• Published on Sep 26, 2017
  • VANLIFE: SOUTH ISLAND ROADTRIP & VAN TOUR - Canterbury New Zealand - S5 E2
    We can finally start the South Island New Zealand Campervan Road trip for real! We’ll be exploring around Canterbury and Otago regions. Before we do that though, thought it might be interesting to give a tour of what a budget campervan looks like from Wicked Campers. #vanlife
    Within the Canterbury and Otago areas, we’ll be making stops at:
    Mt Sunday (Edoras from Lord of the Rings), Canterbury
    Lake Tekapo, Canterbury
    Kakanui Free Campsite , Otago
    Moeraki Boulders, Otago
    We will however not be going to Lake Pukaki because we didn’t realize it was just a short drive West from Lake Tekapo. We know- it’s very sad :(
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  • Reggae Hymers
    Reggae Hymers 5 months ago +1

    Thank you for picking up that rubbish, if you are ever back in nz you're always welcome to over for dinner

  • M. Elinor Poi
    M. Elinor Poi Year ago +3

    Thank you so much for telling others not to litter in our beautiful country...... OUR FAMOUS SAYING IN NEW ZEALAND IS.... DON'T LITTER, KEEP NEW ZEALAND CLEAN. U do that she will keep producing beauty for every eye to see. LOVE THIS VIDEO❤️👍🏾

    • M. Elinor Poi
      M. Elinor Poi 10 months ago

      @TIM and FIN thank you so much, please do come back and visit. I have subscribed to your channel, so I will difinitely be watching out for next new zealand holiday video on RU-clip 👍🏾

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      Thanks Ma Poi! We really did clean up on every hike we went on. Can't even fathom how people leave trash behind in have an absolutely breaktaking home. Can't wait to come back and check it out during winter there.

  • adrain mcconnell
    adrain mcconnell Year ago

    well done tidy kiwi

  • Karan Saxena
    Karan Saxena Year ago

    I was planning to go on road trip to south island and bumped into your tripped vedios .. awesome vedio guys .. so excited to go on my road trip now 😍😍👍

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      Glad you found us and have fun on your trip! Say hi to the sand flies for us ;)

  • Christine Wludyga

    Hey here! Love these videos. I am traveling to NZ in December-January time frame for my honeymoon! We are actually starting in the North and driving to the South to hopefully spend most of our trip there. Do you think we could get by in the North without a van to ct costs down? What factors did you take into consideration when picking which rental place to book with? We will be staying in Airbnb's and possibly some hotels for the most part but definitely not opposed to camper vans!! Thanks!!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      This one is a bit more involved. For the time frame you're going there, you can definitely skip the campervan and use a tent for the North Island...and probably the South as well as it should be warm enough. However, that leaves you fighting with the world famous sand flies which I promise you will do their best to ruin your day.

      So, before we went, we crunched a bunch of numbers and figured out it would be cheaper overall to just get a campervan then to do a combination of tents/hotels. Hotels/Airbnbs seemed to be super expensive and we were there during shoulder season.

      Not sure how long you'll be in NZ for but you really should take a look at the costs of the hotel nights/ airbnbs you're planning on staying at and total that up. Since we were there for six weeks it was an easy decision to be "Kind of" comfortable in a stupid Wicked camper than really uncomfortable in a tent for 9 nights out of 10.

      The last thing? We didn't have our nice camping stuff with us when we went. We didn't carry it on our RTW. That would have left us buying nice stuff to last six weeks since I'm sure the Kmart variety wouldn't have made it that long. Finally, a disclaimer- I know some people will read this comment and jump on that fact that you can tour NZ for 3 months on $30, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and by staying on strangers couches.😉 Just tossing out my two cents for a more "honeymoon" themed visit.

  • Stephen Milner
    Stephen Milner Year ago

    Hey guys, just found your great videos!
    What dates were you in New Zealand, approximately? I'm headed there for a couple of weeks this September, and I'm trying to gauge what gear to bring (specifically how much warmer clothing) to do a campervan & hike trip.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      Hey Stephen- March and April! We were incredibly unprepared for how cold it was some nights in the South Island. We picked up some sweat pants and long sleeve shirts at KMart to help supplement the pretty meager amount of warm clothing we had brought with us from Asia. If there is anything I can recommend- A nice rain jacket. Cuts the wind, deals with water, and will be a nice lightweight shell for your hikes. I had a crummy one from KMart that I ended up soaking wet with most of the time :(

  • Dj Y0nD3r
    Dj Y0nD3r Year ago

    Atleast tell us you visited the pancake rocks....would totally be a waste driving the east side if you missed it (boulders lol)

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      We saw those flapjack rocks. The East Side reminded me of Wisconsin....just hillier. Also, sheep instead of cows. And sheep instead of trees. Sheep.

  • Ti Co
    Ti Co Year ago

    Lol awesome funny take in NZ :D

  • is this the krusty krab?

    There are heaps more Moeraki boulders if you come when its low tide and at sunset it's pretty beautiful.

  • is this the krusty krab?

    Haha it's said lake 'TECH-A-PO'.

  • Serkan Ister
    Serkan Ister Year ago

    Damn she is pretty!!!

  • Anna Gerlinger
    Anna Gerlinger 2 years ago +1

    how did you do wild camping without a toilet or shower? 😊 love your videos, i'm going to NZ in november and you give me so much inspiration!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  2 years ago

      Hi Anna! Copying this from elsewhere...seems to be a common question: Finney straight up showered less. She would admit this herself- she took a lot of baby wipe "showers" instead. I did actually take a lot more showers/baths using water from lakes and a bucket. It was not a great process. We supplemented this grossness with cold showers that were available at some camp sites, pay showers at some campsites, stopping at public pools and using showers there. I'd say we averaged being able to find real showers every 2 days. As for toilets? There were drop toilets at least at every campsite we went to. The pro move is to bring your own toilet paper unless you want to use the absolute cheapest single ply known to man. Some nicer sites had normal bathrooms but pit toilets were much more common. Many sites also had running water but they did not recommend drinking it without treatment. In one of these videos we highlight how many water jugs we lugged around with us, especially going into Milford. It's amazing how much clean water you go through when you're carrying every ounce with you.

  • DjEricSuprasl
    DjEricSuprasl 2 years ago

    Hey guys! I was plannind my future trip to NZ (12 years after the first trip there) and i got your video suggested after a video about new zealand must see and do... that was the best suggestion that youtube ever did!
    i love the way you share your trip! and you'r e a perfect match couple! i just want to be friend with you guys lol!
    Also, i have one existential question... since you spent the most time in your van in free camp site... when do you shower and go to the bathroom?! i mean... i hope it's not the swims in the lakes to replace a bath! lmao! i can't imagine the smeel in the van!
    joke aside, i saw first your video on the cost of the trip, and now i'm just watching all of it at once!
    great job, great trip!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  2 years ago

      Hey Eric! Finney straight up showered less. She would admit this herself- she took a lot of baby wipe "showers" instead. I did actually take a lot more showers/baths using water from lakes and a bucket. It was not a great process. We supplemented this grossness with cold showers that were available at some camp sites, pay showers at some campsites, stopping at public pools and using showers there. I'd say we averaged being able to find real showers every 2 days.

  • Baz Davies
    Baz Davies 2 years ago +1

    No worries. You wouldn't be the only ones that struggle with Maori place names-

  • Baz Davies
    Baz Davies 2 years ago +1

    Good stuff--Tim and Fin .I like the way you pronounce the place names- Glad you had a good trip in NZ.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  2 years ago

      ....We try really hard at pronouncing things. We just know we're never doing it right!

  • Kristin Halls
    Kristin Halls 2 years ago +2

    Your commentary on the boulders had me laughing out loud! I love how real your videos are. Instagram makes travel look nothing but glamorous, it's refreshing to see people humorously show the not so glamorous side to travel as well!

    • MsHGH
      MsHGH Year ago

      Lol, I loved Moeraki boulders, one of my favourite places! But you really do have to be there at low tide. I didn't see any of the really big ones, or the big broken one like an alien egg in your vid...? The rubbish weather can't have helped either!.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  2 years ago +3

      ....we edited a little bit more out...didn't want to offend any hard core boulder fans out there! It's the perfect example Instagram hyping something up too much like you mentioned.

  • Sasuke Tsujita
    Sasuke Tsujita 2 years ago

    I am enjoying your channel. Great.
    I am also using toyota AZR65G Noah. It is comfortable.
    I am always moving to introduce videos of live fish.
    AZR 65G is the base base at the time of the movement.

  • Le coeur éléphant - travels videos

    We really appreciate your video ! NZ is an awesome country, we are currently in WHV there, let us know what you think about our travel videos if you have some time. 😉 Cheers ! +1 subscriber...

  • Wannabe Wallaby
    Wannabe Wallaby 2 years ago +3

    Love these videos! Totally skipped out on hanging with friends to stay in and watch your videos

  • iliana Penaloza
    iliana Penaloza 2 years ago

    You guys are amazing! I love your videos! And love that you saved the world by picking up the trash!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  2 years ago +1

      It's always super frustrating to see litter anywhere. Since we had a car, we figured why not? A bottle there, a piece of paper on this all added up really quick.

  • pathfinder54321
    pathfinder54321 2 years ago +1

    Beautiful video.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  2 years ago

      As always, thank you. NZ was a lot of little stops. We're doing our best to tie things together so it's somewhat cohesive. There was a lot of "QUICK! pullover! A waterfall!" while in NZ.

  • Tenaj & Tino
    Tenaj & Tino 2 years ago +1

    nice vid! keep it up!