valium now 😰😬😬😬😬

  • Hasna Jam
    Hasna Jam 21 day ago


  • Kiammyfy
    Kiammyfy 23 days ago

    that japanese guy is killing me

    "yUMMYY! Would you like some?"
    fuckin hilarious

  • Laisa Vuki
    Laisa Vuki 24 days ago


  • R M
    R M 27 days ago +3

    4:50 Wow, amazing😂😂 😱😱🙊🙈🙈

  • Lady Ro
    Lady Ro 27 days ago

    Anybody up for Rasorflakes for snack

  • Andrei Moraru
    Andrei Moraru 27 days ago


  • DragonUdo
    DragonUdo 28 days ago +6

    I just Love Amanda, she is So Uniquely Beautiful

    • J Gentry
      J Gentry 8 days ago +1

      Keep your eyes off her or we're gunna fight...

      IRINE AWINO 20 days ago


  • Denise Saunders
    Denise Saunders 29 days ago

    The balancing guy is yummy

  • Bob Saturday
    Bob Saturday Month ago +4

    how high was that balcony rail 14-16 feet ?

  • Tracy Kerry
    Tracy Kerry Month ago +2

    Swallowed razor
    Hmmmmmmm yummmmiiiiieh!

  • X Phantom
    X Phantom Month ago

    follow me please

  • Panda Girl
    Panda Girl Month ago +1

    4:34 when you see a ant on your porch

    • Christy English
      Christy English Month ago

      When you see an ant on your porch what does that mean exactly

  • Ronmail the gamer
    Ronmail the gamer Month ago +3

    4:33 When i forget my homework and me like amanda.

  • unknown
    unknown Month ago

    7:05 cuz he's Chinese

  • Be creative with Ishika

    This was something of another level.. Everyone was on fire🔥🔥.. Awesome.. Faaaab..

  • Pluto Berii
    Pluto Berii Month ago +6

    The last one scared me so bad 😂😂

  • Gucci Cookie
    Gucci Cookie Month ago +6

    Uh any one else worried about the guy / magician who ate razor blades? 😂

  • TillyKire
    TillyKire Month ago +4

    imagine pooping out all other sharp razors 😂🤭😬 5:56

  • Kasiva Padilla
    Kasiva Padilla Month ago


  • Sandra Licenzi
    Sandra Licenzi Month ago

    Ok number 2 is the stupidest thing Ive ever seen. Should not be in this group.

  • Sajjad Hussain kho333


  • jorge krasnopolsky
    jorge krasnopolsky Month ago


  • carly mars
    carly mars Month ago

    David is the only judge who believes in people

  • نورالدين ريحان

    ONO 📸 Messo

  • Linda Mulholland
    Linda Mulholland 2 months ago

    That kid scares me. Bad singing. Go home. Oh he is a freaked out dancer in high heels. No skate boarding on stage please. That took a lot of practice. He did it. Wow. I cant even do that. I would rather pop the baloons. This guy is insane. Now he is fishing for all that stuff he put in his mouth. Crazy man.

  • fishbelch
    fishbelch 2 months ago

    These idiots are's all rehearsed....wise up.

  • chukwuma famous
    chukwuma famous 2 months ago

    worst performance in Americans got talent

  • Б. Тоогий
    Б. Тоогий 2 months ago


  • Cathy T
    Cathy T 2 months ago

    Japanese dude has PICA.

  • Ahsan Irfan
    Ahsan Irfan 2 months ago


  • Deny Sodre
    Deny Sodre 2 months ago +1

    Sensacional. Parabéns

  • Insane Devil
    Insane Devil 2 months ago +7

    The last one made my day..

  • Ислам Алиев
    Ислам Алиев 2 months ago

    Последний ужас дар

  • John O'Neil
    John O'Neil 2 months ago

    C. 765

  • free man
    free man 2 months ago

    mind blowing

  • Wasif
    Wasif 2 months ago


  • Siyam Samin
    Siyam Samin 2 months ago +1

    He like such a super heroooo🤩😲 amazing 👌 super

  • Hareks Polska
    Hareks Polska 2 months ago

    name music in 0:10

  • آنس مسلم
    آنس مسلم 2 months ago


  • Felix s
    Felix s 2 months ago

    men should be banned (and punished severely) if they grow facial hair... i.e. look at the critter at's plainly obvious he should be taken out the back and shot.... (twice, so as to make sure etc). Only mad bad and crazed religious people, mental patients, child molesters and frauds/con men wear facial hair....yep, jail time should be compulsory for any beard wearer (especially the ones with red, ginger or brown face fluff)

  • zombie unicorns
    zombie unicorns 2 months ago +1

    I know how to do two of those tricks