Butterfly & Moth Tournament (Pokémon Sun/Moon) - Blitz Tournament #13

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
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    Music: GlitchxCity - ru-clip.com/user/GlitchxCity
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    QUEEN OF THE SKIES by Nicolai Heidlas Music soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas
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Comments • 374

  • VS Network
    VS Network  Year ago +34

    Which is your favorite "Quiver Dancing" Butterfly/Moth Pokémon? Tell me down below!

  • Teresa Rivera
    Teresa Rivera 8 days ago

    No butterfee

  • Justin C.
    Justin C. 24 days ago

    Butterfree is the real MVP

  • Death Gacha
    Death Gacha 25 days ago

    F**k Venomoth

  • Death Gacha
    Death Gacha 25 days ago

    Vivillon is OP

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez Month ago

    rinbonbee and biudifly

  • telinda butler
    telinda butler 4 months ago +1

    Is nobody gonna talk about Vivillon's Color being gray instead of pink?

    • VS Network
      VS Network  4 months ago

      Honestly I did not recognize that during making the video

  • rainbow unicorns
    rainbow unicorns 4 months ago


  • belsbruto te a visto xd

    Ribombee noooooooo

  • Rafa e os misterios do mundo

    O venomot só venceu por causa que ele botava as outras borboletas para dormir

  • A Potterhead Is Inside
    A Potterhead Is Inside 5 months ago +1

    My tournament
    Mothim VS Venomoth ---> Venomoth
    Vivillon VS Dustox ---> Dustox
    Butterfree VS Masquerain ---> Butterfree
    Beatifly VS Rubombee ---> Beatifly
    Venomoth VS Dustox ---> Venomoth
    Butterfree VS Beatifly ---> Butterfree
    Venomoth VS Butterfree ---> Butterfree
    WINNER: Butterfree

  • Bunheng CHEA
    Bunheng CHEA 5 months ago

    vs can you do a battle or tournament of crustaceans
    the players are clawitzer, kingler, crawdaunt, ampharos, omastar, kabotop, scollipede and cloyster.

  • XxUnipallace xX
    XxUnipallace xX 5 months ago

    Vivilon is a butterfly

  • Amazing yashu
    Amazing yashu 5 months ago

    Beautifly is best she should win

  • Vedi
    Vedi 7 months ago

    Go Venomoth

  • Reaper Zoroark
    Reaper Zoroark 7 months ago

    I was rooting for butterfree

  • Alex Torices romero
    Alex Torices romero 8 months ago

    Beautifly the winner

  • Kiriakos Uzerli
    Kiriakos Uzerli 8 months ago

    Wow incredible!!!!!!! Congratulations Venomoth!!!!!!

  • aarya vaze7
    aarya vaze7 8 months ago +1


  • Nazoom Labase
    Nazoom Labase 8 months ago

    My best is vivillon

  • Erik Turra
    Erik Turra Year ago +1

    but where is volcarona😢

    • VS Network
      VS Network  Year ago

      I decided not to go with Volcarona because it would destroy every single Pokémon in this tournament with a single hit :D

  • Luiz Bezerra
    Luiz Bezerra Year ago +1

    There should be an extra round: whoever won this tournament vs the supreme moth, Volcarona

    • Luiz Bezerra
      Luiz Bezerra Year ago

      @VS Network I know! That's why I suggested that the winner of the tournament should try fighting Volcarona, just like whoever wins the Pokémon League may battle the champion :)

    • VS Network
      VS Network  Year ago +1

      I did not used Volcarona here because it would have destroyed every single one with one hit :D

  • Chicken Productions_YT

    Good for Venomoth!😀

  • UmChoco Luv
    UmChoco Luv Year ago

    So Vivilon don't have eyes and can sleep❓❔

  • UmChoco Luv
    UmChoco Luv Year ago

    Venomoth is not a Butterfly XD

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner Year ago +1

    Venomoth is a winner!

  • Osrhen
    Osrhen Year ago

    I was rooting for all except for venomoth and look who won... wow good job everyone

  • KD Ty
    KD Ty Year ago +1

    I love venomoth

  • Luigi Muttart
    Luigi Muttart Year ago +1

    It’s nice seeing venomoth winning it needs more love in the butterfly moth Pokémon

  • God
    God Year ago

    That pattern on Vivillon is the same I get.....

  • 0mg Cholesterol
    0mg Cholesterol Year ago


  • aisha singh
    aisha singh Year ago

    Which game is this

  • Salim Yarbrough
    Salim Yarbrough Year ago +1

    Volcarona would have swept a whole team of these lesser bugs

    • VS Network
      VS Network  Year ago

      Yes it would destroy everything within seconds. This is the reason it is not in the tournament

  • Jibanyan And Friend’s

    Do a Weapon team
    Blastoise: tank/cannon
    Octilerri: Terret
    Aegislash: Sword
    Vekavolt: Rail gun
    Volcanion: cannon
    Sceptile: Sword (kinda)
    Haxorous: battle axe
    Scyther: Sword, (man I like swords XD)
    Are there Pokémon that I can change?

  • Shambles
    Shambles Year ago

    I have always seen Venemoth is superior.

  • Doug Knox
    Doug Knox Year ago

    Not gonna lie sleep power. Was a whole cheat during these battles

  • Fulcagay !
    Fulcagay ! Year ago

    Why not Volcarona, it's a moth, not like Masquerain (it's based on a Fulgora laternaria btw)

  • EmmaSenshi
    EmmaSenshi Year ago

    you should replay the sets if they miss an attack or get haxed, it's not fair that the opponent wins based on luck instead of the pokemon being better than the other.

  • Adrian Arizmendi
    Adrian Arizmendi Year ago +1

    I like all but Dustox lol

  • Panda Pandinha
    Panda Pandinha Year ago +1

    And what the name of this game

  • Azrul Amri
    Azrul Amri Year ago

    B,Butterfree!!! NOOOOOO!!!

  • Xiiao Derek
    Xiiao Derek Year ago

    When butterfree battle against to venomoth,it remind me about their error evolution. Butterfree supposed to evolve from venonut while venomoth supposed to evolve from caterpie

  • Khadim Thiam
    Khadim Thiam Year ago

    Why Volcarona was not in this tournament ?

    • Khadim Thiam
      Khadim Thiam Year ago +1

      Yeah, that’s true

    • VS Network
      VS Network  Year ago +1

      Because there was no chance that any Pokémon can win against Volcarona. It would be extremely boring :)

  • Chad Warden
    Chad Warden Year ago

    This song is so bad lmao dont use it anymore

  • David Larkin
    David Larkin Year ago

    Maybe Gen 1 Wunner Tournament?
    Use any of those 8 you want, just maybe include Muk or Magneton? Keep up the great work!

  • Sean Darren
    Sean Darren Year ago +1

    Volcarona would have easily won this. It would be broken in this particular tournament.

    • VS Network
      VS Network  Year ago +1

      Yes, this is the exact reason why I did not use it here :)

  • Γιώργος Tv

    Butterfree is really winner for me

  • Dominik Birkwald
    Dominik Birkwald Year ago +1

    Hi vs network. What about tournament for combat sports representing pkm? Hitmonchan (boxing) hitmonlee (kickboxing) hitmontop (capoeira) sawk (karate) throw (judo)rasaff (street fight:D) hariyama (sumo)machoke (Wrestling, cause machamp is too strong) pls tell me if you notice my comment.

    • VS Network
      VS Network  Year ago +1

      Martial Arts tournament will come in the future but takes some time to be done! But I promise that I will do that :)

  • fire fine
    fire fine Year ago

    My favourite butterfly pokemon is butterfree and moth pokemon is dustox

  • BloxyAxel
    BloxyAxel Year ago

    Woohoo! The 2 originals made it!

  • Cher Vang
    Cher Vang Year ago

    Where's my boi volcarona?

  • YouTube gonna git it

    Anyway vs maybe make a tounerment of the characters that do poke Mon contests

  • YouTube gonna git it

    So close beautifly

  • Le Topp De La Klass
    Le Topp De La Klass Year ago +5

    Good vid! I was cheering for Butterfree :)

  • Minh Trà Cover
    Minh Trà Cover Year ago +1

    what are you game ?

  • Keny -X
    Keny -X Year ago +2

    How about doing my team vs your team
    My team : Decidueye,Crobat,Magnazone,Garchomp,Vocarona,Mega or Z power Gyarados
    Your team : umm.... Your choice

    • VS Network
      VS Network  Year ago

      Join the livestreams to battle me there!

  • Treven TV
    Treven TV Year ago +2

    Why is vivillon black and white

    • VS Network
      VS Network  Year ago +2

      It has around 15 different artworks with different colours :)

  • Elmo uwu
    Elmo uwu Year ago

    Butterfree is cute but strong pokemon

  • Virgoth
    Virgoth Year ago


  • TheNamesAdam
    TheNamesAdam Year ago

    How is it predetermined what order they go in? Obviously one has an advantage over another