Nicole Scherzinger On The Insane Secrecy On 'The Masked Singer' Set | Access

  • Опубликовано: 10 янв 2019
  • Nicole Scherzinger visits Access Live to talk about being a panelist for Fox's new hit "The Masked Singer." Hear just how far does production go to hide the celebrity identities of the singers! “The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.
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    Nicole Scherzinger On The Insane Secrecy On 'The Masked Singer' Set | Access
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  • lovelyBabab Mangahas
    lovelyBabab Mangahas День назад

    Something on her face that makes1 her look old... Not nice her face really changed a lot esp.Lips

  • Glenn Weeks
    Glenn Weeks 2 дня назад +1

    I thought it would be stupid but I actually have enjoyed it. Other than Marie Osmond opening her big mouth it has been very secretive and suspenseful. I have figured out several of them but some I have no earthly idea. Looking forward to each week's reveal.

    • lovemuffin1963
      lovemuffin1963 День назад

      Glenn Weeks lol most people didn't even hear her not to mention the clues given point to Donny.

  • Sage Park
    Sage Park 2 дня назад +1

    The mystery part is fun only to a certain extent. You need really good quality music for a lasting success. I feel that the quality of vocals were not really impressive apart from three contestants(Monster, Lion, Bee) so far. If you learn from Korean version of the Masked Singers it's really the WOW performances from legendary singers that really kept the show growing and going.

    • Sage Park
      Sage Park 23 часа назад

      +Agent J Yep. Ken Jeong recently appeared as a contestant in Korean Masked Singer by the way.

    • Agent J
      Agent J День назад

      Sage Park I guess you’re Korean 🙄

  • Anthony Dean Channel
    Anthony Dean Channel 3 дня назад

    is there part 2

  • lukemadtv
    lukemadtv 3 дня назад +5

    Bee- Gladys Knight
    Unicorn- Tori Spelling
    Peacock- Donnie Osmond
    Monster- T-Pain
    Alien- Latoya Jackson
    Poodle- Margaret Cho
    Lion- Rumer Willis
    Raven- Ricki Lake
    Rabbit- Joey Fatone
    Deer- Terry Bradshaw

    • Erin Perr
      Erin Perr 3 дня назад +1

      He is the same height as Joey, but he’s much slimmer, like the rabbit. The Rabbit’s outfit is a straight jacket and JC’s first solo album in 2004 was called schizophrenia. Plus... this is kind of embarrassing but I was MASSIVE N ‘SYNC fan as a kid and I know his voice. He’s singing about an octave lower than his usual range but it’s definitely Him. ☺️

    • lukemadtv
      lukemadtv 3 дня назад

      Erin Perr What clues led you to thinking this? I know they all lead to a boyband singer, but what makes you think JC?

    • Erin Perr
      Erin Perr 3 дня назад

      The Rabbit isn’t Joey, it’s JC

  • Agent J
    Agent J 4 дня назад +1

    Is Nic going to sing in the show? 😭

  • JaySean Delos Santos
    JaySean Delos Santos 4 дня назад +9

    My girl Nicole Scherzinger is the reason i watch the show. Amazing woman. ❤️

  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson 4 дня назад +5

    They just HAD to announce that Marie Osmond revealed that Donny Osmond is the Peacock. I'm sure Donny is pissed at Marie for opening her mouth. And why couldn't these big mouths keep their mouths shut about it. It's supposed to be a secret. He should be in the top 3 because he's that good, but I bet he gets relieved in the next week or 2 now because of his big mouth sister and these dumb tv show people.

    • Amber Hayward
      Amber Hayward 16 часов назад

      Taliya R oh wow that’s so annoying why do people want to ruin it ... I hope they don’t have to do that

    • Taliya R
      Taliya R День назад

      +Amber Hayward
      It is but I know that someone leaked the winner of America's next top model once before the season started and they re-recorded an episode and changed the winner so who knows what could happen

    • Amber Hayward
      Amber Hayward День назад

      Yea that’s true but for us now it would be easier to guess than it would be for the judges at the time

    • lovemuffin1963
      lovemuffin1963 День назад

      Only a moron would not realize it's Donny.

    • marianne jennisch
      marianne jennisch 2 дня назад

      I figured donny out from his one clue and voice

  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson 4 дня назад

    Don't need the secrecy anymore, thhe viewers already figured out who the singers are lol

  • Jennifer Facer Brown
    Jennifer Facer Brown 4 дня назад +2

    Terry Bradshaw is the deer, His clues, say he likes horses, he owns a horsr farm, he is the NFL superstar, he is an avid deer hunter...

    • lovemuffin1963
      lovemuffin1963 День назад

      Jennifer Facer Brown and the fact it sounds just like him.

  • Lyfeanmusiq
    Lyfeanmusiq 5 дней назад +1

    How could anybody not know that the monster was T-Pain

    • Lyfeanmusiq
      Lyfeanmusiq 19 часов назад guys must not live in the U.S. then

    • Sue Falk
      Sue Falk 21 час назад

      Have no idea who that is!

    • lovemuffin1963
      lovemuffin1963 День назад

      Lyfeanmusiq those that don't know who the hell that is?

    • riket
      riket 4 дня назад

      Just listen at his voice

  • _nicolescherzyfan
    _nicolescherzyfan 5 дней назад +14

    What about part 2 😳😭

    • lovemuffin1963
      lovemuffin1963 День назад

      _nicolescherzyfan it's on once a week on wednesday

  • Zena Ismail
    Zena Ismail 5 дней назад +14

    So where's the next video???