HTC U11 Plus leaks with clear back

  • Published on Oct 31, 2017
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Comments • 12

  • Dodo Man
    Dodo Man 2 years ago

    you can see the wireless charging wire

  • ev23 b
    ev23 b 2 years ago +1

    Geesh, Airpods look so ugly

  • Pet Mania
    Pet Mania 2 years ago


  • Robert [AngelGuide]
    Robert [AngelGuide] 2 years ago

    Dang it , I really believed you had photos. That seems sweet

  • Ningthou Ali
    Ningthou Ali 2 years ago

    It's best

  • 3165dwayne
    3165dwayne 2 years ago

    Eww, who cares?

  • Berj Yacoubian
    Berj Yacoubian 2 years ago +1

    I don't know why Google recommended this video but if you want to get into this game you need to step up your videos cuz your videos suck go do something else specially those airpods

  • alanky89
    alanky89 2 years ago +3

    HTC U11 with clear back. Four minute video with no pictures of what's in the title.

    ELEXCEER 2 years ago

    It will be a big flop

  • PR1M3 L4B
    PR1M3 L4B 2 years ago +3

    Can't wait to get it, like the translucent color

  • Ja
    Ja 2 years ago +7

    Man, your videos are so uncomfortable to watch, put in pictires at least

  • Stevie V
    Stevie V 2 years ago +2

    Keep that hair away from an open flame.